9 Star Ki Divination – 9 Stars and Luoshu forecasting 3 Wood year

Heluo Hill 9 Star Ki Divination - Annual Stars and Luoshu Zhen Thunder Trigram 3 Wood yearWhy not start our 9 Ki Divination for the 3 Wood year of 2015 by giving you 6 types of news events straight away, as there would be no way around your noting those in your news media.

You may then find description of 9 Stars and Trigram attributes for annual Star 3.

Once that established, we will give you a month to month forecasting, then some personal life progression for your personal 9 Ki Star along monthly Luoshu for February and March.

Heluo Hill - 9 Ki Divination classWith this discourse to reach you as a 24 pages unabridged chapter from out of our 9 Ki Divination class manual of 592 pages, there is no way that you’ll be finished reading in ‘one go’. You may save to disk for later study and reference. Then, importantly, if you had been on to performing in the field of 9 Stars and Luoshu – the more as a teacher or professional consultant -, you may forever distinguish between Flying Star Feng Shui on the one hand, then Nine Star Ki Astrology and 9 Ki Divination for news events on the other hand. As each these systems would be employing ‘same’ 9 Stars, it is c.r.i.t.i.c.a.l to note that, each 9 Stars system of application would otherwise employ its own ‘operator’ to get 9 Stars into performance and behavior. Therefore, such from 9 Ki derived annual- and monthly Stars as here presented for purpose of forecasting news events, cannot be taken to ‘behave’ in same ways as we would expect 9 Stars to perform for purpose of house divination in Fei Xing Feng Shui. Enjoy reading.

Luoshu Trend for the year
Heluo Hill 9 Star Ki Divination - Luoshu annual Stars 3 Wood yearStart by noting annual Star 3 in the central Luoshu Palace for the year. It decides Luoshu Trend.

Luoshu Trend means, much of the news would tend to revolve around 9 Stars and Trigram attributes of the Star(s) in the central Luoshu Palace, here Star 3.

This is mainly because, this year, annual Star 3 does not appear anywhere into the 8 magnetic directions.

Six things that would jump out at you as you’re in front of your television screen or news paper – actually predominantly and unmistakably so -, but that will forever demonstrate the worth of 9 Ki Divination.

The first 3 mentioned would be due to annual Star 3 in the central Luoshu Palace.

Then 3 observations that you could be making to account of annual Star 7 in the 9 Fire Luoshu Palace.

I Railway industry
Star 3 bodes railway industry by and large, railway stations, rail track, train, metro, tram. Events will occur incessantly at or near – aimed at – commuter stations.

II Police
Star 3 bodes uniformed personnel, extending into police organization, police force, including riot police, police stations, events to concern of – or aimed at – police.

III Electricity
Star 3 bodes power plant, generators, electricity producing facility (in sofar or for the part that it produces electricity, hydroelectricity, Solar power, nuclear power).

As these are some of the aspects that you would note in the news continuously, based in annual Star 3 alone, it then becomes art to be taking Stars to real images and Luoshu into motion and to that respect, you would a) each time note monthly Star to join annual Star 3 at the central Luoshu Palace to see further detail, then b) follow monthly Star 3 as it migrates through Luoshu to join annual Stars, while at all times would you c) incorporate opposite Star(s) and Luoshu Palace in your readiing.

There is no sense in following news events through 9 Star Ki Divination, if not you simultaneously involved the Star(s) to appear into opposite Luoshu position of your then ‘subject’ Star.

IV Financial debacle – exposure
Then, while we’re at it, another notable event this year, may be where we will see rather massive financial debacle. Annual Star 7 for finances resides in the Li Palace for Star 9, which is known for its high radiance. Not just that, Star 9 may take things to exposure, taking things out into the open, including Star 9 may be taking things to either fame or scandal.

Heluo Hill 9 Star Ki Divination - Luoshu monthly Stars 3 Wood year Financial CrisisWe may expect financial fiasco, in that, an earlier unknown dynamic may surface to becoming public, with widespread and irrefutable economic repercussions.

Due to annual Star 8 into opposite position in the 1 Water Palace, such would likely relate to Star 8 attributes such as buildings, real estate, property market, mortgages, currency.

Expect a busy year for IMF, stock markets falling, abrupt currency tensions.

V Excavations
Annual Star 7 in the Li Palace, furthermore under instigation of Star 9 for excavations, may give excavation of utensils, small metal objects such as coins or jewelry, sharp objects such as knives and swords, needles, sailing vessel.

VI Knife and sword events
In general, you would be noting strange – as weird as they come, actually – occurrences to account of knives and swords throughout the year (see September).

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In Prison-Out of In Prison for 2015
Undoubtedly one of most remarkable – but ever so subtle – dynamics at all in 9 Ki Divination (and a sure must-look-into-at-all-costs, if you are a 9 Stars and Luoshu adept looking to reach proficiency in your forecasting real events), will be In Prison-Out of In Prison.

While you may be reading all about this in “How to read Luoshu for In Prison – Out of In Prison in 9 Star Ki and Feng Shui”, it comes down to:

If anything were to occur with a certain Star at the central Luoshu Palace, then the matter perhaps gone silent, the issue would resurface with same Star once more arriving the central Luoshu Palace, which may be 9 days, 9 months or 9 years later, or 18, 27 or 36 years later to that respect.

In short, as just an example:

If a person abducted with Star 3 at the central Luoshu Palace, the case may come to new attention or closure any time later with Star 3 once more in the central Luoshu Palace (for the attentive reader and here taking advance payment on the 2 Earth year of 2016, this should look promising to concern of a high profile missing persons case, where a young girl had disappeared in May 2007, the case still unsolved today. In Prison-Out of in Prison would suggest that the case might come into motion, or even taken to completion in 2016).

Anyway, such Star then relating to In Prison – Out of In Prison, could be the personal 9 Ki Star of the abductee, it may have evidence pertinent to the case surface in the form of a physical object related to the case, or it may finally identify the perpetrator.

Not only is In Prison – Out of In Prison still at this time not known in the field of 9 Stars and Luoshu divination of news events, it would be not easy to notice the dynamic, as one would need to have the patience of staying with certain events a bit longer than 9 days or 9 months after the fact, at least, long enough to be seeing the dynamic taking events to revival or closure, which could well be 9, 18, 27 years later. Also, we wouldn’t be seeing the world wake up to the In Prison – Out of In Prison dynamic any time soon, if only for as long as another delay lies in the fact that we’d be used to thinking along 10’s for anything, such as for anniversaries.

However, once with this aspect under your belt and you started screening the news on it, it may just be one of most exhilarating aspects you’d have at all seen in all of 9 Stars and Luoshu forecasting, or in any divinatory system for that matter.

To that respect, the last time we had annual Star 3 at the central Luoshu Palace was in the 3 Wood year of 2006. You may be on to seeing striking demonstration of the In Prison – Out of In Prison aspect to yet occur in 2015, duly noted.

Who is Star 3 and how to forecast
Before at all able to run you through personal forecasting and discuss to be expected news events for a 3 Wood year, we must acquaint with Star 3. It means, you need to know basic properties for Star 3, before able to recognize it each time as it appears in the news.

More often than not, as you engage in 9 Ki Divination, it will be a matter of being able to recognize Star portents at work in actual events, then your noting Star combinations. Effectively, what you do is, you ‘translate Stars into events and events into Stars’.

Star 3 can represent a male person. Its temperament will be sufficiently reflected by Trigram Thunder (Zhen Gua 震), which depicts of a Yang line with two Yin lines coming on top. If we regard the bottom Yang line – the first line – as a sudden impulse or impact, you can imagine that – however initially unstoppable such impuls – swiftness and magnitude of the impulse will die out quite soon and proceed as Yin. If the bottom line represents a stone impacting the water surface, the Yin lines may then reflect the resulting ripples on the water surface.

