9 Star Ki Prediction and how to relate real news events to Luoshu and 8 Trigrams

9 Star Ki Divination how to read annual and monthly Stars - Heluo HillThe surest way to practice 9 Star Ki ‘prediction’ and to actually relate real news events to Luo Shu and 8 Trigrams is you’d stay close to real news events.

This then supposes a transition in the way you perceive ‘reality’ and how you process news.

Besides take in stories and images just as they will be presented in your media, you’ll be interested to relate each detail in the news to its energetic component, its 9 Ki relevance.

First requirement in at all noting the hand of 9 Stars and your Magic Square in news events, is your being aware how 9 Stars are actually dancing before your very eyes in everything you see. And the good thing is, you could bring just anyone to see it at the click of a finger. It is all about your knowing the Ki message upon noting the material manifestation.

This one’s if you are at the beginning stages of your involvement in 9 Stars and Luoshu.

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Nine Star Ki – so much more than astrology
As many of your fellow practitioners, you may have probably relied on Nine Star Ki Japanese astrology for its character descriptions (based on year, month and day of birth), health, relationships, directionology and marriage compatibility. I continue to be amazed how most still do not seem to realize what divinatory skills could be attained through 9 Ki prognostication. If you were to print all that we have published on our website and blog on 9 Ki Divination, that alone would mount to a vast handbook. However, as our school gets to teach professional teachers and consultants in the field of Oriental Metaphysics, we can safely say that there yet lays bare an immense field for 9 Stars and Luoshu events prediction, both with regard to personal life progression and in making sense of news events – past, present and future.

Basically, you could be employing Nine Star Ki as:

Astrology and physiology for personal character, health, relationships and career.
Divination of personal life progression and news events, past, present, future.

Then, concerning just the divinatory branch of 9 Ki for now, did it occur to you that every single thing appearing before you can be reduced to being a representative manifestation of either one of 9 Stars – a Trigram -, for example, such as you’d be here gazing at your computer screen. Computer comes under Star 3 Wood, but Star 3 Wood is also suggestive for the tree you’re seeing out your window, uniformed personnel on your television screen, or a railway station.

The sole purpose of this post is to ensure that you’ll be able to make a transition in the way you perceive – then process – those news images presented in your media. If after running through this discourse, a car colliding into a tree is still no more than just a car colliding into a tree, it’s a failed expedition.

To me, the car is a car just as it would be a car to my neighbor.

However, my neighbor would not give it another thought and be ‘moving on’ to the next news item, whereas I would pull the belonging annual- and monthly Luoshu 洛書 and note Star 6 for car and Star 3 for tree there.

Better still, knowing the annual-, monthly- and daily Luoshu before the fact, this would give me a good idea as to when a car colliding into a tree was to be expected, well before I turned on my television.

Then, even if you are a complete beginner, I need you to be able to obtain instant notion of 9 Ki relevance in those news images or news stories without any further training or assistance from a formal teacher, i.e. to see a news image or read a news story and immediately knowing the belonging Star or Trigram. Once you are able to work with single Stars and Luoshu Palaces, you’d be of course refining to read 81 Star Combinations for annual- and monthly Luoshu, 729 possible combinations in all, if you were to include the day Ki Stars.

We’ll be here proposing an exercise on how to ‘translate Stars into events and events into Stars’, by using some simple images, but which you would find in your news media all the time, enabling you to forever make the transition between just seeing the ‘real’ image shown or understanding the underlying energetic message.

Then, at first and if you are a beginner at 9 Stars and Luoshu analysis, you will most probably find yourself reasoning into after-the-fact news, while, before long, you will be on to doing forecasting of your own, for example where you’d first pull your annual- and monthly Luoshu, read Stars there for their ‘story’ and only then turn on your television to mirror the news there against what you had found already.

All you see is just dressed up 9 Stars
Energy before matter, so that to concern of 9 Star Divination, as our first example, Star 6 may become suggestive for a car, Star 3 for a tree.

Same difference with casting coins in order to acquire a response to your question from Yi Jing 易經.

Supposing you’d have a question to ask Yijing Book of Changes. Now, you could be casting coins in order to obtain a Hexagram 卦, while actually – as you sit on a terrace -, you could try do away with those coins and instead convert anything that you see in front of you into its belonging Trigram or Hexagram, on the spot. If same had not occurred to you when last you took note of the news on your television, it is no doubt because the 9 Stars happen ‘faster than the brain’.

So fast are the 9 Stars, that it would normally not occur to anyone how an event perhaps happening in one country would be repeated for three other regions just the same.

Assuming you take my word for it and you’d actually sit yourself in front of your television or news paper with Luoshu in your lap, there’s certain things you need to know, so, let me inspire you to become ‘faster than the Stars’ and just get you started by noting the hand they’d have in all images coming off your television screen or your news paper.

