9 Star Ki Divination – 9 Stars and Luoshu forecasting 2 Earth year


9-star-ki-and-luoshu-chinese-new-year-predictions-2016-heluo-hillMost expect that 9 Ki Divination 九宮占卜 for news events would mainly revolve around the central Star in Luoshu, here annual Star 2 for the year 2016.

This is because, quite erroneously, the central Star in Luoshu will be regarded the strongest – most influential – Star.

If you too have relied largely on the central Star(s) in Luoshu for your forecasting of real events (while furthermore, you’ve been using Wuxing Five Transformations in relation to news events), it means there’s room where you can improve your accuracy in 9 Stars and Luoshu divination. In hand ‘Luoshu Trend’, ‘Reversed Luoshu Axis’ and ‘In Prison-Out of In Prison’, your work for others will be invaluable, certainly if you work with students or clients.

While annual Star 2 certainly decides Luoshu Trend, rather, we will here first zero in on the so-called annual Reversed Luoshu Axis, now with annual Star 8 to appear opposite its original Luoshu Palace.

You will boost your score in 9 Ki Divination tremendously, once you know how to combine Luoshu Trend and Reversed Luoshu Axis.

Reversed Luoshu Axis is newly developed 9 Stars and Luoshu syntax to forecast personal life progression and news events, which you may read about in Heluo’s blog series (extensive series in 6 blog posts, for you to print and study).

While yes, throughout the year, you’ll see Star 2 type of news predominantly, the news will be much flavored by the NE-SW annual Reversed Luoshu Axis, annual Star 8 and annual Star 5 in 2016.

If you have a training history in any of the 9 Stars and Luoshu application systems – or if you are a teacher or a professional consultant – and you want to learn 9 Ki Divination for real events, we have yet certain ‘for your eyes only’ things to show you once class door closes for your training, that will forever change your perception and practice, the more as you may have been a practitioner in Flying Star Feng Shui (see synopsis at the end).

Who is Star 2 Earth
Annual Star 2 for Kun Earth Trigram 2016 - Heluo HillStar 2 Black (Èr Hēi 二黑) is governed by Trigram Earth (Kūn 坤) as it is to denote Womb. It associates with support, provision and fueling. It associates with planet Saturn (Tǔ Xīng 土星) and with the second star in Big Dipper (Běi Dǒu – 北斗), named Merak, also known as Jù Mén 巨門 “Huge Door”.

9 Stars and Trigram attributes for Star 2
Here are some of the images linked to Star 2 that you will be able to note in the news more predominantly.

Any provision or supplies, fueling, or lack thereof. Agriculture, farms, fruit, fruit producing fields (including coal or gold mines, but also sky – birds -, sea, river and lake – fish). Famine. Ocean floor, river floor. Submarine. Surface we rely on for protection, such as wall, dam, a pillar, theater stage, ship’s deck, landing strip, landing gear, balcony, roof. Homogeneous communities to (even only momentarily) rely on central organization or kitchen: education industry, teachers, students. Medical field, doctor, nurse, hospital, hospitalization. Labor mine. Inmates, refugees, ship’s crew, zoo. Farmers, female labor force, social servants. Any mob, if only assembled momentarily for the purpose. (Grand)mother, spouse, homestead. Act of mutiny. Poisoning. Meadow, rural area. Submerged hollow space, cellar, garage, place in the shadow, shelter. Container, locker, suitcase, backpack. Village, small settlement, small house, trunk of a tree, outfit. Wagon, cavity. Stomach, Spleen, Pancreas – in particular Stomach -, digestive system. Belly, womb, embryo, pregnant woman, flesh, muscle tissue, torso.

Annual Reversed Luoshu Axis for 2016
If you are a professional in any of the 9 Stars and Luoshu application systems, it is critical that you each time incorporate the notion of Reversed Luoshu Axis in your divination. Those who don’t, will find their forecasting hampered significantly.

9 Star Ki annual Reversed Luoshu Axis 2016 - Heluo HillAnnual Star 8 appears opposite its original Luoshu Palace in the 2 Earth Palace, to instigate the NE-SW annual Reversed Luoshu Axis.

We say that, consequently, annual Star 8 will have its Gen Trigram properties ‘magnetically off’, while leaving properties linked to annual Star 5 ‘going nowhere’.

