9 Ki Stars on the Reversed Luo Shu Axis – Part Three

In this series on 9 Ki Divination we are discussing the ‘going nowhere’ principle on the Reversed Luoshu Axis. Any Luoshu produces a Reversed Axis, be that for a year, a month or a day, with the exception of course of the basic Luoshu of 5 Earth. For this series we will concentrate on the annual Luoshu for 2008 and 2009 as just our sample years.

It only once more shows the significance of opposite Luoshu Palaces and how we should not ‘tunnel vision’ on any Luoshu Star in particular, without we simultaneously incorporate properties of the Star and Palace it finds to its opposite.

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Because for either 2008 and 2009 the Reversed Luoshu Axis occurred East-West, involving Star 3 and Star 8 for 2008, then Star 2 and Star 7 for 2009, we will need to know what these Stars portent.

In this part of the series you will therefore find some of the more significant attributes to Stars 2,3,7 and 8. Besides this, as you scroll, you will find all Reversed Luoshu Axes.

We have seen how for 2009, portents pertaining annual Star 7 Metal may be ‘off’ because annual Star 7 appears opposite its native Luoshu Palace, by that rendering annual Star 2 to its opposite direction ‘going nowhere’, which last observation is at the actual subject of this series and here introduced to 9 Stars and Luoshu analysis. It is then a matter of knowing some of the attributes pertaining Star 7 and Star 2 to see where to expect the news to go.

We will in this series also reason into the Reversed Luoshu Axis and see 9 Ki relevance for the financial crisis of 2008, prolonged then also in the overall economic debacle of 2009, which you will see is right there in Luoshu, but without knowing the Reversed Luoshu Axis would be a bit more difficult to spot. In order to be able to show you either dynamics for 2008 and 2009, we must first consider attributes for Star 2, 3, 7 and 8.

Find Star 3 and Star 8 on the Axis for 2008 on the left, Star 2 and Star 7 on the Axis for 2009 on the right.

Luo Shu 2008 and 2009

Now, noting this dynamic is one, taking this into actual practice is another. There are basically two things you will find yourself doing with 9 Stars and Luoshu analysis.

• This series may more or less assume a certain background in 9 Stars and Luoshu. If you are reading this as a beginner, we have made it very easy for you to step on the wagon. In fact, if you go to our free online course “9 Star Prediction – personal and news events” on www.heluo.nl – written from scratch and with the true beginner in mind -, I made sure you will be in front of your television screen following news events with a Luoshu in your lap in no time.

Personal fate progression
Here you will sit at your table, staring at any annual Luoshu – past, present, future. You will be reading into the Luoshu to make sense of certain experiences or life events, pertaining yourself or anyone you know and you may involve the month Stars too.

News events
This time you want to take me up on ‘your television screen is like a moving Luoshu’ and you’d sit in front of your television (or news paper) with Luoshu in your lap. Here, your eyes will alternately move between the Luoshu Stars and your television screen, while you’ll be finding yourself at growing astonishment, seeing such 9 Ki relevance in the news.

For now, and to stay in line with this series, you may want to concentrate on the Reversed Luo Shu Axis and see what it does for you. Here are all possibilities.

Reversed Luoshu Axes
Here are all 9 Luoshu. Even though we will here focus mostly on annual Luoshu, any such Star configuration is a Solar calendar to its own respect and can be taken to last from an hour or less, a Solar day, a Solar month, a Solar year, a period of 9 years, 81 years up to the approximately 25,920 years “Great Year” (which will be an interesting ‘look up’ on www) and beyond.

• If you go look for Great Year on www and while you’re at it, also helpful will be Precession Cycle, Precession Circle, Magnetic Pole Reversal, Pole Shift, Alpha Draconis (Thuban), Star Vega and you’d be busy enough even following up on all those links you’ll then find.

Note how:

Stars in blue font signify the Stars that appear opposite their original Luoshu Palace, while then finding the encircled Stars to their opposite, so that you’ll note how the Stars we labeled ‘going nowhere’ will be always Star 2, Star 5 and Star 8.

Heluo on Reversed Luo Shu Axes in 9 Star Ki

9 Star Ki years 1937-2035

Star properties
Here are some of the properties for Stars, 2,3,7 and 8, but note how we are not in the field of prediction. Anyone at all can practice 9 Ki Divination, it is not a matter of being clairvoyant, at all.

What you’ll do is foresee tendencies and simply: translate Stars into events and event into Stars.

The rest is a matter of knowing how to do cross-references between Stars and Palaces and ‘read the Stars to build the story’.

