9 Star Ki Divination – 9 Stars and Luoshu forecasting 1 Water year


9 Star Ki and Luoshu annual and monthly predictions 2017 - Heluo HillApart from overall 9 Ki relevant news events that you may be on the lookout for in the 1 Water year of 2017, we will discuss personal life progression as to do’s & don’ts based predominantly in your first Star for year of birth (not to be taken for Adult Star).

If you are aware of your second Star for month of birth (not to be taken for Child Star), you’ll read there too.

If you are not aware of your personal 9 Ki Stars, I may refer you to Danny van den Berghe’s free Nine Star Ki Calculator.

As this reaches you as an unabridged chapter from out of our 9 Ki Divination workbook of 590 pages, you’ll see explanations to help improve your divinatory skills in 9 Ki. It also means that, you could not hope to be able to read through this discourse ‘in one go’, and it’s not meant to. We strongly advise that you save this to disk for further studies.

In this issue
Introduction and general outlook on events
Who is Star 1 – its Trigram attributes -, how to forecast?
Overall news events to be expected in 2017.
Real (news) events month by month.
Personal life progression for your Star.
Personal life progression February and March

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9 Ki Divination versus Nine Star Ki Astrology
You must forever distinguish between Nine Star Ki Astrology 九星氣学 for personality, character, health and compatibility on the one hand, then 9 Star Ki Divination 九宮占卜 on the other hand.

Once you did, you will learn syntax to by far surpass those 1980s style approaches that are still commonly in use in the field of 9 Stars and Luoshu.

9 Ki Divination lets you handle real events by the hand of 9 Stars and Luoshu, past-present-future.

(In)tangible phenomena can be brought to resort under a certain Star. It comes down therefore, to knowing your 9 Stars and Trigram attributes, then able to ‘read’ Luoshu on real (news) events, and your personal do’s & don’ts for any time.

As you may be new to 9 Stars and Luoshu divination for real events, here is a crude sample on how you will ‘translate Stars into events, and events into Stars’ by the hand of just the annual Stars for 2017.

9 Star Ki and Luoshu 2017 annual predictions - Heluo Hill
That’s just 9 Stars to any annual Luoshu, while may have 18 Stars if added monthly Stars, or 27 Stars if added daily Stars.

Anyway, if you are at the beginning stages of your forecasting events by the hand of 9 Stars and Luoshu, you need to know how to switch from one type of observing ‘reality’ to seeing the energetic emblem of anything to appear in front of you, until you know how to relate real news events to Luoshu and 8 Trigrams.

Who is Star 1 and how to forecast
We first note annual Star 1 in the central Luoshu Palace, which tells us that we will not be able to locate year Star 1 into any of the eight 45 degrees magnetic directions, which is to indicate that Star 1 will come much under influence of its environment, i.e. the other Stars being active from out of and into the eight directions.

Since annual Star 1 is feeble, we will see news events to revolve around its 9 Stars and Trigram attributes.

9 Star Ki and Feng Shui Luoshu versus Magic Square of 5 Earth - Heluo Hill

To help you develop your ability to lay bare – both tangible and intangible – Star 1 portents for your daily life and as you want to be able to recognize these attributes as you analyze news events, we need to know what Star 1 bodes.

Divination and fate calculation Eight Trigams 1 Water Kan Gua - Heluo HillStar 1 White (Yi Bai – 一白) is governed by Trigram Kan. It promotes something solid on the inside and open, permeable or flexible on the outside. Star 1 is associated with planet Mercury (Shui Xing – 水星) and further associated with Tan Lang Star (貪狼) in the Big Dipper.

In your bid to “translate Stars into events and events into Stars”, you will initially hold on to the more obvious 9 Stars and Trigram attributes, such as in case of Star 1 you will be first interested in laying bare H2O related events.

9 Star Ki and Feng Shui Star 1 Trigram attributes - Heluo HillHowever, as we look into 9 Stars and 8 Trigrams a bit more, we recognize that also a cable such as the one shown here may be brought to resort under the Kan Trigram, it being soft and bendable from the outside, containing a core.

Cement would be another such example of something initially soft, then it may harden up quickly.

Then, back to our cable and where others would have overlooked such relevance in the news, you’ll recognize the hand of Qi if some event were to be caused by a heated cable, such as we saw in case of a restaurant fire having occurred in December 2007.

9 Star Ki Divination and Luoshu 1 Water House in Magic Square - Heluo HillAnother one of Star 1’s denotations is depth and fall into depth, such that Star combination 1-6 anywhere in Luoshu may bode a car6 to fall into a river1 or ravine1.

To that respect, you will note annual Star 6 in the 1 Water Luoshu Palace for the year, which is indicative for motor vehicles such as cars, truck and buses to fall into depths, or to end up in water.

Quite interestingly also, Star 1 denotes ‘hiding’, camouflage, disguise. If you note such Star combination as 1-3 anywhere in Luoshu, it may indicate someone to dress up1 as a police3 officer, or it may bode an undercover police officer. Star combination 1-2, may indicate someone to dress up1 as a doctor2, or a teacher2, or someone is hiding in a zoo2.

As we here share 9 Stars and Trigram attributes pertaining to Star 1, you may see if you can recognize the hand of Star 1 as you stay close to your news media.

Heluo Hill professional study program Flying Star Feng Shui and Four Pillars of Destiny BaziFurther Trigram associations give Star 1 and the 1 Water Luoshu Palace as Kidney, Bladder, reproductive system, libido, skin, hair, ear (hearing), blood, lymph, joints, lower part of body. All water related associations, aquatic life by and large. Inclined downward and dispersing. Weakened cohesion, or sense of ‘loss’. Drowning and water related hazards. Infection, contamination, can be epidemic. Loss of blood, diarrhea. Sexual events, pregnancy related, miscarriage, abortion. Liquids, liquefaction, beverage industry, the act of flooding. Scandal.

Religious workers and events, sex workers and events. Fishing industry, the act of writing. Danger, stealthiness, camouflage, hiding, disguise, theft, burglary, robber. Ravine, ditch, gutter, abyss, lowland, sinkhole, sewer, place near water, bar, restaurant. Trap or ambush, place under cover, grave, grave yard, mental institution. Collapse or disintegration due also to erosion, avalanche. Fall, depth, fall into depth, plunge. Island, delta, peninsula, wetland, coastal area. Where Star 1 is associated with a plunge or a fall, when it combines with Star 4 for ‘wind’ or ‘excitement of air’, it can become an elevator, so expect to see events or accidents surrounding elevators, perhaps escalators, ski lifts. As Star 4 handles the ability to breathe, the combination 1-4 must therefore also bode Dolphins and Whales.

Know how to pick events in your news media for their 9 Ki relevance
Annual Star 1 appears in the central Luoshu Palace for the year. Star 1 relates to exploration, that which seeks to meander, disperse, also communication, wisdom and philosophy, while there is also its religious connotation.

We know that the central Palace in Luoshu associates with Star 5 (aka 5 Yellow) and that it is to depict a building of sorts, a locality by and large, mostly publically accessible such as a commuter station, a city square or a parking lot.

If we then combine Star 5 and Star 1, we may arrive at a swimming pool, a water tower, a water reservoir, a lake, river, ocean, a water house, a beverage factory, a restaurant, the fishing industry or any other water associated compound, such as a brothel. You may anticipate events in such buildings or public places, such as drowning to occur in swimming pools.

Because this year, we consider annual Star 1 most vulnerable, you may anticipate calamities to concern of the pharmaceutical industry, drugs, alcohol, oil related, nuclear accidents, drowning of children and the elderly, flooding of cities and buildings, avalanche, snowslide, contamination of waters or water related virus infections such as Legionnaires’ disease, pneumonia. Prostitutes, sex workers and the sex industry may be in the news predominantly.

Note the intangible attributes of Stars in events
Star 1 can be a decoy, a smoke screen or a distraction and it can be deceptive. It has a hidden agenda. It also means that it can attack from the rear or out of nowhere. If Star 1 was a warrior, it is like a ‘thief in the night’ as he would operate stealthily and likely to strike when least expected, so that you never knew what hit you.

Star 1 may be an assassin, so you may expect assassinations upon public figures or leader type figures.

Star 1 can be (like) quicksand, or a sinkhole.

9 Star Ki and Flying Star Feng Shui Star Combination 1-4 - Heluo HillStar 1 for Kan Gua associates with dew, soft rain, all the way up to torrential rains.

Especially when Star 1 teams up with Star 4 for the Xun Wind Trigram and excitement of air, we may see typhoons and hurricanes.

If we consider energy being caught in a game of waxing and waning, Star 9 would be energy at its highest point of radiance, Star 1 then energy in its lowest point.

Star 1 for contamination and infection
For times governed by Star 1, we may clearly anticipate predominant contamination of sorts, which you will be able to clearly observe in the media once you are able to note the many indicators.

Star 1 may instigate contamination, wide spread infection, epidemic or even pandemic surrounding HIV, Avian flu, Mad Cow Disease, Legionnaires’ disease, and other contaminations such as large scale influenza.

If Star 1 is accompanied by Star 4 for respiratory ability, infection may affect the chest and come through breathing, such as pneumonia, but also notable cases of Carbon monoxide (CO) poisoning.

Many such contaminations may then be related to aquatic objects, such as (indoor or public) fountains, swimming pools, sauna, water reservoirs, more predominantly in large public buildings such as hotels, restaurants, hospitals, nursing homes, correction facilities, cruise ships, ferries, insofar they use water cooling systems, cooling towers as well as large central air conditioning systems, domestic hot water systems or other public water supplies, including freshwater ponds and creeks, all a potential platform for contamination, many of these you will see occur in the media this year.

