Heluo 賀洛氣學 on how to use new Luo Shu charting for 9 Star Ki astrology life readings – Part Two

In Part One of this series ‘How to use new Luo Shu charting for 9 Star Ki astrology life readings’, Heluo suggested a new model for you to chart birth maps for your 9 Star Ki destiny readings or for your professional presentations. In Part Two we will explore the anatomy, the symbols you will be using, give you some generic characteristics for your first-, second- and third Star, and we will be introducing the new terms 9 Star Destiny Wheel, Ki master, year master, month master and day master. One of the things this series will be aiming for is to give you an exciting new notion of Wuxing dynamics, pretty much common ground already for practitioners of Four Pillars of Destiny Bazi, but the more commendable also if you are a 9 Ki adept or a practitioner of Flying Star Feng Shui. As you’re reading along, you may just as well get yourself a piece of paper and commit your own 9 Star Ki birth map. If you can draw a circle, five star, white and black dots, you can do it.


9 Star Destiny Wheel – Jiǔ Xīng Mìng Pán 九星命盤
We thus establish a 9 Star Destiny Wheel, which we may refer to as 9 Ki Ming Pan, or just Mingpan. In order to get you going and before using a sample birth map, we’ll go into some principles on account of the general function of your three Stars.

Here is the anatomy, which you may first try on your own 9 Ki birth map.

Heluo - anatomy new charting model 9 Star Ki astrology

Note the white dot for Yang Stars, the black dot for Yin Stars, while you may further note the image we’d be here using for Star 5 Yellow. That’s pretty much all there is to it, besides some terminologies we’d be introducing further on and which will tremendously help you in doing fate readings.

Advancing into this image outside-in, we will be referring to the outer most ring (layer) as the first ring (Heaven Qi), then second ring (Earth Qi) and third ring (Man Qi). What this image does is, it divides the 360 degrees compass circumference into:

Eight segments of 45 degrees, each to host the first Star or year master at the outer most layer, the second Star of birth or month master at the second layer, the third Star or day master at the third layer. What this does is, it will give you a more immediate notion of Wuxing dynamics.

Twelve segments of 30 degrees each to host either one of Twelve Earthly Branches (sometimes known as Chinese animals). This ring be used to indicate Chinese Solar month of birth. We will devote separate section to explain some of the dynamics and how to read into further detail for a year master born in Dragon month, or a year master born in Monkey month and so on.

Once more Eight segments of 45 degrees each, which can be used to take in native’s personal birth chart or any Luoshu Star configuration for year, month or day. You may later replace this section by a Wuxing five Star.

Intermezzo for Bazi practitioners
Alternatively, if you are not working from a printed model and if you just wish to quickly draw a birth chart on white board or on a piece of paper, section C would be used to host the Wuxing five Star – which will omit section B for the Twelve Earthly Branches (see end of Part One).

While I will explain later on, for my readers already well versed in 9 Star Ki and Four Pillars of Destiny Ba Zi, a sneak preview will propose a then much more workable format to indicate Chinese Solar months of birth. This image will give an immediate notion for the Ten Gods, the hidden elements contained in the Chinese Solar months of birth, as well as give you indication for the Twelve Life Stages.

To the left is the image for a male 3.7.4, born in September Rooster month, so that Rooster be indicated by taking a black dot to the Metal leg of the five Star, because Rooster is member of the Metal months and one of the Yin Branches.

To the right is the Mingpan for a female 3.9.5 born in July Sheep month.

Heluo - sample charting 9 Star Ki astrologyIn the family of Twelve Earthly Branches, Wei Sheep is member of the Fire months and it is one of the Yin Branches, so we mark the Fire leg of the five Star with a black dot. However, taking a black dot to the Fire leg of the five Star could have just as well indicated Snake month, because Snake also belongs to the Fire Branches and it is also a Yin Branch. So as in order to then distinguish Wei Sheep and because Sheep is one of the four Earth Branches (Chou Ox, Chen Dragon, Wei Sheep, Xu Dog), we’d also tick the Earth leg of the Five Star. Because Star 5 doesn’t keep to any of the magnetic directions, we just propose to take indication for 5 Yellow to the West 7 Metal domain and park it there.

