9 Ki Divination – 9 Stars and Luoshu forecasting 6 Metal year – Part Two

How to know your 9 Stars and Luoshu, but set yourself aside from others in the field of 9 Star Ki annual- and monthly forecasting news events? You take it one step at the time, so we’ll talk about that a bit first, but it comes down to your taking your 9 Star Ki predictions of news events for the 6 Metal year of 2012 pretty much as an unhurried step by step approach. Do not attempt to read 9, 18 or even 27 Stars to any annual-, monthly- or daily 9 Ki Luoshu all in one go, but focus on just one or two specific dynamics at the time. It is the same as in reading your Flying Star chart for purpose of Flying Star Feng Shui. Take it easy and one or two Stars at the time.

In Part One of this series, you will have seen the Trigram attributes belonging to Star 6 Metal, along with some basic approaches for your 9 Ki forecasting and all monthly Luoshu for the year 2012.

Because the 2012 annual Reversed Luoshu Axis involves the North-South Luoshu axis, we will here take a further dive into that and show you attributes for the annual Star 1 Water and annual Star 2 Earth.

In any of your 9 Ki forecasting for news events, you would scetch an annual Luoshu to gather a first overall glimpse, to then zoom in on perhaps just only Luoshu Trend and Reversed Luoshu Axis, while always you’d check opposite Stars and Luoshu Palace. You’d have your hands full at that already. Both dynamics will have been discussed extensively in their own respective series elsewhere on my blog.

  • Sit with your annual Luoshu and do a first screening to get a general taste.
  • Then, read Luoshu Trend from the central Star only, to see what news events you’d expect to pretty much revolve around its basic Trigram attributes.
  • Reversed Luoshu Axis will have you focus on the Star that appears opposite its original Luoshu Palace – as it may find its properties magnetically ‘off’ – and the Star that then appears opposite this position.
  • Zoom in to read one single Star for its attributes along a given context, while flavoring your whatever findings by involving the Star into opposite Luoshu position, simultaneously.

Once that established, you will have a foundation to further build upon, so that it be soon enough to thereafter involve other Stars in your appointed Luoshu. Something to the effect of, let’s first get to subject and verb and all nouns will take care of themselves later, but you couldn’t skip subject and verb.

Trust me, trying to take all in one go, would not only take matters too fast, it is your shortest advance into bumping into a wall and your endeavor to go into looping.

As an example and to better appreciate news events to relate to here 2012 annual Luoshu, let’s first focus on just the North-South Luoshu axis, to host annual Star 1 Water and annual Star 2 Earth. Because here, annual Star 1 Water appears opposite its original Luoshu Palace, it instigates the annual Reversed Luoshu Axis.

Once established the Stars to make up the Reversed Luoshu Axis, you need to know Star and Trigram attributes linked those Stars, that’s about it.

Reversed Luoshu Axis 2012
The Luoshu for the 6 Metal year of 2012 settles the annual Reversed Luoshu Axis along North-South magnetic directions, where Star attributes may be magnetically ‘off’, not calibrated.

Heluo 9 Star Ki Prediction - Annual Reversed Luoshu AxisThe 2012 Reversed Luoshu Axis would thus mainly affect associations pertaining annual Star 1 and annual Star 2. Annual Star 1 appears opposite its original Luoshu Palace, its attributes magnetically ‘off’. It finds itself displaced with its original Palace having been taken by annual Star 2 Earth. Star 2 attributes – as it appears opposite the annual Star that appears opposite its original Palace -, would be ‘going nowhere’.

Meaning, and so as in order to then really recognize related news events as they appear in the media, we would like to know some of those Star 1 and Star 2 attributes, so here goes.

Star 1 Water in 2012
Star 1 Water governs Kidney, Bladder, reproductive system and libido, blood, lymph, ears, skin, hair, nails. Star 1 associates with infection, infectious diseases and contamination, can be epidemic, perhaps hard to contain with annual Star 1 in the 9 Fire Palace. As a force it is downward bound, a fall into a depth, hidden, stealthily, swindle, false pretenses. Once linked to robbery or theft, it is sneaky and voilent. Star 1 is associated with wisdom, philosophy, esoterics, communication, contemplation, the art of writing. It governs H2O and covers liquids and liquefied state, in broadest sense, including ocean, shipping industry, beverage industry, islands, coastal areas, peninsula, delta.

If Star 1 represents a building or a locality, it may be a swimming pool, aquatic ground, lake, harbor, liquor plant, fish auction, bar, restaurant, water basin, religious building, grave yard, asylum, art museum, nuclear power plant, drugs & pharmaceuticals plant, pharmacy, brothel, abortion clinic, sex industry. It is in ravine, abyss, pit, gutter, sewer, drainage system.