Other potential contaminators because involved plenty of water – true for all years, but you will be more observant during times of 1 Water – are car washes, irrigation systems, wetted roof tops, sewers, condominium towers, spas or any other water collecting venue, even fresh flowers or fish dishes.

Be mindful also whenever you accept provisions of which the source or handling are not known to you and be thus alerted on eating fresh fruit (especially with a pit, because the solid pit and the soft fruit flesh would resemble Kan Trigram), uncooked vegetables and salads, fish dishes including shellfish, canned food, pork meat, soup, beverages, especially in warmer climate or hot countries. Since Water is associated with the salty taste, you will be also minding pickled foods.

Events involving water or water particles
A whirlpool and a humidifier caused 200 people to be contaminated with Legionella bacteria infection, 32 of whom died, during a flower exhibition in the Netherlands in 1999, a 1 Water year. Since such contaminations are related to water and would become rather more apparent in times of Star 1, you could be cautious whenever you encounter airborne H2O (particles), open water bodies, including those in shopping malls, ornamental fountains or aquariums in waiting rooms or hallways.

Other Star 1 related news events may come as obvious flooding, water related accidents and disasters, as also many people drowning, be that in swimming pools (noting the Star 4 month of June more in particular), ditches or any other body of water, including garden ponds and bathtubs.

To this respect, be extremely cautious around children and water, be it water bodies such as swimming pools or open water, garden ponds, or at zoos, while you may even check shower room and bathtub inside your house, as such check and double check on any electrical appliance (hair-dryer, water boiler).

We may further see events surrounding petrochemical plants, pharmaceutical industry, notable nuclear events, medication, hard drugs. All these carry both a flavor of Kan Gua and Li Gua (no phenomenon will be just representing one Star or one Wuxing only), such as is true also for alcohol which I like to view as to combine properties of both Star 1 and Star 9.

There will be no way around news in the media predominantly to concern of islands, deltas, peninsulas and coastal areas. This may be to concern of autonomy or sovereignty of such areas, or just as you’ll note a verifiable and out of the ordinary clustering of news events. Comes to mind Crimea, while also Malaysia, as it was founded in the 1 Water year of 1963, not in the least Netherlands Antilles in the Caribbean, then the Koreas which were divided in the 1 Water year of 1945.

9 Star Ki and Flying Star Feng Shui Star 1 Kan Gua and Star 9 Li Gua - Heluo HillThe annual Luoshu hosts 5 Yellow in the Li Palace for Star 9, as it appears from opposite annual Star 6 which we locate in the Kan Palace for Star 1.

Star 6 may represent engineering and we see it appear in the Luoshu Water Palace, so for the year we may be seeing ‘construction related5’ events in, on the surface of or under water. Star 6 also bodes a pipe line or a silo.

It is just a matter of being observant enough to lay bare such in the media and to be able to note its 9 Ki relevance, for example in case of an underwater tunnel.

Also, the 9 Fire Luoshu Palace is associated with high radiance. The Palace may bring things to exposure, so that it is also associated with excavation. If Star 4 resides in the 9 Fire Luoshu Palace, this may unearth documents, if Star 6 is in this Palace, it may be a skull, so that, now with annual Star 5, we may see the ‘discovery’ of life or a new species.

Luoshu Trend – principal 9 Ki related events for a Star 1 year

Comparatively, annual Stars are Host Star to set the trend, monthly Stars are Guest Star and carry the details.

Star(s) in the central Luoshu Palace give – what we baptized – Luoshu Trend.

As to Luoshu Trend – or the overall news to expect for the year -, we can also more popularly say ‘Water in the streets’, which ‘water’ can be stretched to ‘blood’, such as we had seen with Thailand’s protesters having splashed blood under the gates of Government House in a protest against leadership in 2008.

We first establish how Star 1 for the year will be deciding on predominant events, while we can pick contamination and infections for Luoshu Trend.

It is like saying that Star 9 may cause for a blaze, with the accompanying Star yet to decide on style of fire, for example a fire9 in a school2 or post office4, a wooden shed4, an airplane4 fire, or a fire in a train3 if Star 9 and Star 3 were to team up.

Here, in approaching Luoshu for a 1 Water year, your first association being linked to the Water portents, then added flavor as you factor in properties of the accompanying Stars and the Palace properties where Stars meet, while never forget to simultaneously assess opposite Stars and Palaces and link all these associations to eventually form one particular image, be that in hindsight or before the fact.

Keeping things a bit straightforward, for Luoshu on the left we will refer to the North-South Luoshu axis between the 9 Fire and 1 Water Palace, while for Luoshu on the right we will refer Northwest-Southeast between the 6 Metal and 4 Wood Palace. Luoshu Palaces highlighted, as we always read any Luoshu on ‘only the applicable’.

9 Star Ki and Flying Star Feng Shui Luoshu annual prediction - Heluo HillLuoshu on the left may denote such cases of Bird flu or Avian flu, or Mad Cow Disease, as by way of monthly Star 4 to meet up with annual Star 1 in the central Palace, it puts cattle9 and birds9 in the 1 Water Palace and opposite the 9 Fire Palace where we find accident5 related to a building8Besides involving birds and live stock on a farm, it would concern a factory6, presumably a slaughterhouse.

Luoshu on the right shows food2 poisoning1+2 or hunger strike6 concerning inmates2 in a prison8, Stomach2 infection1, or church1+9+8 poisoning1+2.

Bottom line is, you would keep an eye out on the general trend for the year, as then you incorporate monthly Luoshu to read into finer detail. To concern of infections and outbreaks of disease, you may then follow Stars 1 and 5 Yellow through the monthly Luoshu just the same, while you will note how events will be actually related to the underlying cycles of Qi. We will leave infections for what they are and see which other events may likely appear in your news media more predominantly, so that it would be hard to ignore it.

You will note assassinations or such attempts. We will see more than one such assault and not just concerning world leaders, but – other Stars thereby not excluded of course – presumably involving those world leaders with Earth Stars, i.e. 2, 5 and 8 Earth.

The position taken in by native’s Star in Luoshu alone will not do here, as we would expect Star 5 and Star 6 to fly in just the same.

9 Star Ki and Flying Star Feng Shui monthly Stars and month square - Heluo HillTake the attempt on Ronald Reagan’s life on 30 March 1981, given the Luoshu for a 7 Metal month in a 1 Water year. Ronald Reagan’s 9 Ki Stars are 8.2.2. Note Star 9 for the would-be-assassin John Hinckley [9.1.4] and Star 6 for the Secret Service Agent Timothy McCarthy, whom had thrown himself into the event to take a bullet and see if you can ‘read the Stars and build the story’.

Note however, that Reagan’s Star 8 is on the East-West annual Reversed Luoshu axis, while Hinckley’s Star 9 then steps onto this axis for the month.

Annual Star 8 for Reagan in the 3 Wood Palace is being visited by monthly Star 5, as it appears from opposite annual Star 3 (a male) and monthly Star 9 (Hinckley) in the 7 Metal Palace. Reagan’s second Star 2 arrives at the 9 Fire Palace for the month, meeting another Star 5 and as it appears from opposite annual Star 6 for ‘armed assault’ in the 1 Water Palace.

Star 6 may be good for explosion, armed assault, gun, rifle, a bullet, while a fired bullet may be 6-9, which appears in the 4 Wood Palace from opposite both Reagan’s Stars in the 6 Metal Palace. One bullet had penetrated Reagan’s Lung6 and all this happened around a car6.

Another such would-be-assassin, Mehmet Ali Ağca [7.6.6], hit on Pope John Paul II [8.8.5] on 13 May 1981, which is a 5 Earth month. You can read into this Luoshu.

Uproar and police force
Within context, annual Star 8 can bode revolution, massive politically or ethnically motivated protests, riot and violent looting. Annual Star 3 in opposite position in Luoshu bodes uniformed personnel, such as police.

Annual Star 3 instigates the annual Reversed Luoshu Axis, while annual Star 8 appears from opposite position. You will see much of the news in 2017 to revolve around these Stars.

Expect violent confrontations between crowds and police thoughout the 1 Water year, while, if Star 9 involves, police3 in riot gear9 and armored vehicles. Star 8 bodes built structures – buildings by and large -, but within context more likely buildings that need affiliation to enter, such as governmental buildings. Expect police3 raids onto (public) buildings8.

You may note the many drownings, other accidents or any type of weird events even, to occur around any imaginable bodies of water year round, but more specifically involving children and especially so in the month of June. You will also see victims being retrieved from water bodies – also ditches – rather recurrently so.

As would be true for any other event of course, drownings occur for all years, however, you will be amazed not only by the amount, but some of the events may seem quite bizarre.

Depths and ditches
Other occurrences to jump at you from the media the entire year, would be those events related to depth, fall, ravines, ditches, sewers. For one, not only is it a 1 Water year – already supposing energy in its lowest point of waning – we find annual Star 6 in the 1 Water Palace for the year, as it appears from opposite annual Star 5 in the 9 Fire Palace.

Such true already for 1 Water days or months, we may clearly note the many motorvehicles (cars, buses, trucks) to fall into depths, such depth then taken as actual water, or vehicles (and other objects of course) falling into ditches or ravines. You will note this, already as you follow the news just only briefly.

9 Star Ki and Flying Star Feng Shui Star car accident - Heluo HillIf you read that a person fell off a height – and pending month -, it would likely be a 6 Metal person. Ditches, (dried) streams and ravines will be in the news also as accidents will happen there and it is where missing people would be traced.

