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Why then is it that – with the upcoming 5 Earth year of 2013 – now will be the ideal time to fully engage in 9 Ki Divination and be ready to roll? Click banner to the left, as we’re doing this pdf newsletter specifically about your learning 9 Ki Divination in time before 2013 starts.

Plus, you may see our offer until 15 August 2012 to account of Distance Learning Training, not just for 9 Ki Divination, but momentarily for all subjects we teach in our Distance Learning program, where you’d engage into one-on-one studies with Heluo:

9 Ki Divination personal and news events
Four Pillars of Destiny Bazi
Flying Star Feng Shui
Nine Star Ki Astrology

Now, this time I can’t help but being a bit lengthy, so that at least you’d have all in one place.

If you are in any way a practicing consultant, minding matters of health and fate in students and clients, or if you’re looking to manage your personal life, 9 Stars and Luoshu forecasting will be a big asset to your practice, very accurate.

Never mind if you’d employ 9 Ki forecasting for purpose of house divination in Flying Star Feng Shui or if you’d be using 9 Ki Divination for life progression (self, spouse, kids, career) or news events, I’d say “9 Stars happen out there as we speak”.

It goes without saying that your 9 Ki Divination training with me aims directly at your forecasting (past, present and future) events for any month in any year.

It’s just that – surely, if you’re still starting – using the remainder of this year to prepare to being ready by the time 2013 starts, will be all the more splendid.

I’ll explain exactly why, but I thought to let you know, so that we’d have you ready to fully employ 9 Stars and Luoshu by the time 2013 events started.

Ready to doing what?
It depends on your practice, are you a practitioner in Flying Star Feng Shui and you’d perform to account of house divination?

Or you offer your clients personal readings with month by month forecasting for 1 or 2 years ahead (which people just love, I’d have done hundreds of those).

Or you’d employ 9 Ki Divination for your personal and professional life, the strategic planning of your initiatives.

It’s all there by 9 Stars and Luoshu. Just some ‘typing aloud’:

9 Ki Divination in Flying Star Feng Shui

  • Use 9 Ki Divination for your house divination in Flying Star Feng Shui, but
  • Learn the decisive difference between the ‘timely’ and ‘untimely’ Stars used for Flying Star Feng Shui and how from 9 Ki derived annual- and monthly Stars should not be taken for ‘same’, because 9 Ki Stars are always timely.
  • Increase your competitiveness in the Feng Shui field as you learn distinguish between San Yuan Stars and 9 Ki Stars, no longer mistaking Star behavior.
  • Stop treating Fei Xing Feng Shui and 9 Ki as if these systems were in any way related.
  • Still converting year of birth into ‘Gua’ for females for purpose of 9 Star Ki?

9 Ki Divination in your counseling practice

  • Be astonished to see what great demand, once you’d be offering people their personal 9 Ki readings, the more as you told them their life chronology (past), their present situation and forecasting their personal and professional events for, say, 2 years ahead of time, month by month, to show ‘advance and retreat’.
  • Be telling your client when he’d be e.g. receiving a letter, from whom, about what subject. When to advance or when to perhaps best postpone initiatives.
  • Read Luoshu along literally hundreds of 9 Stars and Trigram attributes.
  • As an acupuncturist, therapist or counselor, use 9 Ki to give Causative Factor.

9 Ki Divination in understanding news events

  • See how annual- and monthly news events follow 9 Stars Luoshu migration.
  • Wish to be more specific? Open your news paper on a missing persons case, a cold case, or a labor strike and Read the Stars to build the Story, and have Luoshu open like a novel to see the players, the plot, prospects, outcome.
  • How you may tell a husband what he’d be on to, by just looking at his wife’s 9 Ki.
  • Date selection for career progress, marriage, how to manage your business.

But, why the excitement, and what’s with the rush to start training now?
There can be never a rush, but having been with 9 Stars and Luoshu day in day out since 1988, there is solid reason why I’d be transmitting my excitement at this time, specifically for your 9 Ki Divination training and my eagerness to be showing you how it is done, without holding anything back, so that you can truly apply without any further outside assistance.

‘Every man for himself’ means, at one point it will be just you and Luoshu and that moment will be memorable.

It’s up to you then, to make that difference in people’s lives – because they took their questions to you – by doing their personal forecasting along 9 Stars and Luoshu, pretty detailed too.

Or, you’re in front of your news paper, and you’d pinpoint the ‘why’ in the missing persons case, the goings on in a labor strike and it is magnificent of course to be at all able to see 9 Stars connect you to real events like that.

Saying, if ever you aspired to learn 9 Star Ki Divination, profoundly so, you may see attached pdf. But, why would I suggest that now is the right time?

Well, it will be a 5 Earth year in 2013. Almost no better time to step into learning 9 Ki Divination, as you may let me show you in your newsletter.

What does it mean in practice, one-on-one Distance Learning Training?
Any topic of study that we teach in our school’s Distance Learning program, will send you your printed class manual (480-730 pages) and we will engage into our one-on-one private studies through your personal homework file in Word for the duration of the study period reserved in your name.

  • Receive printed class manual in topic of study on your door step.
  • Devote the next 10 weeks to preliminary and profound studies of the manual.
  • You’ll be using this time also, to collect your questions, then send in to me.
  • I will handle your questions minutely and extensively, adding new teachings.
  • This way, your homework file be going back ‘n’ forth between us all the time.
  • You’ll be fully equipped to perform on your own, for yourself or professionally.
  • There’s no ‘ready’ lessons ‘laying about’, all will be written on your person.

As always, I’m here anyway, so you may email me any of your questions and to yet ask for all details pertaining Distance Learning, what you’ll learn and how to register, fees, your discount, shipping.

9 Stars and Luoshu to empower you in whatever you do
Once the event filtered through Luoshu, you’ll see why I say it doesn’t lie.

So, any time is a good time for studies, but it’s just that we are grabbing the momentum we’re seeing to account of the 5 Earth year of 2013 and we’re picking this time to make the announcement.

Now, this was being lengthy and if you made it up to this point, your full of patience and there’s nothing wrong with your staying power :o)

I hope you have been fine and see you next time.

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