9 Ki Divination – 9 Stars and Luoshu forecasting 7 Metal year – Part Four

This concludes Heluo’s blog series on how to do 9 Star Ki Divination for the 7 Metal year of 2011, while we hope to have shown you that there is a distinct 9 Stars and Luoshu syntax to your astrological new year predictions, so that you may go into forecasting personal and news events yourself. Your comments are always welcomed as we’re all here to learn.

February 2011 and November 2011
9 Star Ki Prediction - February 7 Metal yearFebruary and November 2011 will be 8 Earth, so we commit Star 8 for the month to the central Luoshu Palace to meet with annual Star 7 Metal. We say that, by the Host-Guest principle, here annual Star 7 will be Host, monthly Star 8 will be Guest, the latter then comparably the more active player, imposing events upon annual Star 7. Then, from Wuxing ‘supporting cycle’, most would say that monthly Star 8 finds itself in accord with the Earth energy released by the central Palace, whereas annual Star 7 should be likewise at ease due to affinity with 5 Earth, as if it then follows that from this should come a string of positive forecastings.

How to note, then bypass 5 Elements in your destiny reading
Besides the 5 Elements of it may partly play a role in your forecasting personal and news events, it may also lead you into all too emblematic reading, as experience tells us that those initial Wuxing relations we would be noting for Luoshu on account of 9 Ki forecasting may for the greater part be just notional, perhaps interesting only at the starting stages of our survey. In fact, if already early on in our reading we’d go passed Wuxing, all options be open anyway, i.e. whether we’d then see any Star instigate fortunate or malign outcome wouldn’t seem to depend on the Wuxing cycle alone. Furthermore, far more advanced levels of divination can be reached if not you rely on Wuxing too much or the whole time, as this may soon promote suppositions that would easily lead to active statements based in emblematic reading, while your reading would go into sure looping, in that order.

To respect of 9 Star Ki forecasting – and it is no different for Xuan Kong Flying Star Feng Shui -, it is with the more popularized Wuxing cycles as it is with other things in life, you can’t do without it, but you’d make sure not to get stuck there. Whereas we’d still note its purpose, you have to pretty much know when and to what point to consider Wuxing cycles, when not to and when to altogether skip Wuxing and just read the Stars for their basic attributes.

Reading 9 Stars, you would just note combination of Stars for their Trigram attributes, then see if one Star functions onto the other Star as Output, Wealth, Power, Resource or Parallel, just as you would for the Chinese astrology of Four Pillars of Destiny Bazi, rather not would you stick with notions such as controlling cycle, supporting cycle, weakening cycle and the like. In fact, once you are successful at leaving Five Transformations for what they are, this will be about where you would see Luoshu open up before you as a book.

Therefore, as you’re doing readings for personal life progression or as you might be screening the news for 9 Ki relevance, we would advise you to, by all means still take good note of how Stars and Palaces relate as to the supporting cycle or controlling cycle, but then take this as just preliminary information, then not further focusing on this for the remainder of your reading. This way, you would be escaping all too emblematic reading or, much worse, watch your reading go into a loop.

In order to have Luoshu at all unfold its intrinsic story for you and if at this point you hadn’t already on account of your divination practice, you must let go of such notions as ‘controlling cycle is bad’ and ‘supporting cycle is beneficial’, as reality has it that matters can be taken by reverse just the same. To that respect, and apart from an element ‘supporting’, ‘controlling’ or ‘weakening’ another element, we already know how the controlling dynamic would be taking the ‘controlled’ element to ambition and achievement – this dynamic know in Bazi as Power or Official -, the so-called weakening cycle and rather than ‘weakening’ an element, to bring this element into production, this dynamic known in Four Pillars of Destiny as Output.

For example, regarding a reading done for a 7 Metal person in 2011, if based only in the notion that says that the 5 Earth energy of the central Palace would be generating Star 7 and to then project ‘positive’ outcome to result from this, this may be so to certain extent, but otherwise, one of strongest 9 Star Ki notions says that people with their Stars at the central Palace may be tried and imprisoned, such then irrespective of then presumed beneficial Wuxing relation.

The gist of this should be, as you are progressing into Luoshu, you’d be taking a Star for just its Trigram attributes, before altogether taking matters for the Wuxing of it. If you’d say that Star 3 Wood has a piercing influence upon Star 8 Earth and from this there might be an earthquake, you will be accurate more often than not. However, same Star combination could be producing a long string of favorable or even meaningless outcomes, such as 3-8 may be no more than a man (3) entering a building (8), or a train (3) in a railway station. You’d read Luoshu from context anyway, rather than from Wuxing alone.

Please note that we fit 9 monthly squares into a 12 months Solar year, so the Luoshu for February 2011 becomes identical to the Luoshu for November 2011. We may expect somewhat the same ‘feel’ for November 2011 as for February 2011, whereas due to annual Stars having gained on strength, we might expect news events for November to be of even greater magnitude.