Function of your three Stars
Not conclusive and while noting 9 Ki is an endogenous system for fate calculation (‘all happens internally’), this series will say:

Year master
Derived from your 9 Ki year of birth. Represents the person, here also called year master. Commonly referred to in 9 Ki as
Natal or Adult number.

The energy of your first Star hints towards your strongest (better said, physiologically most Yang) organ, for example, a 1 Water year master is governed by the Kidney, a 2 Earth year master is governed by the Stomach. Therefore, in 9 Ki, it is the year master that is considered the main archetype to read.

The year Star of birth represents your overall energy at first breath and acquired directly from Heaven, in that its whereabouts would be outside the realm of Earth atmospheric forces, much more related to energies having originated from our sun and Solar system. Mostly, 9 Stars would be associated with the seven stars of the Big Dipper (Ursa Major) and so-called 2 ‘distant’ Stars, which would be hinting towards our current North Star Polaris (Yang) and our future North Star Vega (Yin).

Your year master may hold information on account of your life goal. It is the externalized characteristics of your first Star that will be most apparent to yourself and others as you progress through life.

We say that your year master will be ready to take over first violin from your month Star around age 18, whereas this should then not be taken to mean that your first Star year master was not apparent during childhood, because year master is your true nature and always there.

Also, 9 Ki says that beyond age 72 we would add one Star to our natal Star, i.e. a 1 Water native would from then on assume Star 2, a Star 2 native would assume Star 3, up to a Star 9 native that would assume Star 1.

Month master
Derived from your 9 Ki month of birth. May denote your most inner drive, organ induced behavior. Commonly referred to in 9 Ki as Child number.

There is a one to one relation between what the energy of your second Star denotes and where we locate planet earth on its annual orbit around the sun at the time of your first breath.

Each organ will enjoy its ’15 minutes of fame’ in the overall waxing and waning of earth magnetic and atmoshperic forces, which birth month would then charge a certain organ and take it to the stage of Prime Qi.

Once more related to organ and meridian energy, this may denote your inner drive (see chart styles and under Six Gods and Ten Gods further along this series).

Popularily we may say, a person born in a 9 Fire year, but in a 1 Water month, is a ‘Kidney motivated’ person. Furthermore, and since Water controls Fire, the month of birth controls year master, so that Water becomes his Power element, said differently, the Water month be telling for his inner drive, which would be much on ambition, the will to acquire leadership position and an inborn capacity to achieve.

The month Star is also referred as ‘Child Number’ in that it is said to more or less preside over the year master up to around adolescent age, such on account of how you would perceive – and relate to – others and the environment as a child. Once having reached independence at a mature age and with then your first star in the driver’s seat, your second Star may represent your psycholigical life, your physical make up and tolerance for disease and mishap, your health outlook, your emotional life and emotional responses when under pressure, your social outlook.

Your second Star will be most telling for how you actively ‘upload’ into the environment, mentally, socially, as your second Star can thus also be helpful – or obstructing – in whatever your first Star had set out to achieve.

Usually, the inner notions carried by your second Star temperament and behavior will be better known to those closer to you, your spouse, and such temperament may surface if you are going through challenging times.

Day master
Derived from your 9 Ki day of birth. May denote your inner most self, your inner most motive. Commonly referred to in 9 Ki as Tendency number.

The third Star may be what you’d be ‘uploading’ least consciously of all, in fact it may be your inner most self and what would need protection.

Comparably, in Chinese astrology, more particularly Four Pillars of Destiny, the last thing one would give out is the exact birth hour information as, if used in warfare, it is the hour information that would indicate the general’s weakest, most vulnerable, point. To same respect, your day Ki Star would be your achilles’ heel.

If your third Star is 4 Wood, people could easily compromise you on account of compassion, if your day Ki Star is 6 Metal, you would be easily attacked if people doubted your leadership or even your moral standards.

Even if you are aware of your day Ki Star, it will not be easy to trace it or consciously establish its exact function, as it would be hardly or not noticeable even to yourself. If you see yourself faced with the choice of either advancing into first-, second- or third Star activities, I would suggest you’d aim for your third Star least of all.