Heluo Hill 9 Star Ki Divination - Trigram Zhen Thunder for Star 3 WoodStar 3 Jade (Sān Bì – 三碧) is governed by Trigram Zhèn 震, Thunder.

Star 3 Wood is associated with planet Jupiter (Mù Xīng – 木星), further associated with Lu Cun (祿存) in the Big Dipper (Bei Dou 北斗).

Zhen Thunder associates with shake, quake, tremor, arousal. In Wuxing Five Elements it associates with Wood, moving upward, as it can be hardly stopped or redirected. It is impulsive and it can move swiftly. Star 3 in company of Star 8 bodes earthquake, in company of Star 2, it can break a wall, dam, balcony or balustrade, while it may bode a kick in the belly. In human behavior it associates with compassion, flexibility and tolerance. If Liver affected, Star 3 may turn demanding, bold, aggressive, inflexible and intolerant and it won’t as an automation back away even in face of danger.

Heluo Hill Feng Shui - Student TestimonialLiver and Gallbladder, more predominantly Liver, leg and foot, act of walking, kick with a leg, muscle, nervous system, eye. Thunderclap, lightning stroke. Immediate and eruptive impulses, bite, piercing, first sudden start of growth, propulsion, deafening sound, shouting, loud voice. Sudden outburst of anger, to subside as quick as it came. Inventions, pioneering, new beginnings, new impulse in an existing activity. Anything that has voltage and can transport or generate electricity or produce shock. Electricity, electric shock, short-circuit, electrically propelled machinery, power plant, transmission tower. Information technology, computer related. Electronic device, electronic detonator. Eldest Son, husband, male, mature men, male workforce. High rise building, highway, heavy road haulage. Train, tram, metro, railway industry, rail track, commuter stations. Uniformed personnel, police, security guards, fire fighters. Tree, big woods, forest, jungle. Promotion, invention, altruism, gambling.

Primarily with your Star visiting the 3 Wood Palace – to lesser degree also – your Star visiting Star 3 or Star 3 visiting your Star, any outcomes furthermore flavored by portents of other Stars involved:

May clearly experience ‘a new impulse in an existing activity’, boosting new beginnings, new enterprise. Can be creative, sociable but also a bit all too determined or bold even. Good for swift impulses, short projects, changeability, computer work, journalism, reporting, short projects, sales and marketing. It is good to be minding the Liver and to be a bit gentle on the nervous system.

Zhen denotes a strike by thunder, a quake, a shock, arousal, impact. It further denotes a bite, a sudden and decisive release of energy. Zhen Trigram is quivering and can be piercing. It assumes definite direction, unstoppable. Because the bottom line is the first – and therefore the eldest – line and because it signifies a male here, Star 3 indicates Eldest Son and mature men. The eldest son was supposed to be pro-active and travel into the mountains to work or bring home wealth by selling goods on the market, hence the association of Star 3 with leg and walking. Star 3 may be also associated with anger, quarreling and law suit. It can be competitive and easily tempted into rivalry. Star 3 is also active, impulsive, able to come up with inventions, be charitable or altruistic, humorous, creative.

Star 3 is intimately connected to impulse and electricity, electrical shock. Now that we know that the central Luoshu Palace may depict a – predominantly publicly accessible – compound5, it becomes easy to combine properties for 3 Wood in the central Palace and 5 Earth and arrive to a train station3, a subway station3 (commuter station in general), electrical plant3 or any other (section of a) building hosting – or related to – electrical devices3. Star 5 is closely related to constructions (stone, brick, concrete) and can be thus typically linked to construction related events.

Star 3 so closely relating to the notion of thunder or thunderclap, may indicate immediate and eruptive outbursts. We then need assess from the visiting monthly and daily Stars exactly in what field such impulse may occur.

We must note that, seeing Wuxing relationship between any Stars in a Star combination anywhere in Luoshu, should for purpose of 9 Ki Divination be taken as just notional at best. Even though it could be tempting to forecast events along lines of ‘supporting cycle is beneficial’ and ‘controlling cycle is unfavorable’, from just your gathering news events you will see that, by itself, Wuxing cycles play no role of importance in the occurrence, progression and outcome of events and that a perceived controlling relationship between Stars could well produce beneficial events, the supporting relationship between Stars to invoke unfavorable events.

Since 3 Wood depicts electricity and electrically operated machinery, it also hovers over the associated industries and occupations, so we may expect events in the railway industry, railway stations, rail tracks, subway stations, electrical power plants.

Star 3 may bode uniformed personnel in general, such as police force, fire fighters, but ‘uniform’ here not immediately relating to army.

We will find Star 3 natives in the news, so expect news surrounding those actors, presidents or any other famous or not so famous people. People with Star 3 may become vulnerable to incoming events, they may become immobile in any imaginable way to the extend that they may be set aside or imprisoned.

Annual Star 3 vulnerable by this annual Luoshu, this may render both calamities concerning its associations, as it may also render positive outcome. For example, to the extend we see railway stations under attack, we may also typically see new legislation to evolve from this. Furthermore here – and besides reading the central Star 3 – of course all other Stars will be active into and from out of their appointed directions along the annual Luoshu to cast their influence upon Star 3.

Heluo Hill Flying Star Feng Shui - 81 Star CombinationsEspecially if you are new to 9 Ki Divination and you wish to learn the trade – and before anything -, your surest approach would be to enter any Luoshu like this:

  • Start by noting overall Luoshu Trend by reasoning into the central Star(s).
  • Note annual- and monthly Reversed Luoshu Axis.
  • Once zoomed in on a particular Star, be sure to always simultaneously incorporate opposite Star and Palace, which, this alone will set you aside from others in the field, as nothing to befall a Star with not the opposite Star having a direct hand in it.
  • In mind context, build Luoshu sentence by first giving out subject to one single Star, then verb to another Star. May swap function of Stars.

Heluo Hill 9 Star Ki Divination - Star 5 Earth for accident and war in Dui Palace for Star 7Annual Star 5 resides in the Dui Palace for Star 7, so events would much revolve around Star 7 attributes.

Star 5 will further render authority and prominent position to anything having to do with Star 7, e.g. monetary issues, banking, accountancy, young females, singers, surgeons, the military, shipping industry, jewelry.

On the other hand, for reason that Star 5 is infamous for causing obstruction, we may also see calamities in these fields, i.e. the monetary field at a predicament.

As it is, Star 7 depicts sailing vessels, so with annual Star 1 in the opposite 3 Wood Luoshu Palace, we may all the more anticipate on boat7 accidents5.

We may expect armed conflict5 into and coming from East-West due to annual Star 5, most likely those with ethnic or religious undertone.

Star 5 can instigate military occupation and armed conflict, coup d’etat, martial law and curfew, while, if you ever wish to follow how an armed conflict evolves over time, you may follow Star 5 on a monthly and daily basis. Besides regular armed forces, Star 5 is also in paramilitary groups, guerilla combatants, armed factions, rebel groups, motorcycle clubs. Remember, Star 5 will bring to the surface what was innate already, just as would be true for all other Stars, be that for the better or for the worse.

Annual Star 8 resides in the 1 Water Luoshu Palace, which may compromise Star 8 and render loss in 8 Earth related fields, e.g. the housing industry, real estate, property. Star 8 may be also associated with earthquakes, so we must foresee sea1quakes8. Not forgetting that Star 8 also depicts a single built structure, you can find construction related objects in water, both being erected and having collapsed.