Saying, as annual Star 5 and annual Star 8 appear in opposite position on the Northeast-Southwest Luoshu axis, properties will exchange to cause events.

As it then becomes art to ‘see’ the effect of Star 5 and Star 8 in the news, we need to know what some of those Star 8 and Star 5 attributes are:

Star 8
Buildings, real estate, property. Inheritance. Revolution, major changes. Culminated events coming to climax, matters coming to closure. Looting, rioting, rather massive public uproar. (In)voluntary burning of old bridges. Mountains, mountainous area, mountain house, mountain animals, hills, elevated grounds. Small stones, stony path, clay. Cemetery, burial place. Open doorway, corridor, unobstructed passageway. Ocean crust, earth crust, volcano, earthquakes. Ethnicity and minority (territory) related events. Sudden stillness. Stomach, Spleen, Pancreas, more particularly Spleen, digestive system. Nose, small bones, fingers, toes. Young men.

Star 8 denotes ‘buildings’ by and large. Type of building further flavored by the accompanying Star or Luoshu Palace, such as 8-2 for a school, hospital or prison building, 8-3 for a railway station, 8-4 for an airfield or post-office, 8-6 for a military compound et cetera.

Star 5
Even though we say that Star 5 – or 5 Yellow – hasn’t a Trigram, it certainly is good for a good number of distinct associations.

Construction related objects or compounds made of stone, brick, concrete, rock. Community of sorts. Publicly accessible compound, such as commuter station, city square, parking lot. Boulder, cave, pit, basement. Construction related events (buildings, bridges, tunnels, platforms). Star 5 can bring out what was innate and release accumulated energy such as armed calamities and war, (ethnic) rioting, plundering and assaults. Army, armed factions, paramilitary group, guerilla combatants, rebel group, motorcycle club. Ego-, ethnic-, minority- and/or race related conflicts. Military occupation, armed conflict, coup d’etat, martial law, curfew. Weird events, accidents, disaster, sudden unexpected but critical events. Government related, public buildings. Judicial trials of enormous proportion. Events go where 5 Yellow (gravity) goes. Stomach, Spleen, Pancreas, more particularly Pancreas, digestive system.

In personal life progression, Star 5 may denote a setback, an unexpected event, a delay (quit to take the notion of 5 Yellow to ‘disaster’, which is very 1980s).

As properties of Star 5 and Star 8 ‘mingle’, then how will you note this in the news?
Now of course, you want to see all of this factually mirrored in your news media.

As first you took annual Star 5 and annual Star 8 to certain their belonging images, you will then combine properties of these Stars, while then you take those images into motion, as in ‘read the Stars and build the story’.

Annual Star 8 is good for revolution & change, while Star 5 – or 5 Yellow rather – may bring out the best and worst in people. Star 5 is good for curfew or coup d’etat. Star 5 is also good for a ‘community’ of sorts and for ‘my people’, ‘my religion’, ‘my opinion’. We may see masses of people being ousted or dislocated.

The combination between Star 8 and Star 5 may give political uprising, revolt, ethnical and religious conflicts, conflicts surrounding domination, sovereignty, status quo, supremacy, shift in power, ousting of leadership, change of a country’s constitution.

Star 8 can be quite revolutionary and linked to uproars, rioting, looting, especially when it finds Star 5 at its side.

With annual Star 8 to appear opposite its original Palace, furthermore with Star 5 in the 8 Earth Palace to take its place, we get a taste of ousted leadership, a shift in power.

We may therefore anticipate on events that would compare to those seen in 1989, i.e. the Tiananmen uprising in Beijing (Star 5 may be a publicly accessible ‘compound’ such as a city square), the fall of the Berlin wall (Star 2 denotes wall) and the collapse of the USSR.

To that respect, and not unlike the Berlin wall, we still find similar situations in other regions, either people being separated by walls, or suppressed by their political systems. So, we would anticipate shift in power.

Other movements to concern of politics would be – rather remarkable – elections, abductions or coup d’etat, leaders stepping down, comparable events as an extension then also to occur in the corporate field, as we may anticipate major events to concern of stockholders, CEOs resigning, corporations changing hands, major political and corporate trials.

Luoshu Trend
Because technically, there is no space reserved at the center of Luoshu to host anything, we take annual Star 2 to an only-as-such-perceived central Luoshu Palace, only notionally so, which is to communicate that annual Star 2 is the energy currently to descend from heaven, so that it is not represented in the eight magnetic directions. As a consequence, Star 2 objects tend to attract events, so that Star 2 will have its Kun Trigram properties to lay feeble.

