9 Ki Divination – 9 Stars and Luoshu forecasting 8 Earth year – Part Two

While doing your own New Year predictions for 2010 on account of 9 Star Ki, you’d be working with some basic diagrams, 9 Stars and Trigram attributes, the monthly Luoshu. The rest is a matter of knowing how the 9 Stars behave once they meet up in the Luoshu Palaces. Not just will you be able to perform on your own in very little time, you would be stunned to see some of the forecasting we receive, done by absolute first timers once they know how to handle 9 Stars and Luo Shu analysis.

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We’re back to how a Luo Shu – 洛書 – is constructed to host annual-, monthly- and daily Stars (left). Leaving day Stars for what they are, to the right is the  Magic Square for February 2010, a 2 Earth month in an 8 Earth year.

Now, if you are following this series as a true beginner, I know this may all just seem like a box of empty numbers to you. Hearing that I was a ‘number’ in 1988, I still recall my first response to Nine Star Ki astrology and 9 Star Divination. At that time having 15 years of metaphysical studies behind me, I felt great esteem for Japanese and Chinese culture and philosophies, having long accepted I was born in the year of the Dog, playing with Stems and Branches, Trigrams, Yi Jing, but I was convinced this was a bridge too far. So, I tell my wife ‘hey, I may be a lot, but I won’t be a number’, so off I went to a weekend seminar actually just to gather arguments to debunk it. The rest is history as 9 Ki had conquered my heart well before the first coffee break and I haven’t been without Luoshu for a single day since. Luoshu never lies, it never will fail you. Still, the only thing I can give you here – besides my own excitement over the art – is the structure and method, for the rest – and if you hadn’t done so already – I would say ‘read along and get yourself in front of your television screen with Luoshu in your lap’ and leave the rest to the 9 Stars.

Host and Guest
If you refer to the 2010 Luoshu, you will see the annual Stars be assigned their duties into the magnetic directions, each one given a seat where they can settle for the entire year. The basic Luoshu of 5 Yellow (see 9 Ki Stars on the Reversed Luo Shu Axis – Part One) is Host, each Luoshu Palace there breathing its own flavor. The annual Stars are Guest. Now annual Star and Luoshu Palace will interact, which will instigate events as one is to appeal to the other. For example, annual Star 6 Metal arrives the 3 Wood Luoshu Palace for 2010, which will give you images of what this would do on account of their Wuxing (Five Elements) interaction, as Metal controls Wood. You now need to know just some basic properties for 3 Wood and 6 Metal and ‘see’ the movement there. Star 6 Metal will behave accordingly and 6 Metal people may assume some of the characteristics we would normally expect to see in 3 Wood people.

Yet, the annual image is still just the ‘static’ part, at least, for the year in question, as you will see the monthly Stars change, each one to appeal differently on the annual Stars. The annual Stars are Host, the monthly Stars are Guest. Relative to the annual Stars, the monthly Stars are a more active and mobile bunch. If you refer to the Luoshu for February 2010, it means something to see monthly Star 5 Earth to visit annual Star 2 Earth in the Northeast 8 Earth Luoshu Palace and you’d soon see the belonging images in your media. It will tell you that 2010 may start with a bang where it comes to whole groups of people (2) in dire trouble (5) on account of ethnicity (8 conservative and 5 egotistical), so you’d see images in your media concerning clashes between different ethnic groups, groups of people seeking refuge, being dislocated and the other party not asking politely.

Star 5 Yellow can bring out marvellous things and take mankind to moral and technological hights, it is notorious also for causing disaster of sorts.

If you refer to the Luoshu for February 2010, the central Palace there, monthly Star 2 approaches annual Star 8 to make an appeal. This can be literally a 2 Earth person calling up an 8 Earth person by phone. It can be a group of people moving into the mountains, it can be ground troops to enter a prominent building, it can be the ministry of health, it can be events surrounding inmates. See, you’d need to check your media, just so that you’d clearly notice the trend. You’d clearly notice it, even if monthly Star 2 was to act slightly differently for your local news than it would for mine. Remember, we will always see the 9 Stars behave according to context, so that here, the 8-2 by context A will produce different events than by context B, but the 8-2 flavor would be still there for you to note.

