Heluo 賀洛氣學 on how to use new Luo Shu charting for 9 Star Ki astrology life readings – Part Three

As you know your first 9 Star Ki Star – derived from your year of birth -, the question becomes, what is your chart style and what does this tell us on account of your inner drive and your motive, your overall aspirations, the objectives you see for yourself, your life progression. Much of this information lies embedded in your month of birth. Therefore, in Part Three of this series ‘How to use new Luo Shu charting for 9 Star Ki astrology life readings’, Heluo will further build on his newly proposed model for charting 9 Ki birth maps. If in the mean time you tested this new charting on your own 9 Ki birth map, you will have already seen what it will do for you. Last time we gave you the anatomy, the symbols and we introduced the notion of ‘Ki master’, which will greatly affect your life readings. But there is more, as we will be yet working towards a better notion of 9 Ki chart styles, thereby incorporating terminologies commonly used for the Chinese astrology system of Four Pillars of Destiny Bazi, but which will make a difference (and come as a revelation actually) once incorporated into your 9 Star Ki destiny readings. We will here handle the all important – yet widely ignored – influence of your 9 Ki month of birth, then later on this series, we’ll even include your Chinese Solar month of birth, but not after we discussed the Six Gods (Parallel, Output, Wealth, Power and Resource) and the Ten Gods.

Year Master and month of birth
It is nice to know that your 9 Ki birth Stars are x.y.z or z.x.y, but you wish to get into much greater detail than just reading your 9 Ki character descriptions. If you draw your 9 Ki Mingpan as proposed by this series, there is mileage to go on account of your birth month and what it carries to the life. You will see how it is exactly the monthly 9 Ki Star (or the second Star in your 9 Ki birth map) that plays a key role in how at all you’d advance and retreat in life, as it will be instrumental for major decisions.

Technically, the monthly Star directly relates to the position of planet earth on its annual orbit around the sun, which be imprinting then prevalent environmental energies upon first breath, then carried as our most typical energetic make-up life long, not so much as ‘astrologically’, but physiologically.

As each Solar month can be taken to govern another organ, your month of birth becomes indicative for the belonging organ to be ‘switched on’ most, if you will. In other words, if you are born in a 6 Metal month – and irrespective of your first Star for year of birth -, you will be mostly regarded a ‘Lung driven’ person, the Lung exerted energy then exemplary for your most inner drive and motive in life.

Knowing the special role of your second 9 Ki Star as it derives from your month of birth, becomes pivotal in your understanding of your most intimate tendencies – be they physical, mental, spiritual or existential -, or you may at times even tell people ‘this or that is uncharacteristic to me’, meanwhile able to trace the notion.

There is only so much a blog series as the one here can cover, whereas we have been covering this type of dynamics extensively in our 4-day master classes and distance learning private teaching since 1997. The notion of ‘organs produce emotions’ becomes the more impactful for those students already well versed in – or even professionally practicing – Flying Star Feng Shui, TCM, Acupuncture, Shiatsu as well as for educators, therapists and others minding health and fate for students or clients. Bottom line is, as you’re assessing 9 Ki birth maps, you will yet tremendously reap from incorporating the month information, then translate the information into the belonging organ and meridian energy.

Nonetheless, still today, the going standard in Nine Star Ki astrology has been for a 6.3.x native to note his birth Stars, then likely resort to reading the belonging character descriptions for 6 Metal, then 3 Wood. Here, Star 6 would be read on its own account, Star 3 would be read on its own account, while at the most we would say ‘first Star controls second Star’.

While here the second Star 3 Wood would be instrumental to chart style and native’s inner drive and motive, hardly anyone will note such influence of birth month for overall character, personal style, life progression, while, if you did, this would significantly affect your understanding of 9 Ki and change your life readings.

Said differently, we cannot read into character descriptions for a 6.3.x native, without understanding that what we then found for our 6 Metal native, would have lead to completely different image – and as you will see, drastically so – if person born as 6.1.x or 6.9.x and so forth. Understanding Six Gods and Ten Gods and to incorporate these notions into your 9 Ki assessments, will set you aside from others in the field for good.