Annual Reversed Luoshu Axis
As you may find further descriptions in our discussing the monthly Luoshu for March, we locate annual Star 4 into opposite Palace from its original Luoshu position, such that the annual Reversed Luoshu Axis will be along Southeast-Northwest.

Each Star – except 5 Yellow – will reside in its opposite Palace once every 9 years, 9 months and 9 days and this may read ‘reaping opposite result from what one had initially set out to accomplish’ – can be also just a delay -, meaning, if you see two parties negotiate to account of any of Star 4’s attributes, efforts may likely be to no avail, either the attempt failing or successful only upon repeated attempt.

Just the fact that a Star appears along the Reversed Luoshu Axis is enough to expect stagnation in its associated field, so it would be of much less importance to note Luoshu directions and say that events would have to occur along Southeast-Northwest directions. Just the fact that a Star appears on the Reversed Luoshu Axis will be indication enough that it may find its 9 Stars and Trigram attributes impared, irrespective of direction.

This year, due to the annual Reversed Luoshu Axis, we may expect Star 4 attributes to be ‘off’, with then annual Star 2’s attributes ‘going nowhere’. But again, we need not insist on actual physical traveling at all as even with neither one of parties at all traveling, any endeavors involving negotiations, treatise, voting, merges or contracts may fail by at least first attempt once such activities would more in particular revolve around Trigram associations pertaining Stars involved on the Reversed Luoshu Axis, here annual Star 4 and annual Star 2.

Running through an annual Luoshu, you can find typical events concerning each Star by just combining the portents you know for each Star and the Palace it is residing in, e.g. Star 7 in the 9 Fire Palace will have us anticipate on financial news, banking, securities markets. Matters may become more detailed if you learn how to then follow 9 Stars through their monthly and daily cycles and see how these Stars mingle with the Palaces and the Stars they will encounter in those Palaces.


The 3 Wood year kicks off in a 5 Earth month, so we take the monthly Stars to the right hand side of the annual Stars. Please note that we fit 9 monthly Luoshu into an otherwise 12 months year, so that Luoshu for February becomes identical to Luoshu for November.

Heluo Hill 9 Star Ki Divination - Luoshu monthly Stars 3 Wood year FebruaryThe basic outlook here is, that for the month, annual Star 3 is visited by monthly Star 5. You will see events evolve in the news that would closely relate to the 3-5 combination. Star 5 may concern positive news and it may concern negative news.

As we are focusing on news events and global significances, we will be much inclined to turn to the negative portents in our forecasting. Of course, you could open the newspaper on the cultural page and witness all these happy events concerning actors, opera and authors, but thing is, best would we learn how to forecast when we follow headline news.

You will find that, when news breaks concerning Star 5, more often than not it may be negative, significant to say the least. Just like all Stars, Star 5 may bring to the surface what was already innate.

Star 5 can be notably egotistical in the sense that it would be much centralized around ‘me’, so Star 5 related events would revolve around ego, my people, my ethnic origin, my religion, my traditions. It can bring about the best from within human kind and it can surface as conflict. As it is, Star 3 can be notorious for causing rather explosive trouble also, thus making the 3-5 combination a dynamic one.

The combination 3-5 at the central Luoshu Palace, could be taken for a violent attack on either a railway station or an assault on police.

March in a 3 Wood year is a 4 Wood month, while we also note that the Luoshu for March becomes identical to the Luoshu for December.

Heluo Hill 9 Star Ki Divination - Luoshu monthly Stars 3 Wood year MarchNot just because Star 4 for Xun Wind Gua covers a wide string of 9 Stars and Trigram attributes, but now with monthly Star 5 arriving the Southeast-Northwest annual Reversed Luoshu Axis, this month may be particularly eventful, in more than one respect.

To that respect and while on to your gathering news events, you would be also noting monthly Star 8 and monthly Star 9 along the North-South monthly Reversed Luoshu Axis, as such combining portents of Stars 2,4,8 and 9, to which you will here find quick reference for each one.

As then you stay close to the news in March, try see how properties of those Stars to engage on the annual- and monthly Reversed Luoshu Axes would combine.

Star 4 Wood
Star 4 is Xun Trigram for Wind, then as an extension turbulence, funneling, anything to excite air, pneumatics, the ability to breath, anything airborne and traveling through air from point A to point B, such as parcels, but also contagion, the spreading of (harmful) documents or ideas. Star 4 is in aeronautics, airplane, space technology, missiles, projectiles, the act of airstrike, shelling. Star 4 bodes airfield, post-office, wooden shed, rope, launching facility, children age 0-12 and places where children age 0-12 gather, which may be extended to kindergarten or a school facility. In company of Star 7 (7-4), it may be flight4 carrier7. In company of – or appearing into opposite position of – Star 1 (1-4), it may be torrential rains, hurricane, cyclone, typhoon, wind park, Ferris wheel, roller-coaster, elevator, escalator, ski lift. It is in world trade, transportation, communication technology, the media, journalism. Star 4 bodes documents and the written word in any shape or form, be they letters, contracts, treatises, emails, archives, written declarations, scriptures. Star 4 associated with Eldest Daughter, mature women, chest, pulmonary system, thy, buttocks, hair, upper arm. Star 4 bodes meadow, pasture, shrubs. Star 4 Wood breaths liberalism. Apart from its known attributes, Star 4 is a fairly gentle Star, compassionate and sociable, also a bit feeble.

Annual Star 4 is in the 6 Metal Luoshu Palace, which reads ‘sudden stop’ and may indicate explosions and armed assault. The 6 Metal Palace provides authority to Star 4, so we may expect major merges between aviation companies, developments in aviation and space technology.

The 6 Metal Luoshu Palace may be associated with labor strikes, so we may anticipate on labor strikes and labor unrest in the associated fields, such as pilots4 on strike, the mail and parcel industry. On same token and because the 6 Metal Palace reads ‘business expands’, we may see major positive – technical, engineering – developments concerning aeronautics, aerodynamics, world trade, the media, wind parks.

Star 2
Star 2 is in ‘surface we rely on for protection’, such as dam, dike, wall, balustrade, balcony, theater stage, ship’s deck, airstrip, landing gear. Star 2 bodes provision, fueling. It is in container, box, suitcase, backpack. Star 2 is submerged hollow space, labor mine, basement. Star 2 governs the educational field, school, teacher, student. Medical field, hospital, hospitalization, doctor, nurse. Star 2 represents homogeneous groups gathered (if only momentarily) around same organization or kitchen, a mob, refugees, evacuees, inmates, zoo. Star 2 in company of – or to appear into opposite position of – Star 4 (4-2) may bode fueling2 problems related to an aircraft4. Star 2 in company of Star 6 (6-2) may be a food2 silo6 or food2 truck6.

Star 8
Star 8 may bode built structures, buildings, real estate, property, mortgage, mountain. Prominent building, requiring affiliation to enter (key, entry pass). Star 8 is in cave, small stones, open gate. Star 8 may involve in earthquake, while in company of Star 1 it may bode landslide. Star 8 is where revolution is, seeking closure of events. Star 8 is in massive demonstrations, public unrest, rioting and looting, mostly related not just to politics, but ethnic conflict, conservatism. In company of – or to appear opposite – Star 9, Star 8 may bode oil9 platform8, or a building on fire.

Star 9
Star 9 is highly radiant and it may take things to exposure. It is in armored vehicle, riot police. It is inflammable and in inflammable substances.

April a 3 Wood month, it has identical Luoshu as for January of the following year.

