9 Ki Divination – 9 Stars and Luoshu forecasting 6 Metal year – Part One

Heluo 9 Star Ki Divination 2012

Heluo 9 Star Ki and Chinese Astrology New Year PredictionsAs with any of Heluo’s publications, here series on 9 Star Ki annual predictions for the 6 Metal year of 2012, would principally aim to have you perform on your own.

There would be little value in anyone’s telling you the event (the ‘what’), if not it came with explanation as to those 9 Stars and Luoshu dynamics specific to the event (why and how).

You’d like to be able to use 9 Stars and Luoshu for your forecasting of personal life progression and news events, without further ado.

Besides, as soon as you know your 9 Stars and Trigram attributes and just some basic syntax, reading annual- and monthly Luoshu for events shouldn’t be a problem. Now you no longer rely on others for your fate calculations.

• To that respect, you may read this series along our other publications. If you were to print even our blog series alone, this would by itself amount to a class manual. If you go to the blog category “9 Star Ki Divination with Heluo” (side bar), you will locate the series we did on 9 Ki Divination for 2010 and 2011 (both in four parts). That’s all 9 Ki Divination there, while you may wish to construct daily horoscopes for Chinese Astrology Four Pillars of Destiny along Danny Vanden Berghe’s free Four Pillars software.

Who is Star 6 Metal and how to set up your Luoshu canvas
Before moving to the actual 9 Ki forecasting of it and so that you may really appreciate how it is done, let’s not be afraid to be thorough and bring Luoshu to life by starting off with some anatomy and basic principles.

On the left is the Magic Square for the basic Luoshu of 5 Earth, fixing all 9 Stars in their appointed Luoshu Palaces, along with the Trigram names. It is your palette.

This basic Luoshu always applies, so that, if you note the 9 Fire Palace there, this 45 degrees unit will always be referred to as 9 Fire Luoshu Palace, irrespective of then Star to appear there for a year, a month or a day.

On the right is the annual Luoshu for the 6 Metal year of 2012 and you can see how all Stars will have shifted Luoshu Palace, relative to the basic Luoshu. This is your canvas.

Heluo magic square and 9 Star Ki annual Stars

Each color you took from your palette is now arranged on your canvas to fit the year’s Star configuration, so that now, annual Star 1 will hold the South position in the 9 Fire Luoshu Palace for the year.

As you would have thus taken the frequency of annual Star 1 Water to the 9 Fire Luoshu Palace which has a potential of its own, each would very much stick to its basic Trigram properties and able to invoke events based on its own identity, while to proportion then also – as the whole is greater than the sum of its parts – Stars will partly overlap to form a Star combination, which would create a new potential and new momentum, so that this in itself would instigate related events.

In order to further construct your painting, your hand will move between palette and canvas indefinitely, so that the latter may have the annual-, monthly- daily Stars which will be there to make up your painting. Finally, once you’re able to ‘read the Stars and build the story’, the actual painting will appear before you.

No matter the momentary arrangement of annual-, monthly- or daily Luoshu Stars on your canvas, the basic Luoshu Star configuration – your palette – will be still in effect.

You will see how already at this point, we highlighted the North-South annual Reversed Luoshu Axis, with annual Star 1 Water and annual Star 2 Earth, but more on that in part two of this series.

Then, very much as in the electromagnetism and the respective magnetic directions of it, you may thus imagine each Luoshu Palace to represent a host of tangible and intangible Trigram attributes, involving directions, organs, body functions, physiology, psychology, people, physical objects, colors, events.

As the annual Stars (Guest) will carry their properties to the Luoshu Palaces (Host), then simply from an action-reaction type of dynamic, properties of Star and Palace will instigate events.

Here are some of the more prevalent attributes – from the perspective of news events – for the 2012 annual Stars. You can mirror it against the news you’d be gathering from your media and see 9 Ki relevance.

As you can see, annual Star 2 Earth – for homogeneous groups relying on central organization (kitchen), labor mine and mud slide – will now mingle with the attributes usually associated with the 1 Water Luoshu Palace, such as fluids, free fall, art, ravine and flooding.

Heluo 9 Star Ki annual Stars behavior and attributes

Now it becomes your adventure, not only to then lay bare related events in the news, but to develop your skill for doing 9 Ki forecastings ahead of time.

The rest becomes a matter of your actually sitting with annual- and monthly Luoshu as you follow new events.

9 Star Ki opposite Star and Luoshu PalaceOf course, as always, you’d not focus on just one particular Star without then simultaneously referring to the Star(s) and Palace to opposite position. If you did, you would greatly limit your skills and simply not arrive at the event. In other words, nothing would befall a certain Star without then also the opposite Star and Palace having a hand in it.