Star 1 is Middle Son, middle aged men, while it can be taken as just any male. Star 1 is associated with drowning. As Star 1 governs libido, there may be sexual events. Star 1 may further associate with animal, cable.

As it is, Star 1 and the 1 Water Luoshu Palace – then furthermore generally the North-South Luoshu axis – will be associated with diminished cohesion, so that the Star may be instrumental to loss of sorts, such then related to the accompanying Star or the Star appearing opposite Star 1 Water. Knowing this will otherwise prove quite helpful in your screening news events while yet incorporating the 2012 annual Reversed Luoshu Axis in your forecasting, i.e. noting the at all (lack of) attraction between annual Star 1 and annual Star 2, which we would likely see their respective properties to drift apart.

Taken to the realm of news events, Star 1 may be pieces of art and events to involve art museums. Star 1 has strong religious connotation, so we will see events surrounding churches, mosques, temples, holy places, religious or sectarian groups.

Star 1 in 9 Star Ki Prediction - platform in waterStaying close to news and as you really know your 9 Stars subtleties, you’d note Star 1 for a body of H2O, while there may be indicated a platform of sorts – in or overhanging water -, if Star 1 accompanied by Star 5 (concrete platform) or Star 8 for building, anywhere in Luoshu.

Interestingly, if combining Star 4 Wood for the Xun Wind Trigram – to connote airborne projectiles, the ability to breath, turbulence, pressure related -, to Star 1 for fish, fluids and ‘fall’, the Star combination 1-4 anywhere in your Luoshu may denote a Dolphin or a Whale, whereas it also suggests elevator and elevator shaft, escalator or ski lift. To that respect, you would note news events to relate to Star 1 hydraulics and Star 4 aerodynamics.

Star 2 Earth in 2012
Star 2 Earth associates with the Kun Earth Trigram and it governs Stomach, digestive system, womb, embryo, lower abdomen, flesh. It is fertility, pregnant woman and fetus. Star 2 represents mother, females, the female workforce. Star 2 strongly points to ‘homestead’ (not so much the built structure or house as such, which would be more Star 8), homeland and spouse. Star 2 is supportive and being of service. Star 2 is farmer, farmland, agriculture, agricultural field, a stretch of land, soil, fruit, fruit producing field, river or ocean floor, mine worker, labor mine and other such submerged hollow spaces. It can be inmates (not so much a prison building), soldiers (just ground troops, infantry). Star 2 relates to food and nourishment, provision, supplies and fueling, poison, tear gas. As an extension of womb, Star 2 can be a piece of luggage, a travel case, a knapsack or a box of sorts. Star 2 is in slight rainfall and clouds. Its shape is square, or horizontally slightly rectangular or stretched, flat.

It is a group of people, even a momentary assembling of such group, a mob, crowd, crew. To this respect and mostly, Star 2 associates with groups to rely on central organization or a central kitchen, such as inmates. Star 2 associates with the educational field, a study, lecture, student, teacher, a school. It is also the medical field, nurse, hospital, hospitalization. Star 2 denotes a surface or commodity we would rely on for protection, safety or stability, such as a theater stage, bed mattress, chair, flooring, balcony, roof, balustrade, dam, a ship’s deck, landing gear and landing strip. This notion could extend into other entities that we would rely on for support or protection, such as our cloths. You may therefore see Star 2 to relate to subsidence or collapse. If Star 2 is a building, compound or locality, it may be a cave, cavity, a wall, a loam structure, plastering, sand, soil, soft clay, sediment, underground passage or chamber, souterrain, storage cellar, small house, small stone stairs, hollow tree, a cargo container, food shop, student flat, elderly home, refugee camp, it is rural area, a small village, a school, a zoo. Star 2 is conservative as it likes to rely on what has been proven right or practical. Other Star 2 associations involve poisoning, hunger strike, mud slides, famine, refugee, asylum seeker, exile or displacement.

As you will have seen, Star 2 is in fruit and fruit producing fields. A labor mine can be such fruit producing field, so that its produce may come under Star 2, such as gold, silver or coal. By extension and because water and air can be seen as fruit producing fields just the same, you’d be very much able to note news events concerning fish and birds. This in mind, you may note environmental emergencies involving Star 2.