Star 2 Earth
Provision (simply: any food, fuel, service and either tangible or intangible). Homogeneous group relying on central kitchen or organization, such as students, inmates, the elderly, even zoo animals. Small (food) shops. A mob. Fruit producing fields such as agricultural areas, farming, labor mines. Also fruit, such as vegetables but by extension also the gold or coals produced at labor mines, even the sky and water being fruit producing fields so that birds and fish may fall within this group. Submerged hollow space. Educational field including students and teachers, civil servants, the medical field, hospitals. A platform (e.g. surface) we rely on for safety, be that a railing or balustrade, a wall or a dam, a landing strip, a ship’s deck, a stage at a theater. It is teargas and comparable. It is ground troops (as in soldiers). It is mother, it is spouse, homestead (not the house as such, but where you dwell).

Star 7 Metal
Against popular believe, Star 7 is not so much a business or business management, which be a bit more at the domain of Star 6 for authority and corporations. There be Star 6 for Big Metal, Star 7 for Small Metal, then undoubtedly still some management and a fair amount of leadership left in Star 7, but rather more Star 7 associated with finances, the monetary field, accounting, more refined instruments, utensils, jewelry. Where Star 6 is your employer, Star 7 is your salary, so to speak. Star 7 is mouth and a mouth is a portal for ‘upload and download’, in other words, things such as food, fluids and air (read provision) can go in, while speech or singing may spill out. Star 7 is demolished building or messy surroundings. It is in bad mouthing, it is a knife (thus stabbing) and a collision under slight angle (Star 6 be a heads on collision), less likely fatal. It is Large Intestine and upper jaw. It is young females, wife, concubine, singers, metaphysicians, contempt, violent robbery, violent attack (not so much involving explosion such as with Star 6) involving rape (Star 7 is eroticism).

Star 3 Wood
Star 3 is speculative, inventive, with a taste for gambling. Its force can be sudden, its motion piercing, it inclines upward and expansive, it is impulsive besides creative and aggressive. If Star 3 can be stopped, such be less likely at its beginning impact. It is highly liberal. It can be the factor behind earth quakes (to be read from Luoshu for example when 8-3 appears), or a demolished wall or dam (2-3). It is uniformed personnel such as police or riot troops, rather then not army that would come under Star 5. Star 3 is a male, husband, intruder. It associates with Liver, Gallbladder and the leg. It is electricity, an electricity plant, electrically powered machinery, electrical detonator or vehicles such as a train, metro. When Star 3 arrives at the central Palace it may be a railway station. Star 3 is railway personnel, it may be the electrical ignition underlying armed assaults, it is highway, a dog bite. It can be stock market.

Star 8 Earth
Star 8 is built structures, more in particular buildings, so that there is our first association with the 2008 financial crisis, because it involved real estate, property, mortgage and insurance concerning these properties. Star 8 is immovable, it is revolutionary and it can invoke uproar, in particular involving racial or ethnic issues. Star 8 can also invoke revolution, so that we may see riots. Star 8 says “up to this point and no further’. Star 8 – in particular in company of Star 3 – would be indicative for earth quakes.

Now, if you go over these Star attributes carefully, you may at times – and this may take some practice – find yourself combining several portents (either more properties same Star or relating portents of different Stars) to ‘make soup’ of the events you read in the news. But it will come, certainly once you started following global news events, because certain things there be simply exploding in your face, so to speak.

It is from the Reversed Luoshu Axis that the world could have foreseen the 2008 housing debacle long before it occurred, which is exactly what I did when I was preparing the forecasting 2008 for my students around November 2007 and I projected this – somewhat less than a year before it happened: “Dow Jones to fall below 10,000 points in October 2008”, then, based on this and because it didn’t seem likely, taking a sneak preview into the annual Luoshu for 2009, a 9 Fire year, just as 1991, 2000, but this time adding ‘context’ of course, as always.

Looking at the Star configuration for the 2009 Luoshu, adding logarithmic spiral (may talk about that later) as to context, I had to reach a rather uncanny pallet of projections, some perhaps far fetched, some disturbing. Please mind that I had not projected same with my projections for the Fire years of 1991 or 2000, which years happened in an entirely different global environment, a whole different context, but also, you must have noticed some sort of acceleration in successive events, more on that another time perhaps.

So, let’s use Part Four of this series to engage into the Luoshu for both 2008 and 2009, pulling your attention to the special feature of Reversed Luoshu Axis to see what it means that “Star 8 be ‘going nowhere’ for 2008” or “Star 2 be ‘going nowhere’ for 2009”. Next time we will be looking into this, both for news events as we will see what this may do on a personal level. This part was just to park some of the belonging properties of Stars involved on the Axis. In the mean time, you can pull your annual and monthly Luo Shu for any event and see the dynamic happen. Let me know what you think and how the Reversed Luo Shu Axis strikes you once applied on your fate progression or sitting in front of your media.

To be continued…

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