9 Ki Divination – 9 Stars and Luoshu forecasting 7 Metal year – Part One

The year 2011 is 7 Metal in 9 Star Ki, besides it is the year of Metal Rabbit (Yin Metal Xin – Mao Rabbit) in the Chinese astrology of Four Pillars of Destiny Bazi. Chinese astrology 2011 predictions will be based in the 12 Chinese Zodiac signs – often still referred as Chinese animals, but we will here focus on 9 Ki Divination, through which you will use 9 Stars and 8 Trigrams for purpose of prediction, so that you can follow annual and monthly Luoshu on account of personal life progression and forecasting news events. If you have been following blog series here and articles on Heluo’s website, you will realize just how far beyond just the mandatory Grand Duke (Tai Sui), Sui Po, San Sha – or directionologies based in 5 Yellow – we can take 9 Ki Divination. The year 2011 will be governed by the Dui Trigram, known also as Marsh or 7 Metal.

Who is Star 7 Metal and how to forecast
We will gradually work our way into 7 Metal. What are its Trigram attributes, what physical objects come under Star 7 and how to follow Star 7 through annual and monthly Luoshu to see 9 Ki relevance in the news? We will look at some monthly Luoshu and see what events may be expected to happen for a 7 Metal year. We will be giving you 9 Stars and Luoshu Palace properties, whereas this discourse aims to give you sufficient clues as to how to go about forecasting, so that you can acquire the skill necessary to perform on your own.

Besides our blog series would presume that you’ll have some background on the Magic Square of 5 Earth, 9 Stars, 8 Trigrams, it is assumed that you found some basic 9 Ki approaches in last year’s “Heluo DIY – 2010 Nine Star Ki and Chinese astrology predictions – how to forecast personal and news events“.

Luoshu Magic Square 9 Ki 20112011 is a 7 Metal year as it runs from 4 February 2011 up to 3 February 2012. We note Star 7 Metal at the central Luoshu Palace, which indicates that we will not locate annual Star 7 into any of the magnetic directions, indicating that Star 7 will be much under influence of its environment, i.e. the other Stars being active from out of and into the 8 directions.

Since there always remains a portion of gravitation with the central Palace, we’d see events revolve around attributes of Star 7.

9 Ki Divination will be used for either personal life progression, or to forecast news events.

In order to develop your ability to lay bare – both tangible and intangible – Star 7 properties for your daily experiences or as you’d be collecting news events in the media, you need to know what Star 7 bodes.

9 Ki Prediction 2011 - Trigram 7 MetalStar 7 Red (Qī Chì – 七赤) is governed by Trigram Marsh (Duì – 兌) as it is to denote something open, susceptible, exposed, soft or flexible over a solid base. Trigram Dui represents something solid carrying or containing something wet, or it may be taken to represent something solid but with an opening, or a crack.

Star 7 Metal governs Lung and Large Intestine, more predominantly Large Intestine. Mouth, saliva, upper jaw, throat. Young female, wife, concubine, mistress, sorcerer, diviner, singer, orator, performer. The 7 Metal Luoshu Palace associates with credibility, recognition, can be (re)establishing your name and reputation. Star 7 holds financial matters, banking, anything monetary, accounting.

It is knives and sharp or cutting objects, it may associate with surgery and it can relate to injury of the skin by any sharp object, such as through an injection needle. Violent robbery, can be ruthless.

As you’d be regularly following news events in your media for 2011, you will soon note how Star 7 bodes ships, sailing vessels, so you may see the hand of 9 Ki in a bit more than your fair share of accidents surrounding ferries and other maritime events involving ships, or ship wrecks being surfaced in 2011, so that also, to that respect and perfectly in line with 9 Ki expectations, you shouldn’t be surprised to see any news evolve around the Titanic. Star 7 may be a thing on its last legs, neglected compound, demolished building. Where Star 2 Earth is a wall or a dam, once Star 7 involves, it may signify a damaged or demolished wall or dam. Damaged and dysfunctional objects. Litter, a bin. Snow, slightly wetted land, hard and salty soil, dried up well. Oval, slightly domed shape.

For personal life progression and primarily with your Star visiting the 7 Metal Palace – to lesser degree also – your Star visiting Star 7 or Star 7 visiting your Star, while also with your Star appearing opposite Star 7 in Luoshu, any outcomes furthermore flavored by attributes of other Stars involved:

May enjoy improvement in leadership qualities, organizational capabilities, when your Star resides in the 7 Metal Palace and you can enjoy recognition, acknowledgment of your skill, which may result in (re)admittance. Good for credibility, acquiring loans, financial support, engaging into monetary affairs and strategic planning, perseverance. May receive, lose, invest money, good on acquiring assets. Inclined towards romance, flirting. On the negative side – check opposite Stars and Palaces for detail -, may be prone to bad-mouthing, gossip, getting name or reputation smeared, plagiarism, surgery, robbery.

Much of a Star’s attributes, including its temperament and behavior may be derived directly from the Trigram image.

The associated time of the year for Star 7 Metal would be early Autumn for the Northern Hemisphere (stressed here because September Rooster would be Spring time for the Southern Hemisphere, however, September to be either way taken as member to the Metal months for the Southern Hemisphere, because this relates to the earth orbit around the Sun – consequently the 24 Solar Terms -, then rather not apparent season), just before harvest. After we had duly committed to the land, crops be taking care of itself, so we’d meet up with our fellow workers and neighbors to enjoy late afternoon (hour of the Rooster 5-7 p.m.) bread and wine. Therefore, Dui denotes joy, pleasure, rejoice, delight, singing and rethoric.