Birth month governs 9 Star Ki chart style, your inner drive and motive, whereas we’d be here handling both your 9 Ki birth month, as – further on – your birth month according to the cycle of Twelve Earthly Branches, also referred to as the Chinese Zodiac ‘animals’.

In other words, it matters a great deal whether you are born in a 6 Metal month, or a 3 Wood month. Moreover, you could be born in a 6 Metal month, but your month of birth according to the Earthly Branches may be Xu Dog or Yin Tiger. Without at all mingling 9 Ki and Bazi (in fact, we couldn’t as either these systems exists from entirely different realm), we’d still gain much if besides 9 Ki month Star we’d consider Chinese month of birth to see what would be carried to the life on account of Ten Gods. All this will give essential information on account of your vital Qi and it will influence your talents, aspirations, your life progression.

We will see how you may use the month information to further advance into fate reading, for example as you classify certain chart styles. Both looking into your 9 Ki Mingpan and following your Stars through annual-, monthly- and daily Luoshu, it may be that one of your Stars will be heading into a certain direction, which may or may then not agree with either one of your other Stars, which – once you see the dynamic – makes 9 Ki into such marvelous system to help you ‘do the right thing at the right time, in the right location, in the right spirit and mingling with the right people’.

Incorporating birth month in order to establish chart style means, you could be a 6 Metal with a birth month suggestive for a business chart style, or a scholar type chart, or a leader type chart.

Before we give you all the chart styles and the belonging terminologies, let’s just stay with the Six Gods and look at some straightforward examples, such as for a Leader type chart and a Business type chart. Once we arrived at the Ten Gods, we can read even deeper, but you’ll get the idea.

Please note that, as you read on, we would best do away with such notions as ‘controlling cycle is bad’ or ‘supporting cycle is positive’. You will see how – quite to the contrary – a controlling element may yet provide much awaited power and authority, while the element under your control may indicate riches or be indicative for your ability to utilize the environment. By all means, all elements (Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water) mutually depend on one another and are in loving relationship. Just the notion of one element in control of another element was no indication for anything inauspicious, as equally, just the notion of an element generating another element was by itself no indication for something favorable. All depends on proportion.

Leader type
What controls you is your Official (Guan, Officer), your Power sign. In this example for a female 9.1.x, the 1 Water birth month controls year master 9 Fire. First (outer most) ring shows 9 Fire Ki master, using a black dot for Yin. Second ring shows a white dot as indication for 1 Water (Yang).

Heluo 9 Star Ki female annual 9 Fire 1 Water birth monthThis female 9 Fire year master is born in a 1 Water month (9.1.x). In its position as Ki master, our 9 Fire year master is controlled by the month, thereby a leader type with inner drive and motive much on ambition, acquiring influential and authoritative position with bow and arrow aimed at achieving. As much as at this point it suffices to give you this notion, once we’re ready to discuss Ten Gods, you will see it matters a great deal to have a Yang sign or a Yin sign control a Yin or Yang Ki master. Furthermore important is, did the month influence for Power come from Water, Wood, Fire, Earth or Metal. Other such indications for leader type will be 1 Water year masters born in 2,5 or 8 months, Metal year masters born in 9 Fire month and so on.

Then also, because this is the 9 Ki map for a female, we say Water Power here also depicts her males, her husband. What type of relationship would year master likely engage in, will she feel attracted to independent men, will her spouse be self-employed, or perhaps she marries a teacher.

As hinted already, if this year master 9 Fire employs her Water Power to achieve and assume leadership position, this will be Kidney induced, therefore likely communicative, explorative, with a keen eye out on matters of existential interest, hard working, courageous and strong-willed. If Water Kidney affected, this may introduce apprehension, fear, seclusion, hair loss, affected libido.