You will note that, Luoshu Trend for the year centralizes events much around Star 2 attributes, notably refugees. Everything to concern of the refugees issue may stall in 2016. It would seem, refugees kept in one place, literally (geography) and figuratively (politically). Such seen in light of the current developments to concern of refugees, EU borders (remember, Star 2 denotes ‘wall’) may be sealed-off.

In times of 2 Earth, we may well find re-emergence of arms race or other signs of military supremacy, while annual Star 8 may involve in uproar, annual Star 5 in the awakening of old disputes.

Chinese Astrology 2016 Bing Shen Monkey Four Pillars of Destiny - Heluo HillAlso, as we said in our blog post on 9 Ki Divination for 2015 – such due to Wei Sheep 未 in Chinese astrology -, the year 2015 would come with tremendous treaties, which indeed we have seen, if only we mention the treaty between the Colombian government and FARC, the Iran deal, at long last the Paris summit on global warming.

The year 2016 will be Yang Fire Bing – Shen Monkey 丙申 in Chinese astrology Four Pillars of Destiny Bazi 子平八字算命, so we may reckon with armed conflict due to the Chinese zodiac sign of Monkey, which as one of 12 Earthly Branches is fairly martial.

As we will not further delve into Bazi , you may keep this bit to the back of your mind as we proceed.

As you follow the news for a 2 Earth year, you will find civil unrest to involve students, workers, ethnic minorities, refugees, environmentalists, as a result of this we will see massive and aggressive demonstrations, riots, looting, consequential curfews and martial law imposed and the resulting and rather violent response of riot police or the armed forces (using tear gas), but also improvements coming from this and new ways of dealing with power and authority.

We may see all out famine. Not just that, we will see failing humanitarian resources to that respect. We’ll also see hunger strike, poisoning, events to concern of food and food supply. Star 2 depicts the Stomach, thus the digestive system.

Mob in the streets
Star 2 represents a mob, a gathering of people, so expect major crowds ‘in the streets’ (note monthly Stars for changing events). Well, you can’t live on an empty Stomach, so this year society would be best giving people whatever they may have been feeling deprived of, or – and with leadership failing in this respect – this may lead to public outrage, anti-war demonstrations, public outcries for justice. Mobs in the street will be massively calling for international leadership and vision, while this leadership needs to understand this is the time to give people what they need to concern of any supplies, such as medication and food, education, secure politics.

The planet herself will pull in much of the attention, as we’ll see pollution, massive environmental disasters, contamination of land and food.

Boots in the streets
If you have been following news, you’ll have seen air strikes in certain countries. It’s hard to draw a line and to tell which is to start or end exactly where, but if I see Star 2, then taken military, I’d say ‘boots on the ground’, more specifically infantry, so we may see ground troops in certain countries.

We will see relocation of entire peoples (refugees, asylum seekers, victims), as also, annual Reversed Luoshu Axis onto annual Star 5 gives a flavor of people being displaced, dislocated, rather massive evacuation, while the opposite annual Star 8 gives flavor of buildings, mountainous area, buildings in mountainous area, earthquake.

Real estate
The fact that annual Star 8 appears opposite its original Luoshu Palace, will give the real estate industry and property market a hard time (while goings on to this regard would then further extend into the 1 Water year of 2017), while you may note that as such, the global financial crisis had taken effect in 2008, equally a 1 Water year, with then East-West annual Reversed Luoshu Axis, and annual Star 8 for real estate ‘going nowhere’.

Educational field
Annual Star 2 bodes the educational field by and large, schools, teachers and students. Expect quite notable events in that field. Schools and universities may not be the safest of places in 2016.

Health care
Star 2 bodes health care, hospitals, medical personnel, so expect a sheer endless string of events in that field, bankruptcy, labor strikes, but also major inventions.

Labor mines
Star 2 bodes labor mines, labor mine workers, so you may expect news to revolve around rather notable events to concern of labor strikes and accidents.

Expect rather discontented farmers, and uproar in the agricultural field, the food industry.

Children hurt
Star 2 in the central Luoshu Palace for a year, month or day: expect young children to be hurt by their parents, notably by the mother.

