Star 7 Metal year: how 9 Ki Divination lets you forecast real (news) events

Everything in the phenomenal world sails on the wave of a recurrent pattern of 9 years, months and days, until you may by means of annual- and monthly Luoshu forecast your personal life progression, or as you forecast real (news) events past-present-future. Let’s see what a Star 7 year bodes.

Here first is how annual Stars distribute over Luoshu for a Star 7 year, while basic attributes of the successive annual Stars merge with the ‘usual’ basic properties of the Luoshu Palaces, to further instigate events.

Annual Luoshu Star 7 Metal year.Now with annual Star 7 at the ‘central Luoshu Palace’, Star 7 for its properties will come much under influence of the other Stars, until one way or the other, you’ll note Star 7 for ‘sailing vessel’ to appear in the news predominantly.
What then are other such Star 7 attributes and how to follow 9 Stars through annual- and monthly Luoshu to indeed see 9 Ki relevance in the news?

But, speaking of ‘sailing vessels’ as just one of Star 7’s properties: first consider this…

9 Star Ki Divination - Trigram attributes Yi Jing

Star 7 Metal – Trigram attributes

Star 7 Red (Qī Chì – 七赤) relates to Yi Jing Trigram Marsh (Duì – 兌) as it is to denote something open, susceptible, exposed, soft or flexible over a solid base.

Trigram Dui represents something solid carrying or containing something wet, or it may be taken to represent something solid but with an opening, or a crack. The 7 Metal Luoshu Palace as such, associates with finances – anything monetary by and large -, credibility, recognition, can be (re)establishing your name and reputation, while Star 7 can be in bad-mouthing. Star 7 may be a thing on its last legs, neglected compound, demolished building, damaged and dysfunctional objects. In combination with Star 2 for a wall or a dam, Star 7 may signify a damaged or demolished wall or dam. Star 7 governs Lungs and Large Intestine, more predominantly Large Intestine, mouth, saliva, teeth, upper jaw, throat. Young female, wife, concubine, mistress, sorcerer, diviner, singer, orator, performer. Litter, a bin. Snow, slightly wetted land, hard and salty soil, dried up well. Oval, slightly domed shape. Star 7 strongly governs finances, financial matters, financial center, banking, economics, accounting. Whereas otherwise ‘health’ or anything ‘medical’ will resort under Star 2, Star 7 can be in knives and sharp or cutting objects, so that it may associate with invasive medical intervention, surgery and it can relate to injury of the skin by any sharp object, such as through an injection needle, incision, stabbing. Violent robbery, can be ruthless. Star 7 denotes sailing vessels, maritime events (Star combination 7-1 submarine; 7-2 cargo ship, migrants; 7-4 aircraft carrier; 7-6 battle ship; 7-9 oil-tanker).

When is a Star said to be influential
Now that you may wish to follow a particular Star as it migrates through the monthly Luoshu, if then we take Star 7 as our example, we speak of ‘Star 7 involved’ in at least the following cases:

Star 7 visits your personal Star anywhere in Luoshu.
Your Star visits Star 7 anywhere in Luoshu.
Star 7 appears from opposite your personal Star.
Your 9 Ki Star of birth visits the Star 7 Luoshu Palace.
Star 7 appears at the central Luoshu Palace, to indicate Luoshu Trend.
Star 7 engages on the Reversed Luoshu Axis* for any year, month or day.
Star 7 appears from opposite Star 5, visits Star 5 or is being visited by Star 5.

* Separate series on Reversed Luoshu Axis
Personal divination by the hand of 9 Stars and Luoshu
We will first slightly look at your personal life progression and do’s and don’ts, while then we will step into some of the current year’s 9 Ki Divination for real (news) events.

May enjoy improvement in leadership qualities, organizational capabilities, when your Star resides in the Star 7 Palace, or as otherwise your personal 9 Ki birth Star engages with Star 7. You may enjoy recognition, acknowledgment of your skill, which may result in (re)admittance. Good on credibility, (re-)establishing your name and reputation, acquiring loans, financial support, engaging into monetary affairs and strategic planning, perseverance. May receive, lose, invest money, good on acquiring assets. Inclined towards romance, flirting. On the down side – check opposite Luoshu Palace and Star(s) for finer detail -, may be prone to bad-mouthing, gossip, getting name or reputation smeared, plagiarism, surgery, robbery.