Annual Star 5 may represent anything related to construction – made out of brick, cement – and it may bode a prominent and publically accessible building, an oil platform if accompanied by Star 9, or it may be good for a bridge, a tunnel or a boulder.

Of course there will be no way around news to concern of water related events in the broadest sense, more specifically involving rather major cruise ship and ferry accidents, events involving (nuclear powered) submarines, navy vessels, news related to the navy, piracy, harbors, fishing industry, as well as other nautical events.

We will also see underwater volcanos and seaquakes – more so if Star 1 and Star 8 meet in Luoshu – as well as major constructions involving water.

Water may come in the news predominantly as a political issue. We will encounter both positive and negative news surrounding anything nuclear, such as treaties to concern of nuclear industry (also those concerning chemical and biological warfare, toxics), nuclear threats, news involving nuclear reactors, attack on such reactor, nuclear accidents.

As said, we may see news to involve ditches, and in this sense we can expect spillings of nuclear waste and the like into water or dump sites.

Annual Star 4 events
One of Stars most prominently in the news and perhaps easiest to follow in your news gathering, will be annual Star 4 in the 8 Earth Palace. Now, any Star coming under influence of the 8 Earth Palace may go through major transformation, significant change. It is for a reason that we call this the Palace for ‘revolution and change’.

Star 4 covers a wide range of attributes and properties, among which would be anything having to do with aeronautics, the aviation industry, airplanes, projectiles, missiles, but also young children in the age range 0-12, world trade, transportation, fashion, music and art in general, broadcasting, the written word in general including any document (no matter printed or online) such as contract, insurance, ticket, passport, books, scripture, parcels, conventional mail and even email.

Flying Star Feng Shui timely and untimely Stars - Heluo HillTherefore, expect major news to come from NASA. Such news may not only involve funding (find Star 7 for finances opposite in the 2 Earth Palace), but rather major astronomical revelations to concern of the universe itself, thus involving our planet, or pertaining to life.

World trade may pull in much attention, as well as transportation, or issues to concern of free trade. We may anticipate major developments with regard to the internet and information technology.

Star 4 will be governed by the Xun Wind Trigram and may be associated with wind and anything being carried by wind, turbulence, funneling, excitement of air.

By extension, Star 4 becomes anything airborne, in the sense that it denotes anything to ‘fly’ from point a to point b. This can be an airplane, a missile, it can be a written message.

Because the Xun Wind Trigram for Star 4 denotes airplanes and Star 8 associates with mountain (or a building), we may see plane crashes into mountainous areas.

But again here, as much as we will find Star 4 for airplane to appear in the 8 Earth Palace, if for a month Star 4 arrives the 1 Water Luoshu Palace, planes tend to crash into the sea, so we will always check daily and monthly Luoshu and check the belonging Luoshu for other indicators that may be telling for the event, such as what had caused for such accident.

So, expect pilots in the news, as well as young school children up to the age or 12, major developments and mergers in the field of aeronautics, developments in the mail industry, fashion and world trade.

Flying Star Feng Shui and 9 Star Ki annual Star 2 and monthly Star 2 - Heluo HillStar 2 depicts any “homogeneous group to rely on centralized provision”, such as with a shared organization or kitchen, while it can be a group assembled just for the occasion, such as a mob. One such group may be inmates.

The media would be reporting their fair share of events involving prisoners. Since annual Star 1 will be still there to resonate, events will be concerning its properties, such as drowning and contamination.

Because we here focus on Star 2 for inmates, we locate annual Star 2 in the 6 Metal Palace. The 6 Metal Palace may be associated with labor strikes and we can then extend this to hunger strike. We may see food2 poisoning2 and hunger2 strike6, likely involving inmates2 in a penitentiary facility, or – we have seen this – their lawyers to go on hunger strike even.

Star 6 also denotes ‘sudden stop’, armed assault, a gun, a bullet, battering, so if for a 5 Earth month we see monthly Star 6 to arrive at the 6 Metal Palace to meet with annual Star 2, we may expect prison uproar and killings, presumably by gun6. Of course, we will note other such Star 2 associations as they would appear in the news, such as schools, hospitals, labor mines and zoos.

If to concern of annual Star 2 in the 6 Metal Palace you forget ‘inmates’ and just focus on Star 2 there, this could be hunger strike of refugees, immigrants, or others having been ‘set aside’ from society or their usual compound and in need of support.

We will not forget that Star 2 denotes students and teachers, while we will be seeing our fair share of school shootings because annual Star 2 resides in the 6 Metal Palace for gun and armed assault.

Once more connecting the 6 Metal Palace to labor strike, this time you will be noting uproar, uprisings and protest of students, educators, medical personnel, all provisionary professions such as the civil service also.

Then, if we factor in annual Star 9 in the 4 Wood Palace – thereby saying that Star 9 in the 4 Wood Palace denotes a wooden church – we see how annual Star 2 in the 6 Metal Palace ‘moves away’ from annual Star 9 in the 4 Wood Palace and we extend this into any religious event such as church poisoning or a religious sect in the news.

Star 2 depicts females, so with Star 2 in the 6 Metal Palace for the year, we will see major breakthrough of sorts involving women, the female workforce or women’s rights. We know how the 6 Metal Palace is also a great time for being elected, so we may see a woman or a 2 Earth person come into power.

9 Star Ki and Flying Star Feng Shui Reversed Luoshu Axis - Heluo HillType of news – again – would be pending accompanying Stars, but more specifically in June, any offense would be of a sexual order and related to religion now that monthly Star 9 arrives the 1 Water Palace, as also, Star 9 instigates the monthly Reversed Luoshu Axis. News would come to concern of priests and other religious workers, also involving churches, cathedrals as we will be seeing events such as attacks on religious premises. You will not be surprised to find major papal announcements or other publications coming from the Vatican.

Star 1 year – monthly events forecasting

February and November

Please note that Luoshu for the month of February is identical to Luoshu for November. The year starts out as an 8 Earth month, so we commit Star 8 for the month to the central Luoshu Palace to meet annual Star 1.

9 Star Ki and Flying Star Feng Shui 8 Earth month square - Heluo HillWe say that, by the Host-Guest principle, annual Stars will be Host, monthly Stars will be Guest, so that, between the two, the monthly Star would be comparably the more active player, the initiator, as the month Star goes out to make an appeal on the annual Star, to impose events onto the annual Star that is a bit more stationary.

If we involve Luoshu Trend, the basic outlook is that for the month, annual Star 1 is being visited by monthly Star 8.

You will see events to evolve in the news that closely relate to this 1-8 combination.

As we shared Star 1 attributes above, here are some of the attributes for Star 8:

Built structures (just buildings by and large), real estate, property. Revolution, decisive changes. Events coming to a climax, matters taken to closure (e.g. labor strikes, protests, negotiations). Ethnicity and minority (territorial) related events. Hostile raids, looting, rioting, rather massive public uproar. Earthquake. Mountain, mountainous area, mountain house, mountain animals, hills, elevated grounds. Cemetery, burial place. Unhidered passageway, open gate, corridor. Ocean crust, earth crust, volcano. Sudden stillness. Digestive system, stomach, Spleen, Pancreas, more predominantly, nose, small bones, fingers, toes.

Clarification: Star 8 for ‘open gate’

Yi Jing Divination Gen Gua Mountain Hexagram and Trigram attributes - Heluo HillWhere we take Star 8 to ‘open gate’, you must be able to then note it in the news, if an event came to concern of a swimming pool incident, for example as we had once seen in case of a drowning, where a child got into the water in shallow depth, then was found in deep depth.

Star 8 may be taken to denote buildings by and large, while you may note that type of building will be then further flavored by the accompanying Star or Luoshu Palace, such as 8-2 for a hospital, a school building or university, a penitentiary institution, 8-3 for a railway station or subway, 8-4 for an airfield, post-office or library (archives, documents), 8-6 for a military facility and so on.

We may have a seaquake1+8, but we would then more or less expect Star 3 for Zhen Thunder Trigram to involve just the same. If then we zoom in on the East-West Luoshu axis, annual Star 8 and annual Star 3 appear from opposite one another. Star 3 Wood associates with trembling and loud noise, and it has the capacity to pierce.

We note annual and monthly Star 9 into opposite position, so that Star 9 may be much telling for the news that we may see this month. If we take Star 9 to denote a blaze, we may expect fires to concern of such Star 2 groups and communities as hospitals, schools, student flats, farms, small food shops, labor mines, prisons.

We note monthly Star 4 for airplanes in the 1 Water Luoshu Palace. This would be suggestive for an airplane4 having crashed into the sea1. Monthly Star 4 is here Guest Star to annual Star 6, while also note the opposite Stars in the 9 Fire Luoshu Palace, annual Star 5 and monthly Star 3. This could be in your news media: “an airplane4 after it exploded6 crashed5 into the sea1, the crash to have been caused by electrical3 malfunction”.

Now, if Star 1 was involved, this would indicate an event due to leakage of sorts and the explosion would have been caused by that.

If then we move to the 8 Earth Palace to further see ‘how Star 4 for airplane is doing’ there, we may find more detail as to what might have caused the electrical problem and we find monthly Star 2 for the act of fueling, provision, supplies. There would have been a problem in electrical3 supplies2, due also perhaps to a rupture7 if we were to factor in annual Star 7 in the 2 Earth Luoshu Palace into opposite position.

