9 Ki Divination – 9 Stars and Luoshu forecasting 7 Metal year – Part Three

Heluo’s blog series are to show that there’s nothing magical about 9 Star Ki annual or monthly predictions, as everything on our planet behaves along magnetism, which is back to just physics. All phenomena sail on the wave of a recurrent pattern of 9 and it is just that the ancients had captured this in the Luoshu Magic Square for easy reference, then applied for Chinese astrology, Chinese medicine, agriculture, warfare. Your 9 Stars and Luoshu forecasting of news events becomes more mundane than most realize as you will see once you are to mirror what you find in your media to your annual-, monthly- or daily Luoshu.

How to locate missing persons – some first clues
But, don’t take anything from anyone and have Luoshu tell you instead. Here is to show you why 9 Star Ki Prediction becomes a bit more than just your shallow pass time and one of strongest arguments for you to take up profound training in the art of forecasting personal life progression and news events. It is where you can use your skill to locate missing persons, while most practitioners be still using Luoshu to look up (un)favorable directions for traveling or initiatives on account of marriage and career.

If what I’d be claiming here, would work for only 30% of missing persons cases, you’d concur how already this would make 9 Ki into a marvellous system. But, don’t worry, your score will exceed that.

As said, 9 Stars and Luoshu will bring you a bit more than just calculating directions or to locate Star 5 for accident and mishap and that’s an understatement. Of course, it would take your actually sitting yourself with Luoshu, but once you connect to real news for 9 Ki relevance, and if you’re ready to go into a layer by layer by layer survey, the events will unfold before you.

9 Star Ki - how to locate missing personsWe will here take it a bit easy on you, but yet show you some first clues. Remember, you will be reading into time-action-space.

That’s your platform, the missing persons case is your context.

You would read for Luoshu Trend first, then read into subject, verb, objective, until you can tell the story by certain detail.

With annual Star 7 at the central Luoshu Palace, should anyone or anything go missing in 2011, you may first look to recover it in 7 Metal type spaces, such as containers, dust bins, basins, dried up wells, demolished buildings, a ship.

Once done and you had been taking ample notes at this stage, you’d focus on Star 7 attributes which would include physical objects, actions, events, people, besides metaphorical Star 7 properties. That’s your preliminary focus on Star 7 Metal, after which you can resort to fine tuning and read Luoshu for other Stars and Star combinations, all within context.

So, it is where you’d open your news paper on a person missing. That’s an interesting moment, because now you could decide to just move on to the next news item. Or, you can stop the clock and pull the annual- and monthly Luoshu for the event.

You’d have the date of the event, perhaps abductee’s age or even date of birth, some circumstances surrounding the event, but other than that, you’d have no much more to go on.

With everyone still clueless – media, the authorities – about what would have happened, it is up to you to Read The Stars And Tell The Story. Again, if you could do this by certain detail even on account of missing persons cases, surely you’d be dealing with a superb system for divination, and, quite, you can take 9 Ki up on that.

Now, supposing you are to assess for a missing persons case and the only thing known at that point is, the person went missing and the fixed Luoshu for the event.

So, you can only approach Luoshu from context, with not even being told the circumstances or the age of the missing person. With Star 7 at the central Luoshu Palace or if it keeps coming up in Luoshu for the event all the time, you’d take Star 7 for ‘something solid holding something weak’, ‘neglect’ or ‘crack’ (see the earlier parts in this series for other Trigram Dui attributes).

While you’d consider anything you know about Star 7, possibilities for you to then further extend this into the belonging buildings, physical objects, people, location and direction, including most probable progression and outcome of events become multitude. You would then involve personal 9 Ki Stars of the abductee, while the rest of the story will be embedded in Luoshu, including information on the perpetrator, was there a (what type of) weapon involved, was the person taken by a (what type of) vehicle, what would be the event progression, or into which direction was person taken and what are prospects for survival.

If, given the Luoshu for year, month and day and how personal Stars distribute along the Magic Square, it is your estimate that chances for survival should be slim, it is helpful to know how each of 9 Stars may be suggestive for certain distinct types of abuse. One example is Star 6 for gun, Star 4 for strangulation.

