9 Ki Stars on the Reversed Luo Shu Axis – Part Six

Lets continue our 9 Star Ki series on Reversed Luoshu Axis by the hand of the annual Stars for 2010. The year 2010 is 8 Earth in 9 Ki and the Reversed Luoshu Axis appears on the Northeast-Southwest. Annual Star 2 Earth arrives from opposite its native Palace in the Magic Square of Three. This means, annual Star 5 will be ‘going nowhere’.

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As always, you will refer to the basic Luoshu of 5 Earth on the left, where you may note Star 2 Earth in its native Luoshu Palace in the Southwest. To the right is the annual Star configuration for the 8 Earth year of 2010, where you will find annual Star 2 in the Northeast Luoshu Palace, so that it appears opposite its original Luo Shu Palace. By this we say, annual Star 2 will have its portents ‘off’. This is because Star 2 finds itself magnetically displaced, its native Palace being taken by annual Star 5, thus we will find the 2010 Reversed Luo Shu Axis on the Northeast-Southwest. As a result, annual Star 5 Earth ‘appears opposite the Star that appears opposite its original Luo Shu Palace’, so that Star 5 may have its portents ‘going nowhere’.

Heluo - Basic Luoshu 5 Earth and 8 Earth Luoshu for 2010

Now we wish to first know some of the basic properties related to Star 2 Earth, 5 Earth and 8 Earth, then resort to reading a Luoshu using protocol, syntax for 9 Stars and Luoshu analysis.

Properties annual Star 8 Earth
In our approaching any annual-, monthly- or daily Luoshu, we’ll first zoom in on the central Star to read Luoshu trend. The year 2010 hosts annual Star 8 Earth at the central Luoshu Palace (Heaven’s Heart), so that it will carry to the news both its tangible and intangible properties. Tangible 8 Earth is mountains and hills, caves, predominantly buildings, it is in earthquakes (the moreso when in company of Star 3 or the Earthly Branch of Chen Dragon), it is in volcanos, but volcano outburst when in company of Star 9 Fire or one of the Earthly Branches of Si Snake, Wu Horse or Wei Sheep. Other 8 Earth outings may be ‘revolution and change’, riots and clashing related to ethnicity, student protests. Intangible 8 Earth can be read from its Trigram – Gen Mountain – and may be (sudden) stillness, immovability, it may manifest as ‘hidden’, ‘silence’, ‘open gate’, carrying a sense of spiritual deafness. Star 8 can be fairly ascetic, or scholarly.

Star 8 Earth governs the Spleen. It is Youngest Son, so denoting young males. It is built structures, real estate, property, more in particular buildings. If Star 2 is your homestead, your actual house – the bricks – will be Star 8. Since Star 8 Earth resides at the Luoshu center, these buildings become prominent buildings, but not as ‘governmental’ as Star 5 buildings, or even as accessible to the public as Star 5 compounds, so that we would need a certain affiliation in order to enter the building, thus Star 8 relating to universities, laboratories, libraries, places for science or buildings to host sub-authoritative levels of leadership. Let’s say, Star 8 is not the imperial palace, but a ministery. It is the building in front of which protesting students appear in order to invoke change. It then depends on which monthly Star visits Star 8 at the center to see news events, such as Star 6 Metal teaming up with Star 8 can be an assault on a building, Star 3 Wood can be surge by uniformed personnel, say police. Star 9 Fire with Star 8 may be a building on fire, while Star 1 looking up Star 8 may be a flooded building. If monthly Star 4 visits Star 8, it may be an airfield, or an airplane crashing into a building. Star 8 Earth may denote earthquakes, so that seaquakes would occur with Star 8 Earth visiting the 1 Water Luoshu Palace. You shall have to lay the annual- and monthly Luoshu over the news in order to see the hand of 9 Stars.

Properties annual Star 5 Earth
Star 5 Yellow may carry many properties, but it is and will remain the strongest Star always. Remember, Star 5 Yellow doesn’t own a Trigram, it is more of a principle than anything. Star 5 is at the base of – and it governs all at magnetism (magnetic pole reversal) and gravitation -, so, whatever the annual-, monthly- or daily Star configuration, it will have the gravitational pull, deciding on much of the news. Strong also means, Star 5 is where power is, or where ‘huge’ or ‘significant’ news is, certainly where ‘weird’ events happens, i.e. those events that could perhaps not be immediately taken on account of the other Stars. Star 5 is a player to be reckoned with. It is Alpha and Omega, it can bring to the surface what lays sweating inside, so that it may instigate marvellous news – taking mankind to its brightest moments of achievement or nobility -, it can cause grave obstruction and bring old conflicts to surface, resulting in armed conflict of unseen brutality. Such magnitude in 5 Earth’s character brings the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) to mind.

