9 Ki Divination – 9 Stars and Luoshu forecasting 6 Metal year – Part Three

We will continue our studies in 9 Star Ki Divination by expanding a bit more on the annual Reversed Luoshu Axis and monthly Luoshu for the 6 Metal year of 2012.

Principal 9 Ki related events for 2012
Before you proceed with your monthly Luoshu forecastings, you’d take a first brief look at your appointed annual Luoshu, the entire Star configuration there.

Next, you would single out one aspect and declare one particular Star in your annual Luoshu the subject of your Luoshu sentence. By thus taking a slow pace and everything one step at the time, this will become your second nature and you will eventually become skilled at the art of 9 Ki Divination.

9 Star Ki annual Luoshu - Reversed Luoshu AxisAs here we would be projecting before the fact news, we need to anchor our reading somewhere and as such we could focus on just any annual Star.

If for now we zoom in on annual Star 1 Water in the 9 Fire Palace for H2O related events and annual Star 2 Earth in the 1 Water Palace for soil and agricultural fields, we may expect major flooding involving mud slides and land slides to occur throughout the year.

Of course, what a Star then portents in a certain Luoshu position, you’d still see it produce similar as it appears elsewhere in Luoshu.

Why flooding to involve mud slides for this Luoshu, because – you may say – floodings would not always involve mud slides?

You may here appreciate once more, how we would zoom in on perhaps a particular Star in Luoshu, while then always we’d simultaneously incorporate the Star and Palace into opposite position.

Keep in mind always that, Luoshu is like a powerful battery, holding several bar magnets, each one with its magnetic North and South pole. This way, Luoshu produces several magnetic axes, so that nothing would befall a Star to one end, without then not the opposite Star having a hand in events, the plot, progression or outcome of events.

In itself, Luoshu as a whole, can be taken to illustrate any in itself enclosed circuit, such as Heliocentrically our Solar system, Geocentrically our planet and Egocentrically (reality as seen from the perspective of humans) the physical and mental body.

Said differently, Luoshu can be equally applied for all fields, but what Luoshu means at any time, depends on domain and context.

For each domain, 5 Yellow then denotes gravity, electromagnetism and it governs magnetism and magnetic pole reversal.

If then once more we accept that no Star or Star combination by itself owns exclusive rights to produce certain events and that the associated event could happen with any annual- and monthly Luoshu just the same, then, when reading Luoshu before the fact, we could still estimate probability by concentrating on certain Stars for certain events.

This in mind, we’d be momentarily focusing on annual Star 1 and annual Star 2 to expect floodings and mud slides. Whereas we locate annual Star 1 in the 9 Fire Palace, Star 1 would by itself associate with flooding, wherever it then appears in Luoshu.

Now that annual Star 1 then also appears opposite annual Star 2 in the 1 Water Palace, Star 2 there promotes the image of soil or agricultural field together with water of the Palace, which gives the image of Star 2 Earth coming under influence of water twice, once for the 1 Water Palace that it resides in for the year, another time because it finds Star 1 Water into opposite position. Star 2 then also associates with rural areas and small houses, so villages would be involved in mud slides.

Furthermore, with annual Star 2 in the 1 Water Luoshu Palace and Star 1 to associate with ‘fall into depth’, Star 2 would denote submerged hollow spaces2, containing water1.

This notion will be further strengthened for this particular annual Luoshu, if monthly Star 4 Wood joins – or appears opposite – annual Star 1 Water, the moreso with Star 5 there too, because the combination between Star 1 and Star 4 may denote torrential rains, thunderstorms and hurricanes or typhoons. To that respect and as a side step, you may then also note floodings, torrential rains, spring tide or hurricanes with monthly Star 1 to join annual Star 4 Wood in the 3 Wood Palace.

The 1 Water Luoshu Palace may soak to weaken the soil represented by Star 2, so that there are more associations to reap from this image, such as the flooding of a labor mine2 and the weakening or damaging of a dam2 or a dike2, because Star 2 Earth denotes a ‘surface we rely on for protection’. Star 2 to represent a dam, small houses, possibly a basement, if then further joined by Star 7 Metal for ‘demolished building’, or Star 3 Wood – the latter for its piercing impact – , we may see the collapse of a dam, buildings, roofs, balconies, ballustrades or comparable barriers and constructions.

