How to do 9 Star Ki divination and Chinese astrology predictions on personal life progression and news events for beginners with Heluo – volcano outburst Iceland

As we think there is 9 Ki relevance in the Icelandic volcano eruption, you may check the April 2010 Luoshu for it.

As I started this blog with main purpose of sharing series on 9 Star Ki and Luoshu divination and Chinese astrology predictions, we may sidestep into section here to do (not so) regular ‘as goes’ discussions on news events as they happen. Even though both western astrology and Chinese astrology tend to alternately use terms such as divination and prediction, it is not actually prediction we involve in. Rather, as 9 Stars will be floating through the Luoshu Magic Square in a recurrent cycle of 9 days, 9 months and 9 years, with Stars at their ’15 minutes of fame’ every so often, we’d engage in forecasting tendencies.

As always within context, let’s look at 9 Ki relevance pertaining the April 2010 volcano outburst in Iceland. In Heluo DIY – 2010 Nine Star Ki and Chinese astrology predictions – how to forecast personal and news events – Part Four (on 3 April), you may have seen me project a volcano eruption for April.

Actually, hundreds of volcano outbursts happen each day, just as will be true for earthquakes, however, by far most carrying no further 9 Ki significance.

This is because – much in line with what would be the on average occurrence and before all too eagerly glueing news events to 9 Stars (Trigrams) – you should allow for your fair share of robberies, blazes, car accidents to happen ‘anyhow’ and by whatever Luoshu Star configuration, each day. That said, yes, there may be a significant boost for certain events with certain Luoshu, and the splendid thing about 9 Ki Divination is, we can in fact take our knowledge of 9 Stars, Trigrams and Luoshu to foresee when such boost might occur for any given event.

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Meanwhile, the Eyjafjallajokull volcano in Iceland has erupted, spewing an ash cloud as high as 9 kilometers, resulting into no-fly restrictions and affecting air traffic, as aviation officials have restricted air travel all across Northern Europe. There’s your significant volcano outburst.

Even more spectacular if seen from 9 Ki eyesREUTERS/Olafur Eggertsson

As it is, Star 8 Earth lends itself splendidly for events surrounding mountains, mountainous areas, earthquakes and volcano outbursts, whereas now that 2010 is an 8 Earth year in 9 Star Ki, we should of course expect a noticeable raise in related events. Naturally and concerning 8 Earth, earthquakes will be more prevalent than volcano activity.

It then becomes art to further narrow down probability to certain months and I will show you how we selected April 2010 for a notable volcano eruption.

Heluo on 9 Star Ki prediction Iceland volcanoCentral Luoshu Star for the year 2010 is 8 Earth, so, much deciding on Luoshu trend. In April, annual Star 8 will be joined by monthly Star 9 Fire. This could just as well read as a building (8) of fire (9), or armored vehicles and riot police (9) near buildings, but you’ll see why we’d also sidestep into volcano outburst for April. Interestingly, the central Stars 8 Earth and 9 Fire for this month’s Luoshu already embed in the Chinese word for volcano, which uses two Chinese characters to say ‘fire mountain’, one character for fire 火, one for mountain 山, so we’d get 火山. If you’re used to dealing with 9 Stars and Luoshu, you may further check this Luoshu for Star 4 Wood concerning aeronautics, airports, airplanes, while noting Star 4 is post office too.

While at it, let’s do a forecasting for June 2010, which will be a 7 Metal month in an 8 Earth year. See if you can go to your television to relate the 8-7 combination to news events you’d find there.

Heluo on 9 Star Ki prediction Luoshu June 2010Star 8 Earth is of course again buildings, it is mountains, earthquakes. You may have noticed the masses gathering at institutional buildings and all uproar involving buildings in 2010.

Star 7 may be singer or performer, so that combined with building may give a theater of sorts. If Star 7 is finances, we’d see a bank, a financial- or trade center or ministry of finance.

Star 7 is knife and stabbing, so we may have that. Star 7 relates to violent robbery, furthermore demolished building, so you may see damaged compounds, equally within cities, or in mountainous area. Just check the news for the 8-7 trend.

Where we had linked volcano eruption to 8-9, it would be a mistake to link a certain event to the central Star(s) alone, as there will be for example same flavor in the 6 Metal Luoshu Palace for June 2010, this time with 9-8.

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