Heluo Hill 9 Star Ki Divination - Luoshu monthly Stars 3 Wood year AprilAnnual- and monthly Star charts are identical, implying that, whatever a Star in a certain Palace is set out to do for the year, would be confirmed by the month. In other words, if you are a Star 1 native and in for some new beginnings in the 3 Wood Palace, and if these new beginnings did not already materialize in the months of February or March, such changes could take effect along this month’s Star configuration.
This also means that anyone should take extra care to follow up on any auspicious indications – opportunities – or be alert if the Palace that one’s Star resides in for the year bodes inauspiciousness.

For example, Star 8 is in the 1 Water Palace for the year and people with this Star should best be focused inwardly and take time out for contemplation, cleaning the house, bringing their finances on order, in other words they should be minding inner initiative rather than bursting out in more extroverted initiatives. This doesn’t mean that, if you are a Star 8 native, you would quit work, but that you may need to reserve some time out from your usual agenda to be minding the house. Star 8 may anticipate on money invested or loss of money – due to monthly Star 7 into opposite position -, which may come about this month, such then likely related to a built structure, perhaps to concerrn of renovation.

To regard of news events, double 8 in the 1 Water Palace pulls our attention towards probable construction related events having to do with water, depth, or fall into depth.

This may include prominent buildings such as governmental buildings, palaces, but can bode an island being built in water or – if we combine the double 8 in Water with double 4 in the 6 Metal Palace -, the construction or the decision to construct an airfield at sea.

Again, any portents may instigate both positive and negative events, so with Star 8 so prominently in the 1 Water Palace we may see seaquakes, flooding of buildings, flooding of mountainous area, landslides.

Annual- and monthly Star 3 in the central Palace, will once more pull our attention to railway industry, railway stations, the subway system, so any event surrounding commuter stations may occur, more particularly so when Star 5 or Star 6 visit the central Luoshu Palace for a day.

The month of May in a 3 Wood year will be a 2 Earth month.

Heluo Hill 9 Star Ki Divination - Luoshu monthly Stars 3 Wood year MayStar 2 represents many things that may not seem related when you first encounter its portents.

In principle, it is easy to understand that Star 2 represents farms, agricultural fields or teachers and because Star 2 is known to be quite nourishing we may also appreciate why Star 2 then represents medical personnel, a nurse.

It becomes a little different when we hear that Star 2 is also inmates, or even birds and fish.

If you keep in mind that, by itself, Star 2 would not denote a prison or prison building – because this would require Star 8 or Star 5 to be there along Star 2 -, inmates as such may come under Star 2, as they form a homogeneous group of people relying on a centralized organization and common kitchen for provision and ‘inmate’ would thereby resort under Star 2. For reason that Star 2 is fruit, it is also fruit producing fields. Therefore, Star 2 governs labor mines, miners and in a sense the produce – gold, silver, salt, coal – harvested from these mines. Since air and sea are fruit producing fields also, birds and fish as a group may in general come under Star 2. Here you are witness to a wondrous demonstration of how 9 Stars – or Trigrams if you will – can be interpreted, on the one hand by their explicit meaning, the moreso by their intrinsic meaning.

Once centralizing around Star 2, you would encounter news pertaining women, farmers, miners, events surrounding prisoners, the educational system.

Each time we see Star 2 in the central Luoshu Palace, we may be on the look out for parents induced violence upon their children.

Still, Star 2 in the 4 Wood Palace and meeting Star 1, while if then also daily Star 6 would arrive at the 4 Wood Palace, may have you anticipate on a photo in the newspaper showing a food2 truck6 involved in an accident and then spilled1 food on the highway. This could then more typically occur with such clustering of Stars in the 4 Wood Palace, the more as Star 4 relates to transportation.

As you gather news, you may note the monthly Reversed Luoshu Axis, with monthly Star 8 in the 2 Earth Palace, opposite its original Palace in Luoshu Northeast. By residing in the 2 Earth Palace, it then allows monthly Star 5 to meet Star 6 in the 8 Earth Palace, probably giving Star 6 a headache without being able to come to its rescue. This may lead us to expect public uproar, demonstrations in open areas, because there is no building8, so events happen away from buildings.

June will be a 1 Water month.

Heluo Hill 9 Star Ki Divination - Luoshu monthly Stars 3 Wood year JuneStar 1 represents the lowest point of waxing and waning energy, so planetary atmosphere will be going through this phase.
If we combine Star 3’s portent of electricity and Star 1’s portent of leaking energy, it becomes easy to see why for this months trains may experience power failure.
Whenever 3 and 1 meet we may expect power cuts.

Note this month for the June Solstice, on which day we will see two daily Stars in 9 Ki, as the daily cycle will change over from ascending to descending until December Solstice, when the daily cycle will change over from descending to ascending.

It would be a good idea if you marked such days in your agenda and also those days just preceding the start of Solar months, and try being conservative in planning any important initiatives. Terrestrial forces, atmospheric conditions – and as a consequence your personal magnetism – may be just off enough for anyone to be feeling a bit feeble, ambivalent. You can imagine how nature just prior to a change of one monthly Star into the next monthly Star may be indecisive as to what exactly the current energy is and may be needing time to regain momentum just after a change over from a Star 3 to a Star 2 month and you can imagine how this may be also affecting your personal magnetism and performance.

Because Star 1 meets the central Luoshu Palace, we may expect events surrounding pregnancy1 and abortion1. We have special regard for Star 6 that appears in the 1 Water Palace and opposite Star 5 in the 9 Fire Luoshu Palace which would most certainly render bus6 and car6 accidents5 with vehicles more particularly ending up in water, whether these vehicles will fall off bridges, plunge into ditches, into ravines or into any other depths.

Another portent of Star 1 in the central Palace, combined with our assessment of Star 8 meeting up with Star 1 in the 3 Wood Palace, roamed off also by Star 6 in the 1 Water Palace and opposite Star 5 may be any type of sex scandal, highly likely to be involving authoritative people, such as religious figures and politicians.

Demonstrations by teachers, nurses, agricultural events, outbreak of inmates, hunger strike, all invoked by monthly Star 2 in the 6 Metal Luoshu Palace.

Plane4 crashes are likely to happen in mountainous8 areas.

July will be a 9 Fire month.

Heluo Hill 9 Star Ki Divination - Luoshu monthly Stars 3 Wood year JulyStar 9 owns the property of being able to take anything into high radiance, especially matters that have been lingering already, but it can also bring about obscure matters to become visible, exposed.

Star 9 may denote any inflammable substances imaginable, such as oil, gasoline, chemical substances, as well as Star 9 may bode related objects such as pipe lines if accompanied by Star 6 Metal, fuel stations or oil platforms if accompanied by Star 8 Earth.

As you note Star 5 in the 1 Water Luoshu Palace, you may encounter construction5 related events related to water, such as oil9 platforms in trouble, or, in mind monthly Star 4 for aeronautics to appear in the 9 Fire Palace opposite monthly Star 5, problems with airfields, airplanes or missile plants.

On a global scale we may anticipate on fires, news surrounding chemical factories and stock4 market movements.

It goes without saying that fires do not just only occur under the influence of Star 9, as neither of the Stars will have exclusive mandate over certain events. Fires occur in any year, month or day, but you may still find the news typically inclined towards certain distinct Star related matters. One rather immediate image we could derive from the Stars at the central Luoshu Palace is, we would expect a railway station, a train of metro on fire.

We may expect earthquakes and landslides if you look at the Star gathering in both the 1 Water Palace and the 4 Wood Palace.

Since it is a 3 Wood year and Star 3 at the central Luoshu Palace is impulsive and can become aggressive, this portent may be strengthened by the highly charged visitor monthly Star 9. This could indicate clashes in the streets to concern of armed conflict, armored vehicles, armored (riot) police. If then we wish to find armed conflict, we note Star 5 in Luoshu North, opposite 4 Wood for missiles, more specifically airborne projectiles.

