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Image Heluo Feng Shui, 9 Star Ki, Four Pillars of Destiny distance learning private trainingThis is for the perfect beginner in 9 Ki Divination, but chances are – as you read this -, you may have been well on your way into Chinese Feng Shui and accustomed to adhering certain ‘behavior’ to 9 Stars for purpose of house divination. Of course, either one pretty much relying on 9 Stars & Luoshu, it would almost seem as if then we could adhere ‘same’ behavior to those from 9 Star Ki derived annual-, monthly- or daily Stars as we would for purpose of house divination in Flying Star Feng Shui.

In so far you had not done so already, start noting 9 Ki relevance in real events today
As you proceed in the world of 9 Stars & Luoshu forecasting, you will find that 9 Ki and Flying Star Feng Shui could not be more perfectly unrelated, mainly because the latter – then not the former – heavily relies on San Yuan Jiu Yun doctrine that says that 9 Stars can be alternately timely and untimely. There is no such thing as Stars being untimely in 9 Ki, as annual-, monthly- and daily Stars will be Heaven Qi, thereby always timely, Yang, mobile, active, pure and indivisible.

Once you’re able to tell one from the other, I would inspire you to set yourself in front of your television screen or news paper some time today and be astonished about the 9 Ki relevance you’d note in those news events.

There’s three things you need in your at all noting 9 Star Ki relevance in news events.

  • First of all, you’d feel comfortable moving on the energy-matter-energy tract, in other words, you’d have no trouble seeing a Star or Trigram, then extend energetics there to its belonging manifestation (event, physical object), while equally, you’d be able to trace an event or any manifested thing to the belonging 9 Stars.
  • You’d know the tens of attributes there are to each one of 9 Stars and 8 Trigrams and know when context points to a specific person, direction, movement, physical object, event, progression or outcome of an event.
  • You know how to construct annual-, monthly- and daily Luoshu, to look up single Stars and Star combinations there and know what each one portents.

That’s about it, apart from your then of course actually screening your news media for 9 Ki relevance.

So, as a beginner to 9 Ki, here is how you may build your knowledge of 9 Stars and Trigram attributes.
Remember, without your first noting how 9 Stars translate into events and vice versa, news events in your news media will be just that, it will be just news events. Therefore, you may first review the blog post How To Relate Real News Events To Luoshu And 8 Trigrams. Now, even my brother could do it.

Then also, you need to equip yourself with as much 9 Stars and Trigram attributes as you can. You may look up Shuo Gua Zhuan on your web searches for that, then refer to the many blog series here on the subject of 9 Ki Divination.

I’ll be here giving you two brief examples, one for a family, one to account of a real news event.

Anyway, as said and so as to gather 9 Stars and 8 Trigram attributes, we may start from – then not stop at – Shuō Guà Zhuán 说卦傳. However, Trigram associations given there reach back many centuries, while linking to an otherwise largely agricultural society, besides, the ancient scholars would have not seen electricity and most of our modern inventions.

Therefore, Shuo Gua Zhuan in hand, what you may do is, you’d yet further build on those 9 Stars and Trigram associations, so that, where Shuo Gua Zhuan gives Zhen Trigram for Star 3 Wood as feet or dragon, you’d note that in our times Star 3 represents train, electrical power plants. Plus, you must feel free to find what certain those Star combinations in the news bode.

Sample one: personal life progression
My family is invited for dinner at one of my wife’s old class mates and while at the table, the lady of the house asks me to do her 9 Ki. Later on, her initially a-bit-distancing-from-the-subject husband becomes interested to hear his divination and for the occasion, I pull next month’s Luoshu. Husband is a Star 6 Metal in 9 Ki. I had not met with the couple and I did not know what his vocation was at the time.

If you read [I] first, then [II], you will see how I told him he6 would be possibly moving away from his spouse2, to travel by airplane4 and move into a building to teach2. Then he tells me he is a military officer and indeed he’d be on a special assignment next month. This changed the reading.

9 Star Ki for Dave and Mary

Due to country – and some 9 Ki guts that then came over me -, I adapted my reading, now telling him more specifically he’d be away for some extended time and due to multiple buildings*. Given context, I then took the central Luoshu Stars to read military compound6 and airplanes or missiles4.

* If you pull a Star 6 native’s Birth Chart by taking Star 6 to the center, there will be a Birth Star 8 for built structure in the 7 Metal Palace and monthly Star 6 arrives there too.

I went on about Star 4 and Star 2 in the 3 Wood Luoshu Palace and told him he would head a team (a group of people is Star 2) on a mission involving classified documents4.

I will not further describe his face as he confirmed that things had messed up some place – exactly to concern of classified documents involving a missile base – and he would be away for 2 months with his team to have things sorted out.

Sample two: news event – blast in a labor mine
You will have seen me use this example over and over. If only because it all the more shows how to best rely on what Luoshu tells us, rather than perhaps go with whatever they tell us in the evening news on television. Luoshu doesn’t lie.

In 1998 and on a Tuesday, the news channel announced an explosion in a labor mine. They gave the cause as short circuit.

Star 2 in 9 Ki can be taken as submerged hollow space, thereby labor mine.

Now, even going by Luoshu Trend – derived from looking at what Stars appear at the central Luoshu Palace – alone and thinking that short circuit would have required Star 3 Wood (for electricity) there, but with monthly Star 6 for explosion and armed assault in the central Palace instead, I immediately told my wife ‘no, this is an armed assault’, so it was pretty great to then see the news come back to the event the following Friday, now saying that 6 men armed with rifles had attacked the labor mine. Again, Luoshu doesn’t lie.

9 Star Ki - armed assault labor mine

Now, it would mean something to me if you told me, yes, you’d be in front of your television screen with Luoshu in your lap.

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