Heluo - Star 7 Metal and 5 Elements of TrigramsDui Trigram can be a vase, a calabash, bin, a pot (the one shown here with a crack as this would be a typical Star 7 feature).

Once you’d thus reason closer into the Dui Trigram, you will see how it may depict any physical structure with a solid body and an opening of sorts, this opening probably pointing upwards, so this could well be a crack in soil or a floor.

Further Dui associations will be in romanticism and joy, but also in disfigurement, humiliation, or being deceitful.

Back to the Trigram image, and as we’d perhaps use 9 Ki Divination for missing persons cases, the involvement of Dui could have us look for a passage way or small – unobscured – entry way, allowing for things with a crack, or closed off even but easily to break open or enter into.

Heluo - difference between 9 Star Ki astrology and prediction

9 Stars and 8 Trigrams will be employed for both Flying Star Feng Shui and Nine Star Ki. Even though either one based in same 9 Stars along similar Trigram attributes, it is important to know that each one comes as an autonomous system, otherwise unrelated, so that, once taken into application the 9 Stars alter their behavior relative to domain. Staying with both Feng Shui and Nine Star Ki practitioners, it seems not many know how to yet have Nine Star Ki branch off in a divinatory branch or astrology, while 9 Ki becomes pretty detailed on account of personal life progression and forecasting news events.

When is a Star said to be influential
You will be following Star 7 Metal through the monthly Luoshu for 2011. If we wish to highlight a certain Star’s influence – and for sake of simplicity -, we say the Star is ‘involved’.

Generally, too much emphasize may be on a Star once it appears in the central Palace, whereas – however important the central Palace on a Star’s performance – same Star’s influence may be cast if it appears anywhere else in Luoshu. Taking Star 7 as our example, we speak of ‘Star 7 involved’ in at least the following cases:

– Star 7 Metal appears at the central Luoshu Palace, to indicate Luoshu Trend.
– Star 7 Metal engages on the Reversed Luoshu Axis for any year, month or day.
– Star 7 Metal appears opposite Star 5, visits Star 5 or is being visited by Star 5.
– Star 7 Metal visits your personal Star or your Star visits Star 7.
– Star 7 Metal appears opposite your personal Star.

Besides you’d mainly examine Luoshu on account of these influences, any other Star 7 relation within Luoshu may be instrumental for causing events, proportionate to Luoshu Palace involved and the then Star combinations formed.

9 Star Ki - how to follow a Star through LuoshuWe would not just follow a Star as it migrates through Luoshu, but we would always consider other Luoshu dynamics, such as which Star then appears opposite our subject Star, or if we find Star 5 involved in any way. Let’s take the example of a 1 Water person in 2011. Annual Star 1 will be in the 8 Earth Palace, for revolution and change, burning old bridges, built structures. Star 1 appears opposite annual Star 4 Wood in the 2 Earth Palace, which Star 4 and besides aeronautics, depicts documents, which can be a letter, a contract, in fact any written communication.

9 Stars migrating through Luoshu - 1 Water KanStar 1 visited by Star 4
Star 1 may receive a letter or a contract related to finances or surgery, because Star 1 appears opposite monthly Star 7. Involving the 8 Earth Palace, the written message may be on the subject of residence or a corporate building. Involving the 2 Earth Palace, the message may be in relation to Star 2 attributes, such as mother, spouse, homestead, hospital, studies. As Star 4 Wood may depict anything transported through air, it may – besides conventional mail – include internet and email.

Star 1 visits the 6 Metal Palace
The 6 Metal Luoshu Palace may denote personal or professional success, boost in career. However, monthly Star 1 appears opposite annual Star 6, thereby stepping on the annual Reversed Luoshu Axis for the month. Properties for annual Star 6  Metal may be ‘off’, annual Star 8 Earth may be ‘going nowhere’. Events may remain partly outside the own influence, may have to give up one professional engagement for another, involving change of or traveling between buildings. Also read the 8 Earth Palace.

9 Stars migrating through Luoshu - away from spouseStar 1 moves away from spouse
This one is interesting, because it might not become immediately apparent. By this monthly Luoshu, Star 1 could be likely moving away from spouse, or homestead. With monthly Star 1 visiting annual Star 6 at the 4 Wood Palace, it would be ‘heading away’ from the 6 Metal Palace – affecting affinity also -, thereby away from Star and Palace implications there. Yet, neither annual Star 8, nor monthly Star 3 would bode spouse or homestead. To surface this, we’d pull the Birth chart for 1 Water to locate Birth Star 2 for spouse in the Qian Palace.

9 Stars migrating through Luoshu - Star 7 Dui dam breakStar 7 bodes dam break
Besides we’d read the central Palace for Luoshu Trend for year and month, here monthly Star 7 Metal would be Guest to annual Star 2 Earth Host in the 9 Fire Palace. Headline news may give you a robbery (7) on a zoo (2) or small food shops (2), knife attack (7) on a school (2), rupture (7) in a wall or dam (2), which latter would be related possibly to an earthquake if we were to involve annual and monthly Star 3 (piercing onto Earth) and monthly Star 8 (seaquake) in the 1 Water Palace.

To further build on your divinatory skills and while applying the approach proposed here, you could devote to a good number of Luoshu pertaining perhaps certain personal life events or news events, and ‘read the Stars and build the story’.

Monthly Luoshu for 2011

Heluo Reversed Luoshu Axis - February, March, AprilHeluo Reversed Luoshu Axis - May, June, JulyHeluo Reversed Luoshu Axis - August, September, OctoberHeluo Reversed Luoshu Axis - November, December, JanuaryThe purpose of this series being to enable you to single-handedly perform on account of 9 Stars and Luoshu forecasting of personal and news events, I hope to find you in front of your media with Luoshu in your lap.

To be continued…

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