4-day Master Classes and Distance Learning with Heluo Hill 賀洛

with Heluo Hill

You may come in for your one-on-one study in our permanent classroom, or – if you would like to study, but you cannot travel -, we’ll take you in for your 18 weeks distance learning study along direct teacher-student interaction.

Internationally acclaimed vocational study program in 4 topics of study since 1997.

Each one of studies stands on its own, and can be done separately, or in any order as you prefer. We do not teach in modules.

(For more personalized information, send email heluo@xs4all.nl)

9 Star Ki Divination 九宮占卜
Workbook 610 pages.

Four Pillars of Destiny Bazi 八字算命
Workbook 650 pages.

Flying Star Feng Shui 風水飛星派
Workbook 730 pages.

Nine Star Ki Astrology 九星命理
Workbook 480 pages.

Distinctly competitive training if you are – or aspire to be – a professional.
You may rely on advanced and competitive studies, each topic transmitted in 1 gathering (no modules).
You study a complete and professional level course for your proficiency – Certificate of Completion.

Enjoy direct teacher-student interaction in our permanent classroom.
(Alternatively, if you cannot travel, you may consider one-on-one Distance Learning).

As you scroll, I’ll yet give you what encouragements more we’ll have in store for you, but I’ll start with
just 2 considerations, as our students say that these stand out in our distinctive approach to teaching.

Each study with us advanced, complete and… transmitted in one gathering; if
only so as to ensure that not you’ll be returning in class for endless modules

Each study intensive and competitive, expressly designed to set you apart from others in the field, and to enable you to seamlessly implement the technique in your start up or existing practice.

Read 4-day master classes on much more elaborate descriptions, and details on class topics.

 Some of the prime elements in our school’s study program
Find more as you read General Information and how we organize your training…

  • Teachers and professional consultants with long training histories turn to Heluo for profound training.
  • We feel quite strong about direct teacher-student interaction, as exactly our individual approach and a further adaptation to your personal or professional situation comes as ultimately critical in our school. Most our students have their existing practice as a teacher or professional consultant in full swing, not only in Flying Star Feng Shui, 9 Star Ki, Four Pillars of Destiny Bazi or Yi Jing, but TCM’ers, acupuncturists, psychotherapists train with us, as they seek to seamlessly implement the materials in their existing curriculum.
  • Each 4-day master class thoroughgoing, advanced and carefully designed as a complete training.
  • Everything transmitted in full, in one gathering. You are not required to return to class for endless modules only so as to gather the teaching in any single topic of study by bits and pieces.
  • From this it follows that your training fee will be kept to what’s still surmountable. We are a not-for-profit school to begin with, so by this alone, we ensured that you will learn in our permanent classroom, while avoid nonsensical expenses on luxury conference rooms, 5* hotels or having to fly in endlessly.
  • Right from the get go, we adapted our training fee to Gross Domestic Product and spending parity of 10 of the lowest paying countries, while we further adapt training fee to euro-dollar tensions in your favor.
  • 4 topics of study in our intensive professional training program since 1997.
  • Each class comes with massive printed workbook (480-730 pages) in topic of study.
  • Certificate of Completion 4-day master classes and one-on-one distance learning.
  • Intensive one-on-one studies in our permanent classroom in the city of Heemstede, the Netherlands.
  • In case of group training scheduled, class will be a maximum of 8 students, class time 10:00 to 18:00, lunch, coffee/tea, Certificate of Completion included.
  • On your such request, we will book your nearby B&B or Airbnb in your name.
  • At convenient distance from Schiphol International Airport. Free parking.
  • No-one wants that you feel ‘lost’ in a foreign country, so I’ll prepare your personalized travel pdf with specifics, aerial photos of your whereabouts, what to do upon arrival at the airport, bus schedules back and forth, restaurants, hotel and/or B&B specifics.
  • Do as most our foreign students, and add days to your itinerary to go and see the great city of Amsterdam.

Or, alternatively, if you cannot travel while still you wish to excel!
Distance Learning Training (asynchronous, i.e. off-line, no login times)

Your 18 weeks one-on-one distance learning study arranges like so:

♦ Receive printed workbook in topic of study (480-730 pages) on your doorstep.
10 weeks of preliminary studies of your workbook, while you amass questions for Heluo.
8 weeks of questions-answers based training, personal homework file to go back and forth repeatedly.
Private student and ‘for your eyes only’ supplementary materials through separate Specialization Files.

Contact for details (email or Skype)
Send email with your queries, so that I can inform you by much more detail. Give your training history, your aspirations in Chinese metaphysics, if you are – or aspire to be – a professional, minding students or clients.

Contact Heluo by sending email to heluo@xs4all.nl.

My Skype name is heluo.hill.
In case you prefer Skype over email for a more direct and informal exchange with Heluo to see what exactly our studies would bring you, you may always request for a brief voice call in Skype, which beats email or phone. Just simply announce through email and I will get back with you to arrange a suitable time. It is GMT+1 where we are (if it is not DST).

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Testimonials and class reports

Heluo Qi Explorations Netherlands (1997) & Feng Shui Network Netherlands (1995) are initiatives of Butao Global Awareness Center (1979). Heluo Hill has been studying Oriental Metaphysics since 1973, and teaching since 1979.

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