Then, let’s go by just the example of a 1 Water person. Annual Star 1 resides in the 8 Earth Luoshu Palace, for revolution and change, burning old bridges, built structures by and large.

However, now that we say that “nothing to befall our Subject Star with not for the opposite Palace or Star(s) having a direct hand in affairs”, so that, if at any time earlier you had it wrestled with 9 Stars and Luoshu for purpose of divination, you will from hereon forward each time note opposite Luoshu Palace and Star(s), so that (nearly) simultaneously you’ll read for the whole Luoshu Axis.

To that respect, you will note how Star 1 appears from opposite annual Star 4 Wood in the 2 Earth Palace, which Star 4 and besides aeronautics, projectile or respiratory system, strongly depicts documents, which can be a letter, a contract, in fact any written communication, including email.

Star 1 visited by monthly Star 4

Star 1 may receive a letter or a contract, not unlikely related to finances or surgery, now that annual Star 1 appears from opposite monthly Star 7.

Involving the 8 Earth Palace, the written message may be on the subject of residence or a corporate building. Involving the 2 Earth Palace, the message may be in relation to Star 2 attributes, such as mother, spouse, abode, hospital, studies.

Aligned furthermore with annual Star 4 Wood, this may depict anything transported through air, it may – besides conventional mail – include electronically transmitted information such as on the internet, email, a parcel.

Star 1 visits the 6 Metal Luoshu Palace

The 6 Metal Luoshu Palace may denote personal or professional success, boost in career.

However, as it would be here back to ‘Annual Reversed Luoshu Axis’ just the same, you need to additionally note that monthly Star 1 appears from opposite annual Star 6, while it thereby steps on the annual Reversed Luoshu Axis for the duration of this month.

Star 1 for the month will tap into Reversed Luoshu Axis dynamics.

This is now that we note annual Star 6 ‘displaced’ in the 4 Wood Luoshu Palace, which is from opposite its native Luoshu Palace, indicating that as such properties for annual Star 6 Metal may be ‘off’, while properties usually linked to annual Star 8 Earth may be ‘going nowhere’.

Events may remain partly outside the own influence, may have to involuntarily give up on one professional engagement for another, involving change of – or traveling between – buildings, being dispatched.

On to a quick overview of overall trends for a Star 7 year, but…
Pretty much against popular belief, however, 9 Stars are indifferent, which we need to stress, now that certain designations as in use for purpose of house divination in Flying Star Feng Shui have it that, relative to then each time certain 20-year Periods, some Stars will be deemed either ‘favorable’ or ‘unbeneficial’.

On a side note, in 9 Ki Divination, you will take any Star – or combination of Stars – for ‘blindly’ just its basic properties, saying, Star 7 ‘is just’ finances, in disregard of Stars deemed either ‘timely and auspicious’ or ‘untimely and inauspicious’ due to aspect of timing as per San Yuan Jiu Yun (Three Cycles, Nine Periods) in use for purpose of Fei Xing Feng Shui.

You’ll also not mistake 9 Ki Divination for other such 9 Stars and Luoshu systems of application, such as Nine Star Ki Astrology or the forementioned Flying Star Feng Shui.

Equally, but the least for purpose of 9 Ki Divination, you will not take Stars for their Wuxing Five Transformations as in saying ‘supporting cycle is favorable’ or ‘controlling cycle is unfavorable’, as you will come to soon note that, once still Wuxing would apply for other purposes, Wuxing is out as a player in news forecasting by the hand of 9 Stars and Luoshu.

Note: as you may have been a practitioner of Oriental metaphysics, and as momentarily I may sail between saying ‘7 Metal’ and just ‘Star 7’, please yet file through the following article:

Starting of course with annual Star 7 for “Luoshu Trend”, let’s highlight just a choice of annual Stars, then see what may be anticipated on, while, once filed through this section, you may wish to check back on 9, 18, 27, 36, 45 years earlier, to see if indeed you can find ‘similar’ events in other Star 7 years.

Annual Star 7

Star 7 denotes finances – just money -, trade, stock market, the economy, while to this respect, you may easily follow monthly Star 7, as we may expect major fluctuations, until we may see stock market fall, failing economies, or devaluation.