Properties annual Star 2 Earth
If we copy/paste a bit from Part Three of this series, Star 2 Earth becomes provision of any kind, i.e. any food, fuel, service or lack thereof such either tangible or intangible. So, a given substance can be any of the 9 Stars, whereas the provision of the substance (or deprivation thereof) is a property of Star 2. You may look into an airplane crash for example. The airplane may be Star 4 Wood, the explosion may be Star 6 Metal, but if Star 2 is involved, chances are what caused the explosion had to do with provision. One of the first things you associate whenever you encounter Star 2 anywhere in Luoshu is ‘people’, it is a group of people, or at least a ‘group’ because it can be also zoo animals. Thing is, Star 2 Earth denotes a homogeneous group relying on a central kitchen or a central organization, such as students, inmates, the elderly, zoo animals. It may be small (food) shops. It is a mob. If Star 2 is a mob, the ‘atmosphere’ can be estimated from the accompanying Star. You may appreciate the difference between 3-2 or 2-3, for example, where here the Star taken to the left is the annual Star Host and more receptive, the Star to the right is the monthly Star Guest and more active. If Star 2 is a homogenous group of people and it appears in the 8 Earth Luoshu Palace for the year, you may expect a group of people to retreat into mountainous area, which can be for any reason. As you can see, if such group of people were to move into the 8 Earth Palace, by this they would be moving ‘away’ from the annual Star 5, which could be an army, but Star 5 is also a community, so the group may be ousted from their usual community. Star 2 is fruit producing fields such as for agricultural areas, farming, labor mines. Also fruit, such as vegetables but by extension also the gold or coals produced at labor mines, even the sky and water being fruit producing fields so that birds and fish may fall within this group. Submerged hollow space or a hollow tree. This should give you a sense of a cave, because Star 2 for hollow space and 8 Earth for mountain hook up for the year. Star 2 strongly associates with the educational field including students and teachers, civil servants, the medical field, hospitals. Star 2 may be a platform or a surface we rely on for safety, so this can be a railing or balustrade, a wall or a dam, a landing strip (or an alternative landing strip for that matter, such as if Star 2 comes with Star 4 for airplane, this may be an emergency landing on a ‘not supposed’ surface, such as the plane lands of water or an agricultural field), a ship’s deck, a balcony, a stage at a theater. It is teargas and comparable. It is ground troops (as in soldiers). It is mother, it is spouse, homestead (not the house as such, but where you dwell). The 8 Earth ‘revolution and change’ may befall Star 2 as significant events in food industry, the female working force, hospitals, the mining industry, the educational field and comparable.

As always in 9 Ki forecasting, we look for 9 Ki relevance in news events. It must be again noted that – so, don’t have yourself fooled – neither 9 Star Ki, nor Chinese astrology will be dealing with predictions in the popular sense of the word.

As a 9 Ki practitioner, or if you play with the 9 Stars on account of Flying Star Feng Shui, you are not into predictions, as you will be merely following Wuxing Five Transformations, the natural rhythm of 9 Stars as they migrate through the Luoshu annually, monthly and daily. However, once you dive into your Luoshu, this will be done from straightforward syntax and yes, you will positively see the hand of 9 Stars in your personal life and how news progresses.


Practically, again, a) we are not into predictions and b) you may focus on the Northeast-Southwest Luoshu Axis for 2010 and combine above properties so as to see the 9 Ki relevance. For example, you and your neighbor will be digesting the same news item on television. Now, supposing at any point a balcony collapses and you are able to note Star 2, you – not your neighbor – will see the trend. If looking onto the Luoshu for the event 10 days before the event occurred, could we have predicted the event? With almost perfect certainty, most probably not. Not only would same Luoshu occur too many times same year, for a balcony to collapse a bit more than just Star 2 should involve. For an event to happen, you’d need the 9 Stars, context and all conditions coming together at the same time. But you’ll definitely see the relation, year after year after month after month once you’d set yourself to read Luoshu.

So, now that you find yourself in front of the annual Luoshu for 2010, how to go about reading it for its portents. Fortunately, this process is a bit less random than it would seem as you may be following a certain protocol. All you need is Luoshu mirrored to your context. Context may be some dynamic in your personal life, a question you may be having on account of your marriage, your health, your career progression, or it is a car accident, a missing person case, a riot in the street, a successful corporate merge.

We first note the central Star and reflect on all of its attributes pertaining our context, while then we may locate Star 5 Earth, once more noting it for its properties, its influence on our subject – our focus of attention. Then, note the annual Reversed Luoshu axis to see what you’d expect to be ‘off’ or ‘going nowhere’ and finally advance further into Luoshu grammar by picking a Star for subject, then a Star for verb, then a Star for objective, until you see the soap-opera unfold mirrored as always against our then context, because Star X for context Y behaves differently once at context Z. Example, any Star in context may be an event, while same Star in context of health may be an organ. Also, same Star may be a physical object, it may be a person. We need to know context, then massage our way further into progression and probability.

Here is what you may do.