Star 2 Earth also represents a mob, a group of people relying on same organization – or same kitchen -, so we may expect major events involving groups of people, crowds, possibly under attack or poisoned, evacuees, refugees, including refugees2 at sea1. Also linked to Star 2 will be significant events in a zoo, schools and universities, students and teachers, hospitals and medical personnel.

Because here, annual Star 2 joins Luoshu axis with annual Star 1 which would bode pharmaceuticals, drugs or a ‘fall into depth’ – which the latter can be taken both literally and metaphorically – , and other events associated with mishap and loss, such events could occur underground, such as for labor mines, tunnels, basements, underwater tunnels and subway stations, or submerged below water surface, such as for rivers and ocean.

Other associations for annual Star 1 and annual Star 2 could involve drowning1, poisoning2, food poisoning, events concerning fueling2, or provision2, famine2, inmates2, otherwise relative to monthly Stars to appear on the North-South Luoshu axis, so that, as a 9 Stars and Luoshu diviner, it becomes art to first see the overall properties carried by the annual Stars, then noting when real events would occur due to changing monthly Stars.

Key figures such as politicians, religious leaders, industrialists
Another dynamic in the news, is for you to note that, annual Star 6 Metal at the central Luoshu Palace will be associated with those in authoritative or high-profile positions, such as sovereigns, politicians, industrialists and others that would head their industries or fields. Much of the news, both positive and negative, would revolve around such characters, while you would be not surprised to see this extended into historical figures to head the news.

In a way, the central Luoshu Palace would leave little space for maneuver, so that we may expect weakened or challenged leadership, coup d’état, occupying power, regime change, perhaps some leaders captured and tried, or just their position taken by a successor, resignation.

As not only would Star 6 Metal relate to leadership, but armed assault, guns, bullets and explosion, we may expect attacks on presidents, political leaders, government officials, the military, religious leaders and comparable, while such events may also involve the compounds associated with leadership, embassies, headquarters, hotels, military compounds. Such attacks would be politically and religiously motivated.

We must not forget to screen for positive news related to 9 Stars, so that Star 6 at the central Luoshu center could typically involve cease fire, arms reduction treaty, disarmament, dismantling, test bans.

With annual Star 1 prominently in the 9 Fire Luoshu Palace, plus annual Star 1 to instigate the annual Reversed Luoshu Axis, we may expect news events to concern of Star 1 attributes in broadest sense. This would include islands, coastal areas, delta and peninsula.

The 9 Fire Luoshu Palace – or Star 9 Fire for that matter – may take things to exposure, higher resonance until matters reach their peak. Star 9 Fire can take an existing thing to climax.

Star 1 Water promotes images of nuclear power, nuclear activity, nuclear waste, I’d say especially so if Star 1 accompanied by Star 9 Fire. We can’t be conclusive here, because – as always as we classify phenomena along Wuxing Five Transformations – sometimes a phenomenon would be taken for its predominant form and shape, its function, its behavior, its movement, its material or its color.

Any phenomenon may thus come under one or several Wuxing – then of course, as it is, always taken as just notionally and typically so -, pending focus and context, whereas also, a Star may alter its properties relative to the accompanying Star.

If we take alcohol as our example, it could be on the one hand taken as Star 1 for its state (liquefied), on the other hand as 9 Fire for its behavior (inflammable).

Since our here consideration would still zoom in on only annual Star 1 in the 9 Fire Luoshu Palace, we would resort to monthly Luoshu to see which monthly Stars will join annual Star 1 on the annual Reversed Luoshu Axis. Annual- and monthly Star combinations will constantly change between 1-9, 1-8, 1-7 and so on, so that we would need be able to see the news follow along accordingly.

Note also that annual Star 1 appears opposite annual Star 2, for mob, crowd, famine, displacement, refugee, hospital, agriculture and food industry.

As you’d be reading through monthly Luoshu, also note that, with Trigram attributes for annual Star 1 magnetically ‘off’ due to the Reversed Luoshu Axis for the year, this notion would be adopted by Star 1, wherever it would then locate in a monthly- or daily Luoshu, so you’d read the news accordingly.