In order to locate opposite Palaces, we always go through the Luoshu center.

Central Luoshu Star
Before at all we will proceed in discussing 9 Ki events for a 6 Metal year, we may once more touch upon a critical consideration, to account of what will be perceived by most as ‘a’ central Luoshu Palace, or even central Stars.

Because Luoshu denotes eight magnetic directions, there is no Star at the central Luoshu Palace – also called Heaven’s Heart in Chinese Feng Shui. If at all we agree to reserve a central ‘space’ in Luoshu to accommodate a Star, such would be done for sake of convenience, but outside that, it is cartography.

A recurrent question in both 9 Ki and Flying Star Feng Shui circles has been, would we be using the square grid or pie shape. The answer is, actually and eventually neither one, because it is all mere cartography and not at all telling for how then energy moves or behaves.

5 Yellow is a principle, rather not a ‘Star’ or Trigram
5 Yellow becomes whatever will be our focus of attention at any given time. Equally, if we say that the year 2012 is a 6 Metal year and we position Star 6 at the Luoshu ‘center’ to emphasize this, this was to indicate that Star 6 properties will be at our focus of attention. That is then not the same as saying, that Star 6 will be the strongest or most influential Star in 2012.

As equally, we would position eight Trigrams along 8 magnetic directions, while then not would we allow a Trigram for 5 Yellow at the ‘central Luoshu Palace’, we must think and rethink if at all we would visualize ‘central Stars’ to actually take up space at the Luoshu center.

As we have stressed on many occasions, the ‘central Star’ becomes like the Joker in a deck of cards. The Joker will be set aside and could thus be no longer a player in our game of cards, even if then we find it in the middle of our table to serve as our beermat.

Similarly, in Flying Star Feng Shui we could show three Stars at Heaven’s Heart, but which would be no more than to communicate which Stars make up the house’s Flying Star chart, i.e. the Star at the Facing side, the Star at the Sitting side and the Time Star for the construction period. Notwithstanding that, a great many practitioners of Flying Star Feng Shui still persist in taking all kinds of adjustments – then called Feng Shui cures – to the center of their house if they think the ‘central Stars’ there would indicate this.

Any perceived Luoshu center would become like the hole in your pallet (A), as it is there to reserve space for the painter’s thumb, which outside that, it is a void. It cannot – and was not meant to – hold any paint.

9 Star Ki and Feng Shui central Stars - square grid or pie shape

To begin with – and notwithstanding the square boxes or any other demarcation lines one could come up with -, even just seeing example B should always have you remind the compass circumference, with directional magnetic energies moving outside-in to a reference point. This way, you would keep to a bird’s eye view to imagine environmental energies.

Any x-Star taken to a then perceived center (B), is to just communicate that it is exactly this Star that would momentarily not fly in to act from out of the magnetic directions. We have 8 – then not 9 – directions of 45 degrees each. Similarly, we have 8 – then not 9 – Trigrams to each cover 45 degrees of compass.

We may still keep to this convention (B) as it is a great mind map used for class situations or whenever we communicate with others, such as clients. We would stay with this standard also, if only because, even though example shown as C would be more leaning the actual energetic situation perhaps, it would be a bit more challenging for our brain to grasp it.

Example C shows the basic Luoshu of 5 Yellow, its exact message being that the center has no Trigram.

No specific energetic center equals no Trigram, equals no Star there, because there is not a ‘there’ to accommodate anything outside the notion of a geometric center. What is not there, we cannot manipulate.

As the last thing on this subject will not have been said, it is good to set yourself aside from others in the field, if only by pondering on what in Luoshu is meant to be energetics, then what ‘cartography’.

Luoshu reserves no physical space for a center to host a Star, as it would not even devote a central dot for the purpose, as – if at all we needed one – such dot could only denote geometric center, by that not energetic center.

As always and both outside or within any in itself enclosed circuit, energy would move freely and gather anywhere, meaning, the geometric center may locate somewhere statically so, any then perceived ‘energetic center’ could end up just anywhere.

At best and as a player in physics, gravity could be projected to somehow relate to the geometric center of a physical body, for example a built structure, but otherwise, the gravity of it may be with any whatsoever Star anywhere in Luoshu. Geometric center, therefore, has never had a say in where energy moves or how it behaves.

Heluo 9 Star Ki and Feng Shui bookIt is subtleties such as this that will open up Luoshu as a novel, if only because, from then on can you practically work with Luoshu Trend. Luoshu, however, may also shut off on you like an Oyster.

