9 Star Ki Divination – 9 Stars and Luoshu forecasting 6 Metal year

Who is Star 6 and how to forecast for real (news) events
While it will be here on to your forecasting of real (news) events by the hand of 9 Stars and Luoshu divination for a Star 6 year, I can’t be sure if or in how far it had occurred to you, how those news media images, were actually turning your television screen into a ‘moving Luoshu’, quite literally as here stated.

Besides some may have been well on to Chinese Astrology, more specifically annual forecasting done through Four Pillars of Destiny Bazi 八字命理 for the Yin Metal-Ox (辛丑 Xin-Chou) year of 2021, here 9 Star Ki Divination will pull you through 9 Stars and Luoshu forecasting by the hand of annual- and monthly Luoshu.

We will start by giving basic attributes for annual Star 6, then straight-on to the so-called ‘annual Reversed Luoshu Axis’, as chances are not slim, that you will see news progressions to remarkably bend towards this exciting – newly found – 9 Ki dynamic in particular.

Here first is the annual Luoshu for a Star 6 year.

Star 6 at the ‘center’ is the energy said to currently descend from heaven, so that it has not its attributes represented from out of the 45 degrees directions.

In fact, there is no ‘central Star’ in a non-existent ‘central Luoshu Palace’, while for reason that there is not a ‘central unit’ in Luoshu to host Stars, attributes as ascribed to annual Star 6 may be prone to events.

Heluo Hill Star 6 Metal Trigram Qian HeavenStar 6 White (Liù Bái 六白) is taken to be governed by Trigram Heaven (Qián Gua 乾卦). It depicts something magnanimous and enclosed. Star 6 is associated with planet Venus (Jīn Xīng – 金星) and associated with the sixth Star in the Big Dipper, also known as Wu Qū 武曲. As is true for Star 7 also, Wu Qu is a Military Star.

Star 6 denotes authority, leadership, while as a character he is organized, competent, noble, strategic, aimed at accomplishing without much tolerance for failure, demanding of self and others, can be rigid, while he can be a dominant and authoritarian ruler, interested in projects before people.

Basic attributes Star 6
Star 6 governs Lungs and Large Intestine, more predominantly Lung. Head, skull, neck, lower jaw, bones, tendon, left wrist. Father (not husband, see Star 3), elderly men. Sovereign(ty), regime, authority, leaders and leadership, law and legislation. Military, army, arms factory, weapons depot, battle, armed conflict. Gun, rifle, bullet. Explosion, explosives, ammunition, armed assault, battering. Sudden stop, sudden single impact. Promotion, job and career related, being elected, official position, employer. Labor strike (related to accompanying Star, e.g. 6-2 labor mine workers or teachers on strike, hunger strike), workers’ unrest, uproar (related to accompanying Star). Round objects, domed structures, silo (6-2 grain silo, 6-4 missile silo). Cylindrical container (6-4 air tank, diving cylinder), pipeline, metal pipe. Machinery, steel constructions, arched steel bridge. Magnanimous, walled and inaccessible building of royal stature or breathing authority just by construction and appearance, while Star 6 related buildings and physical objects may contain a considerable amount of steel, marble or glass. Automotive industry, motor vehicle, car, truck, bus (not so much tram or metro which would resort under Star 3 for ‘electricity’ more), car accidents (frontal and more likely fatal, see Star 7). Capital, hotel, dry land, horse, lion. Frozen state, ice, dry, hailstones, marble.

Personal life progression
With your Star in the 6 Metal Luoshu Palace, your Star to visit Star 6 or Star 6 to visit your Star in Luoshu, or to a certain degree if your Star appears from opposite Star 6 in Luoshu, while outcome furthermore flavored by portents of other Stars involved:

The Star 6 Luoshu Palace may read: ‘business expands’, ‘support’, or ‘harvest’. May enjoy harvest related to matters or efforts done in the past. Remember, everything in 9 Stars is a two way street, i.e. in order for you to harvest support, you must be out there to ask for it, while you must be ready to render others your support. The 6 Metal Luoshu Palace associates with leadership, authority, strategic planning and being efficient. Good for career development, but if you are a student or head of your family it will equally affect your authority, as people will have almost automatic faith in your judgment and skill. May be elected, both in politics and in job application. This would be due to forces at the Qian Palace swirling inward bound, resulting in a more dense and more convincing personal energy. Your ideas may be compact, your thinking efficient, so that others would recognize and rely on you for your insights and skill. With your Star in the 6 Metal Luoshu Palace, you may gain on resolve, so that this is a good time for organizing, starting or upgrading your business, realizing your plans.