To this respect, you would keep close account of what Star combinations will be formed by monthly Star 1, while always you’d further weigh properties of Stars and Palace to appear in opposite position.

Labor strikes
9 Star Ki annual LuoshuBy itself, we would more typically associate the 6 Metal Palace with labor strike and worker’s unrest. Meaning, if a Star such as Star 2 Earth arrives the 6 Metal Palace, this would bode labor strike by mine workers, teachers, students, medical personnel or uproar relating to inmates, while Star 3 would suggest labor strikes involving railway personnel and uniformed personnel, Star 4 aviation personnel, Star 6 car industry.

With annual Star 6 Metal at the central Luoshu Palace, we may see Star 6 related industries at a catch 22, worker’s unrest, wide spread and painstaking trade union bargaining throughout the year, so we may expect massive demonstrations in the car industry to come with that.

To this respect, you may note annual Star 7 Metal for monetary affairs and finances in the 6 Metal Luoshu Palace. Not only would this associate with labor strikes in the related fields once more, we see annual Star 7 Metal to appear opposite annual Star 5. We may see the monetary field being further disciplined.

The 9 Fire Luoshu Palace in 2012
The 9 Fire Luoshu Palace – or Star 9 Fire for that matter – may lift a Star’s Trigram attributes to higher levels of vibrancy, exposure and media attention. To this respect, we would zoom in on attributes related to annual Star 1.

As the 9 Fire Palace furthermore relates to excavations, discoveries and matters earlier perhaps hidden coming to surface or disclosure, we may see events associated with Star 1, notably then related to H2O in broadest sense. This may promote images of new marine life discoveries, the excavation of – who knows – wine or other beverages from a great distant past, the discovery of water on planets.

Also, disease or resurgence of disease may concern organs and conditions relating to the Star to visit the 9 Fire Luoshu Palace, or may affect people with their personal Star there, which may extend into discoveries done to account of Kidney, ears and hearing, blood, lymph, micro-organisms.

With annual Star 1 residing in the 9 Fire Luoshu Palace, we may see news to involve major sex scandals. Star 1 denotes art and art museums, so we may expect major news concerning the discovery or auction of pieces of art, robbery at museums. If Star 1 denotes an animal and Star 2 a zoo, we may see incidents concerning zoo animals, more likely the break away of a zoo animal.

Month by month news forecasting for 2012

February 2012 and November 2012

9 Star Ki annual predictions - FebruaryFebruary 2012 is a 5 Earth month, so we commit Star 5 for the month to the central Luoshu Palace to meet with annual Star 6 Metal.

We say that, by the Host-Guest principle, here annual Star 6 Metal will be Host, monthly Star 5 Earth will be Guest, comparably then the monthly Star (last arrived) the more active player, as it would approach, then impose events upon Star 6.

Please note that we fit 9 monthly squares into a 12 months Solar year, so the Luoshu for February 2012 becomes identical to the Luoshu for November 2012.

From a 9 Ki angle, we may expect somewhat the same ‘feel’ for November 2012 as for February 2012, whereas due to annual Stars having gained on strength, we might expect news events for November to be of even greater magnitude.

Monthly Star 5 may relate to army, armed conflict, war, declaration of war, even war rethoric. Actually, with Star 5 known for its ability to pull to the surface what lies innate already, we may see earlier conflicts to re-emerge, causing for dispute and armed conflict along lines of ethnicity, religion. Within such context, Star 5 would be egotistical (‘my’ people, ‘my’ fate, ‘my’ morals’, ‘my’ territory, ‘my’ standards), ready to go into old disputes, so you may well see some familiar players, otherwise thought to having dissapeared from the front page for 9, 18 or 36 years, now pretty much back in the media.

9 Star Ki boulder on carNow, it’s too good not to be showing you, so before you’d screen your media on some of those more obvious news events, I’d like you to see this.

Not that it would need happen all the time with same Stars – as it wouldn’t -, but then again, I saw it on too many instances for it to be ignored. You see monthly Star 5 (Guest) for rock or boulder to approach annual Star 6 (Host) for car.