If you are a Star 5 native, you may want to take matters a bit easy this month.

If you are a Star 5, perhaps one of your children will be moving out to live on his or her own, probably a daughter4.

Famine2 into Eastern or Western regions, requiring substantial financial7 injection, but such financial aid – or food provisions – to likely be to no avail due to monthly Star 7 appearing on the monthly Reversed Luoshu Axis.

The 8 Earth Luoshu Palace hosts monthly Star 3 and annual Star 6, while the opposite Palace is the 2 Earth Palace hosting annual Star 9 and monthly Star 6. You can imagine an invention3 related to metal or engines6, as well as significant events concerning the railway3 or electricity3 industry.

August will be an 8 Earth month.

Heluo Hill 9 Star Ki Divination - Luoshu monthly Stars 3 Wood year AugustStar 8 carries rather strong indication for massive civil unrest, interethnic predicament, involving rioting and looting. We know that Star 8 depicts built structures in general and more specifically also public or official buildings. The type of building may be further flavored by the accompanying Star, such as in this case annual Star 3 and monthly Star 8 joining in the central Luoshu Palace. Star 8 may be research, scientific endeavors and Star 3 may be inventions, so this leads us to anticipate on events related to the academic field. Monthly Reversed Luoshu Axis appears Northeast-Southwest, putting monthly Star 2 in the 8 Earth Luoshu Palace, suggestive for displaced people, refugees.

Monthly Star 4 in the 1 Water Luoshu Palace, indicates plane crash into sea.

In mind annual Star 2 and monthly Star 7 in the 4 Wood Luoshu Palace, then furthermore annual Star 8 and monthly Star 4 to join in the 1 Water Luoshu Palace, we may see a school2 debacle, to involve knife7 stabbing. The knife7 might have been hidden in a container2 (2<7), such as a locker, a suitcase or a backpack.

September in a 3 Wood year will be a 7 Metal month.

Heluo Hill 9 Star Ki Divination - Luoshu monthly Stars 3 Wood year SeptemberAs monthly Star 7 will join annual Star 3 in the central Luoshu Palace, one most peculiar occurrence that you would be able to note several times this month, is all kinds of events involving knives and swords.

Not just that, those events would come to concern of trains, train stations and police, predominantly.

We’d have seen such events along identical Luoshu, one time even as someone was waving a toy sword at a police officer in the street.

In mind annual Star 2 and monthly Star 6 in the 4 Wood Luoshu Palace, then furthermore annual Star 8 and monthly Star 4 to join in the 6 Metal Luoshu Palace, we may see a school2 debacle, to involve shooting6. The weapon6 might have been hidden in a container2, (2<6) such as a locker, a suitcase or a backpack.

Star 7 is notorious for ‘demolished structures’, so now that it is in company of Star 3 would, such eligible structures would be commuter stations, police stations, electrical power plants, highrise buildings.

Star 7 Metal may depict a young woman. As you can see, Star 7 appears in the 9 Fire Palace for the year, so we are expecting females in the news and this will be confirmed by the monthly Star configuration. This may be a female singer, because Star 7 governs the mouth and pertains to singing.

Star 7 also pertains to violent robbery.

We may note two 5’s on the East-West Luoshu axis, annual Star 5 meeting monthly Star 9. This may bode certain unrest, accidents, uproar, armed conflict.

October will be a 6 Metal month.

Heluo Hill 9 Star Ki Divination - Luoshu monthly Stars 3 Wood year OctoberStar 6 represents elderly men, people in authoritative positions, the military, militant groups.

If you concentrate on the 7 Metal Palace and remember that monthly Star 9 Fire was there last month, any events can reach climax with Star 8 now visiting annual Star 5, because Star 8 depicts revolutionary change.

It is just a matter of waiting on the media to tell you exactly what news will have been put forward by Star

Combination 5-8 in the 7 Metal Luoshu Palace, but as we already saw, both Star 5 and Star 8 in their negative connotation would relate to ethnic issues. The combination brings to memory many city uproars surrounding ethnic or minority based unrest, including looting which is typically a Star 8 portent.

Star combination 1-4 in the 3 Wood Luoshu Palace, is strong indication for hurricane, typhoon.

To concern of personal life progression for a 3 Wood year, we may give some broad forecasting based on anyone’s Star position in the annual Luoshu, while incorporating the annual Star into opposite position where applicable.

Also slightly involving native’s Birth Star where applicable as seen from one’s 9 Ki Birth Chart. As an example, Star 2 Earth will occupy the 4 Wood Luoshu Palace in a 3 Wood year, by that meeting the own Birth Star 1 as seen from the Birth Chart for 2 Earth.

Heluo Hill 9 Star Ki Astrology - Personal life reading and destiny Luoshu Star 1 WaterStar 1 natives occupy the 3 Wood Palace for the year: “new impuls in an existing activity”.

The 3 Wood Luoshu Palace comes under expansive forces, it is extroverted, impulsive, aimed at socializing. This will invite Star 1 into news projects, creativity, awakening Star 1’s talents and aspirations.

Mind the fact that Star 1 finds itself opposite from annual Star 5 which may depict two things, by and large. Star 5 may come as unexpected events, drawback, which means that, if we are planning, we would build in the likelihood of setback, then make sure we’re able to decide swiftly, then carry on. Careful – unhurried – planning ahead and ad hoc decisions will be good to ward off the Star 5 influence.

Secondly, as Star 1 may ‘move away from’ Star 5, so to speak, Star 3 and so as in order to go into new endeavors, would move away from – or being set aside from – a community, taking on new initiatives in an all new environment.

Star 1 may be facing changes in address or moving about a lot between home and work, as in being dispatched. Good to buy a house, but have a close look at documents and contracts involved. Mind Liver and nervous system. Of course we can see how Star 1 will be in for some new beginnings, his basic temperament able to do thorough planning, but this year perhaps tempted also into impulsiveness, so that Star 1 natives must guard against playfulness and gambling.

Heluo Hill 9 Star Ki Astrology - Personal life reading and destiny Luoshu Star 2 EarthStar 2 will move to the 4 Wood Palace where it may not feel all at ease due to Southeast-Northwest annual Reversed Luoshu Axis.

Star 2 will be able to sustain last year’s new endeavors, but must caution against too rash decisions, since the 4 Wood Palace can be unstable and reads “steady progress”.

A good time to ponder on matters concerning compassion, socializing and making new acquaintances. Star 2 may travel, particularly so by airplane, but some will travel by sea. May see trip cancelled. Good to be moving forward, but also mind certain possible lows and times needed for contemplation. Can fall pregnant. May need to let go of a friend in favor of another. Whatever the upward and outward movements cast upon Star 2 in the 4 Wood Luoshu Palace, it is good to maintain Star 2’s usual calm type demeanor and maintain a sense for fellowship. Mind the respiratory ability, the chest, the belly and the thigh.

Heluo Hill 9 Star Ki Astrology - Personal life reading and destiny Luoshu Star 3 WoodStar 3 into central position, times may be ambivalent. Star 3 may feel set aside from a deck of cards well into the better part of the year.

It may be pretty difficult for Star 3 to be yielding and to give in to external influences, yet even Star 3 may be having trouble finding the oars or deciding where North is, feeling disoriented a good part of the year.

It is a good time to recalibrate, to reconsider life path, one’s aspirations and objectives. Pretty much against Star 3’s basic nature, it may be good to take in other people’s advise. Try postpone all too drastic or long-term decisions until around October or November, then use latter part of the year to plan ahead for next year. Mind Pancreas, digestive system, food intake in general.

