9 Ki Stars on the Reversed Luo Shu Axis – Part Five

In Part Five we will side step to handle your personal 9 Ki birth chart.

Besides using annual- and monthly Luoshu for personal forecasting, you may involve your personal birth chart for finer detail. We can construct and examine an annual Luoshu as separate from a monthly Luoshu, then once more as separate from a personal birth chart.

We can as such superimpose any Luoshu. In fact, most in 9 Star Ki astrology and divination will be a matter of superimposing one Star configuration onto another to acquire (what appears as) one image.

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Heluo - Luoshu odd and even numbers

Not just that, it is interesting to note how by itself – and even once odd and even numbers conjoined to form our so esteemed Luoshu (River Luo Map) – the magic square of three in itself comes as an extract of Kanagi Guruma. Kanagi Guruma may be regarded the world’s oldest calendar, taking the 45 degrees Luoshu sectors into 80 units of 4.5 degrees each for greater accurracy on account of prognostication. I’ll here show Kanagi Guruma in its square and circular depiction for sake of reference only.

In this series on Reversed Luoshu Axis we have sofar established that:

The 2009 annual Luoshu for 9 Fire produces the Reversed Luoshu Axis into the East-West, rendering annual Star 7 ‘off’, annual Star 2 ‘going nowhere’.

Regarding 9 Star Ki Divination, Trigram properties pertaining annual Stars 7 (finances) and 2 (provision, mob) will be affected regarding news events.

Regarding 9 Star Ki Astrology, 7 Metal and 2 Earth natives will come under influence of the Reversed Luoshu Axis for the full year. Examine for (in)auspicious outcome.

Regarding Xuan Kong Flying Star Feng Shui we may examine the East and West 45 degrees sectors of our house on account of annual- and monthly 9 Ki Luoshu. Remember however, 9 Ki annual- and monthly Stars are always timely, Yang and mobile.

Concerning their position in the 2009 annual Luoshu, people with other 9 Ki Stars (than Star 2 or 7 natives) will be off the hook regarding the annual Axis, however by Stars migrating on a monthly and daily basis, all Stars will ‘see’ the annual Axis at set times.

We also ascertained that by any Star configuration, Stars 2, 5 and 8 be always ‘going nowhere’, but we needed more detail. We may of course obtain finer detail once superimposing the monthly- or daily Luoshu, or we may simply involve our birth chart.

Here is first the 2009 East-West Reversed Luoshu Axis, then the birth chart for a 6 Metal person, by which we take Star 6 to the center of an empty Luoshu, then fly the Stars along their fixed directional pattern:

Heluo - 2009 annual Luoshu and birth chart 6 Metal

Your personal Ki map consists of a first Star (year of birth), a second Star (month of birth) and a third Star, which latter we will in this series depict as x (e.g. 6.3.x), because of several formulae in place concerning the third Star. If the third Star is your day Ki Star of birth, it will have its own birth chart. An example, using 6.3.4, where the third Star denotes native born on a 4 Wood day.

You may first construct and read into the components:

Heluo - year, month and day ki birth Luoshu

Then, if you can handle it, you may just conjoin all three and once more superimpose on whatever Luoshu of your choice, be that the basic Luoshu of 5 Yellow, annual-, monthly- or daily Luoshu, the Luoshu for the 9 year Period of 3 Wood (2008-2017).

Now, gazing at either these single birth charts is a task by itself, whereas of course we may – i.e. if we choose to squeeze all into our 45 degrees Luoshu – conjoin all three to obtain this:

Heluo - Luoshu birth map conjoined

Add Up To Ten
One principal justification for your personal birth chart is, it will have you locate birth Star 5 Yellow in each one to denote ‘motive’ or ‘inner drive’. Remember that 5 Yellow is at the base of magnetic pole reversal and that your birth Star 5 appears opposite your original Star’s Luoshu Palace, either one the inverse of the other. Said differently, what we will see you exert by your Star X, may be much instigated by Star Y, one Star being a ‘splash out’, the other  a ‘splash in’, if you will. Star 5 is either magnetism or gravity, so that gravitational pull be much at birth Star 5. As a consequence, astrological character descriptions would best incorporate either Star.