On the down side – always as you check opposite Luoshu Palace and Star(s) for detail -, can become inwardly inclined or recluse, being self conscious or overworked. May be prone to unemployment, demotion, authority challenged, head or bone injury, car accident. Can be Godfather, despotic.

A timely proposition for my fellow 9 Stars and Luoshu die-hards
You may have been working incessantly with the correlation between 9 Stars and Wuxing Five Transformations, which is great, however, so much so indeed, that in the mean time, you wouldn’t have given it a second thought.

While we’re at it and to concern of Wuxing: did you note ‘Star 6’, rather than saying ‘Star 6 Metal’?

9 Stars as in use for events forecasting in 9 Ki Divination come under the domain ‘Heaven Qi’ – compare ‘Earth Qi’, ‘Man Qi’ -, whereby full mandate to instigate real (news) events lies with 9 Stars, as 9 Stars act fully on their own, without the need of any outside assistance.

As much as there will be elsewhere and for other purposes areas of undoubtedly undiminished application for Wuxing and its ‘supporting’ and ‘controlling’ cycles, now that you are an ardent 9 Stars and Luoshu practitioner, the more if you like to stay close to 9 Ki and events progression in the news media, I would very much inspire you to take good note of here – then hopefully convincing – article:
Wuxing 5 Elements Not A Player In 9 Stars And Luoshu Forecasting Of Real Events

Annual Reversed Luoshu Axis in a Star 6 year
(as in ‘as we speak’: take your ability to forecast events through 9 Stars sky-high).

Still largely unknown in the field of 9 Stars and Luoshu practices, is a Luoshu phenomenon that I had baptized “Reversed Luoshu Axis”, now that – after all – any Star may each time for a year, month or day appear from opposite its basic Luoshu Palace.

As such, this year, annual Star 1 appears in the Li Palace, which is from opposite its original Palace in Luoshu, where it instigates the annual Reversed Luoshu Axis. Annual Star 1 will find its 9 Stars and Trigram attributes ‘magnetically off’, so to speak, while now that annual Star 2 appears on the annual Reversed Luoshu Axis just the same, this would ‘consequently’ take annual Star 2’s attributes in its slipstream ‘going nowhere’. Saying, Star 1 and Star 2 attributes may be ‘challenged’, while you may still reach your goal and intended outcome, but it may come with surprises.

However, now that you will see that this capacity will be pretty much dominant in your news, we may start by further clarifying this dynamic.

Heluo Hill Luoshu Magic Square annual StarsIt now becomes a matter of taking a bird’s eye view over news progressions in your news media, to see the mark of the Reversed Luoshu Axis dynamic. For this, you need to consider Star 1 and Star 2 attributes.

If a Star appears from opposite its original Luoshu Palace, it may finds its energy distorted, which would leave the entire Luoshu Axis uncalibrated (do not involve central Palace or central Star, because it is not really there), here the so-called North-South Luoshu axis.

Other Stars will have their attributes affected accordingly, once aligned with the annual Reversed Luoshu Axis for a month or a day. Therefore, if not your personal 9 Ki Stars align with the annual Reversed Luoshu Axis, you will select those months and days that either one of your Stars would.

As the dynamic of Reversed Luoshu Axis does not limit itself to the annual Luoshu, this aspect will occur with monthly and daily Luoshu just the same, so that you will note monthly- and daily Reversed Luoshu Axis, and if your Star(s) appear there.

Which is which: well, let the news speak for itself
Do take a note that ‘popularly’, the Star 9 Luoshu Palace is associated with the direction of South, the Star 1 Palace with the direction of North, whereas you will soon enough come to note that indeed everything in 9 Ki Divination becomes entirely irrespective of at all cartographic directions, such that attributes normally linked to annual Star 1 and annual Star 2 will act ‘reversed’, no matter into which ‘direction’ an event were to then occur. This is – in short – because 9 Stars are ‘Heaven Qi’, and as such 9 Stars for purpose of 9 Ki Divination ‘answer to nothing’, until Luoshu directions or the contraction 9 Stars+Wuxing are of no concern in events forecasting, but which may be in contrast with how we employ 9 Stars and Luoshu for purpose of Xuan Kong Flying Star Feng Shui (Fei Xing), which would adhere directions to Luoshu.