Other 9 Star Ki events this month
5-3 Police3 raid onto motorcycle gang5, armed faction5.
6-4 Missile4 silo6, missile storage, artillery facility.
9-7 Demolished7 lighthouse9, chimney, incinerator.
8-6 Armed assault6 onto a building8.

March and December

9 Star Ki and Flying Star Feng Shui month square December - Heluo HillIf you follow news events, you would probably zoom in first on the central Stars to check on overall Luoshu Trend for that time, then noting monthly Star 7 to visit annual Star 1.

We have seen how already by itself, Star 1 can be a burglar. If accompanied by Star 7 it may find its accomplice. Now come to mind violations and intrusions. Star 7 is good for stabbing, cuts, injection, operation, dental work, and such weapons as knives, swords, saw. Star 7 also translates to ‘mouth’ and singer.

The central Palace may be taken to denote a compound, if it means that the Star in the central Palace hints towards type of building. Because of central Star 1, such compound can be a swimming pool, a religious compound, a museum largely for paintings, a brothel, ship industry, beverage factory, a grave yard, a mental institution. We may see rather brutal robbery or break-in, especially with this Luoshu in effect and weapons (predominantly knives, swords) involved, desecration of graves.

Because this observation comes before the fact, we may still at this point not know which other Stars to involve and focus on – as also for example, the day Stars will migrate through Luoshu perpetually – but it is your first indication as to what type of news to expect if you follow the media.

We could be for example looking at Star 3 for invention. If Star 3 then meets either Star 8 or Star 5, you can imagine this now becomes a university. Such attack, therefore, may be on a university if you factor in Star 8 and Star 5 in the 3 Wood Palace and opposite Stars in the 7 Metal Palace.

Other 9 Star Ki events to note this month
7-4 Navy vessel, aircraft carrier.
6-3 Police3 undercover1, police scandal, drugs related or sexual.
4-1 Religious1 (papal) written4 announcement, NASA.
4-1 Typhoon, hurricane, Ferris wheel, elevator, escalator.
2-8 School/prison8-2 shooting6 (mind opposite monthly Star 6).

April and January of the following year

9 Star Ki and Flying Star Feng Shui month square April - Heluo HillMonth Star 6 visits annual Star 1 in the central Palace. We know how Star 6 may depict professional industry, so the news could bend towards engineering events, corporate mergers or leadership.

However, Star 6 may bode armed assault or explosion, so we may read further into this and see ‘how Star 6 is doing’ in the 1 Water Palace to find that it appears from opposite 5 Yellow in the 9 Fire Palace. Now we may be reading about a labor mine2 explosion6, due to armed assault6 or just a labor mine2 accident5 due to flooding1.

Monthly Star 5 to meet annual Star 9 in the 4 Wood Palace may bode oil industry, fuel stations, oil pipelines. Annual Star 2 opposite in the 6 Metal Palace would then suggest trouble in provision of energy.

Star 9 can also represent a church or religious compound. Again, any event brought to account of a Star combination in a certain Luoshu Palace could just as easily also occur with the same combination of Stars elsewhere in Luoshu, however with slightly different outcome because other (opposite) Stars and Palaces involved. Also the day number in Nine Star Ki may have an impact.

Other 9 Star Ki relevant news this month
1-6 Pipe line, also note Stars on the North-South axis.
2-7 Surface we rely on for protection2 (dam, balcony) demolished7.
2-7 Stabbing7 among inmates2 (or in hospital, school, zoo).
3-8 Major earthquake.
4-9 Volcano8-9 outburst, possibly hindering air4 traffic.


9 Star Ki and Flying Star Feng Shui month square May - Heluo HillHere would be a typical Luoshu to instigate Star 2 related events. Annual Star 2 in the 6 Metal Palace denotes homogeneous groups relying on centralized support or provision, such as hospitals, schools, students, refugees,inmates, ship crew, even zoo.

With monthly Star 6 to visit annual Star 2 we may expect student uproar, but also events related to labor mines2, events involving prisoners2. It may be a school2 assault6 as we shall have to see how exactly the news will evolve around the 2-6 combo.

The clustering of Earth Stars on the Northeast-Southwest Luoshu axis may further suggest earthquakes, presumably in mountainous8 area and damaging cities and affecting large populations2.

If we focus on the North-South axis to reflect on central 1-5, the 6-1 in the 1 Water Palace and the 5-9 in the 9 Fire Palace, these Stars taken together could promote the image of events involving toxic waste or nuclear events.

We already hinted towards major developments in the aeronautics industry, news involving NASA, airplanes, pilots. We say so because annual Star 4 resides in the 8 Earth Palace for ‘revolution and change’. Now that we find monthly Star 8 to visit annual Star 4, we would likely see such developments to occur this month.

Because Star 5 depicts an army or occupation forces and with Star 5 to reside at the central Palace for the month, this month’s Luoshu may read ‘army in the streets’, which will be telling for army or uniformed personnel occupying the street for whatever reason, be that to control a mob or handle flooding. Star 5 also denotes coup d’etat, curfew, ousting of leadership.

Other 9 Star Ki relevant events this month
3-7 Sword or knife7 incident to concern of police3 or train3.
5-9 Excavation9 or discovery of (new) species5.
8-3 Massive earthquake8-3, police3 raid on building8.
2-6 Assault6, elementary school2 (opposite Star 4 for children).


9 Star Ki and Flying Star Feng Shui month square June - Heluo HillJune will be a 4 Wood month. We already said that the Stars in the central Luoshu Palace can be in principle taken as to depict a.o. a building of sorts, presumably a public building.

With annual Star 1 in the central Palace, we projected a swimming pool. We saw that one of Star 4’s associations would be children up to around the age of 12, so we will clearly find news to concern of this group.

Already true for the entire year, we will note an increased number of drownings this month, actually not just in swimming pools and involving children, but if you read deeper into your local news, in Water related places by and large – including ditches, depths, sewers – and people for one reason or another to end up in ditches quite weirdly so.

This is then also once more, why you would still follow world news, but preferably you’ll stay close to local news (from everywhere), since certain incidences would not be covered by global networks.

Of course there will be child abductions with all imaginable Luoshu configurations – always pending personal Star of the abductee and that of the abductor also -, but it becomes clear already from this Luoshu how children as a group would be most vulnerable for the duration of this Luoshu. Of course we do not dismiss any of the other 4 Wood associations, such as events surrounding an airfield4 or a post-office4.

Would Star 1 be already associated with a plunge or a fall, when it combines with Star 4 for ‘Wind’ or turbulence and excitement of air, we expect events or accidents involving elevators, escalators, ski lift, ferris wheel.

Another notable 1-4 event is in typhoons and cyclones. To this respect, the 1-4 combination can occur in the central Luoshu Palace, anywhere else in Luoshu, or with Star 1 and Star 4 to appear into opposite position in Luoshu.

Predominantly in the news this month, will be events involving monthly Star 9 in the 1 Water Palace, which would hint towards oil spills or contaminations of sorts involving cattle and birds.

If then we take the 1 Water Luoshu Palace as H2O or ‘underwater’, the Star combination 6-9 may bode an oil pipeline.

Monthly Star 9 arriving the 1 Water Palace – and already expecting any religious scandal to happen for the year -, may instigate events involving sexual abuse.

Where we established infections, influenza or comparable events such as Mad Cow disease, Legionnaire’s disease or Avian flu to occur for the entire year, we may see tremendous occurrence this month. If then also you note monthly Star 5 in the 6 Metal Palace to meet annual Star 2 there, you may anticipate outbreaks in populated areas such as hospitals, prisons, hotels, farms and zoos.

Other 9 Ki events this month
1-4 Dolphins, whales (Star 4 for ‘ability to breathe’).
2-5 Zoo2, zoo animal.
3-6 Car6 to bounce into a tree3, or collide with a train3.
3-6 Assault6, on police3.


9 Star Ki and Flying Star Feng Shui month square July - Heluo HillMonthly Star 3, if taken for Luoshu Trend, may bode ‘police in the street’. Now that Star 1 associates with stealthiness and camouflage, we may see someone dressed up as a police-officer, or for police to go undercover.

Monthly Star 4 arriving the 6 Metal Palace, this would indicate pilots on strike. We know that Star 4 covers anything airborne, either tangible or intangible and Star 4 would therefore be indicative of anything ‘flying’ from point A to point B, even email.

So, we may expect events both to relate to aeronautics (aviation) and events concerning documents, while not forgetting to note news involving missiles4.

If you see missiles involved, there will be populated area also, since Star 4 goes to meet Star 2, while also, monthly Star 4 appears from opposite monthly Star 2, which may be hinting also to people being displaced, refugees, if only even temporarily.

If you note monthly Star 8 in the 1 Water Luoshu Palace, you may expect events to concern of buildings8 and collapse of buildings8<>7. It then we side-step to look ‘how otherwise Star 8 for buildings is doing’ elsewhere in this Luoshu, we note annual Star 8 as Host Star in the 3 Wood Luoshu Palace, with monthly Star 1 as Guest Star.

In this Luoshu, Star 8 appears from opposite Star 5 twice. We conclude that events involving Star 1 and Star 8 would be likely, such as seaquakes, underground water or voids causing buildings to collapse and people being evacuated as a result.

Other typical 9 Ki events
1-3 Police scandal, drugs or sexual related.
1-3 Massive train3 (or subway) accident.
5-7 Excavation of utensils7, sailing vessel7.
6-8 Seaquake.