Now, you could say that ‘a group of people moving to the mountains’ could happen any year, any month, any day. You’re exactly right and they will. Thing here is, you’d see a) clear trend, but what is more – and the great thing about 9 Ki – you’d see b) similar event happening for one country or region, and for another locale, and another. By ‘similar’ I don’t mean you’d see a plane crash in country x, another plane crash in country b, or there would be no 9 Ki relevance to speak of. Read this and extend this: you’d see a plane crash and the plane ends up near a light house for one country, same month you’d open your news paper to see another plane near a light house too. A week later, same monthly Stars, you’d see photo of another airplane, this time having crashed near a chimney. That’s odd and it would have you raise your eyebrows. Now, airplane is 4 Wood, either chimney or a light house is 9 Fire, so you’d locate 9-4 in your Luoshu. If you had been paying attention to all of the news for 2009, you might have seen many airplanes end up either besides the landing strip, or in agricultural fields, or other such surfaces they’re not supposed to land. Again next month and after the 9 Stars had changed places and this time Star 4 for airplane meeting up with another month Star, you’d have plane crashes, but you’ll see a shift in context, in what caused the crash and you’d clearly see other ‘similar’ events on account of those other month Stars, i.e. not just the event as such, but similar context, even same physical objects, plot or outcome involved. That is what justifies your handling of 9 Ki on a daily basis for either your personal life progression, doing date selection, following the news as it progresses, or forever include 9 Ki in your professional curriculum as you are minding health and fate in others.

See, it is one thing to sit in front of your media and make soup of why a car collides into a tree for one city, it is another thing to see the same event occur elsewhere same month, then next month yet other ‘related’ events start happening that will relate to other Star combinations.

That’s the beauty of the 9 Stars and Luo Shu. You could still bring a single mudslide at one locale to come on account of that particular mountain and that particular rainfall, but to have three such mudslides, all in different countries and all by same cause, that’s another thing. Same with those cars you’d see plunge into depths such as rivers or ravines each time Star 6 Metal arrives the 1 Water Luoshu Palace or Star 6 and Star 1 meet up anywhere in Luoshu, student uproar and those other events you’d see occur as a trend and at different – otherwise unrelated – regions.

Then, monthly Luoshu changing, chances are you’d see other such events at their ’15 minutes of fame’, again, in context, occurring above average, repeatedly so and otherwise seemingly unrelated.

It is no task to ‘predict’ plane crashes to occur each year, month or day, as they happen all the time. But it becomes interesting if you’re the one out of a group of friends, able to tell ‘exactly’ the cause, e.g. ‘next month, the trend will be for airplanes to crash into water’. Or into mountains or buildings another month, or airplanes tend to have fuel problems.

That is 9 Ki and you can extend this into whatever imaginable events. Public uproars happen all the time, but you will be not only able to estimate the time for such to happen most likely, you’ll be able to tell CNN where to go in order to take pictures and what images will be visible in the street, be they police using tear gas (Star 2 Earth), projectiles (Star 4 Wood), using armored vehicles (Star 9 Fire). And I am here to convince you that you’d be able to do that with Luoshu in your hand, even as a beginner, knowing just only some basic attributes to the 9 Stars and Luoshu Palaces.

So, if you’d come with me to see how the year 2010 will evolve, I will be happy to show you how it is done and you can start by printing out here monthly Luoshu for 2010 and keep it next to your chair as you will be following news in your media. Keep pen and paper there too and take notes. Pretty soon, you’d see a one-to-one relation between what you find in Luoshu and what they then show you on television.

Before we can discuss some of the months for 2010, you need to hear a bit more about 9 Stars and Trigrams.

The 9 Stars can be associated with Eight Trigrams 八卦 and Five Planets, which each borrow their properties from one of the Five Transformations, or Wuxing 五行 of Wood 木 (Mu), Fire 火 (Huo), Earth 土 (Tu), Metal 金 (Jin) and Water 水 (Shui). You’d regard Wuxing not as static, rather as energetic stages in an ever ongoing process of change.

Any table that you may come across is therefore merely a representation of moving energy given by static position. We will typically link Star 3 Wood and planet Jupiter to the East direction. However, you will understand how such energies will yet obtain movement and will change direction and properties. Wood may be Wood, but Wood behaves differently in March than it would in September. For table here, Fire phase also includes the sun, Water phase also includes the moon.

