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You just landed in the right place for professional one-on-one studies in 9 Stars and Luoshu and Chinese astrology.


One-on-one distance learning in 3 topics of study since 1997

All our studies direct teacher-student interaction.

We teach 3 topics of study. Each study stands on its own, and can be taken separately or in any preferred order.
We do not teach in modules (One Gathering Only, No-delay).

9 Ki Divination – forecast personal and news events 九宮占卜
Workbook 596 pages.

Four Pillars of Destiny Bazi – Chinese Astrology 八字算命
Workbook 560 pages.

Nine Star Ki – Japanese Astrology 九星命理
Workbook 480 pages.

Description study topics | Hear what students say – testimonials 

We’ll here brief you on your study program, your printed workbook (480-730 pages), how to enroll, certificate of completion.

Distance learning
You may enroll for one-on-one distance learning, where you will receive printed workbook in topic of study on your doorstep (480-730 pages), while direct teacher-student interaction in this questions-answers based training ensures the build up of your personal study file (totaling 18 weeks, off line), everything written on your person. Besides your personal study file, you will be sent to study specialization files to cover a wide range of ‘for your eyes only’ topics, indispensable for your practice.

Some highlights

One gathering – no modules
One thing you can be sure about how we designed our study program in 1997 is, you’ll be not required to return to class several consecutive modules just to pick up on the complete teaching for any single topic of study by bits ‘n’ pieces.

Besides we want to ensure your full autonomy over the art, and to be competitive if you perform as a teacher or consultant, this is to ensure only the more that you’ll save tremendously on repeated training fees, repeated travel expenses or expensive hotel accommodation.

Level of training
Advanced level training from the outset, as we never distinguish between beginners, intermediate, advanced.

Professionalism – trusted by our peers
Students, professionals and our colleagues (including 3 Chinese masters) from 42 countries trained with us. You’ll like our internationally positioned studies if you are – or aspire to be – a teacher or a consultant, minding health and fate of students or clients. As a practicing professional, you may effortlessly and seamlessly add the techniques to your existing curriculum.

Being competitive in the field is not a matter of having learned the same materials ‘better’ than your peers, but to learn, delve and research, so that you could take on any conversation with no matter which master, make a difference in the lives of others, so that everything in our didactic approach will be aiming for your full autonomy and to help set you aside from others in the field.

Authentic and comprehensive workbooks (480-730 pages)
Our workbooks, that’s a story in itself. Each workbook is invaluable, well written so that it will read like a novel, but moreover containing what you’ll see others divide by a string of separate titles. Where we may often see workbooks with just rudimentary text and covering just the ‘mandatory’, you will study from a truly massive workbook which will be easily a class in its own right, so that you may rely on your workbook for years after completion of your training.

Queries, enrollment and payment
Send email to with any of your queries.

Certificate of completion
Each one-on-one distance learning renders Certificate of Completion, no exams.

Consultants, teachers or those minding students and clients
You will acquire relevant work-related technique and knowledge, suitable for direct inclusion into your existing practice. Whatever your line of work – in or outside metaphysics -, once you involve in helping people solve problems or change behavior, you want to fully rely on your professional curriculum. One of our Bazi students – whom is a pediatrician – has been pulling the Bazi birth chart on each one of her clients, so as to help further shape judgment and individually adapt treatment. We show Acupuncturists how they may see their pulse diagnosis mirrored by their client’s Bazi horoscope or 9 Star Ki birth map.

Your full personal autonomy is what matters
We feel strong about your being fully autonomous and competitive at what you do. It is why we teach and why we expressly convey each study in one gathering, while a massive printed workbook comes with each topic of study. As a professional, you couldn’t afford for any gaps in the training provided to you, as such would simply only translate into eventual mistakes being committed in your working with clients.

It is why we persist in transmitting the teaching in One Gathering. Never mind if you are not a professional and do not aspire to become one, as we’ll treat both art and your person as if you were one anyway. Class will handsomely handle certain standing controversies, let you note then debunk myth, legends, red herrings (smoke screens, decoy) employed so massively in Oriental metaphysics and we’ll clarify the underlying technique. If you are already versed in Qi studies, or if you have been running your professional practice, joining class would be the more rewarding. There are no contradictions anywhere in metaphysics, or even secrets, which would be at best plain technique deliberately being held back.

‘Away from hype’ is crazy enough
Nothing than just sheer training should be on any of our minds. Still, there is a fine line between a teacher and a lecturer, or a student and a participant. You will value our ‘away from hype’ and down to earth style, both in how we organize your studies as also in how we set class fees. Most of our students have had a training history with other programs of several modules to any one single Qi study, confessing how they would be glued to their credit cards for years to come. We have a saying in Holland ‘if just you acted normal, that would be crazy enough’. As a small team of 4 enthusiasts, we departed from “Devoted To Your Destiny In One Peaceful World” once back in 1997 we decided to step into teaching our not-for-profit practitioner program Professional Destiny Consultant. We wish to make a difference, which is also why you’ll have seen us freely publish and distribute our genuine class materials through extensive articles since 1999, so that you can access teaching wherever you are.

Oriental cosmology is the basis to your practice
While on to your vocational study in such fate and destiny systems as 9 Ki and Bazi, you’ll be pleased to know how all our studies and workbooks handle Chinese cosmology and Oriental philosophy by certain depth, replacing myth and red herrings (decoy, smoke screen) by their intended underlying teaching.

We show you how to handle Wuxing Five Transformation 五行 in a new way – challenging, while as you will concur then also much more philosophically and practically appropriate –, face reading and oriental diagnosis (Japanese style study of physiognomy and a bit easier than Chinese face reading Miang Xian – 面相), 9 Stars and Luoshu prediction, moreover discussing how to go about acquiring lasting Destiny Change for yourself or in your work with clients for health and fate.

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