It has, however, function, either physiologically or in prognostication and it may be read into for its Wuxing function, i.e. it may mediate between first- and second Star, it may engender or control either one.

We can imagine a 4.x.4, so that the third 4 is energetically in accord with the first 4, which is pretty much a situation of ‘what you see is what you get’. Whereas, if we see 4.x.6, we note that the person may be exerting 6 Metal sternness, while his true nature would be rather more gentle and compassionate.

In real actual life it is easy to be overestimated or underestimated. People may presume the 4.x.6 to be much less vulnerable than he really is. People may also see a 4.x.6 teach efficiently or coming across as organized, while deep down the Star 4 may take longer to mature and tell you at age 38 ‘I am still not sure about direction or what I will do later in life’.

It is important, to distinguish between a person born in February or November, where either one could be 3.5.3, for example. 9 Ki and the Chinese Zodiac keep to identical starting times for years, months and days.

Systems such as 9 Star Ki astrology, Four Pillars of Destiny Ba Zi and Flying Star Feng Shui all keep to the Chinese Solar calendar, whereas there would of course fit nine 9 Ki months into a cycle of twelve Chinese Solar months.

This means, certain month Stars in 9 Ki appear twice each Solar year. We will discuss the Twelve Earthly Branches and their function separately, as for now we would be having enough on our hands.

Ki Master
If you have been reading attentively, you will have seen me use year master for your first Star, month master for your second Star and day master for your third Star. This is for a reason, although you wouldn’t have seen it elsewhere.

While at a life reading, I need you to be able to alternately assess from either the first-, second- or third Star. You’d be as much interested to see function of first Star onto the second Star, as you would like to reason into function of second Star onto the first Star. It is a matter of giving out archetypes, if you will. Whatever then becomes the central focus in your assessment, is Ki master.

– Your year master becomes Ki master once reading centralizes around it.
– Your month master becomes Ki master once reading centralizes around it.
– Your day master becomes Ki master once reading centralizes around it.

In other words, you’d be reading into much finer detail once you are able to see how the year Star in its capacity of Ki master would be on the one hand controlling your second Star, whereas if you’d then mirror as seen from the perspective of your second Star, this would change the function of your first Star. Whereas we’d still need explain Six Gods and Ten Gods, one could be the other’s Wealth, while as seen from the other, the one could be Power.

We may once more use our example for a male 3.7.4 born in September Rooster month.

Heluo - relation Ki master and Power element in 9 Star Ki astrology

If here year master 3 Wood is Ki master because we centralize all of the reading around its ‘archetype’, then month master 7 Metal is its Power sign.

What controls you is your Official, your Power sign. Ki master Wood is controlled by Metal. It is another way of saying the Wood Liver will achieve through the Metal Large Intestine, because ‘organs produce emotions’ and ‘whatever lies innate, must externalize’. As seen from any Ki master, to engage into leadership, the exertion of ambition or the style by which to achieve will be considerably different if Metal is Power, Water is Power, Wood is Power and so on.

Anyway, somewhere along our life reading – and still for the same Ki map -, we can then change focus and continue our reading as seen from the perspective of month master 7 Metal, which then becomes Ki master.

What you control is your Wealth sign. Because Ki master is now 7 Metal (and the archetype to read into), Metal controls Wood, so that meanwhile our 3 Wood year master functions as Wealth onto Ki master 7 Metal. Now, since here the day master is 4 Wood, you may take this as Ki master and assess its function for your overall life reading. What is its associated organ and what will it do on character, temperament, behavior, can we rely on it for Output and production, Wealth and assets, or Power and achievement and so on.

Heluo - Relation Ki master and Wealth and money element in 9 Star Ki

You may ask why at all we would at one point centralize year master, to then centralize our life reading around the month master and give it the position of Ki master. Well, you would do this already for all the right ‘astrological’ reasons, but moreover, this is because you would actually read the living person, rather not the static birth chart.

All in 9 Ki is physiological and we cannot assume sound health. If here, our 3.7.4 enjoys sound physiological health – all of his organ and meridian Qi on order and with otherwise no Causative Factors (CF) -, we could just as well read from the first Star. If, however, here for example, anything energetically ‘off’ with the second Star Large Intestine, the energy there may become dominant, which would be noticeable on account of the person exerting more of the minus emotions related to 7 Metal.