9 Star Ki and Flying Star Feng Shui month square August - Heluo HillNote monthly Reversed Luoshu Axis on the Northeast-Southwest axis. We think this may come out to be an eventful month as monthly Star 5 in the 8 Earth Luoshu Palace reads ‘shift in power’ as it will ‘displace’ monthly Star 8 and send it into the 2 Earth Palace.

That, together with annual Star 5 and monthly Star 6 to meet in the 9 Fire Palace would not bode much good and any armed conflict would be a ground war due to monthly Star 2 in the center. One of Star 5’s portents can be coup d’etat, curfew or ousting of leadership.

We could note monthly Star 7 to plunge into the 1 Water Palace and find it from opposite annual Star 5 in the 9 Fire Palace, while also two 6’s involved on same Luoshu axis.

We may anticipate fall1 of financial7 markets and mishap surrounding international corporations6 and their CEO’s6.

Besides Stars 1 and Star 2 at the central Palace, we notice another 1-2 relation on the Southeast-Northwest Luoshu axis. This could of course indicate numerous events, but the most likely would be events surrounding the educational2 field and their buildings such as schools and universities, hospitals, labor mines, news concerning agricultural field and farmers, prisoners and other Star 2 related events.

Another thing to spring off this Luoshu would be events surrounding an island1 and its population2 as well as poisoning due to central Star 2.

Also note
2-3 Police3 to clash with a mob2.
2-3 Dam2 break, labor strike railway3 industry.


9 Star Ki and Flying Star Feng Shui month square September - Heluo HillAs we projected trouble in the financial market and corporations for August, we here note double 6 in the 1 Water Palace, to appear from opposite Star 5 twice, so we only find confirmation for this.

If we translate Star 5 into armed conflict – presumably also ethnic uproar – and if we mirror this against Star 6 for explosions and armed assault, we do not enjoy the South-North axis Star configuration this month.

Also, any armed conflict that would have started in August, would here intensify, but shifting from ground battle to involving aircraft4 and navy1 vessels7.

Annual- and monthly Star 8 opposite annual- and monthly Star 3, would indicate confrontation between protesters and police force.

Out of all months this year, this month will be one of the best – if not most splendid – months to train yourself in the art of 9 Stars and Luoshu analysis, as you will be noting Star 4 related events predominantly in the news, while there will be no way around Star 2 related news, be that to concern of schools, teachers or students, women, the medical field, refugees, prisoners, labor mines and zoos.

Other 9 Ki events to note
8-8 Massive earthquake (opposite Star 3).
6-6 Car6 to plunge into depth1, ravine, river.


9 Star Ki and Flying Star Feng Shui month square October - Heluo HillSupposing we’d have actually seen the armed conflict forecasted for last month of September, would we then expect for such conflict to have been resolved same month?

On the contrary, while still the double 5 to appear in 9 Fire Luoshu Palace last month could have instigated any other event than just armed conflict, if at all September would have caused for armed conflict, this will be clearly transmitted to this month.

This is because monthly Star 5 arrives the 1 Water Luoshu Palace to meet with annual Star 6, which appears from opposite monthly Star 4 in the 9 Fire Palace.

Looking at the North-South Luoshu axis, the Stars there would easily translate to shelling with missiles4.

If we note one 5 into the the Li Palace, another 5 into the Kan Palace, this could be hinting towards an army splitting itself into divisions to continue tensions but from different geographies or from out of different directions, or it may indicate how any party having come under attack in September, will be striking back this month.

With all other imaginable news of course still happening in your media, we believe that – as seen from the perspective of 9 Stars – this month you would best concentrate on the North-South Luoshu axis to see more profound 9 Star relevance.

Other 9 Ki events in the news
8-9 Oil9 platform8.
8-7 Stabbing7 in a building, presumably school8<>2.
8-7 Financial7 debacle, presumably in real estate8.
2-1 Mud slide or land slide.

Personal forecasting for a 1 Water year

You may read about do’s & don’ts to concern of your first Star for year of birth and your second Star for month of birth (if your third Star is not your day Ki Star of birth, you will not involve it in your 9 Ki divination).

A preliminary note on annual Reversed Luoshu Axis
Do note that annual Star 3 instigates the annual Reversed Luoshu Axis (series in 6 parts), as it appears from opposite its original Luoshu Palace.

We say that annual Star 3 will have its Trigram attributes ‘magnetically off’, while attributes to concern of annual Star 8 will be ‘going nowhere’ because Star 8 appears from opposite annual Star 3.

This would then affect Star 3 and Star 8 natives for the year, while it may affect your Star if your Star visits the 7 Metal Palace or the 3 Wood Palace for a month or day.

1 Water

9 Star Ki annual predictions 1 Water people - Heluo HillStar 1 natives ‘sit’ in the central Luoshu Palace for the year. Before anything – and much against popular belief -, forever note that there is no central space in Luoshu to host 9 StarsIf you see a Star in the ‘central Palace’, this is to communicate that this Star will not appear into the magnetic directions. The central Star is to depict the current energy to descend from heaven.

Also, we don’t know whomever had first come up with the idea, but rather massively – and as it would seem everywhere – in the field of 9 Stars and Luoshu, we see the central Palace associated with your ‘Karma’, and comparable.

Saying, as if you’d be tapping into your ‘Karma’ once with your Star at the Luoshu ‘center’.

Such ludicrousness should be taken to an immediate halt, as this type of designations is to no concern, while it will take your reading 9 Stars and Luoshu no places.

What’s more, it would require your only staying with Luoshu for a couple of weeks to follow personal life progression, to see that there is no ground for such supposition, while then to think that certain adepts have been exclaiming this for decades.

If you are a Star 1 native, your Star will be not represented into any of the Luoshu directions for the year, which is to indicate that you may be susceptible to incoming events. This may give you the idea that there is little you can do, as things may seem to slip through your fingers.

Everything may go just wonderful for you, or you may feel undecided as to which course to take. Or, you’re in a room with 8 doors, but you can’t as of yet decide which one to pick.

Note that one year later, in the 9 Fire year, your Star will reside in the 6 Metal Luoshu Palace for ‘business expands’ and personal authority, but that, so as in order to reach this, you may have to do some juggling in the 1 Water year.

You may feel as if you are in your rowing boat, but you’re momentarily missing ‘North’, i.e. you’re not sure where you’re headed. “Am I really in the right career” you may be asking, while you may see prospects for a career change.

There seem to be just too many people giving you too much advise, too many opportunities that you could pick from.

Against popular believe, if your Star resides in the central Palace, this is in no way indication that you should ‘do nothing’, as if you couldn’t start a business or marry.

It’s just that you proceed with what you were doing, while you may reserve time out from your busy agenda to devote to yourself, spend more time in your home.

The year would be good for taking it easy, settle past affairs, be minding one’s finances, be ready for incoming challenge of sorts in May, be generally engaging in ample self-reflection, because – and even though not quite as evident as the 1 Water Luoshu Palace -, this may be as good a time as any for strategic planning.

By the time it is August or September, you’ll have done most of the work, and it will be all too clear what you’ll be doing next. As said, a year later with Star 1 in the 6 Metal Palace, it will be ‘business expands’, which is to just generally point to your being successful at what you’re doing, so this may also tell you that, best would you step into strategic planning towards the end of the 1 Water year, so as to be ready and ‘in the saddle’ in the 9 Fire year.

Mind reproductive organs, Kidney, blood, ears, joints.

2 Earth

9 Star Ki annual predictions 2 Earth people - Heluo HillStar 2 will meet the 6 Metal Palace. The ambivalence experienced last year will be in the past. This year, Star 2 may engage in forward progressive movement and be successful. It is not important if Star 2 is a student, employed or in his own business, as prospects to concern of establishing one’s position will be most favorable.

The 6 Metal Palace is deemed ‘business expands’ for a reason. Star 6 comes under forces of centripetality, so it is rather Yang and at a swirling inward motion, which will only add autonomy and authority, resolve and strategic abilities to one’s Star.

Where usually Star 2 may be rather more supportive, here Star 2 can really engage in developing leadership activities, management skills, start a business, get into strategic planning. There may be a promotion ahead.

To proportion that Star 2 may sense certain restraint in the 6 Metal Palace, this may be due more to the Palace than to their personality, as Star 6 is a workaholic, can be quite demanding on self and others, while usually Star 2 will be much more affable. However, Star 2 and Star 6 have great understanding between them.

Engineering thinking, strategic planning all come natural when in the 6 Metal Palace and people will express faith in your ideas and capacities almost as an automation, so again, it doesn’t matter whether you are a student, looking after the kids, or if you are self-employed.

You may ask for – and receive – people’s support, but remember that everything in 9 Ki is a two-way street, so that, in order to reap support, you may render your support to others.

Mind the respiratory system, Lung, Large Intestines, skull, bones, being overloaded with work and responsibilities.

3 Wood

9 Star Ki annual predictions 3 Wood people - Heluo HillSince annual Star 3 will be in the 7 Metal Palace for the year, it appears from opposite its original Luoshu Palace, so that Star 3 instigates the annual Reversed Luoshu Axis.

We say that, Star 3 will have its Trigram attributes ‘magnetically off’.

This aspect is an important one in 9 Star Ki, as Reversed Luoshu Axis may give a feeling as if everything is slipping through your fingers, and against all odds, such as things may fail at first attempt, while you must not be intimidated, as any second attempt may still reap success.

Last year, Star 3 was in the 6 Metal Palace, which has a dense energy to it, much different from the otherwise outward bound energy of Star 3 natives. Metal is strategic planning and in engineering thinking, whereas Star 3 would usually be more impulsive, extroverted, sociable and creative. Yet, with Star 3 in the 6 Metal Palace last year, he would have seen his career boost and much of this may then extend into this year and taken into further development.