Heluo Hill 9 Star Ki Astrology - Personal life reading and destiny Luoshu Star 4 WoodStar 4 finds itself in the 6 Metal Palace, on the annual Reversed Luoshu Axis.

While still very much enjoying the authority, leadership, planning abilities and personal and career success so closely associated with the 6 Metal Palace, Star 4 natives may sense strong restraint and discipline imposed on them.

Generally, 4 Wood is fairly gentle and certain Star 4 natives may have a hard time establishing themselves in the 6 Metal Palace which compared to their basic temperament may seem demanding, stern and bold. They may be successful this year, but intimidated, and sometimes they may feel jailed and stumbling into all kinds of unexpected setback. On the other hand, however much in general 4 Wood people may seem feeble and indecisive, much of their laid back professional careers based in social structures, Star 4 may reconnect with his inner drive and motive and Star 4 may be much on to punctuality and strategic planning. This will come in handy this year as they can ‘refill’ on authority and resolve. Mind the respiratory system, Lung, Large Intestines, skull, bones, staying up late and work too much.

Heluo Hill 9 Star Ki Astrology - Personal life reading and destiny Luoshu Star 5 EarthStar 5 is in the 7 Metal Luoshu Palace for the year. Star 5 may continue reaping into last year’s success. 5 Earth may meet with two sources of financial income and they may have one or two possibilities for romance.
Romance may come with Star 5 still very much in a relationships, so we may need proceed with care.

Star 5 can involve in financial matters, management and positioning his name, even re-establishing a new name for himself. Efforts must be aimed strongly toward success and long term decision making and it is a good time to ask and receive credit, either financially or socially. Mind Lung, Large Intestine, tongue, mouth, throat, jaw, sexual disorder.

Heluo Hill 9 Star Ki Astrology - Personal life reading and destiny Luoshu Star 6 MetalStar 6 in the 8 Earth Palace may be facing major changes and be faced with important decision making, in the process burning old bridges.

As we know, the 8 Earth Palace may introduce changes to concern of matters that had been long taken for granted, such as our marriage, career, diet and even our religious outlook.

On the other hand, there is great understanding between Star 6 and Star 8, so when we proceed from calmness, carefully monitoring whatever occurrences may be presented to us and furthermore with the patience and clear-mindedness to take care of what needs be taken care of, while if need be, postpone decisions, this may lead to new horizons, to be taken into further success next year. Good for scholarly type activities. Mind digestive system, diet, small bones such as fingers and nose.

Heluo Hill 9 Star Ki Astrology - Personal life reading and destiny Luoshu Star 7 MetalStar 7 resides in the 9 Fire Luoshu Palace and so Star 7 may sense control cast upon him by the Fire Palace, or he may feel ambitious.

Not only is this a great time for exposure, extroverted activities, socializing and networking, Star 7 may feel authoritative and very much in the saddle.

Star 7 will be able to present himself to large audiences, spending time away from home most likely, however, he may have to guard himself against gossip and slander.

It is a good time to travel, but at the same time not neglecting the spouse, one’s family, the mother. When on the move, Star 7 may bring study books.

Still, Star 7 and Star 9 are hardly allies, so we must caution Star 7 against ailments of the nervous system. Mind Heart, Small Intestine, tongue, eyes.

Heluo Hill 9 Star Ki Astrology - Personal life reading and destiny Luoshu Star 8 EarthStar 8 natives find themselves in the 1 Water Palace for the year, which must caution them against too much work or activity.

This may be a good time to pull back a bit from your usual activities, adapt your agenda en reserve ample time for contemplation and self-reflection.

Taking time out from their usual working schedule will not be an easy task for these otherwise laborious people, yet the Water energy must be understood and be given a chance to work from within Star 8.

It is good to move forward but just recognize the moments that you should best retreat, either in the house or taking time off to spend in a wooden house in some forest type environment. You will find yourself surrounded by books, documents, even doing the writing yourself.

Heluo Hill 9 Star Ki Astrology - Personal life reading and destiny Luoshu Star 9 FireStar 9 moves to the 2 Earth Palace. It is time for study and self-development.

This year, Star 9 natives may be recovering from some of last year’s setbacks, so they may take time out to take it easy, spend time supporting their spouse, direct family, mother, their immediate environment, at least the first part of the year.

The 2 Earth Luoshu Palace is a time for studies and improving one’s skills par excellence, so Star 9 must take advantage of this, so that next year’s new activity may come with a boost.

Star 9 may stumble upon unexpected business type opportunities, perhaps not readily discernable or obvious at first but at closer look they may meet opportunities through which they may be able to advance their leadership qualities and they may be dealing with their father or their employer. Take good care of the digestive system, abdomen and mind your diet.

We will run you through some examples for February and March. However much you may feel inclined to only read what is being said for your own Star, there will be teaching spread throughout the entire description, so while you go through the monthly divination belonging to your own Star, make sure to also read the forecasting done for other Stars. Hereby, you will be collecting more knowledge and be eventually able to doing your own month by month forecasting.

Note that, whatever is true for February, may be true for November, whatever is true for March, may be true for December, but slightly differently so, because many months will have passed in between. These months will not render the same events but they may still give a taste of similar type of opportunities and challenges.


Heluo 9 Star Ki Astrology - Personal life reading and prediction Luoshu Star 1 Water FebruaryThe ‘new impulse in an existing activity’ provided by the 3 Wood Palace is confirmed by monthly Star 3 visiting Star 1. Therefore, this is the exact right time to go ahead with whatever opportunity may be presented to you. Notice, however, that your Star 1 resides in the 1 Water Palace for the month and finds itself opposite Star 9 and Star 7. Without a doubt, you will be feeling much at home in the 1 Water Palace, yet, even for Star 1, there may be some draw backs and time spent on contemplation, not so much perhaps due to the 1 Water Palace but because you are opposite Star 5 twice: once for the year and another time as seen from your Birth Chart. You may also note that Star 1 appears opposite Star 7 twice. Any initiative done this month may require financial investment or involve financial loss.

Heluo 9 Star Ki Astrology - Personal life reading and prediction Luoshu Star 2 Earth FebruaryThis month may be somewhat challenging due to Star 2 residing in the 4 Wood Palace for the year, while for the month Star 2 is visited by Star 4. You may go on a trip. In mind the annual Reversed Luoshu Axis, maintain some distance before arriving to decisions. It is good to confide in others in case you need advise on how to proceed, especially with close family members. You may be spending time home unexpectedly, be that to mingle with family, or retreating into studies. You may be expecting to receive an important document, or parcel, probably concerning your professional career. You would mind your health this month, particularly any vulnerabilities related to the chest area, reproductive organs.

Heluo 9 Star Ki Astrology - Personal life reading and prediction Luoshu Star 3 Wood FebruaryThe year will start off active with your Star visiting the 3 Wood Palace for the month. Even though we may expect some obstacles later this year, due to the portents associated with the central Palace, these would likely not occur this month, where you feel you are instead still encountering opportunities and can tap into your usual enterprising capacities. This may be so, but you are also dealing with Star 5 three times: in the central Palace for the entire year, another time relative to your Birth Chart that finds Birth Star 5 in the 7 Metal Palace, while for the month you position yourself opposite annual Star 5. You may feel just a little too much in control and this may render you dealing with some unexpected events.

You may engage into quarrels. Be on the look out therefore for any obstructing events and respond swiftly, but kindly and wisely. In fact, the annual Luoshu is identical to your Birth Chart, so while the months are progressing during the year, each month you will be tracking the Birth Stars in your Birth Chart. Star 1 may portent a certain low and perhaps consequential drawbacks or losses. This may be due to your speedy way of going about things, being too enthusiastic too soon about opportunities freshly offered to you. Be conservative around spending money and moreover around lending money to others, while looking over your shoulders now and then and you will be doing fine.