Reversed Luoshu Axis 2012 in news events
Reversed Luoshu Axis for a year may firstly affect Trigram properties of the annual Stars involved, here annual Star 1 and annual Star 2 as they appear along the North-South axis for 2012. Secondly, annual Reversed Luoshu Axis would affect any Star to appear there for a month or day. Thirdly, if you are to phone up a person, with by itself neither one of your Stars on the Reversed Luoshu Axis, but the person you are contacting is on the Reversed Luoshu Axis, chances are, this may affect you accordingly.

Note however, that you should not see Luoshu directions and tunnel vision there. On the contrary, as you advance into Luoshu for divination, you would perhaps initially note directions, then for sake of practicality let go of such notion altogether. What you will be in fact interested in for 2012, is merely the overall Star 1 and Star 2 attributes, regardless of then directions or where these Stars then appear in Luoshu.

That said, it is almost safe to say that, if you see events, such as negotiations, voting or disputes concerning islands or religion, that such would be failing, if only on first attempt. In fact, we may see persistent dispute to concern of islands. Any endeavors pertaining attributes of annual Star 1 or Star 2 – the single Star or their combination – would meet with challenge, opposition, setback and mishap, notwithstanding some would then try bypass North-South directions by for example traveling into another direction to overcome Reversed Luoshu Axis. While it may still be true that we wouldn’t deliberately move on the North-South Axis, to account of Reversed Luoshu Axis, it is a matter of ‘what’s in the air’, overall.

Because Reversed Luoshu Axis occurs along North-South directions, we could wrongly think that only initiatives would fail with parties having to move into or away from these directions. While this would still hold true in due cases, we may say that, in general, even if you had to travel into any other direction, once an initiative involves either Star 1 or Star 2 attributes, chances are you’d return empty handed. A second attempt may succeed.

After we established the annual Reversed Luoshu Axis, we can read into more detail by screening monthly Luoshu. Here, annual Star 1 will be affected differently when it is visited by Star 9, or Star 5, the moreso as it then finds a different month Star into opposite position each time.

In itself, if we combine properties for annual Star 1 and annual Star 2 such as here on the North-South Luoshu axis, we can imagine events surrounding submerged spaces2 such as floodings1, underwater tunnel1-2 , or submerged spaces containing water in the news. Spring to mind also images of glaciers, an ice field and avalanches.

We will adjoin annual 6 Metal Luoshu and monthly 5 Earth Luoshu for February and November 2012. If we concentrate on the North-South Reversed Luoshu Axis, we would see news concerning Annual Stars 1 and 2, monthly Stars 9 and 1.

Monthly Star 9 for exposure, excavation, oil and a blaze, visits annual Star 1 for islands, ocean, lake, religion, piece of art and art museum in the 9 Fire Palace.

With the 9 Fire Palace for excavations, the media and media exposure, oil industry, filming industry, we may see eye-catching movements in related industries, whereas monthly Star 9, and besides it may cause a blaze on a building, may take things to disclosure, so that media attention will be indicated as related to Star 1.

Annual Star 1 and annual Star 2 thus closely coupled, may involve rather large scale famine2, food deprivation and malnutrition, food contamination. We may see notable outbreak of infectious diseases involving agriculture, agricultural field, farm animals, crops, stagnant or failing food distribution, affecting whole populations and perhaps taking epidemical proportion and hard to eradicate. To account of contagious diseases or pollution, we may further refine by involving accompanying Stars such as 1-4 for respiratory infection or infections involving the chest area, 1-9 for contamination involving birds and fish, 1-1 for blood and ear infections, also Legionnaires’ disease.

Annual Star 1 and monthly Star 9 in the 9 Fire Palace, may suggest an oil9 spill1, probably at sea, an island, a delta or a harbor. It may bode a blaze9 in an arts museum1, or a piece of art or script of sorts coming to the surface or to attract major media9 attention. This could be a religious1 document or a religious proclamation. We may see fires9 caused by cables1, or fires in restaurants, while these Stars denote inflamables, chemical substances involved. However, all such events derive from combining Stars and Palaces, so that same events could occur with similar Star combinations but formed elsewhere in Luoshu.

Reversed Luoshu Axis 2012 in personal life progression
You may refer to Part One in this series to see all monthly Luoshu for the year. This way you may note the times for your personal Stars to coincide with the annual- or monthly Reversed Luoshu Axis. You may be able to take precautions or, if not, at least you’d be able to know ‘what struck you’ and bide your time until another monthly Luoshu comes around and prospects once more in favor.

9 Star Ki and Feng Shui year and month Star - LuoshuStill with Luoshu for February and November 2012 and besides of course concerning Star 1 and Star 2 natives for the full year, Star 9 natives would be affected by the annual Reversed Luoshu Axis, just by having their personal 9 Ki Star step there for the month. For example, if we take a Star 9 native and we note that Star 9 appears opposite monthly Star 2 for spouse and homestead, we may say that Star 9 is headed away from the spouse or homestead, i.e. as it moves into opposite direction.