Also, now that Fei Xing Feng Shui ‘pulls’ 9 Stars through the so-called San Yuan Jiu Yun (Three Cycles, Nine Periods) calendar, it recognized 20-year Periods, to each time take 9 Stars to either ‘timely and auspicious’ or ‘untimely and inauspicious’, while your 9 Ki Divination efforts will plunge into nothingness, were you to even remotely project same on 9 Stars, but in your working with annual- and monthly Luoshu.

There will be no such ‘delay’ in 9 Ki Divination, as annual-, monthly- and daily Stars are at full mandate and come into performance unhindered.

Said differently, if you engage into circumstances related to annual Star 1 or annual Star 2, then the Reversed Luoshu Axis dynamic may be in effect, whether you were traveling at that time or not, irrespective of ‘directions’, because Luoshu dynamics to concern of events forecasting in 9 Ki Divination will be always about just the 9 Stars’ attributes involved, never cartography.

Let’s acquaint with some of the more distinct Star 1 and Star 2 attributes.

Star 1
Star 1 and the Star 1 Luoshu Palace will be associated with diminished cohesion, so that Star 1 may be instrumental to loss of sorts, such then related to the accompanying Star or the Star to appear from opposite Star 1. Star 1 associates with infection, infectious diseases and contamination, can be epidemic, perhaps hard to contain now with Star 1 in the highly radiant 9 Fire Palace, because Star 9 may be instrumental in having things emerge or re-emerge. As a force, Star 1 is downward bound, a depth, a fall into depth, hidden, stealthily, swindle, false pretenses. It is in ravine, abyss, pit, gutter, sewer, drainage system. Once linked to robbery or theft, it is sneaky and violent. It associates with wisdom, philosophy, religion, esotericism, communication, contemplation, the act of writing. Star 1 has strong religious connotation, so we will see events involving places of worship, holy places, religious or sectarian groups. It governs H2O and liquids, liquified state, in broadest sense, including ocean, shipping industry, beverage industry, islands, coastal areas, delta, peninsula. If Star 1 is to represent a building or a locality of sorts, it may be taken as a swimming pool, aquatic ground, lake, harbor, liquor plant, fish auction, bar, restaurant, water basin, religious building, grave yard, asylum, art museum, nuclear power plant, drugs & pharmaceuticals plant, pharmacy, brothel, abortion clinic, sex industry, sex scandal. Star 1 is associated with drowning. As Star 1 governs Kidney, thereby libido, there may be sexual events. Star 1 may further associate with animal (bite, attack), cable.

Star 2
Star 2 strongly points to abode (not the built structure or house as such, which may come as Star 8 more, but where your bed is), your significant other (wife may be taken as Star 7 more, husband as Star 3 more). Star 2 associates with a group of people, even a momentary gathering for certain purpose of such group, crowds, crew. To this respect – and mostly still Star 2 to associate with groups to rely on central organization or a central kitchen – you may take Star 2 to protesters, inmates, while it can be ground troops, infantry, a zoo. Star 2 denotes refugee, migrant, asylum seeker. Star 2 relates to provision, supplies, food and food distribution, the act of fueling, agriculture, fruit producing fields, harvest, failed harvest, while Star 2 can be instrumental in poisoning, hunger strike, famine. Landslide, mudslide, sinkhole. One of Star 2’s most intriguing properties is no doubt in ‘surface relied on for protection’ – safety and stability -, such as a theater stage, platform, flooring, balcony, roof, balustrade, dam, wall, façade, roof, a ship’s deck, landing gear and runway. You may therefore see Star 2 to relate to subsidence or collapse, such event related to the accompanying Star, for example Star 7 for demolition, Star 5 for accident or Star 3 in case of short-circuit or a dam break. Star 2 strongly associates with the educational field, a study, lecture, student, teacher, a school. It is notably in medical field, nurse, hospital, hospitalization, contamination. If Star 2 is a building, compound or locality, it may be a rural area, small village, farm, school, hospital, a cave, cavity, a wall, a loam structure, plastering, sand, soil, soft clay, loess, sediment, underground passage or chamber, souterrain, storage cellar, small house, small stone stairs, hollow tree, submerged hollow space, a cargo container, food shop, student flat, elderly home, refugee camp, zoo. Labor mine, labor mine workers, inmates. Container such as a suitcase or a locker.