As you’re reading annual- and monthly Luoshu, you may follow Star 4 Wood for airplanes and aeronautics. Star 4 Wood denotes a projectile, an item in flight, a missile. To that respect, you may first zoom in on annual Star 4 to see which monthly Stars will visit it, then follow monthly Star 4 to see which annual Star it visits and adapt your reading accordingly.

Circumstances surrounding airplane accidents may be understood by involving Star combinations formed between Star 4 and other Stars, then also the Stars to appear into opposite position.

Supposing there would be such airplane accident for February 2012, we note how annual Star 4 Wood for airplanes appears opposite annual Star 8 for buildings. Annual Star 8 will be accompanied by monthly Star 7, which the latter denotes demolished buildings. If then monthly Star 3 denotes electricity or short circuit, we may see an airplance crash into a building, such accident caused by electrical failure.

We may then also involve monthly Star 4 Wood, which appears in the 4 Wood Luoshu Palace to join annual Star 5, furthermore finding monthly Star 6 to opposite Luoshu Palace, which be suggestive for an explosion. If you advance into Luoshu like this, it bodes an airplane explosion, caused by electrical failure, an aircraft (or missile) to crash into a building.

Annual- and monthly Star to join in the 1 Water Luoshu Palace, could be suggestive for a collapse1 of a dam2, balcony2 or wall2, a tunnel accident or a significant event surrounding a labor mine2 or a zoo2. To this respect, also note annual Star 3 and monthly Star 2 in the 2 Earth Luoshu Palace.

March 2012 and December 2012

9 Star Ki annual predictions - MarchWe may expect somewhat the same ‘feel’ for December 2012 as we would for March 2012. As you note how here the North-South Luoshu directions host both the annual- and monthly Reversed Luoshu Axis, you should be able to see news events involving attributes for the annual- and monthly Stars on that axis. Monthly Star 9 at the 1 Water Palace indicates oil spill. The combination between annual Star 1 and monthly Star 8 in the 9 Fire Palace, suggests a seaquake.

Monthly Star 4 at the central Luoshu Palace would suggest shelling, air strikes. As monthly Star 4 joins annual Star 6 Metal, this may denote an airstrike by air force or other such aerial warfare, or a bomb attack on a motor vehicle such as a car, a truck, a bus, by a militant or religious group. We’d of course keep in mind annual Star 1’s association with islands. Because monthly Star 4 for airplane joins such military Star as Star 6 Metal, we may easily envison an airplane hijack.

We note how annual Star 7 Metal in the 6 Metal Luoshu Palace appears opposite annual Star 5, while it is joined by monthly Star 5. This could greatly compromise Star 7 attributes, such as banks and financial centers, places for financial transactions such as supermarkets and shopping centers, then furthermore ships, naval ships, ferries and harbors.

April 2012 and January 2012

9 Star Ki annual predictions - AprilPlease note that Luoshu for April 2012 and January 2013 are identical.

Monthly Star 3 Wood visits annual Star 6 Metal in the central Luoshu Palace.

Star 3 may relate to electricity, electrically powered vehicles and machinery such as trains and metros and it may be uniformed personnel, including railway personnel and police.

If we highlight all but Stars on the Northeast-Southwest Luoshu axis, to focus on Star combination 1-4 for thunderstorm, then the positioning of monthly Star 8, annual Star 2 in the 1 Water Palace, this would point to major earthquakes or natural disaster.

May 2012

9 Star Ki annual predictions - MayMonthly Star 2 Earth at the central Luoshu Palace would suggest ‘soldiers in the street’, i.e. it would indicate ground troops more than it would involve heavy artillery or armored vehicles.

Monthly Star 2 would clearly also take a mob, the crowd, to the streets to demonstrate. Such demonstrations will revolve around sovereignty and authoritative buildings.

As Star 2 also denotes provision, fuel and as it relates to Stomach, tear gas may be used in a confrontation with such mob.

Mothers2 may be in the news – or parents indicted – each time with Star 2 at the central Luoshu Palace, while central Stars and Stars at the North-South Luoshu axis strongly suggest events surrounding a school, involving arms, notable both gun6 and knife7. I say this because with similar monthly Luoshu, we once saw a knife7 attack on a school teacher2, then, as I screened Luoshu on the event, I gathered there would have been a gun involved too, but then hidden, only to find in the news later on, that the former student had attacked the teacher with a knife, but he had contemplated on using a gun instead, then decided to burry1 the gun6.

