Heluo 賀洛氣學 on how to use new Luo Shu charting for 9 Star Ki astrology life readings – Part One


What was perhaps missing in Nine Star Ki astrology is a one glimpse visual image into your 9 Star Ki astrological birth map to give you even greater detail for your life readings. In this series ‘How to use new Luo Shu charting for 9 Star Ki astrology life readings’, Heluo proposes a new style of charting your 9 Ki birth map. As you’d be using it as a teacher or consultant, your students or clients will find it all the more easy to follow what you’re saying. As a practitioner of Nine Star Ki astrology – and incorporating the day Ki -, you would reduce your date of birth to three Stars, for example 6.3.4. Your first Star then denotes your year of birth, your second Star your month of birth and your third Star (there is a convention more commonly in use regarding the third 9 Ki Star, which will be not related to time of birth) represents your day of birth. Once you then know your three 9 Ki Stars, you would usually rely on astrological character descriptions, as well as you would be taking your three Stars to a Luoshu for purpose of 9 Ki divination. While you would just continue doing that, the method of charting proposed here may further help you categorize personal Ki maps into different style charts (families), so that subject under scrutiny and according to the Six Gods may be a Vibrant type, a Scholar type, a Creative type, a Business type or a Leader type. For even finer detail, we may then further differentiate into Ten Gods. While introducing this pretty much straightforward and complementary style of charting, you will see us borrow some of the basic terminologies and standards used in the splendid Chinese astrology of Four Pillars of Destiny Ba Zi, while it should be stressed that we could not indiscriminately use 9 Ki astrology with other fate calculation systems.

We are aware that Heluo’s blog posts may assume some rudimentary knowledge on account of 9 Stars and Luoshu. If you are a beginner, you may go to www.heluo.nl and download our free online course “9 Star Prediction – personal and news events”.

To give you a first idea, on the left is how we would conventionally construct the birth chart for a 6.3.4, i.e. if we choose to squeeze all this information into the 45 degrees square depiction of Luo Shu. While you would pretty much stay with this convention – and for finer detail – you would now complement your reading by using the new charting to the right. This charting method will surface dynamics you hadn’t guessed where there and it will disclose the life layer by layer.

Heluo - 9 Star Ki conventional and new charting

Pretty much an and-and situation, what the new image will do is, it will have you add gender of subject under scrutiny, while giving you a more immediately notion of all Wuxing dynamics there (how your three Stars mutually interact), allowing you to change the ‘archetype’ to read (explanation further down) any which way you prefer, plus it will give you chart style by stressing month of birth, using both the 9 Ki month of birth as then also the all important Chinese Solar month of birth.

Good, let’s see what we are looking at, while you may take this approach into practice, first for your personal 9 Ki birth chart, then your loved ones and see what it does for you.

The arrangement to the left will be your basic working format to show the innate Yin (black dot) or Yang (white dot) temperament (gender) of the 9 Stars into their designated 45 degrees sectors, whereas Star 5 Earth be here taken to the center as its own neat image, as it is of course neither male Yang or female Yin. Also shown are the magnetic directions (South on top) and the basic Luoshu of 5 Yellow. If we stay with our 45 degrees depiction, the image to the right is then the completed Ki map – or Destiny Wheel, if you will – for a male 6.3.4, born in the month of Chen Dragon.

Heluo - new 9 Star Ki charting working model

Heluo - new 9 Star Ki charting print model

In Part Two, we will give you the anatomy of this destiny wheel and discuss general functions for your first-, second- and third Star regarding temperament and physiology.

To be continued…

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