We’d like the gravitational pull to be on the year master, but your client’s life progression may show otherwise and you must be ready to both engage into an ‘all else being equal’ type of reading, as well as you must be ready to take a person’s life chronology and derive from this if or to what extend the life had been at ‘forward progressive movement’ or somewhere along the line, client had perhaps lost ‘momentum’, so to say.

If you haven’t seen the Wuxing plus and minus emotions and temperament as they relate to organ and meridian Qi, you may review pages 23-27 in Heluo’s free online course ‘9 Star Prediction – personal and global events’.

This means, you may get to see ten clients with identical 3.7.4 Mingpan, while all born in Rooster month, but still I need you to arrive at a different reading each time. Seeing ten identical charts, you’d come up with a unique scenario each time. One client coming to your consultation may be a vegetarian, one client may be a female with children, the other also a female with no at all any children, one client lives along the seashore, one in Manhattan and one in Zambia. Besides this, there would be other factors for you to look into – if only to eliminate obstructive influence – before at all you could engage into reading lives. Bottom line is, each these ten clients will arrive with the same birth chart, each one in its own physiological state.

Not just that, you would have to pull your client’s life chronology, if only certain factors leading to deficient, dominant or stagnant Qi could have resulted in a tendency towards the minus organ induced emotions, temperament or even certain changes in character – to a point your client may no longer assume presumed character or even life progression.

If at all you can and before assuming the actual life reading, you may check for:

Constitutional influences, embryonic development. Qi of ancestors up to seven generations back, parents.

Biological-physiological influences coming from diet (consider heavily processed food, microwave, long endured poor dietary habits), poor environmental conditions. Poor blood quality. Malnutrition, deprivation, addictions and – last but not least – dehydration.

What was mother’s diet during the gestation period and did she alter her food intake significantly, or did she make a significant geographical move, how was her overall health and well-being, did she endure decisive events.

Childhood fixations and upbringing causing emotional problems and mechanisms. Negative affirmations, uncorrected concepts of fear, projections, assumptions, leading to unproductive social transactions (so-called ‘bio contracts’).

Born in one geography, moving to another geography different in both topography, pressure, climate, the more so if difference in Longitude, for example moved from the North to the South where food energetics measure differently and not having adjusted diet (which is also the surest way for being homesick, because ‘cell memory’ may not recognize the new environment). No generic rules can be given here as some migrants tolerate (certain) food from the new environment, while the other migrant thrives on (certain) food from the home land (nothing be more personal than what goes into the mouth to assimilate, so we always study a minimum of 3 different dietary principles if only to at least be able to cancel out ‘fault’ in either one).

Traveling too much, too fast or over too large a distance, especially between Hemispheres, by this not keeping to steady diet, taking in a variety of dish styles on endlessly varying times of day.

Women: too many children. Men: ejaculation. Both: exhaustion from too hard labour. Working nights, sleeping during day-time.

Going through a rough period of persistent and sustained heavy emotional loss or anxiety.

Unknown factors, factors outside our scope (interview your client).

Whatever you may be able to relate to this list, should be readily verifiable by the person’s behavior, his attitude, his facial features, his body movements or his physical, emotional and spiritual achievements.

At the same time, lists such as the one here, your entire education and experience as a diviner for that matter, may mean nothing without client’s confirmation. Your confirmation will be not in the 9 Ki Mingpan as such, it is not in the Bazi, as much as it is with your client. It is from the feedback of our clients that we learn most.

Heluo - Nine Star Ki and Ba Zi as full member of Internal Chinese MedicineYou could be gazing into any birth map until you see grey, meeting a person with a rather large amount into any of the minus emotions, equals your knowing that the person concerned would have fairly big trouble tapping into the opportunities normally offered to him by his ‘astrological’ outlook. Doing this person’s life reading, or any forecasting for the person, we suggest you’d refrain from any firm statements as to what this person may or may not expect in any given field.

To proportion that you find any client’s personal magnetism ‘off’ – discernable by comparing the person’s Qi against above list, noting his organ induced temperament, his life chronology -, you can be sure that his life progression would be ‘off’ also.