Heluo 9 Star Ki Astrology - Personal life reading and prediction Luoshu Star 4 Wood FebruaryYou may have the opportunity to start the year with a new enterprise right at February, because you now reside in the 6 Metal Palace while also for the month being visited by Star 6. This may result in a more or less immediate boost in your personal authority, your career. Yet, you will of course remember that for the year your 4 Wood Star is opposite its original Luoshu Palace and that this means that you may reap opposite results from what you had initially set out to do. For the month your Star will visit the 4 Wood Palace, telling us that you may take up some sort of study, or engaged in active lecturing, because you are meeting Star 2. It may also indicate your active writing, perhaps a business plan or some thesis.

Besides Star 4 to instigate the annual Reversed Luoshu Axis, you may note that – even though monthly Luoshu is 5 Earth, by that all monthly Stars arriving their own native Palaces – by moving into the 4 Wood Palace, you are once more stepping onto the annual Reversed Luoshu Axis. You may expect uncharacteristic events pertaining the associated fields, while any reaping to account of business and career may come to the expense of Star 2 associated fields. Due then also to Star 2 relating to spouse or homestead, any trouble may be domestic.

Any authority, promotion or career advancement that may befall you, you may want to approach with ample prudence, because you may be dealing with ambitions and leadership issues that you may usually find are a little above your basic tolerance. If we consider Birth Chart for Star 4, we moreover find Birth Star 5 in the 6 Metal Palace. One reading is that you may expect obstacles, another reading may tell us that you will finally find time and resources to explore much of the inner leadership you knew you had possessed all along.

Heluo 9 Star Ki Astrology - Personal life reading and prediction Luoshu Star 5 Yellow FebruaryYou may expand your career, because in a way there is a string between the 6 Metal and 7 Metal Palaces. You are in the 7 Metal Palace, which means we may expect you to stumble upon money opportunities and this will be confirmed this month with Star 7 joining you in its own Palace. Prospects for you are quite good for the year and specifically for this month. You may be investing money on buildings or buying land this month, possibly using the services of a third person to handle the contract involved in your name. The year and again this month, you will have great opportunities to establish a name for yourself in anything you pursuit, so take advantage of this. Your reputation and credibility will reach heights.

Heluo 9 Star Ki Astrology - Personal life reading and prediction Luoshu Star 6 Metal FebruaryWe had already projected certain changes this year, due to the 8 Earth Palace and it seems clear how these changes will become evident already this month, with monthly Star 8 visiting Star 6. You may be moving away from your spouse2. Be only sure that the 8 Earth Palace may come with introspection, that would have you examine your personality, personal and professional situation, as also, you may feel torn between your usual duties and activities that would suppose much more inner work, such as philosophical or religious contemplation. You may be on to some tough choices. Your Star will be on the annual Reversed Luoshu Axis for the month, which may indicate writing of reports, traveling, strategic career planning. A dynamic month with some clear decision making and burning of old bridges ahead.

Heluo 9 Star Ki Astrology - Personal life reading and prediction Luoshu Star 7 Metal FebruaryStar 7 meets annual Star 5 for the month, portenting unexpected setback that would be hard to avoid. You may feel pressure to come with this problem, moreover because Star 9 visits your Star in the 9 Fire Palace for the month. If we draw your 7 Metal Birth Chart, your Star for the month appears opposite Birth Star 5, indicating that whatever direction you may be moving into in order to staying ahead of trouble, there seems no way around dealing with at least some. Be mindful with whom to mingle, be rested and ready. You may be (involuntarily) moving away from home on some assignment and you may not be feeling good about the move. If you are in business, this month may be good for presentations, being exposed to an audience and you may be doing this with much authority and conviction.

Heluo 9 Star Ki Astrology - Personal life reading and prediction Luoshu Star 8 Earth FebruaryYour Star for the entire year resides in the 1 Water Palace and your Star for the month is visited by Star 1, which may caution you to pull back from society a bit. At the start of February you may want to take a few days to see what the energy of the 1 Water Palace may have in store for you, or you may reflect on past Luoshu that are identical to this one and see what it had brought you. In principle your Star and the 1 Water Star are hardly friends, however, at least for the month you seem to be well anchored in your own Palace, meeting up with annual Star 6, which is a favorable combination. You may be dealing with some decision making to account of your career and it may be that you are in for an event concerning your immediate family.

If you are a woman, this is as good a time as any to fall pregnant. You may be connecting to your deeper world, contemplating life, your endeavors, probably busy doing some writing or dancing. If any contract is involved, you must be careful before signing anything. This is a good month for you to remain active but keeping low profile.

Heluo 9 Star Ki Astrology - Personal life reading and prediction Luoshu Star 9 Fire FebruaryYour Star for the entire year resides in the 2 Earth Palace, which we know portents not just studies but also concerns being connected to your family, more especifically your parents, or even your (grand)mother. For the month Star 9 visits its own Luoshu Palace and meets up with annual Star 7, which represents money. You will be in a good time either to buy or sell buildings or land and you seem to be good at collecting money or assets this month, although it seems in order for you to obtain the money you shall have to move away from home and be on a trip of some kind. Besides the probable events in your family just mentioned, this may be an otherwise calm, perhaps dull month in which you can freely move and take care of some basic dynamics, such as minding your diet, finances, house, meeting friends.


Heluo 9 Star Ki Astrology - Personal life reading and month prediction Luoshu Star 1 Water Kan MarchFirst note all the new positions taken in by the monthly Stars, primarily your own. Note that monthly Star 2 visits you in the 3 Wood Palace, while Star 1 will see the 2 Earth Palace for the month and go over all the implications such as opposite Stars and Palaces. Obtain a first idea of what these Star combinations may be holding in store for you and note that monthly Star 6 appears opposite the 3 Wood Palace for the month. What springs to mind first is an opportunity for you to study2, but related to some professional6 assignment. If you happen to be self-employed you may be taking up on some opportunity, invitation or assignment to study, lecture or teach. If you are employed, your employer6 may be dispatching you.

In any case, we can say that your Star 1 in the 3 Wood Palace is ‘moving away’ from the 7 Metal Palace and as such moving away from events and portents portrayed by the Stars there, such as the combination 5-6 perhaps pointing to an authoritative6 building5, i.e. the building you normally work out from. Studies are furthermore confirmed by the 2 Earth Palace, your Star 1 residing there for the month.

The 2 Earth Palace typically hosts portents for study. Note that your Star for the month is opposite monthly Star 7 and annual Star 6, another confirmation for management and professional assignment. Money7 may be involved because the monthly Star 7 depicts finance, but you will find another Star 7 in the 1 Water Birth Chart. You may may find yourself spending time in a school building or a library.

Star 2 visiting you in the 3 Wood Palace may point to your spouse, females, close family, mother, so either your travels may be accompanied by your partner, or you may be traveling into the arms of one.

Heluo 9 Star Ki Astrology - Personal life reading and month prediction Luoshu Star 2 Earth Kun MarchAs we saw, the 4 Wood Luoshu Palace may be somewhat challenging due to your 2 Earth Star residing in the 4 Wood Palace for the year. Last month your Star was visited by 4 Wood and this should have cautioned you. This month, Star 2 will be visited by 3 Wood. Between Star 3 and Star 4, the latter is much more explosive, but if you can withstand the vibrancy or tension cast upon you, 3 Wood is also spontaneous and positive. You may sense a rather sudden need for exploration. Usually, spontaneity, impulsiveness or boldness may hardly come natural to a Star 2 native, which is much too thoughtful, stable and detail-minded to be stumbling into all kinds of adventures.

