9 Ki Stars on the Reversed Luo Shu Axis – Part One

Heluo - 9 Star Ki and Trigram attributes Reversed Luoshu Axis predictionsHere series in 6 parts is to forever let you in on a new – and very exhilarating – divinatory approach in 9 Stars and Luoshu analysis, but one that will yet importantly boost your score in forecasting news events.

With the exception of the basic Luoshu of 5 Yellow, each Luoshu produces – what we baptized – a Reversed Luoshu Axis.

This will furthermore introduce you to the idea that, well, rather than Luoshu to consist of single Palaces, Luoshu is made up of four axes, until it follows from this also that, rather than you would look up ‘a’ Star as it appears in ‘a’ certain Luoshu Palace, you’ll involve attributes of Palaces and Stars to appear in opposite position.

Technically, Reversed Luoshu Axis will be instigated by the Star that appears from opposite its original Luoshu Palace, so that Reversed Luoshu Axis comes as the magnetic ‘directional’ axis in Luoshu where energies may be deemed ‘off’ or uncharacteristically ‘going nowhere’.

Now, for reason that annual Star 7 arrives from opposite its native Luoshu Palace for our sample year 2009, the year’s Reversed Luoshu Axis appears along Luoshu East-West.

If we then ‘freeze’ the annual Star configuration and limit to just the yearly progression of monthly Luoshu, either one of your personal 9 Ki Stars would be stepping onto the Reversed Luoshu Axis, such a couple of times in 2009 or any other year. Consequently, this may affect both personal fate progression and news events.

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Basically, for sake of your personal fate progression – and here for the 9 Fire year of 2009 -, you’d be looking at either one of two situations occurring for your personal 9 Ki Stars. Since the Reversed Luoshu Axis for 2009 will be occupied by annual Star 2 Earth in Luoshu ‘West’ and annual Star 7 Metal in Luoshu ‘East’, then of course, if you are a 2 Earth native or a 7 Metal native from birth, the portents may apply to you for the duration of 2009.

It may be even that your Stars are either 2.7.x or 7.2.x (waive third Star), in which case both your birth Stars will be on the Reversed Luoshu Axis for the full year. If neither Star 2 or Star 7 makes up your 9 Ki birth map, whatever then your personal Stars, your Stars would be at one point still arriving on the East-West Luoshu Axis for a month, or even a day.

Ok, let’s study and if you take notes, you’ll be sitting on strong new 9 Stars and Luoshu syntax for your divination of personal fate progression and news events, while naturally, the occurrence applies past, present and future, so you may go ahead and pull your life chronology to see how the Reversed Luoshu Axis might have perhaps manifested for you 9, 18, 27, 36 years ago.

Once looked upon Luoshu – as it is in use for purpose of Nine Star Ki astrology, 9 Star Ki Divination and Flying Star Feng Shui – as if it is a huge battery, we may say it distributes its magnetic energies over the cardinal and subcardinal directions, just as if it would be a compound of batteries, with all of its plus and minus poles duly in place. As a consequence, neither single Luoshu Palace just lives on its own, on the contrary, whatever event occurs for a Star in one Palace will be greatly affected by the Star and Palace to its opposite direction.

It so comes out that, with the exception of the basic Luoshu of 5 Earth, each 9 years, 9 months and 9 days one particular Star will appear from opposite its original Luoshu Palace. This Star is then uncalibrated, until it ‘free of charge’ involves the opposite Palace and Star(s) just the same, and matters may be ‘magnetically off’.

♦ Each time we mention East-West Luoshu axis or Southeast-Northwest Luoshu axis and so on, it is to emphasize internal Luoshu dynamics. Luoshu taken as a whole, is a magnetic commodity. In fact, if for purpose of divination you took those directions literally, you will find that most your forecastings will be inacurrate. For example, if a missing person’s 9 Ki Star is in the 3 Wood Luoshu Palace and you took that as indication for the person to be traced in the East, you may be incorrect as, to concern of actual directions, person may be traced into just any direction at all. Just quickly, what you do is, you take 9 Stars and Trigram properties of just the 3 Wood Luoshu Palace, then attributes of the other Stars there, plus you would incorporate those Stars to appear into opposite Luoshu Palace (same Luoshu axis), then find that the event had evolved along 9 Stars and Trigram attributes (which you simply reduced to their associated people, objects, activities, event progression), rather not actual directions implied.

If you refer to the basic Luoshu of 5 Yellow to the left, you will see Star 7 Metal in its native Palace in Luoshu West. If we look at the Luoshu on the right, we see that 2009 is a 9 Fire year, so that Star 7 has migrated to Luoshu East in the annual Luo Shu, usually home to the 3 Wood Star. We note how Star 7 Metal has moved opposite its original Luoshu Palace for 2009. Annual Star 7 then instigates the annual Reversed Luoshu Axis, affecting annual Star 2 into opposite position.