If Star 3 understands that he resides opposite his own original Luoshu Palace and makes sure to keep his promises, while also keep to logical thinking, all will be fine with regard to reputation and projects.

This is because the 7 Metal Palace can be good on credibility, to (re)establish one’s name, so Star 3 can go ahead and excite others for their plans.

Be extra mindful to concern of investments, be they financial investments or lending out money to others, as part of the investment may not be used on what it was intended for, or the money that you lended out may never return.

It is a good time to be organizing major events and for presentations either as a teacher or a consultant. It will be a good year for management and long term decision making.

In mind the Reversed Luoshu Axis, be mindful of your decision making and not be speculative with regard to housing or property, which is because Star 3 appears from opposite annual Star 8 for ‘building’.

Mind Lung, Large Intestine, mouth, throat, teeth, upper jaw, sexual disorder.

4 Wood

9 Star Ki annual predictions 4 Wood people - Heluo HillStar 4 will meet the ‘revolution and change’ associated with the 8 Earth Palace, which may inspire us to ask Star 4 to slow down a bit and to see what the 8 Earth Palace has in store, then decide accordingly. Star 4 may see transformation deep into the self this year. You may be looking at your marriage, your career, diet, your belief system, even your religious outlook.

Since we know that the 8 Earth Palace really helps to burn old bridges, it is a splendid time to be looking at what we had established thus far, both privately and professionally, as moreover, we contemplate some of the existential truths that we may have adhered to.

If our Star is in the 8 Earth Palace, it may not be so much a matter of what we wish to change, but how Qi wants us to change. Notable changes may come to concern of what you had taken for granted, such as the relationship you are in, your career, the place you live, your health, diet and personality.

Of course you must trust the Yi 易 and be allowing the Palace to bring you the experience and devote time out of your usual agenda, to allow for such changes.

Mind digestive system, small bones such as fingers, toes and nose.

5 Earth

9 Star Ki annual predictions 4 Wood people - Heluo HillLast year, Star 5 natives would have experienced the rather drastic transformation usually associated with the 8 Earth Palace.

You may have changed residence, you may have seen significant changes in career, relationships or how you perceive yourself, others or existence.

The 9 Fire Luoshu Palace strongly associates with exposure, so you may take advantage. This time is favorable as you take your endeavors publically, be minding your networking and as you connect to a wider audience. You’ll be noticed.

It is a good time to be extroverted and to be actively connecting to others, society, as in fact, you may be quite proactive to this respect. If you want to present your work, this is the time to do it, because it will be readily noted by the public.

Mind Heart, circulatory system, Small Intestine, tongue, eyes.

6 Metal

9 Star Ki annual predictions 6 Metal people - Heluo HillFor decades, we have seen persistent claims as if comparatively “out of all 9 Stars, Star 9 will be worst off if it lands in the 1 Water Luoshu Palace”. This is presumably because Star 9 associates with ‘Fire’, Star 1 with ‘Water’, and so ‘Water controls Fire’. Such presumptions could only come from an untimely but eternally persistent contraction between 9 Stars and Wuxing.

As Wuxing Five Elements will have ‘function’ for other purpose – and by itself couldn’t be dismissed -, there is no such thing as Wuxing having a hand in 9 Stars affairs, as 9 Stars govern events just on their own and without outside assistance.

As you stay close to 9 Ki for real events, it would take your screening just a couple of events to see pretty much immediately, that real events do not keep to Wuxing or to Wuxing cycles, such as where it is said that ‘supporting cycle is favorable’ or ‘controlling cycle is unbeneficial’, just as you will see that a red car may plunge into a ravine with Star 6 in the 1 Water Palace, or a blue car, or a warm car or a cold car, or a car with a domed roof or a car with no roof at all.

If at all we would need step into such designations as which Star may be ‘worst off in the 1 Water Palace’, then – out of all 9 Stars -, we would pick Star 6.

It is hard to digest certain exclamations, certainly if – again – we know that it would have taken the messenger to read into Luoshu for real events for a very limited time only, to already prove differently.

Still in mind always, that the 1 Water Luoshu Palace can bring marvelous events just the same, we have also seen how this Palace may invite loss of sorts, such loss strongly related to the then opposite Star in the 9 Fire Palace and pending of course personal health outlook, proportion and context.

Annual Star 5 sits in opposite position in the 9 Fire Palace.

Some 6 Metal natives are so stable that they seem to be not affected, but insofar they find that misfortune associates with previous 1 Water years, this year they should be actually mindful and take ample time out from their busy schedule.

The year may come with hidrance, setback, challenges and obstruction, and the loss to associate with those, may be grave, due not only to the Kan Palace, but due as said to annual Star 5 into opposite position.

It can be not just only a time for retreat, but for ample surrender, as it seems there is little that our Star 6 native can do to ward off all the incoming challenges.

If annual Star 5 in the 9 Fire Palace taken for a community, chances are that Star 6 may find himself cast out by his usual environment.

Likely, Star 6 may need to give up spouse and homestead or a long endured study or career may be discontinued. It’s best to keep a low profile.

Try not to be active during night time and sleep early, stay away from notable bodies of water, mind the Kidney and reproductive organs. A good idea would be to drink sufficient amounts of water so as to keep the physiology going.

7 Metal

9 Star Ki annual predictions 7 Metal people - Heluo HillAfter having spent time in the 1 Water Palace last year, here Star 7 arrives the 2 Earth Luoshu Palace.

Last year may have come with certain challenge and Star 7 may enjoy the easier time usually provided by 2 Earth.

Star 7 may join a community or connect with new associates and this will be much supportive to Star 7. It is possible that in order to reach such community, Star 7 would have to move away from the homestead.

There will be multiple traveling, both short trips inside the country as supposedly a foreign trip and Star 7 will be taking up new interests and a study that will stay with him for a long time, perhaps later having professional consequences.

The year – especially the part before the June Solstice – may be used to wash off all negative experiences that were reaped last year, so Star 7 should be really taking time out to visit family and spending time with friends.

Take on a new study, or take a dive into your reference books, as next year, with your Star in the 3 Wood Palace, you’ll step into ‘new beginnings’.

This means that, the 2 Earth Palace is good to save up energy, save money and make plans for future endeavors.

Star 7 should make sure to be rested, improve his skills, so really be delving into subjects of interest.

It is a time to be minding diet and food intake a little extra, sleep well, and take good care of the digestive system, abdomen.

8 Earth

9 Star Ki annual predictions 8 Earth people - Heluo HillOutside annual Star 8 resides in the 3 Wood Luoshu Palace for the year, as a Star 8 native you’ll be minding the notion of ‘annual Reversed Luoshu Axis’. The 3 Wood Palace reads ‘new beginnings in an existing activity’ and it is often a successful time. It is a time to be sociable, a bit impulsive and extroverted.

Everything that Star 8 engages in, seems fresh.

Usually, our pretty much stable and conservative Star 8 native may take longer to ponder and to decide on action, but we must here invite Star 8 into trusting his – and act upon – impulses and to go with the flow.

There may be a job opportunity this year, or a positive twist to your business if you are self-employed.

It may be busy times, and because of this, Star 8 would be minding the nervous system. Also mind Liver, Gallbladder, muscle, leg.

9 Fire

9 Star Ki annual predictions 9 Fire people - Heluo HillAfter last year’s new beginnings, with initiatives and opportunities cast upon Star 9 by the lively 3 Wood Palace, Star 9 will experience further growth from the ‘steady progress’ associated with the 4 Wood Palace.

Whether last year’s new beginnings had involved a study or a change in career, 9 Fire people can safely build on last year’s activities.

That is, for as long as they understand that much of the progressive forces provided by 3 Wood will have meanwhile eased down by the much more soothing 4 Wood Palace. This means, whatever 9 Fire engages in, any activity would yet need nourishment and support.

It is a good time for socializing, both privately and professionally, while the Luoshu Palace is favorable on marketing and sales.

Star 4 Wood denotes documents – such as contracts -, so this is a splendid time for writing, to be minding your files, promotional materials, including your website.

Now that 9 Fire finds itself in the 4 Wood Palace for a.o. aviation, you may travel greater distances or you may go on a foreign trip.

Because annual Star 2 appears from opposite position in the 6 Metal Palace, any such traveling may be to concern of Star 2 portents, such as studies, which would imply that Star 9 natives engage in either active teaching or as they may take up on studies.

Mind the respiratory ability, chest infections, allergies, thigh.

Personal forecasting for a 1 Water year – February and March

We will run all 9 Stars through the months of February and March, thereby also covering November and December.

February and November

1 Water

9 Star Ki and Flying Star Feng Shui 8 Earth month square Star 1 Water - Heluo HillStar 1 will move to the central Palace for the year, where it sits in company of monthly Star 8 in February, while we also note how by itself Star 1 will visit the 7 Metal Palace for the month. By way of Guest Star 8 at the central Palace, a situation may be imposed on our 1 Water native by which he will feel forced to make an important decision. Note annual Star 3 Wood as it appears opposite its original Palace, by that perhaps reaping opposite result from what one had set out to accomplish.

Therefore, since Star 1 moves into the 7 Metal Palace for the month, thereby finding annual Star 8 and monthly Star 6 into opposite direction, we think that events would come to concern of professional career6 and a building8, possibly Star 1 to traveling to concern of his work. Star 1 may find himself fragile or ‘jailed’ at home, fairly hard to sustain momentum in career and usual schedule. This may not be a good month financially, as money may be slow and credit weak.

