Home Study Course with Heluo Hill: self-study + personal support

Extracurricular: self-study + personal support

Home Study Course (new)


Receive printed workbook on your doorstep + personal support

Pick your favored Home Study Course from any of these 4 topics of study.
Each study topic a complete and advanced study, that stands on its own
and can be taken as a single training, or in any order that you prefer.

9 Star Ki Divination 九宮占卜
Home Study Course workbook 590 pages

Four Pillars of Destiny Bazi 八字算命
Home Study Course workbook 650 pages

Flying Star Feng Shui 風水飛星派
Home Study Course workbook 730 pages

Nine Star Ki Astrology 九星命理
Home Study Course workbook 480 pages

  • If you can’t join our full professional studies through our 4-day master classes or distance learning private training.
  • If you didn’t enroll as a student, but you still wish to reap from our formal study materials, plus support directly from Heluo through your personal homework file.
  • Self-study: you will receive workbook in topic of study, which is identical to the handbook that we give out to students in our formal study program.

9 Star Ki Divination Home Study Correspondence Course with Heluo

Not immediately everyone feels ready to cling to a full fledged training, such as we offer through 4-day master classes or one-on-one distance learning in our formal study program.

While of course, if you self-study, you still wish to excel.

You may now come on our latest attained HOME STUDY COURSE.

You will receive the corresponding printed workbook on your doorstep, which is identical to the handbook that students in our professional studies receive through our formal 4-day master classes and distance learning private training.

In addition to the printed book: enjoy 1-on-1 tuition, as your questions pertaining to book content will be extensively handled by Heluo – everything written on your person – in your personal homework file.

You will learn from our authentic workbooks ranging 480-730 pages, known for their authoritative, exclusive and extensive teaching materials that we developed since 1994 (and still growing), and that will enable you to single-handedly apply the system under study.

Because it is a Home Study Course, it is available at a laughable fraction of training fees normally charged in the field of professional training.

You may pick any of these 4 topics of study (then next scroll to see study outline):

Home Study Course self-study plus support with Heluo Hill

Study outline Home Study Course – 2 parts, totaling 18 weeks

Part One
Upon receipt of your printed Home Study Course – delivered on your doorstep -, you will engage in 10 weeks of preliminary studies of your workbook, while during this time, you may amass questions pertaining to workbook content and that you may want to ask Heluo.

Part Two
Then follows a 2 months period during which we will prepare your personal homework file in direct exchange, while Heluo will extensively handle your questions and give further explanations, everything written on your person. You will be also sent supplementary training materials developed by us.

Home Study Course Chinese Feng Shui, 9 Star Ki astrology, Four Pillars of Destiny - Heluo Hill

Home Study Course (printed workbook + personal trainer)
€ 880,00, excluding shipping to your destination, including printed workbook in Home Study Course topic of your choice, questions-answers based support in direct interaction with Heluo in your personal homework file. The rates listed are per Home Study Course (Currency converter

Note that Home Study Course is extracurricular and that you do not enroll as a formal student to our school, while still you’ll be able to take full advantage of workbooks normally given out to students in our professional study program.

Our formal study program will be offered through either 4-day master classes or one-on-one distance learning, while it offers full fledged advanced training for – aspiring – professionals, with specialization files and pretty much ‘for your eyes only’ private student materials, while it grands certificate of completion. 

√ Receive printed Home Study Course in topic of study on your doorstep.
√ Massive explanations on ‘for your eyes only’ private student materials.
√ Personal homework file, where Heluo extensively handles your questions pertaining to
   workbook content.

√ Supplementary materials that we will send you, and that you need to see once in your
   personal exchange period.

√ Skype session (optional) with Heluo upon completion for further refinements and to round
   off your course.

 Heluo Qi Explorations Netherlands

Heluo (Roel) Hill will be available to teach in your country on your invitation, while Heluo Qi Explorations Netherlands keeps to a cumulative compensation program for her professional organizers. Heluo has conducted classes on invitation in Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Hong Kong, Poland, Portugal, Russia, UK and USA.

Heluo took a dive into Chinese metaphysics – to never look back – in 1973, while he has been a teacher and life counselor since 1979. He initially started out as a martial arts center, while then he transmitted his successful dojo to an assistent, to fully devote to his current study program Professional Destiny Consultant in 1997. He has since trained students, teachers, consultants and Chinese masters from 35 countries.

Heluo developed the art of 9 Ki Divination from scratch since 1988, which came soon after he had noted much greater 9 Ki relevance to those real events in the media, than seemed to have been recognized by anyone in the field of Nine Star Ki Astrology at the time. Heluo has not been without Luoshu for even a day since. It is why today, we distinguish between Nine Star Ki Astrology (for character, temperament, talents, health) and 9 Ki Divination, that let’s you forecast real events and personal life progression by the hand of 9 Stars and Luoshu. We will introduce you to newly developed 9 Ki syntax, to forever change your perception and practice.

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