This time, and perhaps against all odds, you may find yourself involved in projects with no known outcome and you may be either enjoying the ride or you may feel you are on a strange ship, not sure about destination. Yet, if you think before act, have a close look out on the opposite Star 5 in the 6 Metal Palace, you may harvest ambition and gain authority. However, if the month compromises you in any way, note that challenges may reach you unexpectedly and ‘from behind’ – your Star for the month moves away from monthly Star 5 – and you may be dealing with two difficulties simultaneously, one imposed on you by Star 4 type events – or a woman -, one cast upon you by 3 Wood events – or a man.

Heluo 9 Star Ki Astrology - Personal life reading and month prediction Luoshu Star 3 Wood Zhen MarchOnce more notice Star 5 relations you may be tapping into this month. First we find Star 3 in the central Palace, home to 5 Yellow, for the year. For the month Star 3 reaches the 4 Wood Palace, rendering Star 3 opposite monthly Star 5. Interestingly, if we compare with last month’s Luoshu, any problem you had to deal with last month was because Star 5 had joined you in the central Palace. Any such problem may now have been dealt with or moved on to another level, because Star 5 now moved to the 6 Metal Palace. Yet, you may feel caught in between matters because Star 5 may have moved farther away from you, you are still opposite Star 5 for the month, so still dealing with some aftermath.

The month may therefore be eventful. Then, if at all you had been in fact dealing with any kind of obstruction, this month things may just as well improve because you are now joined by an ally. Star 4 will either way come to your assistance, probably in the form of some document4.

Then, what stronger hint towards traveling4 can you imagine, now that your Star 3 relates to 4 Wood four times: Star 3 in the 4 Wood Palace for the month, monthly Star 4 visiting Star 3 in the central Palace, Star 3 opposite annual 4 Wood for the month and we will of course find Birth Star 4 in the 6 Metal Palace as seen from the Birth Chart of Star 1. That said, you will of course be minding the annual Reversed Luoshu Axis.

If Star 4 here points to documents, contracts or parcels, you may be dealing with a lot of paperwork this month and from a lot of directions. Read carefully into small print as you engage into any enterprise because, remember, opposite Star 5 may mean unexpected events.

Heluo 9 Star Ki Astrology - Personal life reading and month prediction Luoshu Star 4 Wood Xun MarchStar 4 will be caught up in the central Palace for the month, which may be a good opportunity to hold back just a little on your busy schedule.

You may be devoting time to domestic affairs and the fact that your Star 4 is visited by Star 5 for the month in the 6 Metal Palace may lead to the suggestion also that you stay alert on problems, the more so where your Birth Chart hosts 5 Yellow in the 6 Metal Palace. As it is, the annual Reversed Luoshu Axis at Southeast-Northwest, is not a dynamic we would like to ignore. A good month therefore to hold back and take things one step at the time and don’t getting yourself involved into any rashness.

Any money making opportunities should be well investigated before at all you agreed to any deal, so you must be minding small print. You may want to consult a friend for advise. If you are into obtaining a better position, you may be meeting competition and although you may be on the winning team, this may give you some unexpected challenges. Mind matters of ethics and make sure your decisions are philosophically sound and not imposing.

Heluo 9 Star Ki Astrology - Personal life reading and month prediction Luoshu Star 5 Earth MarchYou may be on a business trip this month, or otherwise on the move to getting things done. Ten to one you will be dealing with some type of contract, but you may be faced with two documents that you would then need select the better one. This is a good month to proceed where you had taken off last month as matters will be fortunate to you, although you may be away from home a lot in order to collect success. You can present a business plan or some type of strategy which will be well received and implemented, and you can do some successful networking this month as well, as others will understand you and offer their support. Don’t forget to offer support to your environment, but don’t be demanding, be altruistic. You may find yourself in front of an audience, giving lecture, college, conduct class.

Heluo 9 Star Ki Astrology - Personal life reading and month prediction Luoshu Star 6 Metal Qian MarchStar 6 may be this month dealing with slight romance, one time due to monthly Star 7 to visit Star 6 in the 8 Earth Luoshu Palace for the month, such then confirmed by monthly Star 6 in the 7 Metal Luoshu Palace. Star 7 for the month visiting Star 6 in the 8 Earth Luoshu Palace carries money opportunities, which may indicate inheritance8 or finances involving home or property. Because Birth Star 9 locates in the 8 Earth Luoshu Palace in 6 Metal’s Birth Chart, money may be invested also in promotion, reputation, the publication of a book, so this may be a busy time for Star 6 natives. The 8 Earth Palace can be quite friendly to Star 6, albeit it may come with decisive changes.

We must mind, however, that Star 6 for the month reaches 5 Yellow in the 7 Metal Palace and 6 Metal people must be careful therefore not to be causing any problems or nuisance, especially in their relationship because of the 1-2 cluster in the 3 Wood Palace. Star 6 may be prone to gossip and mismanagement. Be mindful so that others can keep track of your adventures, your decisions.

Heluo 9 Star Ki Astrology - Personal life reading and month prediction Luoshu Star 7 Metal Dui MarchThis month you may be dealing with several changes, imposed on you from out of different directions. This may be challenging your mental alertness, because you will be doing some swift decision-making. Changes are of course implied by Star 8 and you have a triple meeting with this Star. You may be moving house because your Star 7 for the month visits the 8 Earth Palace. Or you may change jobs or vocation, because you are also touching upon annual Star 6. In mind position of Star 7 in the 9 Fire Palace for the year, not only is your Star 7 visited by Star 8 for the month, your Star is opposite annual Star 8 in the 1 Water Palace. This can be a very strong and decisive month, so if you had anything up your sleeve, this is perhaps the best time to strike.

Your basic approach this month should be to really sense whether this month brings you auspiciousness or you may notice that your adventures are unfavorable to you. In the latter case, this may be due to the monthly Reversed Luoshu Axis and you must profoundly hold back, while if you notice no obstructions you can’t be pro-active enough to reach out and collect your riches.

Heluo 9 Star Ki Astrology - Personal life reading and month prediction Luoshu Star 8 Earth Gen MarchThis may be an ambivalent time, as one part of you wants to be out there, mingling with others and minding your networking, while yet another part says to sit still and remain in the security of your home. This is due to your Star occupying both the 9 Fire Palace and the 1 Water Palace. Your house may be financially burdening you, for example because of some planned or unexpected renovation. Either way, if there are written agreements involved, take another look at those, just as you may want to review your insurances. You may wish to at least select a string of 3 or 4 days to go on a holiday, visit friends and family and use this time for resting and writing. Mind the monthly Reversed Luoshu Axis.

Heluo 9 Star Ki Astrology - Personal life reading and month prediction Luoshu Star 9 Fire Li Gua MarchReserve time out of your usual agenda to allow for a genuine rest. Make adaptations to your schedule and devote this time completely to yourself. As it is, the 1 Water Palace may be the lowest point of waning energy, but to you it may be time for hibernation. Stay low and don’t take any chances, the 1 Water Palace is host to your Birth Chart’s 5 Yellow. This can be a religiously or sexually challenging time and you want to do some contemplation, choosing right direction only. Another indication is Star 1 visiting you in the 2 Earth Palace. You may be abandoning a study to devote yourself to yet other studies. You may be moving away from home, or you may have trouble being accepted by some type of community. You may find yourself in between jobs or reflecting on how to proceed. Be strategic about anything you do.

Heluo Hill 9 Star Ki Divination - Annual Stars and monthly Luoshu for prediction news events 3 Wood year


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