February and November
Now that we established the annual Reversed Luoshu Axis, we can read into more detail by screening monthly Luoshu, while annual Star 1 will be affected differently if it is visited by Star 9, or Star 5 and so on, more so as it then finds a different month Star into opposite position.

In itself, if we combine properties for annual Star 1 and annual Star 2 such as here on the North-South Luoshu axis, we can imagine events to involve submerged spaces2, flooding1, underwater1 cavity2 in the news. Brings to mind also images of glaciers, an ice field, landslides, mud slides and avalanches, sinkhole.

While we’re at it, a little 9 Ki Divination syntax more: note that since here we had it designated certain Stars as our Subject Star, you could just as well zoom in on that, while omit the rest of the Stars in an annual- and monthly Luoshu.

Heluo Hill 9 Star Ki Monthly Stars LuoshuFebruary and November in a Star 6 year, will be Star 5 months. If we concentrate on the North-South Reversed Luoshu Axis, we would see news to concern of annual Stars 1 and 2, monthly Stars 9 and 1.

Monthly Star 9 for high radiance, this may take matters to being exposed, so that ‘things’ may become known, while Star 9 is in excavation, oil and a blaze, while monthly Star 9 visits annual Star 1 for islands, peninsula, ocean, religion, piece of art and art museum in the Star 9 Luoshu Palace.

With both the Star 9 Palace and monthly Star 9 for excavation and (media) exposure, oil industry, filming industry, we may see eye-catching movements in related industries, whereas monthly Star 9, and besides it may cause a blaze on a building, may take things to exposure, so that media disclosure will be indicated as it would relate to Star 1 properties.

Because Star 1 governs Kidney, Urine Bladder and libido, this may connote sexual affairs, while it can be religious.

Annual Star 1 and monthly Star 9 may suggest an oil9 spill1, probably at sea, an island, a delta or a harbor. It may bode a blaze9 in an arts museum1, or a piece of art or script of sorts coming to the surface or to attract major exposure in the media.

Heluo Hill 9 Star Ki Trigram Kan Star 1 Water cableThis could be a religious1 document or a religious proclamation. We may see fires9 caused by cables1, while these Stars denote inflammable goods, chemical substances involved.

Annual Star 1 and annual Star 2 already closely coupled through the Annual Reversed Luoshu Axis, monthly Star 1 meets annual Star 2 in the Kan Palace in February and November.

May involve rather large scale famine2, food deprivation and malnutrition, food contamination. We may see notable break out of infectious diseases involving agriculture2, agricultural field, crops, stagnant or failing food distribution, hospitals, affecting whole populations and perhaps taking epidemic proportion and hard to eradicate. We may see notable setbacks in the medical field. To concern of contagious disease, we may further refine by involving accompanying Stars such as 1-4 for respiratory infection or infections involving the chest area, 1-9 for contamination involving birds and fish, 1-1 for blood and ear infections, also Legionnaires’ disease.

However much the events described in this example derive from our here combining Star and Palace – for example Star ‘x’ in ‘y’ Palace -, such events would occur with Star ‘x’ and Star ‘y’ just anywhere else in Luoshu.

Luoshu Trend
The annual- and/or monthly Star to appear at the ‘center’ of Luoshu may be understood as Luoshu Trend, as it may give you an idea on what overall events to expect.

Events would then furthermore tend to evolve around attributes of Stars that appear in the central Luoshu Palace, while we know that this is because there is not really a central unit in Luoshu to accommodate Stars.

Whereas along this annual Luoshu it would seem that annual Star 6 takes in prominent place, by taking a Star into a presumed ‘central unit’, the actual message conveyed is, that we do not locate annual Star 6 into any of the 45 degrees magnetic directions, so that quite on the contrary, its attributes become prone to incoming events.

Resultant events may fall under Luoshu Trend, so let’s zoom in on annual Star 6.

Besides it will be pointed to Star 6 individuals, predominantly in the news may be leaders by and large, not just of corporations, but heads of state.