2 Earth

9 Star Ki and Flying Star Feng Shui 8 Earth month square Star 2 Earth - Heluo Hill

Star 2 Earth will reside in the 6 Metal Luoshu Palace for the year, where it is being visited by Star 9 Fire for the month of February, then also November.

We further note how, for these months, Star 2 Earth itself will visit annual Star 4 Wood in the 8 Earth Luoshu Palace, while we will of course note opposite annual- and monthly Stars and Palaces involved in this image.

The 6 Metal Palace suggests authority and success this month. It is not just a good month to gather one’s resources, but also to fairly smoothly transform these into projects.

Star 2 must be prepared to invest or lose money. This is due to Star 2 to appear from opposite Star 7 for finances twice, once by its position in the annual chart, another time by monthly chart, by this ‘moving away from Star 7’.

We know that this month may come with a decision and possible relocation. This not due only to monthly Star 2 in the 8 Earth Palace for ‘revolution and change’, but if we look at the Star 2 Birth Chart, Birth Star 5 will locate in the 8 Earth Palace too, by that appearing opposite Birth Chart 8 Earth.

Association with annual Star 4 then suggests a contract, the 8 Earth Palace a property of sorts, so we may see Star 2 buy, sell or inherit property and spending nights elsewhere.

We now have to weigh between events suggested by the 6 Metal Palace and the 8 Earth Palace and suggest that this month can be rather successful for Star 2 for as long as we keep to a certain readiness towards possible stagnation or setback, due to Star 5 looking over our shoulder, one time due to Star 5 to appear from opposite Star 2 for the month, another time because Birth Chart for Star 2 carries Birth Star 5 to the 8 Earth Palace. Any relocation can be due to career, but in that case we expect this to come with certain decline in income.

3 Wood

9 Star Ki and Flying Star Feng Shui 8 Earth month square Star 3 Wood - Heluo HillWe have already noted that by Star 3’s annual Luoshu position, Star 3 appears from opposite its original Luoshu Palace.

Furthermore if we pull the Birth chart for Star 3, we will have Birth Star 5 in the 7 Metal Palace also.

Star 3 natives may best exercise restraint to concern of hasty decisions.

If necessary,  postpone any decisions altogether this month, due not only to Star 1 moving in for the month, but also monthly Star 3 arriving at the 9 Fire Palace to meet with annual Star 5.

Besides annual Star 3 sits on the annual Reversed Luoshu Axis, thereby rendering Star 8 type associations ‘going nowhere’ – and besides we would project this onto news events -, we keep an eye out on such Reversed Luoshu Axis at all times for personal progression.

By occurrence of annual Reversed Luoshu Axis, we see Star 3 ‘move away’ from both annual Star 8 and monthly Star 6, by this suggesting events to come to concern of professional career6 as well as a building8.

As we involve Star 3 in the 9 Fire Palace for the month and as it meets up with annual Star 5 there, we would furthermore see Star 3 to engage in some sort of presentation, however by that possibly headed into a stagnant situation, likely to concern of unfavorable exposure, while once more here, the Birth Chart for Star 3 suggests how Star 3 will be moving away from Birth Star 8.

We may be expecting compromised or failing projects to concern of career and finances, so if Star 3 can at all postpone decisions or activities pertaining to such properties, we would suggest to do so.

Due to Birth Star 7 in the 9 Fire Palace in the Birth Chart for Star 3, Star 3 may be facing competition or bad mouthing, said differently, he may come under ‘exposure’.

It does not seem a good month to be dealing with finances, important decisions or any contracts, where it is a very good month to ‘think before act’, read the small print – especially when professional career, the own house or property is concerned -, take good care before publishing or presenting any own production, both privately and professionally and maintain benevolence.

4 Wood

9 Star Ki and Flying Star Feng Shui 8 Earth month square Star 4 Wood - Heluo HillBesides it occupies the 8 Earth Luoshu Palace for the year, this month Star 4 will arrive the 1 Water Luoshu Palace, so it seems a time for retreat rather than advance, more so now that we find Star 4 from opposite Star 5 twice, both to concern of annual- and monthly Luoshu. Star 4 may be dealing with both personal and career issues, and he may be in doubt of current engagements and how to proceed, likely hoping to enforce a change in course, but matters may seem so-so.

Where we say ‘revolution and change’ for the year, it becomes apparent by monthly Star 2 visiting our Star 4, how Star 4 needs to take up studies, and surround himself with appropriate documentation, although this may not be an easy task as monthly Star 5 in the 2 Earth Luoshu Palace may cause for hindrance, for example with regard to funding.

Nonetheless, we think that Star 4 should pursue this path, so as in order to better root endeavors on behalf of career. If Star 4 is self-employed, there may be a setback in the company, nothing to worry about, it is just rather a month to be minding in-house affairs, than it would be a time to go out and do presentations or to engage in serious business matters.

Just note any other properties of Stars visiting Star 4 and the opposite Stars, for example, monthly Star 2 visiting Star 4 in the 8 Earth Palace could be studies, it could be just as well mother, homestead or spouse. Star 4 may be caught up in family matters, by this alone he should be devoting time out of his usual agenda.

5 Earth

9 Star Ki and Flying Star Feng Shui 8 Earth month square Star 5 Earth - Heluo HillStar 5 will enjoy a fairly good month in the 9 Fire Palace. It is an enterprising time on the one hand, while monthly 5 is in the 2 Earth Palace, so that he may be called in by his family on the other hand.

Opportunities may involve contracts5<>4Even though Star 4 for contract resides in the 1 Water Luoshu Palace for the month, if Star 5 surrounds himself with the proper support, the right considerations, he can go ahead.

Chances are that Star 5 will find opportunities, also doing presentations, as also he may pick up on studies for self-improvement.

Also to concern of studies, these may be interrupted by family matters, as we see Star 5 visit the 2 Earth Luoshu Palace for the month, thereby ‘moving away’ from Star 2 that will reside in the 8 Earth Luoshu Palace for the month. It may be also pointing to possible hospitalization or time spent on health issues. Besides being actively connected to society and minding his usual schedule, it is good if Star 5 spends time with his friends.

6 Metal

9 Star Ki and Flying Star Feng Shui 8 Earth month square Star 6 Metal - Heluo HillAs Star 6 will reside in the 1 Water Palace for the year, it appears from opposite annual Star 5 in the 9 Fire Luoshu Palace and if we would translate this into problems of any kind, we would expect hindrance and stagnation be cast upon Star 6 to concern of a document4 this month.

Such can be a letter, a parcel or shipping document, a contract, or insurance and taxes.

It can be just an email, or a small written note from the spouse, but likely introducing an unpleasant message. If at all possible, Star 6 would be best responding from low profile, or try and postpone any response to next month, by doing so trying to lift matters past this monthly Luoshu.

There may be travels due to teaching, either passively or actively. If we superimpose the 6 Metal Birth Chart onto this annual and monthly Luoshu, we will find Birth Star 2 in the 1 Water Luoshu Palace, suggesting that for the year, 6 Metal people should be minding their relationships. Star 2 depicts spouse and homestead, so that is also why we just said that any negative message could be coming from the spouse.

7 Metal

9 Star Ki and Flying Star Feng Shui 8 Earth month square Star 7 Metal - Heluo HillStar 7 will be glad to have escaped the 1 Water Luoshu Palace that it was residing in last year. Star 7 can now go back to calmer pastures in the 2 Earth Luoshu Palace and clean the sword, build provisions and get ready for the new beginnings we may be projecting for the next year. As always, we will say that the 2 Earth Luoshu Palace will be coming with studies, but here we see Star 7 in company of monthly Star 5, by that then also finding monthly Star 2 (for such studies) opposite in the 8 Earth Luoshu Palace.

By this, and should Star 2 see any opportunity for studies this month, we would suggest to postpone this, or – if not possible – ‘read the small print’, in the sense that such step may come with stagnation or unexpected setback. Stagnation may come from family, more in particular the mother or daugther.

By looking at both the annual Star configuration and the 7 Metal Birth Chart, such setback may be involving Star 4, likely a written document, a contract.

8 Earth

9 Star Ki and Flying Star Feng Shui 8 Earth month square Star 8 Earth - Heluo HillWe have projected ‘new beginnings’ for Star 8 for the year, due to Star 8 to arrive in the 3 Wood Palace. We remember annual Reversed Luoshu Axis.

Here we also note Star 8 in the central Luoshu Palace for the month.

Star 8 can go ahead with the new enterprises of course, but from this we know that Star 8 should be still minding detail and planning.

One of the new impulses may be introduced by monthly Star 6 which will visit annual Star 8 in the 3 Wood Palace.

This could hint towards strong career progression, but we still note Star 8 in the central Luoshu Palace, while also it appear from opposite monthly Star 1 in the 7 Metal Luoshu Palace.

By moving into the central Luoshu Palace for the month, Star 8 will ‘remove’ itself from the directions. To begin with, ‘remove’ is of course a bit bluntly stated and certainly not factual, as by all means, if our Star arrives the central Luoshu Palace, we may and we should just proceed as we were going, even though things may seem a little ambivalent, but in a manner of speaking we may also say how something may be ‘keeping us in one place’.

Something may be keeping us inside the house, at contemplation, to be translated here as – just proceed ‘as goes’, while mind details and keep a readiness towards unexpected events.

