Heluo on 2013 annual predictions 9 Star Ki – 5 Earth year

by Heluo Hill 16 March 2013

What is 5 Yellow in Flying Star Feng Shui and 9 Star Ki, if not 5 Yellow receives a Star, a Trigram or a direction? Whatever it is, 5 Yellow is above and beyond 9 Stars and Eight Trigrams.

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Heluo Keeping You Posted – Newsletter June 2012

by Heluo Hill 18 June 2012

Any time will be a good time to pick up on your studies in 9 Stars and Luoshu forecasting through 9 Ki Divination, but there’s a special momentum we’re seeing with the 5 Earth year of 2013. Read about one-on-one Distance Learning Training with Heluo. You’d be using 9 Ki Divination for house divination done for Flying Star Feng Shui or in your forecasting personal life progression or news events.

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Heluo Keeping You Posted – Newsletter April 2012

by Heluo Hill 16 June 2012

This time our newsletter gives some 9 Ki news events we’d have seen occur for the 6 Metal year of 2012, plus, we will be discussing how to determine the Facing side for a building in Flying Star Feng Shui. Happy reading.

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Chinese astrology Four Pillars of Destiny Ba Zi – Earthly Branches Hidden Elements

by Heluo Hill 25 May 2012

Chinese astrology Four Pillars of Destiny Ba Zi has it that each Earthly Branch contains just 1,2 or 3 ‘hidden elements’. Heluo proposes to be reading any Pillar Branch in the Ba Zi birth chart as for it to contain all Ten Heavenly Stems, either those shown explicitely as hidden element or implied by just the range of Stems that is always there, each one awaiting to be employed.

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Feng Shui class and consultations – where is the central space in Luoshu to host 9 Stars

by Heluo Hill 8 May 2012

What do those demarcation lines in Luoshu signify and if we divided Luoshu into enough partitions, will we have reserved a space at the center to accommodate Stars? Will such center space in Luoshu actually cover square meters of floor space and can we take our Feng Shui adjustments there? That’s a lot of important questions, the more if you have been a professional in house divination or 9 Star Ki.

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Heluo on 2012 annual predictions 9 Star Ki and Chinese Astrology – Part Three

by Heluo Hill 12 February 2012

Let me conclude this 9 Star Ki Divination series on news events for 2012 by saying that, if until now you hadn’t been with annual- and monthly 9 Ki forecasting, take up the art now. I have been with 9 Stars and Luoshu forecasting of news events day in day out since 1988, so it would mean a dear thing to me if, besides the technique of it, you felt that some of my excitement had transmitted to you. As, anyway, such 9 Ki relevance in the news happens ‘out there’ as we speak, you may just as well get yourself started.

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Heluo on 2012 annual predictions 9 Star Ki and Chinese Astrology – Part Two

by Heluo Hill 5 February 2012

Heluo continues his blog series on 9 Star Ki annual- and monthly predictions 2012 by the hand of Reversed Luoshu Axis. Besides Luoshu Trend, this approach alone will greatly help you in laying bare 9 Ki relevance in news.

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