Expect to be seeing news around ships also, predominantly, but make a note that, as you would see ships failing to altogether appear in the news, this will be due to Star 7 just the same.

Besides Star 7 Metal people will pull in much of the attention, what may strike you as just you stay close to news in the media, is that Star 7 properties as such may resurface, such that missing persons cases or criminal cold cases of 9, 18, 27, 36 or 45 years earlier make it back into the news, or may be resolved.

A notable such example was with Osama Bin Laden, whom could not be traced for a long while, now that, based in the notion that he was a Star 7 native, in 2003 I projected that presumably he would be captured in the Star 7 year of 2011, which was eight years before the fact.

Nothing all too ‘mystical’ here, as just anyone could have established same by way of the newly developed 9 Ki Divination syntax In Prison – Out of In Prison, which you may read about to improve your skill in 9 Stars and Luoshu forecasting of events.

Annual Star 2

There will be conceivably no way around annual Star 2, which you will come to note in the news all too predominantly, which would be so, if only now that annual Star 2 appears in the 9 Fire Luoshu Palace, for its high radiance.
The 9 Fire Palace may notably lift things to another level, if it means that properties connected to any Star in the Li Palace, will become highly ignited, visible. It is as if any Star would have its properties ‘switched on’ to proportion, once it meets the Li Palace.

In itself, Star 2 covers a wide spectrum of associations, while this may on the one hand make Star 2 ‘known’, highly visible as in exposed, while now that Star 2 oversees the whole spectrum of health, hospital, hospitalization, doctor, nurse, at one extreme this may indicate breakthrough inventions in the medical field, while we will see the medical field, medical personnel, hospitals and laboratories in the news predominantly, while at the far other end of the spectrum, we may see major and wide-spread contamination, infectious disease, epidemic, plague.

Star 2 can be a mob – a group of people assembled, if only for momentary purpose -, to gather in the street around a certain momentary issue, which can be students, teachers, farmers, female labor force, minorities, migrants.

Note that annual Star 2 appears from opposite annual Star 3 for a.o. uniformed personnel, or just police – also firefighters -, while you may connect this with indeed a mob, or can be inmates, or even labor mine workers. Massive demonstrations and public uproar may be inescapable and in the news notably.

What will stand out in the news each time to concern of this Star, is your noting Star 2 as ‘surface relied on for protection’, which can be a flooring, a stage, a wall, a dam, a ship’s deck, landing gear, landing strip, a balcony, a building’s façade, a grandstand in a stadium.

Star 2 is in study, students, school, teacher, the educational field, while it is in the medical field, female, farming, labor mine, labor mine workers, ship’s crew, inmates (not so much a prison building, which would lean towards the Star combination 8-2 more).

Host-Guest: Star 7 bodes dam break
If then we move back to the 9 Fire Luoshu Palace, here, monthly Star 7 would be Guest to annual Star 2 Host. 

Headline news may give you a robbery (7) on a zoo (2) or small food shops (2), knife attack (7) on a school (2), rupture (7) in a wall or dam (2), a landslide.

In personal divination, and if you are a Star 2, you may receive money.

Reversed Luoshu Axis for a Star 7 year
Now that in all of your 9 Stars and Luoshu forecasting of real (news) events there will be no way around the notion of Reversed Luoshu Axis, let’s look into that for a bit more. Annual Star 6 appears in the Star 4 Palace for Xun Gua, which is from opposite its original Qian Palace in Luoshu, while as it is, this places annual Star 8 on the annual Reversed Luoshu Axis just the same.

You will note how as a rule – with the exception of the basic Luoshu of 5 Earth -, each year, month or day, one of 9 Stars appears from opposite its native Luoshu Palace, thus creating what we had baptized Reversed Luoshu Axis.

To the left is the basic Luoshu for 5 Earth, to the right the annual Luoshu for a 7 Metal year, while we say that by Reversed Luoshu Axis, Stars on the belonging Luoshu axis may be magnetically ‘off’ for that time.

Now that this is newly developed 9 Ki syntax, we may say that annual Star 6 on the Reversed Luoshu Axis, for its basic properties is ‘magnetically off’, while properties associated with the Star to then appear from opposite position – here annual Star 8 – will be ‘going nowhere’.

