Summer Training Specials with Heluo Hill

Expiring soon…

For the first time ever – done in celebration of 20th anniversary of our study program.

This one time – let’s do your full fledged private training, but against group training fee!

And let’s do more than that, as we meet one-on-one in our classroom in Heemstede – The Netherlands.

Hear this, if you have no specific plans set for this July/August, but keen on learning, and… if you own a rucksack:

Training Specials with Heluo Hill July/August 2017 offer only!
9 Star Ki Divination – Four Pillars of Destiny – Flying Star Feng Shui – Nine Star Ki Astrology

VIP arrangement: 4-day master class, as you let me treat you on a private training against group training fee!

We can do more for the occasion…
Not only will this be the first time that at all we will run live classes during school holidays, but as we’re celebrating 20th anniversary of our study program in 2017, I thought to go over the top and pretty much unprecedented on extras this July/August, plus I’ll come up with a nice bonus.

That’s right, as I’ll welcome you in class just ‘solo’, for starters, here’s your one-off package:

  • I’ll treat you on 4 days of full fledged private training against group training fee in our permanent classroom in The Netherlands.
  • That’s right, we meet one-on-one, so no prearranged class dates, as actually you may contact me and feel invited to propose your own favored 4 consecutive dates in class. If those dates not taken, will do.
  • That’s private tutoring against group training fee, while then I’ll take away yet another 15% from group training fee for sake of celebrations and to sort of ‘meet you half way’ on (travel) expenses.
  • Then let me throw in 3 nights of free B&B just as well, so that you really needn’t worry about anything other than just pack your knapsack.
  • Read on to see what training fee we established for you as you meet me for live class this July/August.

While yes, I am in a festive mood, and as not we get to celebrate 20 years all that often:

BONUS Distance Learning
Once after you had returned home after class, and as of course you will continue to develop your skill, we shall arrange to meet one-on-one once more, but as you study in the quiet of your home.

♦ I’ll build your personal homework file around your special questions.
♦ We’ll meet for a one-on-one voice call in Skype for further training and refinements.

Just pick any one of these studies (let me briefly describe each study, at the end of this page)
Class Topics    |    How (not) we treat art and student     |   Testimonials    |    About Heluo

9 Star Ki Divination 九宮占卜
Four Pillars of Destiny Bazi 八字算命
Flying Star Feng Shui 風水飛星派
Nine Star Ki Astrology 九星命理

Each topic of study stands on its own and can be done separately or in any order that you prefer.

As always with us, learn the complete system in one single gathering (we don’t teach in modules), advanced and competitive, this time around in your one-on-one class setting.

Anyway, we can be short about it

Indeed added all celebratory measures, well, we can this time around set class fee for your private training at an unprecedented Euro 1.680,00 [currency converter] (second study taken during the appointed period, take away Euro 300,00 more and join second study for Euro 1.380,00).

Offer valid if we meet in class between 5 July – 5 September 2017.

Now you shall have to only still pack your bags and travel to where I am, and leave the rest to me.

That is, while seats last, because you heard it right, as I shall be each time doing one-on-one classes for everyone, so we need to this time around go by first come, first served.

Saying, you probably want to respond quickly enough, because I need to be able to schedule 4 days for one-on-one class with each individual student well ahead.

About your training (our distinctive approach)
All our studies aim for your full autonomy at the art, your competitiveness and to set you apart from others in the field. As a professional, you’ll seamlessly implement the technique in your existing practice.

Here’s roundup of your internationally acclaimed study:

  • Learn as our full fledged private student against group training fee.
  • Private training against group training fee, yet once more 15% taken away from group fee.
  • I’ll trow in 3 days of free B&B for the occasion.
  • Advanced studies, as always the complete system conveyed in one single gathering (I don’t teach in modules).
  • Bonus: as we’ll meet for one-on-one distance learning through your personal homework file.
  • We will round off as we voice call in Skype for further training and refinements.

While you can bank upon:

  • Direct student-teacher interaction, class adapts to your personal and professional situation.
  • For your eyes only private student materials, otherwise concealed topics handled intensively.
  • With class door closed, I’ll let you in on profoundly revolutionary topics.
  • Learn thus far undisclosed techniques, to change your perception and practice in metaphysics.
  • Massive workbook (480-730 pages) ready for you upon arrival.
  • Training fee includes lunch, coffee/tea, refreshments, delicacies.
  • Class time, any 4 consecutive days that you may pick, 10 a.m. – 6 p.m.
  • Certificate of Completion in our ‘Professional Destiny Consultant’ program.
  • Valid for classes effectively taken between 5 July and 5 September 2017.

Anyway, if you travel in from abroad
You only worry about travel and supper, while you’ll leave the rest to me.

Meaning, you shall have no worries about class or your accommodation.

  • We’re at convenient distance from Schiphol Airport, while of course, you’ll not feel ‘all lost’ in a foreign country, as I’ll send you personalized travel directions back and forth from Schiphol Airport, what to do upon arrival, bus schedules, Google aerial photos, important addresses, restaurants.
  • Free parking, snack corner and supermarket same block as us.
  • Internet connection in classroom, bring your laptop.
  • Bus stop 1 minute away. City of Haarlem and Amsterdam close by.
  • Coffee/tea ready once you make yourself appear through our back gate.
  • Hint: most our students will add days to their itinerary for leisure in Amsterdam.

