Your Qi diary – day calendar 9 Stars for 9 Star Ki Divination

Destiny analysis 9 Star Ki Luoshu and Bazi Ganzhi - Heluo HillHERE’S TO A NEAT INTIMATE EXERCISE…

Every day we travel on a recurring wave of 9 Stars, 10 Heavenly Stems and 12 Earthly Branches. A lookup calendar may show us the signs for any day, month and year.

Some sources propose your most favorable times for certain initiatives, everything adapted to your personal astrological sign, but this is still very much generic.

Such date selection is ‘one thing’, while the other thing of course is, what does your body tell you.

What if we can take this to a personalized graph, so that no longer we rely on generic day calendars, but we can determine how our personal energy progresses, relative to the day calendar for a period of, say, 30 days or 60 days?

You may also want to see 9 Star Ki calendar day Stars and start of months.

Let me propose an exercise, where you will track your daily goings on, then establish your very own personal Qi progression.

    • When are my top days, and can I distinguish my bad hair days to typically fall on certain days?
    • Would 8 Earth days be splendid for me, but matters turn so-so on 7 Metal days?

I believe that everyone should have a chance to go through such a survey at least once!

So, let’s establish this by the hand of a day calendar for a full Solar year, and let you keep your personal exercise sheet.

Let’s no longer fully rely on generic day calendars, but trust on only our body.

Day Ki Stars calendar
Here then is everything that you will need, so as in order to follow your daily energetic pattern, while you may save the images to disk for future reference.

Please find:

  • Day Ki Stars for a full Solar year, and explanation.
  • A sheet to use for your personal exercise, just pick any day to start.
  • Sample sheet, filled in by client in preparation of a 9 Ki Divination session.

Now that you are with the day Ki-calendar anyway, see if
you can affirm that indeed, on Star 2 days even the simplest
dishes seem to come out exceptionally tasteful.

Your personal Qi diary - 9 Star Ki and Four Pillars of Destiny - Heluo Hill

Sample case – Star 7 native
Here is sample sheet with one month’s worth of progression, done by a client, in preparation of his month-by-month 9 Ki Divination session.

Chinese Calendar daily Stars 9 Star Ki and Four Pillars of Destiny Bazi - Heluo Hill

You can start your own survey on any day. Use blank sheet shared here, while you fill in by the hand of the day calendar. 

The exercise may enable you to see ‘where’ your ‘bad hair days’ are. If any, are your bad hair days randomly spread, or does it show a pattern?

In any case, the exercise enables you to yet only rely on your body to monitor how you pass through any cycle of 9 days. If you follow here proposed exercise for just a few 9 day cycles, you may discern a pattern.

More generic recommendations for date selection are fine, but these come from static and generic calendars, and are to be made more specific.

Field wide, there has been the presumption that we can say ‘if your astrological sign is so and so, such and such day will be (un)favorable to…’, then it follows ‘wash your hair’, ‘pass exams’, ‘renovate’, do a ‘blessing ceremony’, or to ‘marry’.

Day Stars calendar
Day Stars calendar presented here will give you day Ki Stars for the projected time. You can rely on this calendar for both your personal life progression, as you plan your do’s & don’ts for any day, or if you wish to forecast real (news) events by the hand of 9 Ki Divination.

9 Star Ki (Jiu Xing Qi Xue – 九星氣学)
For purpose of this exercise, we propose that for the time being, you focus on your first Star for year of birth. Determine the day Ki Star, then simply note the Luoshu Palace that your Star will be in for the day. See how your first Star progresses through the daily Luoshu, to first establish if any discernible pattern in your personal energy can be brought to account of your first Star. If not, resort to your second Star for month of birth.

Everything in 9 Star Ki relies on changing times, changing environmental currents, just one’s intimate health outlook. It cannot be ‘predicted’ how any individual in particular, will respond to certain changing currents, based on only his or her birth Stars.

Also, how your life progresses, may otherwise relate to ‘cell memory’, epigenetics, belief system, health, Solar Flares, or how you react to Coronal Mass Ejection (CME). For the latter, you may subscribe to their news letter at, if you wish to receive alerts on Sun Spots and Solar Flares.