If you are a 6 Metal as per Nine Star Ki Astrology, you may be noting this for your personal life progression, which may become apparent also if you are a Star 8, now that indeed Star 6 and Star 8 ‘meet’ on the same Luoshu axis.

If not already for the year, but your Star appears on the annual Reversed Luoshu Axis for a certain month, you may tap into the notion of Reversed Luoshu Axis free of charge just the same, your efforts may be challenged or much may be to no avail. As such, with progressions not working in your favor, you may feel as being involved in matters otherwise uncharacteristic to you. You may suddenly find yourself engaged into matters, not so much of your own doing, but that you’d still be dealing with, for example, concerning your spouse, family members, or even third parties but that would impose events on you.

We would be interested, therefore, to see some of those basic properties for Star 6 and Star 8.

Star 6 Metal
Star 6 governs Lungs and Large Intestine, predominantly Lungs, head, skull, bones, lower jaw. It is associated with sovereign, it is where mandate roams, leadership, authority, organization, strategic planning, legislation. Star 6 is in large corporations and it would cover cars, automotive industry, heavy machinery, military technology. It is in pipe line, the military and military compounds, military battle, militant, weapons and arms industry, guns, bullets, the act of shooting, explosion, armed assault, battering, head on collision. If Star 6 is to represent a building, it may be a metal factory, a governmental or judicial building of stature, a palace, hotel. A 6 Metal compound could be typically made of marble, metal, or all glass, with a domed shape, a circular roof, whereas the building would be ‘greater than life’, yet robust and signalling authority.

9 Ki Divination will then let you combine Star 6 attributes, not with just basic properties normally linked to the Star 4 Wood Luoshu Palace, but mirrored here against annual Star 8 into opposite position. This would invoke images to concern of aeronautics, airplanes, missiles, projectiles, documents and contracts, while you would note shooting, battering, notably linked to Star 8 for buildings, minorities. On a personal level, Star 6 can be your profession, your professional life, your employer. It is father (not husband), old man, male working force, by its notion of ‘sudden stop’ it is a, probably fatal, head on collision.

Star 8 Earth
Star 8 governs digestive system, Spleen, nose, small bones, hand, fingers. It is immovable, strongly conservative. It’s in burning old bridges, things coming to closure. Buildings by and large, real estate, property, land, mortgages, scientific research. Star 8 is revolutionary, as it invokes lasting change, massive uproar, demonstrations, aimed to invoke radical change. Accent on the own culture, ethnicity, ethics, own interest, it can invoke uprising and public clashes, so that we may see uproar, riots, looting, while such Star 8 associated riots may result in curfew, coup d’etat. Other Star 8 associations are in mountain, mountainous area, earthquake, landslide, caves, small stones, open gate.

Principal 9 Ki related events

Before zoomed in on this Luoshu Axis and as it is, you will come to note that the Star combination 1-4, wherever it appears in Luoshu, may be instigating extreme weather, not just torrential rains, but hurricanes, typhoons, at times causing flooding, landslides, massive damage.

With annual Star 1 Water at the 8 Earth Luoshu Palace, then annual Star 4 into opposite position, you would combine Trigram attributes known to you for either these Stars. We may expect events to concern of islands and coastal areas, including earthquakes, seaquake and political or ethnic dispute, in which latter case airplanes or missiles (both Star 4 Wood) – or any projectile to move from point A to point B through air, for that matter – may involve due to opposite annual Star 4 in the 2 Earth Luoshu Palace.

The 8 Earth Luoshu Palace may be associated with revolution and change, or taken for its notion of ‘sudden stillness’. Star 8 associates with mountain, mountainous regions, small stones, built structures as in buildings and earthquakes. If a Star arrives at the 8 Earth Luoshu Palace, it may be saying ‘up to this point and no further’, as in labor strikes or public uproar, so that matters concerning a Star may come to closure in the 8 Earth Palace.

February and November

February and November will be Star 8 months, so we commit Star 8 for the month to the central Palace to meet with annual Star 7. We say that, by Host-Guest principle, annual Star 7 will be Host, monthly Star 8 will be Guest, the latter then comparably the more active player, imposing events upon annual Star 7.