Let’s first ensure that from hereon you’d be sitting right next to Luoshu as you’re in front of your television. You’d be taking annual- and monthly Stars there – if you can, the day Ki Stars – and be minding the Host-Guest principle. That’s about it, besides of course you’d know your 9 Stars and Trigram attributes.

Heaven-Man-Earth or Time-Action-Space
If we’d stick with the basic Luoshu Magic Square (also referred to as Saturn Square) – which would depict 8 directional Luoshu Palaces of 45 degrees each (Earth or Space) -, we may admit 3 Stars (Heaven or Time) for each Palace.

Month Star (M) is Guest to the annual Star (Y), daily Star (D) is the latest arrived Guest. Basically, a Guest Star would approach the Host Star to make an appeal, thus taking effect as it would invite the Host Star into Action (Man or Action).

Now, back to Star 6 for car and Star 3 for a tree. If we’d have a car collide into a tree, the question becomes, is that ‘just’ a car and a tree you’re seeing, or is it two dressed up 9 Ki Stars, one dressed as a car, the other as a tree.

Very much minding the Host-Guest [Ke Zhu 主客] principle – by which the annual Star (here Star 3 Wood) in each 45 degrees Luoshu Palace is Host, the visiting monthly Star (here Star 6 Metal) the Guest -, the 3-6 shown at the central Luoshu Palace would be the more likely candidate for us to see a car collide into a tree, whereas of course, similar event may occur with same combo just anywhere in Luoshu besides the central Palace. That said, can you guess what 6-3 would portend?

Now, I am not sure at what stage of profundity I am catching you reading this, but, if you are new to 9 Stars and Luoshu analysis, chances are you hadn’t noticed that today your phone rang and you were being called up by Henry. Well, of course, you would have noted it was ‘Henry’ calling you, but as we said energy before matter and you may ask the question whom or what had phoned you, Henry or the energy representing Henry. Anyway, if your personal 9 Ki Star is 1 Water and Henry is a 6 Metal person, it may just happen that day Ki Star 6 visits your native Star 1 anywhere in today’s Luoshu.
Heluo Hill - 9 Stars and Host-Guest

Matters can become rather subtle, as what you would also probably not have noticed is a scenario like the one here.

Supposing by same Luoshu as above, your 9 Ki Star is still ‘1’, Star 1 representing the annual Star, while your friend Henry’s Star is still 6 Metal, Star 6 representing the day Ki Star, so that would be the combination of Guest Star 6 and your Host Star 1 anywhere in a given Luoshu.

While out in the street, was it you to first see your friend and say ‘hi’, or did he initiate the contact.

It may depend on what you find by Luoshu. In the first case and again due to Host-Guest (monthly Star more active and mobile than the annual Star, daily Star more active and mobile than the monthly Star), above depiction tells us how Star 6 would go to approach and make an appeal on Star 1, shown as 6-1-x. In the instance you’d be the one noting Henry first, Stars would have probably appeared as 1-6-x.

I’d be the first to understand if you thought this was too weird to be true, however, while it will be not like this all the time, it is certainly one of those examples of how you might see those 9 Stars at work, you should only check. For example, you may be able to still recall certain dates where you had met with certain people, or you may look into marriage compatibility, such as, you may see under which annual- and monthly Magic Square your relationship had started.

Same difference between just only digesting a news item as presented by the media and thinking no more of it, or on the other hand going into the processing needed in order to see the energetic signature underlying those images. For you to do the latter is the objective of 9 Ki.

So, as we proceed, why don’t you pull this year’s and month’s Luoshu and take what you’ll be reading here to practice even as we speak. Then also of course, we’d want for you to hit on a good success rate right away, so that, as you’d be on to linking 9 Ki and news events, you can still look into global events, but I’d say the real trick will be in your gathering local news, be that your own locale or as you’d look up ‘local news’ but for cities elsewhere. Those main news channels would be less interested in ‘smaller’ news, but it is exactly where you would be able to derive most 9 Ki relevance, so you may take that hint.

So, now that we actually have you in front of your television with an annual- and monthly Luoshu in your lap, the real task starts. If you haven’t been on to it already, how to take you from just seeing moving images and ‘seeing’ the underlying 9 Ki there?

See, news coverage will be done by journalists, while at the end of the day, that’s ‘normal folk’, just like the rest of us, i.e. news reporters would rely on what the brain observes, reporting just on what they see, just as any news photo you’d see will of course be done by a camera. Neither your on average journalist or your on average camera will have the ability to record beyond ‘what the human eye would see’ and there you have your news paper story or news photo. You can do so much better once you take yourself to see energy before matter and translate just anything you see into its belonging Star or Trigram. The 9 Stars are just in front of you, in all you see, and it’s all up for grasps.