If we look at monthly Star 3 at the 6 Metal Luoshu Palace, labor strikes may occur around Star 3 related industries, such as railway and subway personnel. Whereas Star 3 also denotes police, we would hardly expect police personnel out on labor strike, but they may raise their voice to account of working conditions.

As this occurs at the 6 Metal Luoshu Palace, we find annual Star 5 and monthly Star 1 into opposite position in the 4 Wood Luoshu Palace. Annual Star 5 may be taking labor strikes into tough confrontation, stagnant negotiations, then, if agreed on improved working circumstances, perhaps resulting in reduced layoffs and changing working environment at best, workers still having to settle for lower1 pay7.

Luoshu Star configuration for this month would be highly suggestive of a labor mine2 explosion6. This would be first indicated by Star 6 and Star 2 at the central Luoshu Palace, furthermore annual- and monthly Stars on the North-South axis, in particular Star 6 for explosion, Star 1 for flooding or some chemical substance, Star 2 for labor mine, fuel and provision and Star 7 for demolished building.

June 2012

9 Star Ki annual predictions - JuneJune 2012 will be a 1 Water month. If Star 1 relates to theft, robbery, art and art museum, we may furthermore note annual Star 1 and monthly Star 5 in the 9 Fire Luoshu Palace.

If we involve annual Star 2 and monthly Star 6 in the 1 Water Luoshu Palace, there may be a robbery on an art museum, using explosives6 or a tunnel2 to gain admission or with burglars possibly closed in, as the latter may be suggested by annual Star 1 and monthly Star 5 in the 9 Fire Palace.

The East-West Luoshu axis strongly suggests earthquake, to affect cities and mountainous areas.

Monthly Star 2 at the 6 Metal Luoshu Palace may associate with labor strikes, demonstrations or uproar concerning students, education, medical personnel, civil servants, farmers and labor miners. If monthly Star 2 here denotes inmates, we may see them on strike, break out, but also stabbing7 or shooting6 involved, due to annual Star 7 in the 6 Metal Palace and monthly Star 6 in the 1 Water Palace.

As always with Star 6 arriving the 1 Water Palace, we will note motor vehicles to plunge into ravines or rivers. Because monthly Star 6 for car appears opposite monthly Star 5 for construction related objects, we may see a car fall off a bridge.

July 2012

9 Star Ki annual predictions - JulyMonthly Star 9 Fire to join annual Star 6 Metal at the central Luoshu Palace, would typically indicate oil related events, more predominantly concerning oil pipe lines.

These – and oil platforms, fuel trucks – can leak, be sabotaged or attacked. Monthly 9 Fire at the central Luoshu Palace may also indicate armored vehicles, armored personnel and riot police in the street.

The 9 Fire Luoshu Palace hosts annual Star 1 and monthly Star 4, which portents typhoons and hurricanes.

August 2012

9 Star Ki annual predictions - AugustThe Northeast-Southwest monthly Reversed Luoshu Axis hosts monthly Star 2 and monthly Star 5.

We find monthly Star 2 Earth opposite its original Luoshu Palace for the month, thereby finding its properties displaced.

Typical Star 2 attributes are a crowd, mob, refugees, students, medical field, labor miners, inmates, a zoo.

An airplane accident be indicated by monthly Star 4 in the 1 Water Palace, and annual Star 4 in the 3 Wood Palace, along with opposite Stars there.

September 2012

9 Star Ki annual predictions - September

Star 7 may signify the financial industry, including banks, monetary issues, so we’d expect notable events in that area. Star 7 represents ships, sailing vessels.

With annual Star 6 and monthly Star 7 to meet in the central Luoshu Palace, this carries strong military connotation.

With Star 7 furthermore relating to violent robbery, we may see rather brutal burglary and armed robbery, in and on cars and trucks, 6 Metal compounds.

October 2011

9 Star Ki annual predictions - OctoberHere, annual- and monthly Star charts interlock, so that, whatever events we would have projected for the year, we may see these magnified for this month.

Note how annual- and monthly Reversed Luoshu Axis coincide.

While this could on the one hand exaggerate matters, we may also see things come to closure.

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