Some would immediately resort to Wuxing Five Transformation, here noting the ‘supporting cycle’ in effect from Star 8 ‘Earth’ onto Star 7 ‘Metal’.

Whatever other purpose we may be seeing for Wuxing and its ‘supporting cycle’ and ‘controlling cycle’ in other systems of application in Oriental metaphysics, not so once it was employed 9 Ki Divination, as here you’ll drop the notion of ‘good’ or ‘bad’ Star, or ‘auspicious’ or ‘unfavorable’ outcome altogether, then take each Star for just its basic properties. Once here monthly Star 8 taken for just such and such attribute, same will be true for annual Star 7, and just these attributes will come together to produce an event, while any eventual outcome will not rely on mutual Wuxing relation.

If we take annual Star 7 to represent a building, it may be a prominent financial center. We still remember the World Trade Center (7-8) bombing (6) in February 1993, under similar annual- and monthly Luoshu.

If we take annual Star 7 to represent a sailing vessel, the 8 Earth may cast a ‘shaking’ impact, and we may see ships sink.

If we zoom in on the 8 Earth Palace, annual Star 1 may represent a multitude of associations, such as an island, coastal area, museum, art, religious compound, including a sectarian setting, an asylum and we might see events unfold there.

Annual Star 1 will be joined by monthly Star 2 for education, a mob, while we will find monthly Star 5 in opposite position at the 2 Earth Luoshu Palace. Star 5 by itself may cast stern trouble on Stars in the 8 Earth Luoshu Palace. Because 5 Yellow bodes a compound, a stronghold, a community of sorts, fait accompli, we may see Star 2 for mob or a group of people move away from usual whereabouts, which would give an image of dislocated or ousted people.

Whereas for a 7 Metal year, we would find the annual Reversed Luoshu Axis along the Southeast-Northwest, the monthly Reversed Luoshu Axis here appears Northeast-Southwest, so we find monthly Star 2’s magnetism ‘off’ in the sense of it being uncalibrated and displaced, which would have properties of the opposite annual Star 5 then ‘going nowhere’.

For the month, therefore, annual Star 1 and annual Star 4 will have the Reversed Luoshu Axis imposed upon their basic Trigram associations. Star 4 Wood depicts wind and turbulence, aeronautics, airplane, any missile (in fact, anything moving through or carried by air from point a to point b), airfield, post office or postal service, transportation, tourism industry, so that we may note these in the media, with perhaps some notable bankruptcies in the associated fields of Star 4, the more now that we locate monthly Star 4 in the 1 Water Luoshu Palace. We may keep an eye out on news events related to Star 4, because the accident and disaster usually linked to Star 5 and the fact that monthly Star 4 arrives in the Kan Palace – for (fall into) depth, decline – wouldn’t seem to add to much good.

If then we involve the monthly Luoshu for February, we see monthly Star 7 Metal to visit annual Star 6 Metal, which could instigate explosions or armed assault -, but moreover then taking Star 7 for its financial connotation, we will see mentioned industries affected by monetary issues, then furthermore any event to occur in the news attracting significant media attention due to monthly Star 9 Fire for ‘exposure’ into opposite position.

If then we stick with just the 6 Metal Luoshu Palace to note annual Star 8 and monthly Star 9 to team up there, 9 Fire could be causing a blaze upon a building, while then we read the opposite Star 6 and Star 7 for more detail, as such blaze could also involve oil pipe lines (6) or a sailing vessel (7), such as a navy ship or a ferry.

March and December

We may expect somewhat the same ‘feel’ for December as we would for March, whereas here we immediately note how the monthly Star configuration repeats the annual Reversed Luoshu Axis.

This means also, where already we would keep an eye out on properties related to Star 6 Metal and Star 8 Earth throughout the whole year, we would need be able to note Reversed Luoshu Axis events to come on account of these Stars in March, then moreso in December.

What is self-evident this month, is Star 5 to appear in the 3 Wood Luoshu Palace twofold, by this aligning with double Star 9 Fire in the 7 Metal Palace.

If we project fires, media attention, exposure, oil, or the nuclear and pharmaceutical industry on Star 9, it is a matter of screening your media for Star 5 related events, for example noting Star 5 for compound or a stronghold, then Star 9 for oil, so that the 9-5 combination can become an oil platform, while besides autonomy, authority, and certain magnificent events just the same, Star 5 may soon denote accident, disaster, army or war, fait accompli.