Heluo on 9 Star Ki annual predictions - Five Elements planets

As the Japanese astrology of Nine Star Ki (Kyu Sei Ki Gaku – 九星気学) would mention the 9 Stars in one breath with their color, mostly each of the 9 Stars will be allotted one of the Five Phases, so that you may see the 9 Stars being alternately presented as either 1 White or 1 Water, 2 Black or 2 Earth (or 2 Soil), 3 Jade or 3 Wood (or 3 Tree), 4 Green or 4 Wood (or 4 Tree), 5 Yellow or 5 Earth (or 5 Soil), 6 White or 6 Metal, 7 red or 7 Metal, 8 White or 8 Earth (or 8 Soil) and finally 9 Purple or 9 Fire.

9 Stars can be used to classify (groups of) people, organs and body functions. Once you have been with the art for a while, you’d see matters of health and disease evolve along the apparent seasons (illnesses typical to atmospheric conditions at Spring time, Summer time et cetera), certain conditions linked to the 9 Stars and the Luoshu Palaces. Generically so and for 2010 being an 8 Earth year, we may expect to see a fair raise in diseases of the digestive tract. You may personalize this by yet linking your health outlook to your native Star and to the Stars and Palaces you’d connect to as you migrate through the Luoshu.

Heluo on 9 Star Ki - Yi Jing and body parts

All phenomena can be categorized along metaphysical or physical parimeters. Either one is correct, pending focus of attention in application. Organs are here given by their physical Yin and Yang classifications. Internal Chinese Medicine (TCM) classifies organs by their meridian energy, or the metaphysical classification, so that in TCM the Liver (meridian) is Yin, while in our work we’d be referring to the Liver (organ) as Yang (solid). TCM gives the Stomach (meridian) as Yang, while we classify the Stomach (organ) as Yin (hollow). Earthly Branches produce meridians which produce organs which produce temperament and behavior (action).

The 9 Stars may capture all within the Precession Circle, but in our times they will predominantly associate with the seven stars of the Big Dipper, or Bei Dou 北 斗, plus two said ‘imaginary’ stars, which can be taken as our current North Star Polaris and Star Vega. Much outside the scope of this here series, but if you’re into 9 Star Ki, Four Pillars of Destiny Ba Zi or Flying Star Feng Shui, it would pay off to do websearches on these terms (take in Precession Cycle or Great Year too) and build your own documentation, whereas we’d suggest such studies be mandatory if you are – or aspire to become – a practicing teacher or consultant. Of course, we’d be handling this type of dynamics much more profoundly in our live classes than we would be able on our blog, whereas bottom line – and great thing – is, there is a bit more to Oriental metaphysics than commonly meets the eye.

By then linking the 9 Stars to the Eight Trigrams, each Star receives tens of basic attributes and each of the 9 Stars is said to possess behavioral traits.

In Nine Star Ki astrology, each of the 9 Stars will govern an organ or body function and we’d be interested in our three personal 9 Ki birth Stars to see our basic energetic character and temperament, see compatibility and how we relate to others and our environment, get to know our inborn talents and see the prospects for career and health.

In 9 Star Divination – and let’s say by their distinct magnetic charge -, each of the 9 Stars will govern certain physical objects and be likely to exert its basic properties so that the Star may instigate events once Guest to a certain Luoshu Palace or Star.

While combining the ‘astrology’ and the ‘divination’ of it, thus, by following our native Stars through Luoshu at any time, we can learn to ‘do the right thing at the right time in the right location in the right spirit mingling with the right people’ [44; 74-83], so we will be able to make important decisions and follow news progressions.

The 9 Stars will be traveling on the wave of magnetism – and answer to magnetic pole reversal – from out of the vastest outskirts of our universe to the tiniest particle in our bodies, while once having reached the realm of living tissue (us humans), the 9 Stars will govern our physiology, temperament, emotions, behavior and action. That is why Yin and Yang are inverse, rather not ‘opposites’, but anything under the canopy of Yin and Yang can and will eventually assume its reverse magnetic pole. Yang and Yin exist at the same time, Yang just being Yin’s round trip to itself and vice versa. Yang wouldn’t go anywhere without taking Yin with it.

Before we move to Part Three, here are some basic 9 Stars attributes for you to print. We’ve selected the ones you’d most likely see in your media, the moreso if you are able to connect Trigram attributes of different Stars.