9 Fire

9 Star Ki and Flying Star Feng Shui 8 Earth month square Star 9 Fire - Heluo HillBoth annual- and monthly Luoshu suggest that Star 9 natives can go ahead with just about any initiative this month and be harvesting success.

Annual Star 9 in the 4 Wood Palace may indicate a trip, presumably by airplane, but not quite this month, so we will instead involve monthly Star 7 for finances in the 4 Wood Palace and the opposite annual Star 2 for studies in the 6 Metal Luoshu Palace.

If a trip is still involved this month, this may be just a small move to concern of either Star 9 taking up studies, or perhaps his active lecturing, in which latter case this would reap income and be strongly adding to 9 Fire’s reputation and achievement.

Because annual Star 9 appears from opposite monthly Star 9, we believe that in itself, Star 9 would have to share any revenue with someone else.

March and December

Note that Luoshu for March and December will be identical.

1 Water

9 Star Ki and Flying Star Feng Shui 7 Metal month square Star 1 Water - Heluo HillNow with monthly Star 1 in the 8 Earth Luoshu Palace, we may expect events to revolve around annual Star 4 Wood there, to be further flavored also by annual Star 7, which we locate in the 2 Earth Palace.

Monthly Star 7 visits our Star 1 in the central Luoshu Palace. Star 1 will find himself making financial decisions, as he will be dealing with documents and contracts.

If Star 1 is a business person, this will be a good month for revenues, orders will be coming in.

It is also good to review any existing documents, so that, if Star 1 for his career relies on written text, it is a good month to produce new materials and to be editing existing work.

Star 1 will be spending time on decision making, both privately and professionally.

We know that the 8 Earth Palace will always ask us to spend time to reflect upon our existing situation and make due changes where necessary. Nothing can be taken for granted once time spent in the 8 Earth Palace, so it is good to consider our overall situation and impose changes if need be.

If then we connect Star 8 for the Palace, the Stars 4 and 7 involved, we are not far from assuming this will be one of those Luoshu configurations where property may be changing hands.

2 Earth

9 Star Ki and Flying Star Feng Shui 7 Metal month square Star 2 Earth - Heluo HillThis month your Star 2 visits annual Star 5 in the 9 Fire Palace to appear from opposite annual Star 6 in the 1 Water Luoshu Palace. Monthly Star 8 will be visiting our Star 2 in the 6 Metal Luoshu Palace. We note how Star 2 will be ‘moving away’ from Star 6 twice, one time on the North-South Luoshu axis, another time on the Southeast-Northwest axis. There are thus three 6’s involved which, if translated to professional career, tells us that this month will be lively to concern of your work or business.

Star 2 will be doing presentations on behalf of his career, while moving away from the usual work environment, and quite successful about it but at the same time having to deal with some kind of stagnant issues, probably self imposed5<2.

If Star 2 sees opportunities for a new job, it is good to pursuit, just only not being too impulsive about it and making decisions only after being certain about any new adventure. We don’t throw away our old shoes upon buying a new pair, would be a good working mode this month, but to otherwise just go ahead with initiatives.

3 Wood

9 Star Ki and Flying Star Feng Shui 7 Metal month square Star 3 Wood - Heluo HillYour Star 3 will be moving opposite Star 5 twice for this month Luoshu, first opposite your annual position, then also opposite your monthly position. We will remember Birth Star 5 in the 7 Metal Palace of the 3 Wood Birth Chart. Your Star 3 will visit the 1 Water Luoshu Palace for the month, which would suggest an emotional hindrance, presumably some problems to concern of spouse. We say so because Star 2 for spouse appears opposite in the 9 Fire Palace to meet annual Star 5.

It is not a good month for speculation, neither privately, nor professionally, especially not to concern of marriage or anything having to do with built structures or property, your homestead2 even.

If matters become too pressing, it may be a good idea to surrender and not manifest yourself too strongly, if at all. Go with the flow, chances are that you will not at all be able to get your ideas across, so don’t even try.

Next month will be better, this month you may find yourself dealing with all kinds of incoming events that you could have not anticipated on, and you may have your hands full with this.

4 Wood

9 Star Ki and Flying Star Feng Shui 7 Metal month square Star 4 Wood - Heluo HillWe will repeat here how Star 4 will be busy to engage in self reflection and transformations for the duration of the year, while engaged in studies year around, especially so this month with his Star in the 2 Earth Palace. If we pull the Birth Chart for Star 4, we will find Birth Star 7 in the 8 Earth Palace, which is to give first indication that finances may be involved. Then, Star 4 appears from opposite Star 7 for the year, while also Star 4 will be visiting annual Star 7 for the month. That is a lot of 7’s.

Star 4 may be investing money7 to concern of property8, he may be changing address this month, or Birth Star 7 may indicate injection, operation or dental work.

Financially, we must caution Star 4 against speculations, since here money may be going down the drain. Be extremely reluctant around any contracts4 and ask others to assist you on first suspicion or if you doubt your own judgment. Star 4 may also be hospitalized2, perhaps involving surgery7.

5 Earth

9 Star Ki and Flying Star Feng Shui 7 Metal month square Star 5 Earth - Heluo HillYour Star 5 will visit annual Star 8 in the 3 Wood Palace for the month, which will be favorable on your initiatives, especially if you like being ambitious and be reaping authority. You may be on the lookout for some slight unexpected events since you will appear from opposite Star 3 for the month, which by itself has moved opposite its original Palace. If you are traveling for your career, it would be good to bring your spouse2. If you are a parent, there may be trouble around a son3, if you are a woman, there may be problems with your husband3, or you may meet another man on your travels.

This month is very good for impulsive decisions, doing presentations and for connecting to the media for exposure. Star 5 must however be minding his food intake and health.

6 Metal

9 Star Ki and Flying Star Feng Shui 7 Metal month square Star 6 Metal - Heluo HillStar 6 will reside in the 4 Wood Palace for the month, which would be good for socialization, compassion and a more emotional approach, which would otherwise be rather uncharacteristic to this otherwise efficient, calculating and solitude person. There may be issues around Star 2 in the 9 Fire Palace for the month, perhaps events concerning the mother being hospitalized, especially if the mother is a 9 Fire native. Other events linked to Star 2 may be stagnation in studies or teaching.

There are strong prospects for traveling to concern of professional career, at least Star 6 moving away from his homestead in order to achieve this.

7 Metal

9 Star Ki and Flying Star Feng Shui 7 Metal month square Star 7 Metal - Heluo HillWhile your Star 7 resides in the central Luoshu Palace to meet annual Star 1 for the month, you may find it difficult to commit to your usual schedule.

There may be problems associated with the Water domain, such as events surrounding pregnancy, ailments in the reproductive organs, the Kidneys. Whenever you receive letters or documents4, you must be alerted about their content and ready to move swiftly and decisively if problems are imposed on you.

You may have a problem to solve once you open an envelope. If you are a 7 Metal woman, you may be dealing with a competitor in your love life.

8 Earth

9 Star Ki and Flying Star Feng Shui 7 Metal month square Star 8 Earth - Heluo HillWe see strong career opportunities for 8 Earth this month, for one because Star 8 visits the 6 Metal Palace for the month and if we pull the Birth Chart for Star 8, as Birth Star 6 will be in the 3 Wood Palace.

Any politician with Star 8 may take new office this month, while we of course keep an eye out on monthly Star 5 to visit annual Star 8 in the 3 Wood Palace, which may bode a confrontation.

In any case, Star 8 may find himself in a new professional environment, be promoted if employed or experiencing a boost in his own business if he owns one. If our Star 8 is a student, he could swap universities.

Star 8 can use this month to benefit from the Metal energy provided by the 6 Metal Palace and set new standards in his career, install what he had previously planned.

Besides usual schedule, Star 8 may see opportunity for an ‘on the side’ career and handling more than one task.

9 Fire

9 Star Ki and Flying Star Feng Shui 7 Metal month square Star 9 Fire - Heluo HillStar 9 will be in the 7 Metal Luoshu Palace for the month, by this it will appear from opposite 5 Earth in the 3 Wood Palace. Since monthly Star 5 connects with annual Star 8, this should denote an influential building. Star 9 appears from opposite Star 8 for building another time, where monthly Star 8 visits the 6 Metal Palace for the month.

This may mean that Star 9 will go back and forth between buildings, be dispatched.

We can read this pending context. Star 9 will be busy acquiring finances7 and it is good to note annual Star 3 which appears from opposite its original Palace, while monthly Star 5 appears in the 3 Wood Palace opposite monthly Star 9. Star 9 could be involved in financial speculation, or otherwise invest money or lending out money that will partly miss target, so it is good to sit on any financial planning and act strategically.

Heluo (Roel) Hill stepped into Nine Star Ki Astrology in 1979, while he developed 9 Star Ki Divination to where it currently is. If you have a training in 9 Stars and Luoshu – for example as you practice Flying Star Feng Shui, or even Yi Jing Divination for that matter – you cannot do without 9 Ki Divination for real (events) and personal life progression, as your services to others will be invaluable.

Heluo started Heluo Qi Explorations Netherlands in 1997, to conduct his acclaimed study program Professional Destiny Consultant through 4-day master classes and distance learning in 9 Ki Divination, Four Pillars of Destiny Bazi, Flying Star Feng Shui and Nine Star Ki Astrology.

Students and professionals from 35 countries have studied with Heluo, who is pertinent on direct student-teacher interaction, while transmitting each topic of study along one gathering, which is to prevent students from having to return to class for endless modules, only to pick up on teaching in any single topic of study by bits and pieces.

9 Star Ki Astrology annual and monthly magic squares - Heluo Hill

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