That being said, as a 9 Stars and Luoshu artist, you should first overcome to just only each time reduce Star 5 to it being notorious for causing accident and mishap, even death. If Star 5 can cause mishap, let it be so, but it is just as true how any other Star could be causing mishap just the same, whereas also, even in case we had to concur on this notion – simply because confirmation for that will meet you through the news -, not only can good things be still expected to come from 5 Yellow, we would still take the principle of 5 Yellow for just its basic attributes.

We know that Star 5 is construction related, so it may be constructions made of stone, brick or cement, it can be a heavy rock, a cave, while type of building depends on Luoshu Palace for Star 5 to appear in, or the combination it forms with other Stars.

Star 5 in the 1 Water Luoshu Palace or as it joins Star 1 anywhere in Luoshu, would be a bridge, or it can be an underwater tunnel. Star 5 and Star 3 can be a train tunnel or a settlement in a forest. Star 5 along Star 6 could be a metal bridge or a military compound, while if Star 5 meets up with Star 2, it can be a basement, a school, a prison, a hospital, a zoo. This in mind and along here annual- and monthly Luoshu, you would be well able to put one and one together and recognize the hand of Star 5 and Star 9 in the news.

To respect of Star 5 and in accord with the media attention linked to Star 9 Fire, you could see a major trial related to the military or a para-military group. The 3 Wood Luoshu Palace can be associated with invention, a new impuls, so that Star 5 arriving there, could be a university or comparable environment, launching a new finding of sorts. Star 3 and Star 5 together, can be gambling, so you may see casino type of environments in the news.

Star 5 is also army, war, curfew, coup d’etat, so that we may see mobilization and combat, armed conflict, a government being challenged or overthrown, then related to 3 Wood type of environment (forest, highway), buildings (high rise buildings, railway station, electrical power plant), disputes or other associations pertaining to Star 3 and, because Star 5 finds itself opposite to it, Star 9 Fire, which would then not point to just a blaze, but high radiance and oil platforms, nuclear facilities, riot police, armored vehicles, armored personnel.

Speculating on double 5 and double 9, it could be the discovery or excavation of a new species, even human in case of a tribe. It can be the excavation of a rather enormous compound.

April and January year after

One of first things to note would be the annual Reversed Luoshu Axis with annual Star 6 to appear from opposite annual Star 8, then monthly Star 5 to move to – and thus make an appeal on – annual Star 6.

In mind personal life progression, this should somewhat caution people with Stars 5 Earth, 6 Metal, 7 Metal and 8 Earth.

What may be ‘off’ this month is, anything concerning associations normally linked to the 4 Wood Palace, so that parcels would not reach destination or other events to occur that normally you would deem uncharacteristic, but still out of your sphere of influence. Circumstances allowing, you may wait until this month’s Luoshu passes over.

Star 4 Wood extends into documents, but also communication, including your email, or if you own a website or blog, these may be giving you a headache. If annual Star 6 bodes your professional endeavors, or your employer, then monthly Star 5 to appear from opposite monthly Star 7 could well be a message reaching you through a document of sorts, concerning finances.

If we zoom in on the 8 Earth Luoshu Palace, you will note annual Star 1 and monthly Star 9 Fire. The Palace associates with built structures, earthquakes and mountains, so if we combine attributes for Star 1, 8 and 9, this promotes image of a vulcano outburst, involving mountainous region, islands or coastal areas, possibly an underwater event as such, which could also bode a nuclear test at sea.

The 3 Wood Palace welcomes monthly Star 4 for airplanes, just aircraft, so plane accidents may tend to occur in forest, with the opposite annual Star 9 then suggestive for a blaze, moreso where monthly Star 9 Fire also appears from opposite annual Star 4. We remember how Star 4 is in projectiles, so that we may see missiles on buildings due to monthly Star 4 and monthly Star 8 appearing along same Luoshu axis, while noting how annual Star 7 being a ship, then here visited by annual Star 6, so that 6-7 may represent a navy ship, and we may see missiles there.

In conclusion, find annual- and monthly Luoshu for a Star 7 year:


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