Organs produce emotions
Used for professional character descriptions and fate readings, it seems there is work to do if you are a counselor or teacher.  Or, you are just a practitioner, but you wish to make ‘soup’ of your spouse’s character. Much in line with TCM and Internal Chinese Medicine we say ‘organs produce emotions’ and ‘what lies innate must externalize’. Stars govern organs and meridians. If native is a 6 Metal, you would still see character descriptions evolve from just Star 6 properties alone, right? So, let’s stay with our 6 Metal example and see what you’d come up with once you did this: you would start ‘build the archetype’ by describing ‘pure’ 6 Metal behavior, always remembering of course how Star 6 governs the Lung. The Lung, just as any of the organs, can produce ‘plus and minus’ emotions and temperament, so there you’d have your 6 Metal righteousness, strategic abilities, demanding on self and others, perfectionism, grief or recluse. You’d be done if not this is where your character description starts, not ends. You would then move to Star 6’s Add Up To Ten ‘fold in’ and further flavor your life reading by involving 4 Wood qualities, just as if you were reading for a 4 Wood native. Star 4 governs the Gallbladder, it is empathy, compassionate, feeble, sociable. Now you merge the two and you will have done something on the feedback coming from your clients. You will do the same for 1 Water natives, and build their character from your knowledge of the Kan Water Trigram, then understand inner drive and motive by reading its inverse, the Li Fire Trigram (now finally you understand why our otherwise ‘silent’ 1 Water native can be at times so talkative). This notion alone will have you think (or re-think) if the Wuxing Controlling Cycle (Ke) be altogether a negative structure.

If then we superimpose the 2009 annual Luoshu over the birth chart for 6 Metal, we see annual Star 7 Metal to visit and affect birth Star 4 Wood, annual Star 2 Earth to visit and affect birth Star 8 Earth. It is then a matter of knowing each of these Star’s properties, the flavor of the Luoshu Palaces involved and build the soap opera, or ‘read the Stars and build the story’. No two identical birth charts projected on the same annual-, monthly- or daily Luoshu can give the same outcome, since on account of personal prognostications we’d be at least always involving a) context, b) proportion and c) personal health.

Of course, in line with this series’ subject matter we’d be for the occasion only zooming in on the Reversed Luoshu Axis, actually not involving any other reading technique. For sake of simplicity, we will here separately project the annual Luoshu for 2009, the monthly Luoshu for August 2009 (8 Earth) and the 6 Metal birth chart, but which you may actually conjoin to read personal fate progression.

Heluo - annual Luoshu with 6 Metal birth chart

As stated before and for any single Luoshu – except basic Luoshu for 5 Earth – the Luoshu Axis will always render either Stars 2,5 and 8 ‘going nowhere’. We may now add finer detail as we read the monthly Stars for August 2009, so that monthly Star 1 Water joining annual Star 2 Earth in the Luoshu West bodes different portents than other Stars teaming up with annual Star 2, until if conjoining these three Luoshu we get to 7-6-4 in the East, 2-1-8 in the West. We would inspire you to take it easy on yourself if you are a beginner and read single Luoshu before attempting to read into two or even three conjoined Luoshu.

Now, our 6 Metal native arrives at the annual 2 Earth Luoshu Palace for the year 2009 and we could be reading that for all the right reasons. Since for this series we are interested in reading the annual Reversed Luoshu Axis, we will examine the birth Stars for our 6 Metal into the East-West directions of the birth chart, here 4 Wood and 8 Earth.

Translated into Star or Trigram properties and if we involve annual Star 2, this could then have us read into for example spouse, homestead, education, mother, diet, hospitalization and so on.  Still concerning our 6 Metal native, his birth Stars 4 and 8 arrive at the East-West Luoshu axis, thereby birth Star 4 and birth Star 8 associations probably a bit ‘off’ too and enjoying some of the harvest of thus not being magnetically all too calibrated there, so that once again we can reduce to base attributes such as Star 4 for documents, contracts, travel, compassion, older female, chest and respiratory ability, then Star 8 for built structure, critical change (transformation), small bones, nose, Spleen and digestive tract.

We already know that we always simultaneously read opposite Stars and Luoshu Palaces, so that (just as with anything else pertaining Yin and Yang) ‘one be not going anywhere without taking the other’, or, whatever befalls Star X, Star Y to its opposite direction may have a say in it. All be then a matter of knowing subject matter, context, also of course proportion and probability. We will first derive readings out of same context (health + health), whereas once done, we may pull in from other context (health + physical object).

If Star 7 denotes a knife used for incision, Star 2 may be hospital.
If Star 7 is a knife and robbery, Star 2 may be food shop, inmates.
If Star 7 is to signify a throat, Star 2 may be food or poison.
If Star 7 is a mouth (singing), Star 2 may be stage (surface).
If Star 7 is an oration, Star 2 may be lecture.
If Star 7 is an ornament, Star 2 may be wall (or dam).
If Star 7 is finances, Star 2 may be provision or famine.
If Star 7 is a demolished building, Star 2 may be a labor mine.
If Star 7 is a shovel, Star 2 may be agricultural ground.
If Star 7 is a metal door, Star 2 may be a small rural house.
If Star 7 is a young girl, Star 2 may be submerged hollow space.

To be continued…

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