The blank sheet lets you mark between ‘1’ for lowest and ‘10’ for highest. Surely you’ll not mark days as anywhere between 1-3, or between 9-10, because this could indicate that perhaps you’re in need of professional help.

Feng Shui, Four Pillars of Destiny, 9 Star Ki distance learning - Heluo Hill

The exercise is entirely subjective, but try to mark days such, that you stay more or less close to 5, because it is more reasonable.

Don’t take anything as carved in stone, such as where you went through only one round of this exercise, to then decide that you were ‘therefore’ looking at a ‘done deal’ image.

Few things become more unscientific of course than exercises like the one here, so use it just for fun and to make a note only. If the exercise tells you that you’re having your bad hair day typically on such and such day, this was not in any way to mean that you could extend this ‘truth’ to other periods.

Your personal Qi diary
The purpose of this discourse is to guide you through a three months exercise, by which you may follow your personal Nine Star Ki Star(s) through the daily Luoshu. The article seeks to enable you to independently follow your journey through any nine day cycle from thereon.

Although the Flying Star pattern through Luoshu (aka Magic Square) is fixed for all nine Stars, how you react to this journey – the effect of the Luoshu Palaces on your life, the effect of the other Stars – is the dynamic part and we hope that you will have connected to this very personal dynamic by the time you finished the exercise.

Can we foresee personal bad hair days, or commit to date selection? Hardly we could, not if we thought that we were looking at a ‘done deal’ pattern, not if it came from generic calendars.

Everything into this direction is an attempt, based on generic listings of 9 Stars and so forth, and – if you have those handy – Heavenly Stems and Earthly Branches.

But was it not that Qi sets the pattern? Quite so, but it’s simply that:

Qi sets the pattern
You set the timing

Why did I say that?

To have what comes as an exogenous set of timing factors, based in either orbits, planets, Stems, Branches, or 9 Stars is one thing.

The reason that exogenous factors are not sufficient in ‘predicting’ your life progression, is that everything in Nine Star Ki Astrology or Four Pillars of Destiny is endogenous, that is, not relying on external factors, but physiological.

Your personal 9 Star bodes organ energy, while each element in your Bazi birth chart is to equally bode just organ energy.

We say ‘organs produce emotions’. It means that, we cannot not say that a certain day will be unfavorable for a person, if this person is in sound health. This is also the reason why a survey such as the one proposed here becomes meaningful, but only for your intimate person.

If you are a Star 1 native in 9 Ki – or to concern of any Water element in your Bazi birth chart -, this is mere ‘code’ for Kidney energy. A ‘healthy’ Kidney may produce the ‘plus’ emotion of courage, a Kidney that has been compromised for over a longer period of time, may produce the ‘minus’ emotion of fear (web search 5 Elements Acupuncture).

You may read: Four Pillars of Destiny and Nine Star Ki – astrology or physiology?

It remains uncertain whom had initially started to refer to 9 Ki and Bazi as ‘astrology’, as no-one in his right mind in Asia would be using such terminology.

The ancient scholars no fools or backward folk, more faithfully, Nine Star Ki and Bazi are full intended members of Internal Chinese Medicine (TCM).

How to note a bad hair day?
As you build a close relationship with Luoshu, you may follow your personal 9 Ki Star through the daily Luoshu. How then to recognize your ‘off’ days?

No-one but you can be the judge of that, but on those days you may proportionately feel – let’s say – ‘time and space challenged’, and you may not be ‘on speaking terms’ with time and space.

  • You wake up, already thinking ‘u-oh’.
  • You can’t seem to get even simple ideas across.
  • You leave home late.
  • You left home right on time, but the bus is late.
  • First train was fine, but the second train delayed.
  • You miss your appointment (or your appointment didn’t show up).
  • Did I actually just stumble over a leaf, my own shadow?
  • Not just once, but things keep slipping through your fingers.
  • It seems that ‘something other than you’ is enjoying its own agenda.
  • Your quarrels are not going anywhere, they are about nothing at all really.
  • People tell you ‘no’, where you are sure they would have otherwise said ‘sure’.
  • Your shoulders easily as wide as a king size mattress, today people simply walk you over in the streets, no-one seems to be even noticing you.
  • You notice some nasty letters in your mail box.
  • Is it you, or do people nag you over the phone all of a sudden?
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