I will be still doing a blog series on how to obtain Luoshu Trend from just noting the central Luoshu Star, but here you may spare just a minute or so to look at what may be one of those typical television images, only to realize how many times you would have seen exactly same, then probably without having given it another thought or having even related the event to 9 Ki. Of course you probably hadn’t, but it has been like this all along.

What you’d be interested in besides seeing the armored vehicle just like anyone else is, to ‘see’ the underlying Luoshu there. Said differently, once you made this into your second skin, you’d be the one telling people what will be ‘in the streets’ long before any news media would have come up with the belonging images.

Actually, the only thing in between ‘news’ and your then unlocking 9 Ki relevance there, would be a working knowledge on account of Stars and Trigram attributes, that’s about all.

To this respect and just so as to get you going, let’s be solving above television image and take you by the hand of Star 9 Fire and 2 Earth.

We may derive Star attributes from their belonging Trigram images, each Star to govern tens of (in)tangible aspects. If you are new to all this, I’d here give you some notions to go on, using Star 9 Fire and Star 2 Earth as examples. Of course, you may just check the news for it and see for yourself and you’d be soon doing this on your own.

Star 9 Fire
Star 9 Fire relates to Fire Trigram (Li Gua – 離卦) to depict something solid on the outside, soft on the inside. It is generally associated with shell fish, armored soldier.

Star 2 Earth
Star 2 Earth relates to Earth Trigram (Kun Gua – 坤卦) for provision, food, the act of fueling, poison. Surface or gear we rely on for protection (dam), landing gear, balustrade, theater stage.

This in mind, we’d zoom in mostly on the annual and/or monthly Star at the central Luoshu Palace, whereas the day Ki Star can be a player too. Examples here show the associated news event with the belonging Star at the central Palace, whereas, if we say that Star 9 Fire depicts armored vehicles, we could find comparable event with Star 9 in any of the other Luoshu Palaces (for example, if then 9 Fire joins Star 5 Earth or if it appears into opposite position of 5 Earth), but we’d prefer to keep things a bit straightforward here.

Once taking the Star(s) at the central Palace to establish – what I call – Luoshu Trend, you’d of course move further into Luoshu syntax and read for context, subject, verb, objects, people and so on, while still otherwise examining Luoshu to locate 5 Yellow, where 5 Yellow mingles with Star 2 (mob, soldiers), Star 3 (uniformed personnel such as police, fire fighters). Given their Trigram attributes, here is by what images Star 9 and Star 2 would likely pop up on your television screen, literally as it says here.

From astrologer to diviner
You need to be faster than your brain to see how any phenomenon can be related to a single Star and Trigram, or to a combination of Stars and Trigrams. We may define esoterism as the capacity to ‘sonar transparently through apparent reality’.

As you’d be observing any image, be that as you walk the streets or as it appears in your media, you might dissect the image or any detail in it into Stars and Trigrams, after which you will dismiss those Star attributes not relevant to your then context.

Here is to give you practice into classifying Stars or note compound Stars.

Gradually, as a 9 Star Ki diviner, you will become skilled at conceiving whatever 9 Stars and 8 Trigram attributes on your own, as such going beyond what you may find by Shuo Gua Trigram attributes.

I will give an example of a prognostication I did for the Netherlands in 1994, while I thought to zoom in on Star 4 Wood for aeronautics. That is almost 2 decades ago and while my prediction was wrong, yet, we now know the forecasting was spot on. I’ll show you what I did, this time however concerning the 20-year Feng Shui Time Periods.

Besides it can work from 9 Ki derived annual-, monthly- and daily Luoshu, Flying Star Feng Shui would use 9 distinct Period charts, each covering 20 years, so that such Period chart can be projected over a house, an open plot, a city, a country or a continent.

At the time still very much at the Feng Shui Period 7 chart (1984-2004), I thought to take a sneak preview at the Period 8 Time chart to superimpose it over my country, because Feng Shui Period 8 runs from 2004-2024. Once done, I said ‘The Netherlands will be once more reclaiming land from the sea and be constructing an airfield at sea’. I have never felt reluctant to publish this, because I thought that had to happen, it just had to, it was all over Luoshu. Well, it didn’t, or…?

The first time I saw a serious plan for an airfield at sea, was in a Dutch news paper in 1996, 2 years after my first forecasting, after which the idea was studied, then dismissed – actually put in the fridge, so it might still happen – by our parliament in December 1999. I was a bit disappointed, but confident enough that soon the idea would pick up again, because says Luoshu, right?

Here is the Time chart for Feng Shui Period 8, so you’d note Star 4 Wood for airplane and airfield in the North to coincide with the Ijsselmeer there. By itself, central Star 8 may denote built structures, whereas Star 1 Water appears in the West, Star 5 for ‘construction related events’ appears in the North Sea to the Southwest.