Business type
We also say ‘Wealth is what you control’. Therefore, the element under control of year master signifies wealth and assets, knowledge and – in case of a male – his females, wife. In this example, our male year master 9 Fire controls the 7 Metal birth month. Much of the inner drive may be on acquiring wealth. First (outer most) ring shows 9 Fire Ki master, using a black dot for Yin. Second ring shows a black dot as indication for 7 Metal (Yin).

Heluo 9 Star Ki predictions male business type horoscope 7 Metal monthHere is a male 9 Fire year master, born in a 7 Metal month (9.7.x). In its position as Ki master, our 9 Fire year master controls the month, which may be telling for both inner drive and an ability to employ self, others and the environment in order to reach goals. Mostly this signifies a business type with inner drive on acquiring knowledge, if it is a male, much of his interest may be on the opposite sex. Again here, it matters a great deal that month of birth is Yin. Other such indications for business type will be 3 Wood year masters born in 2,5 or 8 months, Metal year masters born in Wood months and so on.

What you control if in good health, will work wonders for you, while if your health compromised in any way or going through rough times, what you control may back fire. Here, our 9 Fire Ki master would be interested in employing self, others, his environment, such then pretty much also in a 7 Metal type of temperament as of course, we’d always keep in mind how 9 Stars primarily associate with the internal organs. 7 Metal is finances as it is, it is in being organized, good at management, being stylish with eye for decorum, while 7 Metal is also mouth and singing, so here, 9 Fire can acquire wealth through presentations of sorts. If Star 7 Large Intestine compromised in any way and proportionately so, our 9 Fire native may tap into contempt for others.

These two examples will suffice at this point, whereas further on in this series we will yet differentiate between Proper Power and Unbecoming Power, between Proper Wealth and Unbecoming Wealth.

First example is a Kidney motivated 9 Fire Ki master, while second example is a Large Intestine motivated 9 Fire Ki master.

Rumor still has it that either these examples would be challenging by having one of the personal birth Stars control the other Star. Plus, while we’re at it, it would be equally inauspicious to have my spouse ‘control me’, right? Wrong, and more than you may perhaps at this time realize. Some of the commonly used Wuxing (Five Transformations) standards, the moreso the ‘controlling cycle’ have been wrongly perceived as negative. Such has been far outdated and long surpassed by much improved insights. Actually, the 5 elements relate along mutual understanding, where neither one cycle would be positive or negative by itself. Once joined within the same enclosed circuit (for example the human body), the 5 elements all aim for the same task. If your health is on order, the ‘controlling cycle’ within your 9 Ki birth map may work out well for you, whereas, if something the matter on account of your health, the ‘supporting cycle’ may compromise you. The Stars themselves will be pretty indifferent and have no agenda of their own, unless in Feng Shui manipulated by wrong Form and Use, in 9 Ki astrology wrong notion of personal health and behavior, chances are you’d be reaping from their beneficial temperament.

Six Gods
So, let’s give you a first notion on account of the Six Gods and see if already at this point you can take this information to play with your 9 Ki month of birth. Besides the notion of year master, month master and day master, you’d be using:

Heluo 9 Star Ki - Four Pillars of Destiny Wealth, Resource, Power, Output

We’ll return to Six Gods more extensively later this series, then at the Ten Gods section further differentiate between Friendly Parallel and Unfriendly Parallel, Gracious Output and Drastic Output, Proper Wealth and Unbecoming Wealth and so on, for even greater detail.

So, let’s look into chart styles a bit more next time. Be ready to go into a bit more sophisticated ‘goodies’ regarding 9 Ki birth month, as we will yet clear up what a Yin or a Yang birth month signifies there, while we’ll be then also moving into the Chinese Solar months of birth, which if you have been a practitioner of Four Pillars of Destiny Ba Zi, you will have been applying already, but which may be a task if you are new to Bazi, as you would need yet hear some of the ins and outs pertaining Twelve Earthly Branches. In other words, just seeing a person born in the month of Tiger, Horse or Monkey is non-information as each Earthly Branch contains up to three ‘hidden elements’, which matter in your life reading.

To be continued…

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