• Already by our blog series, we want to inspire you to further expand on this and learn to perform on your own, but there’s only so much even an extended blog series could do for you. If you are a serious student wishing to build on your skill and reach professional level through profound training with Heluo, our 4-days specialization seminar in 9 Ki, or – if you can’t travel, one of our 3 distance learning support options – would take you into much greater detail and real case studies. Even what’s in the manual would set you aside from others in the field.

You would handle each missing persons case on its own account, pending then Luoshu Star configuration, so that Luoshu Trend adapts to the annual (and monthly and daily) Star, for example, you would know where to locate the person (as well as point at the perpetrator) in a 2 Earth year, a 1 Water year and so on. You may expand on this indefinitely for as long as you’d stay with associations for Dui Marsh Trigram in 2011.

Still very much at Star 7 and location or buildings, an open roof stadium, slightly oval and domed, here even with ‘cracks’, would resemble Star 7. Star 6 Metal would not immediately associate with a stadium, but if so, a round stadium with closed roof, would be more leaning towards Qian Heaven Trigram.

9 Star Ki Prediction - Star 7 Metal locations and buildings

9 Stars and Luoshu Palaces
At this point combining just only attributes for Star 7 and properties for the Luoshu Palaces may already lead us into a multitude of associations, both for personal life progression and news events. For example, if Star 7 Metal for knife or sharp cutting object arrives at the 2 Earth Luoshu Palace for hospital, this may indicate surgery or an injection needle. If on the other hand, the 2 Earth Luoshu Palace taken for education, school or teacher, Star 7 may indicate a school stabbing. As the 9 Fire Luoshu Palace may relate to exposure, with Star 7 at the Li Fire Palace, we may see excavation of utensils, jaws, teeth, sailing vessels. All depends on context, Star combinations formed, as Stars will behave accordingly.

Gradually, you would be working not only with single Stars and Palaces, but building even further on associations as they’d branch off from your combining 2, 3 or 4 Stars. For example, if Star 7 in the 4 Wood Palace could indicate a moneymachine at a minor post office, when joined by Star 3, this may be an electronic ignition, so you may see an explosion, especially then also with Star 6 there.

Principal 9 Ki related events for 2011
9 Star Ki Prediction - annual Stars 5 YellowOnce doing annual new year predictions along either 9 Star Ki or the Chinese astrology of Four Pillars of Destiny, or even for your house divination in Flying Star Feng Shui, and if you wish to forecast before the fact news, you need to anchor your reading somewhere and as such you could focus on just any annual Star. If for now we zoom in on annual Star 5 Earth for disaster and armed conflict at the 3 Wood Luoshu Palace, we may as well give a round up of possible events related to the monthly Star that then either visits annual Star 5, or appears into opposite position, at the 7 Metal Palace.

Of course, what a Star or a Star combination then bodes in a certain position, you’d still see it produce similar as it appears elsewhere.

To that respect, note how annual Star 5 Earth would connect with properties otherwise pertaining the 3 Wood Luoshu Palace, while you would also involve associations basic to the opposite 7 Metal Luoshu Palace for 2011, as well as you’d then incorporate associations for annual Star 9 Fire.

You would never zoom in on just one particular Star without simultaneously considering the opposite Star, as each Luoshu axis is a battery in itself. Nothing to befall a Star that would then not be influenced by the opposite magnetic pole.

Eventually and in order to sharpen your skill, you would have to read beyond the associations more commonly in use for Stars, such as most would be still just only reading Star 5 for mishap, army or war, or a blaze for Star 9 Fire.

For example, here noting 5-9 at the East-West Luoshu Axis, this could be a paramilitary group – or even groups such as Hells Angels – in the news, because 9 Fire bodes exposure, e.g. through media attention, whereas also 5 Yellow may associate with a community of sorts or major trials. Or, if we say 3 Wood represents an invention, the 3-5 combination may be a university, again appearing in the media, due to annual Star 9 Fire ‘sweating’ on the background into opposite position.