Monthly Star 9 appears opposite annual Star 2, so our Star 9 native may be traveling to teach, lecture, or even study, or it may be due to hospitalization2.

Hospitalization or illnesses of any kind may then further relate to organs and body functions associated with the Stars and Palaces involved, such as Star 1 for pregnancy related events, Kidney or reproductive organs, blood and blood circulation or hearing, Star 9 for Heart, tongue or eye disease, Star 2 for Stomach disease or digestive disorders.

With your personal 9 Ki Star(s) on either annual- or monthly Reversed Luoshu Axis, matters may not run smoothly. Again, events and experiences to associate with setbacks or any mishap then reaped, may relate to the Trigram properties of the Stars involved on this axis. With your having otherwise done everything properly, still the parcel does not arrive, or your computer may crash out of nowhere. You must remember that, if so, you may still succeed at any second attempt. If you can’t afford such second attempt, wait a day or try have someone else – not with his or her personal Star affected by the Reversed Luoshu Axis – complete the task for you. See, you may have been struggling with some weird computer problems all day and nothing you can do about it, while, asking your spouse, it may be a matter of him or her turning your computer on and off and all comes back to life. There may be those times when best you’d stay one step behind and just carry the luggage.

Whenever Reversed Luoshu Axis concerns you, things may be ‘not what they seem’. Your personal energy may seem magnetically ‘off’, like on a bad hair day, with matters happening beyond your control, communications going no place. Strangely so – and once with your personal Star on the Reversed Luoshu Axis -, it would seem how even people contacting you may feel things not going anywhere. So, if you are to contact or closely associate with anyone on this axis, pay attention, because any poor judgment or setbacks concerning this person, may one way or another rain down on you.

As such, with progressions not working in your favor, you may feel you are being involved in matters uncharacteristic to you. You may suddenly find yourself engaged into matters, not of your own doing, but that you’d still be dealing with, for example, concerning your spouse, family members, or even third parties but that would impose events on you.

Here are the months for 2012 with monthly Stars moving on the North-South Luoshu axis. At the last columns, the first Star mentioned be the one ‘going nowhere’ for the month, as it relates to the annual Star 2 Earth, the second Star will be ‘off’ as it relates to the annual Star 1 Water.

9 Star Ki and Chinese astrology - annual and monthly fate calculation

Where to locate missing persons in 2012
With annual Star 6 at the central Luoshu Palace for Luoshu Trend, should anyone or anything go missing in 2012, you may first look to recover it in 6 Metal type spaces, taken as such by their function, appearance, as well as their materials and shape which would be circular, oval, domed, curved, arched. The space would probably be completely closed on all sides, as in a military bunker, while it can be sealed or solid on the inside, such as with hardened out concrete or ice. Star 6 buildings may be magnanimous, walled and inaccessible, of royal stature or breathing authority just by their construction and appearance, while Star 6 related buildings and physical objects may contain a considerable abount of steel, marble or glass. Therefore, to see just an all steel domed compound, but otherwise empty inside, would not immediately point to Star 6, but if there is the steel frame and with no windows worth mentioning and the compound used to store machinery, cars or motorcycles, it will be eligible. Star 6 is in oil pipe lines, heavy-duty vehicles, industrial machinery, all steel constructions, arched steel bridge. Star 6 attributes to focus on would include physical objects, actions, people, besides metaphorical Star 6 properties. Once done, you can fine tune by reading Luoshu for other Stars.

Supposing you are assessing a missing persons case and – besides Luoshu Trend – Star 6 keeps coming up in relation to this person’s Star, possibilities for you to then further extend this into buildings, physical objects, items, people, location and direction, including events, progression and outcome of events become multitude.

In mind Star 6’s temperament and characteristics, such circumstances can become pretty overwhelming, sudden, unmistakable, highly focused and violent. Star 6 could be a male, a car or motor vehicle, a hand gun or rifle, an explosive, explosion, armed assault, battering, skull.

While fixing the annual-, monthly- and daily Luoshu for the event, you would predominantly involve 9 Ki Stars of the missing person, while all the rest of the story should be embedded in such Luoshu, including characteristics on the perpetrator, was there a (what type of) weapon involved, into which direction or type of compound was person most likely taken and what are prospects for survival. Once you’d zoom in on one Star, you will always involve the opposite Star(s) and Palace in your reading to give finer detail.

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