On to your practical 9 Star Ki forecasting
The year 2012 will be governed by Star 6 Metal in Nine Star Ki Japanese Astrology, while Chinese astrology Four Pillars of Destiny Bazi gives the year as Yang Water Dragon, or Ren-Chen. Both the Chinese zodiac sign for Chen Dragon and Star 6 Metal can be stern, so that we may expect some tough times to respect of global and local news events.

As a first flavor and as Star 6 appears in the central Luoshu Palace, it can be read on overall Luoshu Trend. It may carry strong martial connotation which would surface as military battle, artillery, armed assault, coup d’etat and assassinations, the latter predominantly involving (para)military, militant and religious groups, aimed at world leaders, key figures in politics and religious leaders and their associated compounds.

Heluo 9 Star Ki annual Luoshu for Luoshu predictionHere is annual Luoshu for the year 2012, a 6 Metal year which runs from 4 February 2012 up to 3 February 2013. Annual Star 6 at the center, is to indicate that we will not find Star 6 into any of eight magnetic directions, which means that properties usually associated with Star 6 will pretty much come under influence of the environmental forces, represented by the other annual Stars. We will see news events to much revolve around attributes known to Star 6.

In order to help you develop your ability to lay bare – both tangible and intangible – Star 6 properties for your daily experiences and in the media, we need to know what Star 6 bodes.

Heluo 6 Metal Qian Heaven Yi Jing TrigramStar 6 White (Liù Bái 六白) is governed by Trigram Heaven (Qián 乾). It depicts something magnanimous and enclosed in itself. Star 6 is governed by Venus (Jīn Xīng – 金星), associated with the 6th Star in Big Dipper (Běi Dǒu – 北斗), named Mizar, also known as Wǔ Qū 武曲.

Wu Qu is a Military Star (along Star 7). As a character he is organized, competent, noble, strategic, out to accomplish without permittance for failure, demanding to self and others and Star 6 can be dominant and an authoritarian ruler, interested in projects before people. Even though it appears solid, it has enormous conceiving power. We may, however, expect little creativity – or even joy or playfulness – to come from this Star, which we may see reflected by the news we’d be able to gather in 2012.

Star 6 governs Lung and Large Intestine, more predominantly Lung. Leadership and moral ethics settle in the Lung, just as depression, recluse and despotism.

Note that classifications into Wuxing Five Elements or along 9 Stars done to account of Internal Chinese Medicine will be mostly indicatory and would require yet going into further segmentation, so that Star 6 Metal is Lung, whereas we’d take chest, respiration and respiratory ability to come under Star 4 Wood, as it has Xun Wind Trigram.

Heluo TCM Lung Meridian wrist injury 6 MetalStar 6 Metal associates with head, skull, neck, lower jaw, bones, tendon, left wrist. It is interesting to note a certain Star at the 6 Metal Luoshu Palace, then see someone with a left wrist injury.

In 2012, this person could well be a 7 Metal native.

Where we say “Organs produce emotions”, such division of organs and body functions along Wuxing and 9 Stars, then once more subdividing, becomes important if employed for personal life progression and matters concerning health, as here we would directly diagnose on the person’s character and temperament, his actions and behavior.

Where Star 8 Earth would be built structure in general, we may still wish to distinguish typical Star 6 buildings, either or not with Star 6 then appearing in company of Star 8, which making such distinction may be some of a task as we’d have to weigh between function, appearance, shape and content of such building.

9 Star Ki annual predictions - 6 Metal SpiralJust as Star 3 Wood, we say that Star 6 Metal is unstoppable. It is a very distinct force. Since energy is the mother of all manifested phenomena, we may easily distinguish 6 Metal shapes.

Star 6 is inward bound, spiralling, getting more dense and determined at the center, hence its circular shape.

A building with a characteristic domed shape or roof, such dome shape would come under Star 6, just as predominant use of marble or glass for a building would lean Star 6. A circular building, certainly with a lot of steel construction, would come under Star 6.

Prison buildings, nuclear power plants and sometimes theatres (such as the Royal Albert Hall in London) may have such shape, but also a sports stadium, the more if it contains ice, such as in an ice-hockey or skating stadium. This may have us stay close to news involving the Olympic Games in London in 2012, the more to concern of indoor ice events.

As a building, Star 6 would denote rather pronounced and compact stand-alone buildings, signifying or to accommodate authority such as a palace, a headquarters, a court building, buildings of political stature, a hotel of standing, fortified or barred structure, it can be a circular, oval or domed shaped building like a sports stadium, a car factory, a metal building or metal bridge, while it can be military, such as an arms factory, military bunker, storage for ammunition, arms depot.