Therefore, as you are collecting news events as a 9 Ki diviner, it becomes art to derive 9 Stars relevance from what you find in the media. For example, if we just said that something may be at exposure when the belonging Star appears opposite 9 Fire, same applies of course with such Star arriving the 9 Fire Luoshu Palace, or the Star connecting to 9 Fire anywhere in Luoshu.

That is one of the many reasons why we cannot claim to be engaging in predictions, simply because, if at all we were to predict for ‘a paramilitary group to appear in the media’ for a particular Luoshu Star configuration, anyone could tell you it did not occur in that month, but later on, perhaps still involving the same Stars, but under a different Luoshu Star configuration and that’s only exactly how Luoshu works.

In other words, you’d be working from formal syntax or along certain set parimeters, then not your actually reading Luoshu, which you will take on as if you were writing a novel, so you’d engage in free reading of events along context.

Annual Star 5 and annual Star 9 Fire in mind, here are some events that you may note if the following Stars relate to the 2011 East-West Luoshu Axis. Keep in mind that these directions should be taken as just (notional) Luoshu directions, maybe or not concerning actual directions involved as, just the 9-5 combination with all associations derived from it remains at our main focus. Once more note that, properties given can be used for any event, including missing persons or (unsolved) criminal cases.

Because we are mostly interested in head line news – it’s no different -, you may for now take 9 Stars and Star combinations for their unfavorable properties and screen your news for related fires, protests, accidents, bankruptcy.

1 Water
Art museum, art related, religious, sectarian, psychiatric asylum, graveyard, nuclear, theft, sex industry, beverages, hotel, restaurant, sewer, ravine, island, coastal area, harbor, animal (bite, attack), cable (see for what type of cable and a long string of other Star 1 Water attributes Heluo’s “9 Star Divination – sample forecasting 2008“).

2 Earth
Food shops, hospital, ocean floor, school, rural area, dam, soldiers (just ground troops), student flat, inmates, zoo, labor mine, small stairs, stage, balcony, landing gear, landing strip, ship’s deck, container.

3 Wood
Highrise building, highway, tree, forest, stock, electrically engineered device, electrical plant, railway station, subway, uniformed personnel.

4 Wood
Post office, documents, contract, airplane, airline, missile, fuse, rope, archives, information technology, night club, tourism, transportation, fuse, chest.

5 Earth
Construction related, public space or compound, market square, community, viaduct, bridge, tunnel, basement, rock, army, accident.

6 Metal
Oil pipe lines, heavy machinery, military and military compound, arms factory, law and legislation, labor strike, hotel, gun, bullet, skull, explosion, armed assault.

7 Metal
Bank, financial facility, stock exchange, theater, cinema, office buildings, sailing vessel, knife, stabbing, eroticism.

8 Earth
Prominent building, cave, science related, earthquake, riot, looting, ethnic conflict, political conservatism.

9 Fire
Oil platform, film industry, nuclear, pharmaceutical industry, armored vehicle, armored personnel.

9 Star Ki - Star 1 Water and Star 4 WoodWith annual Star 1 Water at the 8 Earth Luoshu Palace, you would combine Trigram attributes known to you for both Stars.

We may expect events concerning islands and coastal areas, including earthquakes, seaquakes and political or ethnic dispute, in which latter case airplanes or missiles (both Star 4 Wood) – or any projectile moving from point A to point B through air, for that matter – may involve due to opposite annual Star 4 in the 2 Earth Luoshu Palace.

The Star combination 1-4 may bode torrential rains, typhoons.

The 8 Earth Luoshu Palace may be associated with revolution & change, or taken for its notion of ‘sudden stillness’. Star 8 associates with mountain, mountainous regions, small stones, built structures as in buildings and earthquakes. If a Star arrives at the 8 Earth Luoshu Palace, it may be saying ‘up to this point and not further’, as in labor strikes or public uproar, so that matters concerning a Star may come to closure in the 8 Earth Palace.

Further looking at floodings related to Star 1, then the Xun Wind Trigram related to Star 4 and storms, the Northeast-Southwest Luoshu Axis would bode torrential rains, hurricanes, likely affecting mountainous areas, ruralareas and said islands, all furthermore pending visiting monthly Stars.

Remember, there is nothing magical about 9 Stars and Luoshu.

To be continued…

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