If we take annual Star 7 to represent a building, it may be a prominent financial center. We still remember the World Trade Center bombing in February 1993, under similar annual- and monthly Luoshu. If we take annual Star 7 to represent a sailing vessel, the 8 Earth may cast a ‘shaking’ impact, and we may see ships sink.

If we zoom in on the 8 Earth Palace, annual Star 1 may represent a multitude of associations, such as an island, coastal area, museum, art, religious compound, including a sectarian setting, an asylum and we might see events unfold there.

Annual Star 1 Water will be joined by monthly Star 2 Earth for education, a mob, while we will find monthly Star 5 Earth in opposite position at the 2 Earth Luoshu Palace. Star 5 by itself may caste stern trouble on the Stars in the 8 Earth Luoshu Palace, whereas monthly Star 5 can be a compound, a stronghold. Because 5 Yellow bodes a compound or a community, we may see Star 2 for mob or a group of people move away from usual whereabouts, which would give an image of dislocated or ousted people.

Whereas for the 7 Metal year 2011, we would find the annual Reversed Luoshu Axis along the Southeast-Northwest, the monthly Reversed Luoshu Axis here appears Northeast-Southwest, so we find monthly Star 2’s magnetism ‘off’ in the sense of it being uncalibrated and displaced, which would have properties of the opposite annual Star 5 then ‘going nowhere’. In a way therefore, annual Star 1 and annual Star 4 will have the Reversed Luoshu Axis imposed upon their associations. Star 4 Wood depicts wind and turbulence, aeronautics, airplane, any missile (in fact, anything moving through or carried by air from point a to point b), airfield, post office or postal service, transportation, tourism industry, so that we may note these in the media, with perhaps some notable bankruptcies in the associated fields of Star 4, also as we locate monthly Star 4 in the 1 Water Luoshu Palace. We may keep an eye out on news events related to Star 4, because the accident and disaster usually linked to Star 5 and the fact that monthly Star 4 arrives in Water doesn’t add up to much good.

The magnetic Southeast-Northwest directions hold the annual Reversed Luoshu Axis with attributes of annual Star 6 Metal ‘off’, then associations for the opposite annual Star 8 ‘going nowhere’. Star 6 may represent the sovereign, it is where mandate lives, military, it is cars, the automotive industry, heavy machinery and its industry including arms industry and military technology, prominent corporations, legislation, explosions and armed assault. Combining Star 6 attributes with properties of the 4 Wood Luoshu Palace such as aeronautics, airplanes, missiles, documents and contracts, could be taking news events related to this Star combination to the media. As always, annual Star 8 Earth will be then associated with revolution & change, but predominantly with built structures, property, mountains and mountainous areas, land ownership, mortgages, sciencific research, uproar, political and cultural conservatism and ethnical conflict. If we read Star 8 for a built structure, this may be a military compound of sorts. If then we involve the monthly Luoshu for February 2011, we see monthly Star 7 Metal to visit annual Star 6 Metal, which would be Metal piling up – which could instigate explosions or armed assault -, but moreover then taking Star 7 for its financial connotation, we will see mentioned industries affected by monetary issues, then also any event occurring in the news attracting significant media attention due to monthly Star 9 Fire for ‘exposure’ breathing on the background. If then we stick with just the 6 Metal Luoshu Palace to note annual Star 8 and monthly Star 9 to team up there, 9 Fire could be causing a blaze upon a building, while then we read the opposite Star 6 and Star 7 for more detail, as such blaze could also involve oil pipe lines or a sailing vessel, such as a navy ship or a ferry.

March 2011 and December 2011
9 Star Ki Prediction - March and December 7 Metal yearWe may expect somewhat the same ‘feel’ for December 2011 as we would for March 2011, whereas here we immediately note how the monthly Star configuration repeats the annual Reversed Luoshu Axis.

This may also mean that, where we would keep an eye out already on properties related to Star 6 Metal and Star 8 Earth throughout the whole of 2011, we would need be able to note Reversed Luoshu Axis events to come on account of these Stars in March, then even moreso for December 2011.

What catches the eye is Star 5 Earth to appear in the 3 Wood Luoshu Palace twice, by this aligning itself with double 9 Fire in the 7 Metal Palace. If we project fires, media attention, oil, or the nuclear and pharmaceutical industry on Star 9, it is a matter of screening your media for Star 5 related events, for example noting Star 5 for compound, then Star 9 for oil, so that the 9-5 combination can become an oil platform. Besides autonomy, authority and riches, Star 5 furthermore denotes accident, disaster, army or war.

You should first overcome to just only reduce Star 5 to it being notorious for causing accident and mishap, even death. If Star 5 can cause mishap, it may be so, but it is just as true how any other Star could be causing mishap just the same, whereas also, even in case we had to concur on this notion – simply because confirmation for that will meet you through the news -, not only can good things be still expected to come from 5 Yellow, we would still take the principle of 5 Yellow for just its basic attributes.