1 Basic Luoshu 5 Earth and 9 Fire Luoshu 2009

Now, so far – and if you’d ask any 9 Ki adept – nothing is new and actually pretty much ‘business as usual’, but while keeping an eye out on annual Star 7 for 2009, much of the focus will go on annual Star 2 Earth in the Luoshu West for 2009, because we may say that annual Star 2 will have its associations ‘going nowhere’.

This series then not so much only focuses on the ‘Star that appears opposite its original Palace’, but (bear with me here), pretty much the ‘Star that appears opposite the Star that appears opposite its original Palace’.

But we’ll be still looking into annual Star 7 a bit. The single occurrence of a Star appearing opposite its native Palace – and this is what anyone in 9 Ki already knows – would be sufficient to say its associations to reap “‘opposite result from what one had set out to achieve”.

Any Star appearing opposite its original Palace (wrongly deemed ‘House’ by some) – and by magnetic dissonance – would have its portents magnetically ‘off’, while portents for the Star yet arriving opposite this Star (annual Star 2 for 2009) would then have its associations ‘going nowhere’. So, for this series, note designations such as ‘off’ and ‘going nowhere’.

♦ 9 Ki is numerology in nothing, so that, you would not use ‘Number’ in your pointing out any of the 9 Stars. Just as you would not use ‘House’ if at any time you were pointing out Luoshu Palace. Whilst the notion of ‘house’ would have somehow made its way to Luoshu nomenclature, it comes from Western astrology, whereas both 9 Ki Divination and Nine Star Ki ‘Astrology’ would be perfectly unrelated to astrology. 

This is short for saying that, due to the occurrence of Reversed Luoshu Axis, annual Star 7 may have its portents ‘off’ for 2009, while annual Star 2 may have its portents ‘going nowhere’ for 2009, with connotations here then either mild or rather more noteworthy.

The East-West Luoshu Axis for 2009 by itself could involve magnetic disturbances affecting health, your marriage, relationships or career, but also smaller or larger scale contracts, merges or negotiations, such then not just into the suggested East-West directions for 2009 but, as we have witnessed and as your media will show you, to account of whatever generally associates with the Stars arriving on such Axis. For example, Star 7 bodes the monetary field, finances, places for financial transactions (such as for that aspect supermarket), singing, sailing vessels.

Having safely gone passed last paragraph, we need to stop the clock for a moment, as you may have noticed it actually claimed how the Reversed Luoshu Axis might involve magnetic disturbances that could affect health, marriage, even news events.

Now, as always, we need to approach Luoshu from just cold soil advance and be guarding against any active statements or any suppositions stemming from this, or if not, we’d be soon advancing into Luoshu from all too ‘emblematic’ or conceptual notions.

Of course, there is no Luoshu – or Star or Palace there – to have been assigned singular command over fires, floods, earthquakes, accidents, health, births or deaths. However, on your quest of foreseeing tendencies either for personal fate progression or news events, you wouldn’t stand a chance if not you had some parameters to go by, let’s call it 9 Stars and Luoshu syntax. Having said that, yes, were you to from hereon involve the Reversed Luoshu Axis in your readings, you’d be seeing your score boost by certain magnitude.

As a round up of Part One of this series, once more note the East-West Luoshu axis for 2009, it is the Reversed Luoshu Axis for the year, affecting annual Star 7 and annual Star 2 and all of their associations.

If you look at annual Star 7’s position for 2009, it is in Luoshu East. It settles opposite its native Luoshu Palace, so it would be out of character there, it will have its portents ‘off’.

Perhaps a bit less obvious – but a critically more significant – scheme for purpose of this series, occurs to annual Star 7’s opposite position in this Luoshu, involving annual Star 2 in the West. So, we may say that (mind you, once more a mouth full) the Star that appears opposite the Star that appears opposite its original Luoshu Palace would be ‘going nowhere’.

What is implied here is that, magnetic energies on such Axis will not calibrate, rendering matters to no avail, or whatever other classification of sorts you may glue to the occurrence from your personal experience.

We will use Part Three of this series to yet show you a choice of attributes for Star 7 and Star 2, which – just as this series – derive directly from our Heluo Qi Explorations class manual ‘9 Star Divination – personal and news events’ and which class manual – besides our 4-day master classes in the Netherlands – you can obtain as Distance Learning Training (2 months of one-on-one training with Heluo). Again, if you don’t know your personal 9 Ki Stars or for any other question, you may call Heluo in the afternoon (GMT+1) at +31 23 5333375 or you may email if you like to arrange for a Skype meeting. We will use Part Two to discuss what the Reversed Luoshu Axis may mean to you personally.

To be continued…

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