Queries and enroll
Contact me in time to secure your seat and in time for me to make arrangements (schedule class dates in your name, print your workbook) and to book your B&B.

Email, if you have any questions, or in need of further clarification.

Good chance also, that I’ll be there, should you come in unannounced for just a brief voice call in Skype, where we can enjoy a much more direct exchange as to what studies would bring you.

Email: | Tel: +31 23 5333375 GMT+2 | Skype: heluo.hill


9 Star Ki Divination 九宮占卜
(Forever make the distinction between 9 Ki Divination and Nine Star Ki Astrology).

9 Stars and Luoshu as not you’ll have seen it, as we formalized and fully systematized the art of 9 Ki Divination since 1988.

I’ll show you by painstaking detail, exactly how to forecast as a full professional: foreseeing real (news) events and personal life progression (your do’s & don’ts) for any time past-present-future by the hand of 9 Stars and Luoshu.

Nothing beats it, but a ‘must learn’ in all cases if you are a Flying Star Feng Shui professional, a Yi Jing adept, or if you work with students or clients in any shape or form (acupuncture, health care, therapy).

Leave it to me, that you’ll return home ‘washed ‘n’ ironed’, equipped with a fantastic new skill, but that you would have earlier not imagined possible.

Four Pillars of Destiny Bazi 八字算命
You will learn how to handle Bazi birth charts along subtleties not known in the field of Chinese astrology, and shared with our private students only.

Conventional Xu Ziping Bazi is ‘neat’ enough, but we’ll step into ‘free reading’ once ‘get it’ that we couldn’t designate just one indefinite ‘Useful God’ or ‘Annoying God’.

We will unlock the special significance of the year Pillar, so that no longer you would need to take it for ‘grandparents’.

We will show how to recognize the quite influential ‘not what it seems’ aspect in any Pillar straight away, then how ‘an element will devote its energy only once’, or how to finally take ‘Rob Wealth’ as much more ‘fortunate’ than would be generally perceived.

Hear the significance of the hour Pillar, ‘Front Gate’ and ‘Back Gate’, to step away from the chewed on ‘Children Pillar’ and learn how to get ‘inside’ a person in time of minutes by a ‘one glimpse only’ assessment of the Bazi birth chart.

Flying Star Feng Shui 風水飛星派
What is it that really matters in Xuan Kong Flying Star Feng Shui, and to ‘get the house going’? The truly intended meaning behind ‘Mountain’ and ‘Water’.

There’s work ahead if you have been practicing Fei Xing as a professional.

What in Fei Xing Feng Shui is genuine technique, or what presents itself as such, but was actually a red herring (smoke screen) to purposely set you on the wrong foot?

In depth look into Hetu Yellow River Map, to lay bare its originally intended purpose. What’s behind the Chinese Ming Gua system, or… what is it exactly that monk Yi Xing had done to come up with his ‘male descending’ and ‘female ascending’ cycle to conjoin at ‘Gua 3’? Some of those special Fei Xing charts revisited and seen in a different light.

Explained in no uncertain terms (and in one swift and finally convincing drawing on the whiteboard) why there couldn’t be a ‘difference’ for the Hemispheres.

How to finally ‘escape’ the eternal ‘seasonal’ take on Wuxing Five Transformations and get to what the ancient scholars had intended once devised the Twelve Primary Hexagrams (Bi Gua), until you said ‘now I got it!’

Nine Star Ki Astrology 九星命理
Never a form of ‘astrology’ to begin with – and if you’re ready to surpass those 1980s standards -, I will show you the ins and outs of character, temperament, talents, inner motive, compatibility and health.

What instigates character and fate progression and what lies ‘behind’ the commonly employed ‘astrology’ of 9 Stars.

You will first quit to designate your ‘personal’ Star for year and month of birth, then resort to reading ‘just only’ the belonging character description, to then regard it ‘your own’.

That’s a mouth full for saying, if you have been a 9 Stars and Luoshu practitioner, you cannot afford to uphold ‘old school’ Nine Star Ki Astrology as once it was introduced to the West in the late 1970s.

It’s been all long surpassed by much improved – and more convincing – insights, but imperative if you employ Nine Star Ki in name of others, such as your students or clients.

Learn how ‘organs produce emotions’, the ‘plus’ and ‘minus’ emotions and temperament linked to 9 Stars, organs, meridians and body functions and how this affects your character, temperament and life progression.

This is the only training then also, where we handle the long obscured formulae to establish day Ki Stars (quite involved, but revealing) from the only surviving Classic on the subject Bao Hai Jing – 寶海經.  It is also this class, where we will show you how to construct a personal Kanagi Guruma 神名木車 birth chart of 729 units.

Heluo Hill Special Training 9 Star Ki - Four Pillars of Destiny - Feng Shui

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