Star 2 locations
As 9 Ki Divination comes out splendid if you were to trace missing persons, for example, you must know how to take each one of 9 Stars to its belonging ‘location’. Star 2 suggests submerged hollow spaces such as caves, basements, parking garages, labor mines, small stone stairs, submerged settlements, small villages, but also ‘container’, suitcase, locker, so that Star 2 may connote what lies submerged, but hollow, as a depiction of something concealed but at least rather not solid.

Other ‘typical’ Star 2 events
Notably Star 2 in company of Star 1, we will see mud slides, land slides, avalanche. Star 2 in company of Star 3 may give dam breaks, or the collapse of other structures that we rely on for protection. To this respect, also note the Star combination 2-7.

9 Star Ki Divination - annual Star related accidentsStar 2 furthermore represents zoo, inmates (Star 2 in company of Star 8 prison buildings), ship’s crew, collapse of walls or dams.

As Star 2 denotes “surface we rely on for protection”, you may keep an eye out on events to concern of cherrie pickers, tower cranes (just as on balconies, pillars).

In Prison-Out of In Prison
Also exhilarating, I like to here side-step into the dynamic of In Prison-Out of In Prison, then give a projection for the 2 Earth year of 2016. In short, In Prison-Out of In Prison handles that if you lost your keys, chances are that you will trace your keys 9 days later, while you may stretch this to read 9 months, 9 years, 18 years or 27 years later.

As you will not see me publish on any real names, you’ll be still able to guess who’s who.

9 Star Ki In Prison Out of In Prison 2016 2 - Heluo HillThere has been a high profile missing persons case to concern of a young girl having disappeared, laying unresolved since May 2007, equally a 2 Earth year. Each time with such a case to linger on indefinitely, I rely on In Prison-Out of In Prison. It might just be that this case will finally come into motion – or even taken to closure – in 2016. The attentive reader will keep an eye out on natives with Star 5 and/or 8 – or even Star 9 – in the case.

9 Star Ki In Prison Out of In Prison 2016 - Heluo HillThe murder of A.L. in UK occurs in 2006, a 3 Wood year. We said that In Prison-Out of In Prison was to bring this case back in the news in the 3 Wood year of 2015, and that we’d see a certain Star 3 native brought into connection with the case.

9 Star Ki In Prison Out of In Prison 2016 1 - Heluo HillIn 2004 – and a good 7 years before the fact – we said that we’d only yet have In Prison-Out of In Prison to rely on to ‘solve’ 9/11, as still then, O.B.L had not been captured.
We said that he would be captured no earlier than in 2011 (because he was a 7 Metal native in 9 Ki).

Learn 9 Ki Divination for personal life progression and news events professionally
If you are – or aspire to be – a professional in 9 Stars and Luoshu, we invite you into learning 9 Ki Divination in direct student-teacher interaction with Heluo.  We teach 9 Ki Divination in full in just one gathering, be that as you meet up for 4-day master classes or distance learning (one-on-one or group).

We’ll here give you a one glimpse ‘idea’ of what to expect once we meet up for training, while you may immediately appreciate that not only would we ‘deviate’ from ‘going standards out there’, but we most certainly are here for you to replace certain conventions with convincing explanation, to forever change your perception and practice.

Heluo started his studies in Nine Star Ki Astrology in 1979 under the tutelage of Michio Kushi, who had introduced the art to the West in the mid 1970s. As Heluo took up on the divinatory part in 1988 – and as he hasn’t been without Luoshu for even a day since -, it soon occurred to him that the existing literature and studies were quite feeble with respect to 9 Stars and real events. This is because he soon noted much greater 9 Ki relevance in the news than seemed to be known at the time.

Today we distinguish between Nine Star Ki Astrology for character, personality and temperament, and 9 Ki Divination for personal life progression and news events (class manual 590 pages).

While we invite you to contact Heluo to receive further explanations as to what 9 Ki Divination would bring you for your personal and professional life, if you can so much as read in between the lines, the next image will give a synopsis as to how (not) we handle Oriental metaphysics in our school.

Not for the faint-hearted: as we put our money where our mouth is, rest assured that here image doesn’t mention anything, or we would back it up in our training in ways that you will find most convincing and revealing:

Heluo Hill - 9 Star Ki - Flying Star Feng Shui - Four Pillars of Destiny training
9 Star Ki and Luoshu monthly Stars 2016 - Heluo Hill


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