Chinese Feng Shui – what’s external and what Internal

by Heluo Hill 12 July 2011

What is external and what internal in Chinese Feng Shui. Yes, you’re reading good, as for once it didn’t say interior or exterior. We may have to think and rethink some of those standing techniques we’d be using in our practice.

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How to read Luoshu for In Prison – Out of In Prison in 9 Star Ki and Feng Shui

by Heluo Hill 15 May 2011

Heluo explains the exhilarating – yet widely unknown – In Prison – Out of In Prison dynamic in 9 Stars and Luoshu prediction, helping you to locate missing persons at certain set times scheduled by Luoshu. How is it that people may be captured, tried or imprisoned (or be released from prison or a predicament) typically with their Star at the central Luoshu Palace?

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9 Ki Divination – 9 Stars and Luoshu forecasting 7 Metal year – Part Four

by Heluo Hill 7 April 2011

Besides intensive master classes in the Netherlands and individual email based distance learning private trainings, Heluo enjoys sharing distinct 9 Stars and Luoshu syntax for your forecasting of personal and news events. Here is to conclude a series in 4 parts on 9 Star Ki Prediction for the 7 Metal year of 2011. Your comments will be kindly awaited.

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9 Ki Divination – 9 Stars and Luoshu forecasting 7 Metal year – Part Three

by Heluo Hill 20 March 2011

Want to become really skilled at 9 Star Ki prediction? You’d sit with annual- and monthly Luoshu in your lap with your television on a news channel, to see 9 Ki relevance in the news. What you need is some 9 Stars and Luoshu syntax, plus your denouncing the ‘magical’ in metaphysics. 9 Stars have been right in front of you and it is as mundane as they come.

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9 Ki Divination – 9 Stars and Luoshu forecasting 7 Metal year – Part Two

by Heluo Hill 6 February 2011

Heluo discusses his newly developed Reversed Luoshu Axis that you may incorporate in your 9 Star Ki Predictions for any year or month. As you read into the 9 Ki Magic Square, you will note the dynamic for your personal life progression and as you follow news events in your media.

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9 Ki Divination – 9 Stars and Luoshu forecasting 7 Metal year – Part One

by Heluo Hill 18 January 2011

While as it is you’d be in front of your television following news events, you may just as well sit with Magic Square in your lap to see 9 Ki relevance in the news. In this blog series, Heluo continues to share 9 Stars and Luoshu technique, for your detailed annual forecasting 2011. See how all events lie embedded in Luoshu.

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Feng Shui class and consultations – on to a bit more user friendly vocabulary

by Heluo Hill 6 October 2010

It would seem how such terms as ‘diagnose’, ‘cure’ and ‘treatment’ have become commonplace in Chinese Feng Shui. “No wonder the all out apprehension” says Heluo.

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9 Star Ki Prediction and how to relate real news events to Luoshu and 8 Trigrams

by Heluo Hill 16 September 2010

Want to be able and read into real (news) events by the hand of 9 Stars and 8 Trigrams? Heluo shows how you’ll make the transition between just seeing news stories as everyone else, and knowing the underlying 9 Ki relevance. A real adventure for Nine Star Ki astrology practitioners, Flying Star Feng Shui enthusiasts or if you are a Yi Jing adept.

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