So, there may be a world of difference between what you gather from the 9 Ki birth map or the Bazi structure and what you may see come off your client. A good counselor would specialize in more than just 9 Ki, Bazi or Feng Shui alone, as he would ensure to gain a bit more than just working knowledge on account of all kinds of techniques, so as in order to help client correct for any energetic deviation and obtain forward progressive movement and momentum.

I think at this point and notwithstanding going standards regarding the Wuxing ‘supporting cycle’ or the ‘controlling cycle’, it is good to show you that:

If either person (or organ) in sound condition, neither one person (or organ) would control the other or even sense to come under control. If you hadn’t already, you need rid of such suppositions as if ‘supporting cycle is positive’ and ‘controlling cycle is negative’. It is against life, certainly against solid life reading. More people than we would care to host in our backyard would still presume it a bad portent to ‘have a spouse that controls me’, just because native is a 9 Fire, his partner a 1 Water. This type of supposition is an elephant and one of most persistent misperceptions on account of Wuxing dynamics. All else being equal and either one in sound health, it is quite fortunate to have such ‘control’ transmitted by your significant other, as he or she will pull the best out of you, which will do wonders on account of your achievements.

So, let’s sidestep into an example for a married couple, husband shown to the left, wife to the right. The outdated version would be to bluntly state how ‘9 Fire wife controls 6 Metal husband’ (then, from such emblematic reading, would follow a bunch of suppositions, then active statements, so that the life reading be of course pulled into louping, which would also pretty much effectively end the reading).

Rather, 9 Fire year master of the wife is the husband’s Power element, which will promote achievement, whereas the 6 Metal year master of the husband is the wife’s Wealth, assets and knowledge element.

Heluo - compatibility spouse in Nine Star Ki astrology

Context is all important
In warfare, we use Wuxing to cast the differences, to see where the other party can be controlled, weakened, damaged or destroyed. It is bad practice to then transport same for your life readings or even when you’d involve into matters of compatibility between spouses, as here the objective is a fruitful marriage, so that we would always look for common ground. If you are a good diviner and you are being faced with any setback as to Wuxing, the very reason we said you are a good diviner is, you’d always find the ‘escape’ and point out what is in favor. It is easy as it is right there, for as long as you would let Wuxing speak. Same goes for directionology.

Then again and besides ‘control’, you’d see much more that these Mingpan would have in common.

In Part Three, we’ll start handling 9 Ki month of birth and what it does on chart style.

You may see what it does for you if already at this time you’d take your own 9 Ki birth information and the Ki maps of those closest to you to a piece of paper, while projecting this new approach. Do a slow – preferably element by element – assessment of what you’re seeing.

If you know your year master (and while you always think ‘organ energy’ and Vital Qi), what would be the function of your month of birth and what would this be telling you on account of your inner drive, your aspirations, how you’d go about transactions with yourself, others, the environment and how can you act upon this information for health, success, forward progressive movement and momentum. It is one big adventure.

Remember, whereas your first Star may be 9 Fire and thus year master, it may be only Ki master for as long as we are organizing all of our reading around it. If your second Star for month of birth is 4 Wood, this may be referred to as month master, but once we take our reading as seen from the perspective of this 4 Wood Star, it be referred to as Ki master.

Ki master is then subject under focus and could well be either one of your Stars. Ki master is the archetype at that time, so that, if we place 9 Fire in the position of Ki master, the 4 Wood becomes instrumental to its support (Resource). If we then change our reading to assess from 4 Wood, this becomes Ki master and now Fire is what it generates (Output).

While you’re at it, don’t forget to check yourself on those Wuxing plus and minus emotions page 23-27 of Heluo’s article ‘9 Star Prediction – personal and news events’, as it has been there for good reason.

Contact Heluo if you’d like a descriptive and eye opening hand made ad hoc assessment done for your personal 9 Ki birth map (which for the purpose we will be able to handle ad hoc requests from our ‘Harvest for All’ fund, see ‘Services’ Heluo’s website) using this approach, and email us if you have any questions regarding this new charting method and tell us if you see room for improvement.

To be continued…

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