Heluo Keeping You Posted – Newsletter April 2012

This time we will handle how to determine Facing side in your Flying Star Feng Shui practice, plus I will be pointing you to some of those ‘typical’ 9 Ki events that you may have so far seen in the news this year. As you click to open our pdf newsletter to the left, let me be taking you by the hand of some suggested reading on www.

9 Ki Divination news events for 2012
I’d be sitting with 9 Stars and Luoshu all the time, oftentimes hoping that you too are seeing the 9 Ki relevance in your media.

Just some suggestions in the pdf newsletter for you to follow up on and to help set yourself to practice.

See, it is one thing to study 9 Stars and Luoshu just theoretically, it becomes something else to see the rawness and to sit in front of your media, seeing the hand of 9 Stars and Luoshu in those news reports.

Again, it’s been uncanny this 6 Metal year.

Flying Star Feng Shui, not to difficult once you know how to weigh
Then, deciding on what’s the Facing side of a building seems to be a task to many. Actually, the matter can be pretty straightforward and we’d have an extensive article for you on our website, just only on the subject.

Between ourselves? Much may depend on what one likes to hear
No many things beat to study and teach the Yi.

Yet, there’s been this tension between what we teach in our school’s study program and what we feel we’d be still able to publish for you ‘out there’.

As we’re all in the field of Oriental metaphysics, sometimes it would seem ‘anything goes’. Well, it’s not like that.

At the same time and with even our so many articles (which will be actually full chapters out of our class manuals) out on the internet, we still cannot help but pretty much stick with what be ‘conventional’ (or even digestible to the public in our estimation) in our publications. Were we to publish unrestrictedly, this could create sure havoc.

Then, as we’d be meeting up for either master classes or distance learning (first 3 posts there), that be a sure relief as now ‘class door closes’ and we can ‘talk real’, finally.

Once rid of those deliberate red herrings (decoys and smoke screens, but that perhaps you’d have been made to trust somewhere along the way), study and practice of metaphysics comes back to being fantastic (besides once more safe, because all cause for apprehension and anxiety to vanish just the same). That established, there’d be hardly anything more rewarding – anyway – than being able to transmit this to you.

Again, there’s some suggested reading in the pdf newsletter which I hope you may enjoy.

See you next time.

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