A steel silo used for bulk storage would come under Star 6, but could be further refined to a feed silo if Star 6 accompanied by Star 2, a silo for woodchips if Star 6 meets Star 4. A missile silo, such as could be used as a launch facility, would suggest the combination 6-4, Star 4 here signifying the projectile. As an extension, Star 6 can be a pipe line or a cylindrical tank for storing oil or liquefied butane or propane, when in company of Star 9, or this combination may denote a circular fuel station. Star 6 accompanied by Star 4 may be an air tank, a diving cylinder.

Star 6 Metal attributes
Father, elderly men, male workforce, sovereign, authority, employer, leader(ship), (para)military, battle, artillery, coupe d’etat, martial law. Horse, lion. Sudden stop, sudden single impact, quite overruling. Promotion, career related, being elected, official position. Labor strike and worker’s unrest (moreover related to accompanying Star), uproar (associated with accompanying Star). Round and oval objects, domed structures. Capital, hotel, dry land. Gun, rifle, shell, bomb, bullets, explosive device, explosion, armed attack, armed assault, militant attack, militant group, assassination, execution, car bomb, suicide attack, suicide and religiously motivated suicide, shoot-out, beheading (distinguishment: where Star 6 Metal associates with such physical objects as guns, bullets, or explosives, Star 4 Wood associates with a projectile, missile, rocket or object in flight). Automotive industry, motor vehicle, car accidents (frontal and more likely fatal, see Star 7). Law and legislation. Frozen state, ice, hailstones, dry, marble.

Heluo Newsletter on 9 Star Ki, Flying Star Feng Shui and Four Pillars of Destiny

To account of personal life progression and primarily with your Star visiting the 6 Metal Palace – to lesser degree also – your Star visiting Star 6 or Star 6 visiting your Star, while also with your Star appearing opposite Star 6 in Luoshu, any outcomes furthermore flavored by properties of other Stars involved:

May enjoy harvesting on account of efforts done in the past. You will be able to much focus your attention on one single goal and be probably successful in achieving your target. The 6 Metal Luoshu Palace associates with leadership, authority, strategic planning and being efficient. If we say, you may see a boost in career with your personal 9 Ki Star in the 6 Metal Luoshu Palace, this will be so if you are employed, if you are self-employed, or if you are a student or not even engaging in any profession. This would be due to forces at the Qian Palace swirling inward bound, resulting in a more dense personal energy. Your ideas may be compact, your thinking efficient, so that others would recognize and rely on you for your insights and skill. With your Star at the 6 Metal Luoshu Palace, you may gain on resolve, so that you will find this a good time for organizing, starting or upgrading your business, realizing your plans. The 6 Metal Luoshu Palace is a splendid time to be elected, because Star 6 associates with support, moreover once you understand that everything is a two way street, so that you can yet encourage such endorsement by being supportive to others.

On the down side – check opposite Stars and Palaces for detail -, may be prone to unemployment, demotion, one’s authority challenged, head, bone or wrist injury, car accident, recluse, self-conscious or overworked. Can be Godfather, despotic.

Trigram Qian Heaven governs Northwestern territory and the Metal month of October mainly, which has the Earthly Branch of Xu Dog 戌. As each of the twelve Earthly Branches contains one, two or three hidden elements, the Xu Dog Branch contains Yang Earth Wu 戊, Yin Metal Xin 辛 and Yin Fire Ding 丁. The associated time of the year would be Autumn and early Winter on the Northern Hemisphere (stressed here because October Dog would be late Spring time for the Southern Hemisphere), harvest time. Time of day is 7-9 p.m., traditionally a time for duels. The Yang Earth Wu contained in Xu Dog is solid and dry, which makes Xu resistant and unyielding, while by extension, Star 6 instigated events would soon be unnegotiable, which we would easily discern in some of those 2012 news events which would leave no room for guessing. Therefore, Qian is associated with perseverance, professional work, working late, punctuality, being demanding on self and others, while Qian has a hard time dealing with defeat as he wouldn’t have anticipated failure.

Chinese Astrology Earthly Branches - zodiac signs DogThe Chinese character for the Earthly Branch Xū 戌 denotes destroy, which is implied by the character’s combining a cut or wound (一) with an ancient Chinese lance, halbard or spear (戊).

You may once more see what subtle difference may come from using 一 or 丶, as we encounter the latter in the Chinese character for defend Shù 戍. Where we defend, others will be allowed to prosper.

We will finish Part One by leaving you with all monthly Luoshu for 2012. In Part Two we’ll talk extensively on the 2012 annual Reversed Luoshu Axis, some of the 9 Star Ki news events to relate to that and how to locate missing persons.

Heluo 9 Star Ki Prediction - Luoshu for annual and monthly Stars


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