We know that Star 5 is construction related, so it may be constructions made of stone, brick or cement, it can be a heavy rock, a cave, while type of building depends on Luoshu Palace for Star 5 to appear, or the combination it forms with other Stars. Star 5 in the 1 Water Palace or joining Star 1 anywhere in Luoshu, would be a bridge, or it can be an underwater tunnel. Star 5 and Star 3 can be a train tunnel or a settlement in a forest. Star 5 along Star 6 could be a metal bridge or a military compound, while if Star 5 meets up with Star 2, it can be a basement, a school, a prison, a hospital, a zoo. This in mind and along here annual- and monthly Luoshu, you would be well able to put one and one together and recognize the hand of Star 5 and Star 9 in the news.

To respect of Star 5 and in accord with the media attention linked to Star 9 Fire, you could see a major trial related to the military or a para-military group. The 3 Wood Luoshu Palace can be associated with invention, so that Star 5 arriving there, could be a university or comparable environment, launching a new finding of sorts. Star 3 and Star 5 together, can be gambling, so you may see casino type of environments in the news.

Star 5 is also army, war, curfew, so that we may see mobilization and combat, armed conflict, either into East-West territory, or into any direction, then related to 3 Wood type of environment (forest, highway), buildings (high rise buildings, railway station, electrical plant), disputes or other associations pertaining Star 3 Wood and, because Star 5 finds itself opposite to it, Star 9 Fire, which would then not point to just a blaze, but high radiance and oil platforms, nuclear facilities, armored vehicles, armored personnel.

Speculating on double 5 and double 9, it could be the discovery or excavation of a new species, pertaining animals, or even human in case of a tribe. It can be the excavation of a rather enormous compound.

All in all, you’d have more than enough reason to staying close to the news under this particular Luoshu, if even only on account of Star 5 and Star 9.

April 2011 and January 2012
9 Star Ki Prediction - January 2012 6 MetalOne of first things to note would be the annual Reversed Luoshu Axis with annual Star 6 opposite annual Star 8, then monthly Star 5 to move to – and thus make an appeal on – annual Star 6. To regard of personal life progression, this should somewhat caution people with Stars 5 Earth, 6 Metal, 7 Metal and 8 Earth. What may be ‘off’ this month is, anything concerning associations normally linked to the 4 Wood Palace, so that parcels would not reach destination or other events that you would normally deem uncharacteristic, but still out of your influence sphere. Circumstances allowing, you may wait until this month’s Luoshu passes over.

Star 4 Wood extends into documents, but also communication, including your email, or if you own a website or blog, these may be giving you a headache. If annual Star 6 bodes your professional endeavors, or your employer, monthly Star 5 appearing opposite monthly Star 7 could well be a message reaching you through a document of sorts, concerning finances.

If we zoom in on the 8 Earth Luoshu Palace, you will note annual Star 1 and monthly Star 9 Fire there. The Palace associates with built structures, earthquakes and mountains, so if we combine attributes for Star 1, 8 and 9, this gives the image of a vulcano outburst, involving mountainous region, islands or coastal areas, possibly an underwater event as such, which could also bode a nuclear test at sea.

The 3 Wood Palace welcomes monthly Star 4 for airplanes, so plane accidents may tend to occur in forest, with the opposite annual Star 9 then suggestive for a blaze, the moreso where monthly Star 9 Fire also appears opposite annual Star 4. We remember how Star 4 is projectiles, so that we may see missiles on buildings due to monthly Star 4 and monthly Star 8 appearing along same Luoshu axis, while noting how annual Star 7 being a ship, then here visited by annual Star 6, so that 6-7 may represent a navy ship, and we may see missiles there.

This concludes this series on the 7 Metal year of 2011. It is my firm hope that our blog posts will help you perform on account of 9 Ki Divination of both your personal life and news events. I hope you have gained new esteem for Trigram Dui, also called 7 Red and associated with Venus (七赤金星).

Both in the blog series on annual 9 Star Ki forecasting for 2010 and 2011, I have tried to show you how not you should rely on others for divination, but how you could do it yourself. Each Luoshu Star configuration for year, month or even day, will give you endless associations if you were to Translate Stars into Events and Events into Stars.

Remember that, if you employ 9 Star Ki in your house divination for purpose of Flying Star Feng Shui, the annual- and monthly Stars as they derive from 9 Ki will be always timely, thereby not answering to dynamics of growth, prime and decay as 9 Stars would for the Flying Star chart of your house. Also remember that, where Ba Zhai (Eight Mansion) Feng Shui incorporates the Chinese Ming Gua system (Ming Gua can be taken to mean life or destiny, Gua is Trigram) to distinguish between male and female Gua, there is no such thing in Nine Star Ki Astrology. If you are a female Gua 9 and you’d be doing placements for door, stove, bed and desk in Feng Shui accordingly, you would still be a 6 Metal in 9 Star Ki, be that in forecasting personal life events inside or outside your house.

I am thrilled to hear some of my readers telling me they have been not reading from screen, but from print, which, yes, will be your shortest advance into profundity. If you leave your comment, I will be glad to discuss more on 9 Star Ki Divination.


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