Note the central Star for ‘Luoshu trend’. Annual Star 8 at the center for 2010 does not appear anywhere into the magnetic directions. If the analogy appeals to you and just for the taste of it, it may be the Joker set aside from a deck of cards. Did this cancel out Star 8? Remember how neither one of the 9 Stars will be ever switched off, as each Star will be active to proportion of its location in the Luoshu. It is just that the central Star, besides it adheres to its own mandate, becomes vulnerable to its surroundings, the other annual Stars. Now, merely schematically and not for you to adhere to too much because in fact you’d be reading Luoshu on account of actual annual Star configurations linked to monthly Luoshu, annual Star 7 just from its position in the Luoshu Southeast 4 Wood Palace may denote finances. We know that finances is a property of Star 7 Metal, while if it appears in the 4 Wood Luoshu Palace, this gives associations to documents and contracts (or can be archives), the aeronautic field. So, Star 7 Metal linked to Star 4 both have ‘access’ to central Star 8, so that you’d screen the news for related events such as funding for an aeronautic research center or a new such compound built. When this happens would be read from the monthly and daily Luoshu just the same, but for the rest you may leave this example for what it is, because it is otherwise actually not at the base of how we read Luoshu.

Heluo - 9 Star influence on the annual Star

Next, locate annual Star 5 and make a note. It is your gravitational pull, so to say. Annual Star 5 appears in the Southwest Luoshu Palace, domain to Star 2 Earth for provision, food, agricultural fields, the service circuit such as teachers, medical personnel. Star 2 is also labor mines. Here, Star 5 is taking Star 2’s rightful place, casting Star 2 opposite its original Palace, and Star 2 will not be amused.

Then, since focus of this series is Reversed Luoshu Axis, you may just as well look there. Because annual Star 5 appears opposite annual Star 2 that appears opposite its original Luoshu Palace, Star 5 will have its portents ‘going nowhere’. By itself, and if Star 5 is an army or an armed attack, such attack would probably occur in rural areas or cities and be to no avail. Where Star 5 can be an army, Star 2 would be ground troops. You see, any armed attack could have come from Star 4 missiles, but here Star 2 and Star 5 appearing on the same Luoshu axis clearly points to ground troops, while, if then Star 2, Star 5 and Star 9 (or even just 9 and 5) meet up, the Star 9 Fire will produce armored vehicles (tanks) or fully harnassed armed personnel, such as military riot police, so that such Star combination can be suggestive for state of emergency, curfew or coup. See, you will have to combine Stars to give you the events, related to context. Bottom line is, you’d check the news for Star 2 being ‘off’, so that the news predominantly promotes groups of people at some point of ‘revolution and change’, but also each ‘first attempt’ to fail. When you see negotiations between parties announced and these involve either Star 2 or Star 5 portents, or you see an upcoming voting, first attempt might fail. For personal progression, you’d first note if either your Stars is 2 or 5 (2.2.x or 5.5.x or 2.5.x or 5.2.x), which tells you, you will come under the influence of the Reversed Luoshu Axis for the duration of 2010. Of course, by monthly migration of the Stars, if you are a Star 3 arriving the Northeast 8 Earth Palace or the Southwest 2 Earth Palace, for the month you’d come under this influence and you’d read accordingly. Now, suppose you’re off the hook because neither your Stars is 2 or 5, and your personal Stars aren’t anywhere near the Reversed Luoshu Axis, but now you are phoning up a friend and this friend’s Star is on the Reversed Luoshu Axis. 9 Ki directionology has it that, by mere act of contacting this person, you’d be heading for ‘off’ or ‘going nowhere’ just the same, to whatever proportion.

To get to the next step, we’ll use a sample Luoshu. So far, you’d have central Star 8 as trend, so that a building be involved, while you now have monthly Star 9 Fire visiting the building, which could be a blaze, so you’d read further into the event by selecting verb, objective, the whole of the grammar. What had caused the fire. We’ll look at one scenario and you may know before the fire department does.

Heluo - 9 Star Ki monthly Luoshu April 20108-9 at the Luoshu center reads as monthly 9 Fire Guest to look up annual 8 Earth Host. Annual Star 2 to the Northeast is ‘off’ and visited by Star 3 for electricity, which may link Star 2 ‘provision’ to short-circuiting. Star 1 may be a cable, because Star 1 Trigram is soft on the outside while containing something solid inside. Star 1 appears in West and Northwest, so you may combine Star portents there, while always involving opposite Stars and Palaces in all of your 9 Ki forecasting, e.g. Southwest Star 6 may be a blast.

But, remember context, so that same Luoshu but next page in your news paper could have you look into a missing person case, so that by changing context, the soap-opera changes accordingly. Now, you’d see Star 9 visit a building at the central Luoshu Palace, which could be an actual 9 Fire person or a bold-haired person with a big belly. If the abducted person is a 2 Earth native, we’d locate this person at the Northeast 8 Earth Palace. Now we know the aggressor to be probably a male, because monthly Star 3 is a male and it visits Star 2 for the person. How then was the missing person taken, by foot, by car? Opposite annual Star 2 is 6 Metal for car. Was the person threatened by a knife or a gun. Same Star 6 opposite Star 2 associates with a gun. You can read layer by layer by layer deeper into same Luoshu, until you involve all Stars and estimate if the person be traced in good shape or not. Person could have been taken into the Southeast into an old and shabby (or demolished) building (7) in a greeny area, yes? For prolonged cases, you may pull Luoshu for next day, day after and so on.


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