Heluo Hill Central Palace Luoshu central StarStar 6 relates to corporations, it is strong in strategic planning and management. Expect major events to this respect, such as bankruptcy, notable corporate mergers.

Star 6 is in heavy machinery, motor vehicles and car industry, while Star 6 is furthermore strongly military (as in ‘army – armed forces – in the streets’), armed assault, battering, bullet, explosion.

You would be on the look out for regime change, coup d’état, curfew, armed conflict, battle, confrontations just ‘in the streets’, mass shooting.

We may involve monthly Stars to then see monthly Luoshu Trend just the same, while in all cases, this dynamic will boost your accuracy in forecasting events, for example if you’re interested in missing persons cases.

Heluo Hill Luoshu monthly Star 5 EarthMonthly Star 5 may relate to army, armed conflict, occupation, war, ousted leadership, coup d’état, martial law, curfew. As such, Star 5 may associate with deadlock, sudden standstill.

With Star 5 known for its ability to pull to the surface what lies innate already, we may see earlier conflicts to re-emerge, causing for dispute and conflict along lines of ethnicity, religion.

Within context, Star 5 would be egotistical (it may be strongly as in ‘my’ people, ‘my’ fate, moral standards, customs, religion, territory), ready to go into new or even old disputes, so you may well see some familiar players, otherwise believed for having disappeared from the front page for 9, 18, 27 or 36 years, now pretty much back in the media.

Heluo Hill Star 9 Star Ki 5 Earth accidentNow, it’s too good not to be showing you, so as you’d screen your media on some of those more obvious news events, I’d like you to see an example of Luoshu Trend.

Not that we would see this all the time with same Stars, but I saw similar on too many instances to be ignored. You see monthly Star 5 (Guest) for rock or boulder to approach annual Star 6 (Host) for car. By same token, with Stars 8-5, a boulder may fall onto a building.

In Prison-Out of In Prison
Now, the odd thing each time with 9 Ki Divination is, that we may see something in the news, then it disappears, only to resurface 9 years later.

Let’s call this dynamic In Prison-Out of In Prison.

As such not a ‘prediction’ that I want to do for this year in particular, but just so that at least you would note the central Star for In Prison-Out of In Prison then also, as this aspect is to handle that attributes linked to the central Star may either vanish from the stage, or come to the surface.

Therefore, and to stay with the example of a Star 6 year, you will not be surprised if your news media reports about a missing persons case, or a criminal cold case, to come into motion, or be taken to closure, after this event had initially occurred in a Star 6 year, be that 9, 18, 27 or 36 years earlier, or to concern of a Star 6 individual.

Equally, if you knew that a certain celebrity was a Star 6 native, then even if person had deceased, he or she may come back in the news out of the blue. Examples of Star 6 people are Bruce Lee, John Lennon, James Dean, to name just a few.

If we stick with Luoshu Trend, then monthly Star 2 for ‘infantry’ in the central Luoshu Palace would suggest ‘soldiers in the streets’, i.e. it would indicate ground troops more than it would involve heavy artillery or armored vehicles.

Heluo Hill Annual and monthly Stars predictionMonthly Star 2 may imply a gathering of people – as such assembled around just momentary purpose -, so we could be seeing ‘crowds in the street’, demonstrations, protests.

Such demonstrations will revolve around matters of sovereignty and aimed at authoritative buildings.

Expect movements in the field of medication, medical personnel, hospitals, the educational field, as Star 2 strongly relates to student, teacher, school.

Since Star 6 denotes armed assault, while Star 2 would associate with farmers, students, labor mine, labor mine workers, inmates or zoo, you may be on the lookout for related events.

Monthly Star 3 in the Star 6 Luoshu Palace would be suggestive of a labor strike or workers’ unrest around Star 3 related industries, such as railway and subway personnel, uniformed personnel by and large, such as police.

As this occurs at the Star 6 Luoshu Palace, we note annual Star 5 and monthly Star 1 into opposite position in the Star 4 Luoshu Palace. Annual Star 5 may be taking labor strikes into tough confrontation, stand off, stagnant negotiations, while Star 1 can be instrumental in ‘loss’ or delay, so that, if agreed on improved working circumstances, perhaps resulting in reduced layoffs and improved working environment, workers may still have to settle for lower1 pay7.

Heluo Hill 6 Metal year monthly Luoshu prediction

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