Heluo Keeping You Posted – Newsletter May 2016

I'm renewing my main website
I wanted a fresh look for my main website, so I have been in the process of renewing everything, and I think we have progressed enough to let you have a look.

At this time, you may find 3 new articles:

Four Pillars of Destiny and Nine Star Ki – Astrology or physiology

Four Pillars of Destiny – Twins and Astrology

Four Pillars of Destiny – New Chinese horoscope charting

(A 4th article on True Local Solar Time calculations is in the pipe line).

Wait as I'll announce distance learning for group shortly...
As distance learning will be usually done one-on-one only, I’ll come back to you somewhat later this week to announce our next group training in 9 Ki Divination.

Not sure yet if this time around we'll do a group training for Four Pillars of Destiny then also.

Anyway, distance learning group training will be organized on our own initiative on and off only, while seats are limited (3-6 students).

New: Home Study Course
This is what you'll get if enough people keep sending requests that we did so:

If you're not immediately in the position to engage in a full fledged professional training through 4-day master classes or one-on-one distance learning, you may now learn through your Home Study Course, while you may check further down same page on how you may obtain a personal distance learning homework file in 9 Ki Divination as it was recently completed by one of our private students who is a professional - actually a renowned pioneer in his country - in metaphysics.

Happy reading!

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