Heluo on 9 Star Ki - Yi Jing Trigram attributes

Directionology plays a role of utmost importance in all of your 9 Stars and Luoshu analysis, or in your divinations done on account of Four Pillars of Destiny Ba Zi or Flying Star Feng Shui. Luoshu direction means, an influence coming in from or headed into the 8 magnetic directions. This means, even when sitting in a chair, you’d be committing directionology by receiving the Stars from out of the several directions.

Also, even though there is an interaction between Stars, events and directions, when given the choice of tracing a missing person into either a Star combination anywhere in a Luoshu or focus your attention on the actual direction, we suggest that you let the former preceed. Star 4 Wood at the central Luoshu Palace may indicate a prominent post office, whereas Star 4 Wood appearing anywhere else in Luoshu may indicate post office just the same, whether you’d then actually locate the post office into the implied Luoshu direction or place else. All else being equal, we’d suggest that a Star governs and overcomes action, action overcomes direction. You will soon get a taste for this.

How then to approach those annual and monthly Stars
We’ll give you just some rudimentary examples of how you would read the Stars and Luoshu. You may then extend this as it is in 9 Ki pretty much ‘each on his own’. In any case, do let me know your observations and comments.

In what follows, ‘accompanied by’ or ‘involved’ means, native Star visited by another Star, native Star visiting another Star or Star appearing into opposite direction of another Star.

If native Star (Host) visited by other Star (Guest), event may be imposed on native Star. If native Star (Guest) visits the other Star (Host), native Star may instigate the event.

If Star 5 Earth is construction related, it becomes a bridge overhanging a body of water or an underwater tunnel when accompanied by Star 1 Water [58].

If Star 5 is a compound, it becomes a railway station or metro station when accompanied by Star 3 Wood, it becomes a post office or an airfield if accompanied by Star 4 Wood, it becomes a hospital, a school, a zoo, a food shop or a labor mine in company of Star 2 Earth.

If Star 6 Metal is a bullet – and as such it can act on its own -, it becomes a fired bullet when accompanied by Star 9 Fire. If Star 6 Metal is an armed assault or an explosion, the resulting blaze can be instigated by Star 9 Fire. If Star 6 Metal is a car, the car may collide into a tree when Star 6 Metal visits Star 3 Wood, whereas if Star 3 Wood visits Star 6 Metal, a tree may fall on a car. If Star 6 Metal and Star 1 Water meet up – and pretty much so all the time -, you may see vehicles plunge into depths.

If Star 7 involved, may receive a message concerning money or income, if Star 6 Metal is there too, employer is involved. If Star 1 is involved too, money may be lost.

If Star 1 Water is a fish, it becomes a dolphin or a whale when accompanied by Star 4 Wood for its breathing capacity. If Star 1 Water is a ‘fall’ and Star 4 Wood is ‘Wind’, the combination can become an elevator or ski lift.

If a missing person is 2.6.x, it is important to establish if it concerns a child, as 9 Ki may emphasize the second Star before adolescent age. If Star 9 Fire involves, the child may be abducted by a bald headed big bellied male or just a 9 Fire person, while chances are the person be traced in or near a light house, a chimney, a crematorium. If Star 4 Wood is involved, breathing was blocked or rope involved. If Star 5 Earth is involved, you may anticipate on unfavorable outcome. Eventually, you’d be reading Luoshu as a novel as any detail to any event lies embedded in the particular Luoshu, you should just read all Stars in context.

If you see anyone’s Star to appear opposite any other Star, the person may be headed away from (associations pertaining) the opposite Star. If your Star appears opposite Star 2 Earth, will likely either passively or actively engage in studies or lecturing, while also Star 2 Earth being spouse, may move away from the homestead, perhaps due to hospitalization.

Your surest way to extend this into examples of your own, is to actually sit yourself with Luoshu and follow the news and news progressions regularly and document what you find. Please note that those 9 Stars and Trigram associations were found many centuries ago when most of our modern goodies had not been invented. You must feel free therefore, to make categorization into 9 Stars of your own, if located regularly in the news and as so referred to Luoshu, but you must have been able to trace your association not only if the Star or a Star combination appears at the central Luoshu Palace, but elsewhere in Luoshu and on enough occasions to justify your finding. For example, I was able to trace Star 1 Water to a cable, the 1-4 combination to either dolphins, whales, elevators or skilifts, just by seeing satisfactory incidence in the news concerning these Stars.

To be continued…

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