I am actually leaving you here with just the Period 8 Time chart in use for Flying Star Feng Shui, as I would have also looked at the 9-year Luoshu for 9 Ki Period 3 Wood in use for 9 Star Ki (2000-2009) and the 9-year Period for 4 Wood (2009-2018), but that aside, as you can do it too.

Long story short, there’s still not an airfield in sight today, in our out of the sea, but if Star 4 Wood had been instrumental for saying so, I should have derived not ‘aeronautics’, but just the basic notion for ‘Wind’ from the 4 Wood Xun Trigram. The Netherlands have been massively constructing wind parks in exactly those areas suggested by the Period 8 Luoshu. It is just one example of how we can take any of the 9 Stars, then have it lead us into the appropriated image, or, such as here, line of thinking was spot on, but I just took a wrong turn into ‘airfield’, where I should have followed the road sign ‘Wind’.

That’s the thing. As you zoom in on any particular Star you’d have several its attributes to your disposal. Then, knowing context, will help you dismiss any then non relevant attributes of such Star for your news event.

Let me share two examples of how you may learn to rely on Luoshu, rather than just squarely going by whatever you’d see pop up in the news. One is an announced teacher strike in Greece ‘later this month’, the other a reported blast in a labor mine supposedly caused by electrical short circuit.

You may take both these examples as characteristic for the real actual significance of 9 Ki, either one involving Star 2 Earth and Star 6 Metal, so let’s sum up some of their attributes.

Star 2 Earth
Star 2 Earth relates to the field of education and teachers. It is agricultural field, it is submerged hollow space as in labor mine, it is mine workers.

Usually, we would associate labor (or hunger) strikes with Star 6 Metal, moreover the 6 Metal Luoshu Palace. A trade union had announced a teacher strike for Greece ‘later this month’, but with monthly Star 2 at the central Luoshu Palace. Meaning, upon hearing this against the background of such Luoshu, you could almost dismiss this as such would be not likely and as a matter of fact such labor strike didn’t manifest with this Luoshu. A teacher strike would have been more likely a month later with monthly Star 2 for ‘teachers’ arriving the 6 Metal Palace for ‘labor strike’.

While next example involves monthly Star 6 for ‘explosion’ and ‘armed assault’, you may transport Star 2 for labor mine.

Star 6 Metal is Sudden Stop, it is in strategic and engineering thinking, guns, bullets, armed assault, explosion.

This example is great because it once more shows how the television news may be telling you one thing, while (and you will see this happen all the time) your Luoshu clearly says ‘nope’. To the left is the Magic Square for the actual event, which had occurred with annual- and monthly Luoshu for July 1998, while – were we to believe what was said in the news -, this would have supposed image on the right, where monthly Star 3 there would have associated with electricity, thereby short circuit.

The television news said how a blast in a labor mine had occurred, due to short circuit. This was on Tuesday. The belonging Luoshu in my lap, I told my wife ‘no, this is an armed assault’, which is pretty neat and inspired of course by monthly Star 6 (Guest) for explosion and fire arms to look up annual Star 2 (Host) for labor mine. Next Friday the news returned to the event by announcing that six men with rifles had attacked the labor mine, which had caused for the blast.

Your 9 Ki exercise
Now, let’s round off this little discourse with some images you’d come across by your media all the time. Pretty soon you’ll be in front of your television, watching your news channel. Will you be taken those images ‘as is’, or can you make the transition to their 9 Ki relevance. In other words, can you note a visual concept and take it for its underlying energetic message.

Here are some simple images I selected and along which you may sharpen your ability to translate Stars into events and events into Stars. Each here image can be sooner or later shooting from your television screen, the question becoming, will you be able to ‘see’ the 9 Ki there.

Take note of the images and take the appropriate Star(s) to the circle(s).

Again, you’d only be needing a working knowledge of Star and Trigram attributes, which you may find all over the internet, spread along my blog series, moreover in the free online course “9 Star Divination – Personal And Global Events” already mentioned.

Either way, you’d have no difficulty linking the Stars to either one of the images here and who knows, you will be soon on to engaging into much more serious events, such as you’d be tracing missing people or diving into some of those cold cases, where years after the fact, what had actually happened remains obscure. In any case and if you’re not quite ‘getting’ it, take it from me that all of the story is readily there by Luoshu.

This should do the job of getting you in front of your media, relating news events to their 9 Ki relevance. If you have ever been playing with Nine Star Ki astrology for character descriptions and thinking that was an adventure, there is mileage to go on account of the vast divinatory branch in 9 Ki and you may be adding a whole new tool, where you’d be forecasting not only personal live events, but follow news events. Soon, you’d be on to not just after-the-fact news, but reading Luoshu for events that are to still happen.

Remember to collect all those 9 Stars and Trigram attributes. As you proceed, you will be able to do real service, not only to yourself, your family, friends, your students and clients, but your wider community.

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