9 Ki Divination – 9 Stars and Luoshu forecasting 8 Earth year – Part Three

9 Star Ki Divination is invaluable if you wish to do predictions for 2010 yourself. As seems to be the case with any ‘Earth’ year in 9 Ki – the year 2010 being 8 Earth will be a splendid time for you to step on the wagon. Heluo shows you some easy syntax by which you will be doing annual-, monthly- and daily 9 Stars and Luo Shu analysis of your own. You’d be forecasting personal and news events in no time at all, using just some basic tools.

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It is pretty straightforward too. Once you pulled the Luo Shu with annual and monthly Stars for 2010, you could dive into your Magic Square layer by layer to get more detail on any event, be that in following your personal progression or for news you gathered in your media. I am just here to excite you and give you the crux.

It is all a matter of knowing some basic 9 Stars and Luoshu syntax. Even if you are a beginner – and whether you’d be commenting on any event by hindsight or before the fact -, you’d be having your first ‘success’ soon, which I’d be of course eager to hear if you’d leave your comment. I have seen stunning work done by mere beginners who had no much more to go on than just some rudimentary input.

Turn on your news channel
Now, for Luo Shu to come alive and be a bit more than just ‘numbers in boxes’, I need you to actually turn on your news channel. Leaving you with just a handful of attributes to the basic Luoshu of 5 Earth, then showing you how to approach annual- and monthly Star configurations for 2010, that’s like arriving at the scary part, because it is then a matter of, will you actually sit yourself in front of a Luoshu and your television or news paper and make soup of the dvd there, or will you be ‘lost for the field’.

That’s anyone’s intimate secret and pretty much the ‘each man for himself’ part of it.

But that is the exact crux to this series, as you wouldn’t want anyone to do the work for you, as such would be again back to ‘prediction’ and you’d be once more relying on others. See, it comes down to your ability to see the attributes to any one single Star, then gaze into Luoshu to set your mind to work, while employing your discriminative abilities, your ‘feel’ for soap-opera and write your own script once seeing 2 Stars, or 3 Stars combine and engage into tango.

Any news channel can make you see an event in the news, only you can bring yourself to see 9 Ki relevance in such news.

Annual Star 8
2010 in 9 Ki will be 8 Earth and Star 8 Earth, well that’s a character to reckon with. We’ve already gone through its attributes, plus we’ve been showing you attributes for Star 2 Earth, Star 3 Wood, Star 5 Earth and Star 7 Metal in our blog series “9 Stars and Reversed Luo Shu Axis”.

If you keep it handy, I may show you your first advance into the annual Luo Shu for 2010, magnifying annual Star 2 Earth, annual Star 5, annual Star 8, then give you some of the raw images, but that you’d have a hard time evading once you’d check your media for news.

As you can see, we’d be here even using no more than some basic attributes to any Star. Here is a choice of some of the more predominant images you’d insistently see pop off your television screen for the 8 Earth year 2010.

With annual Star 2 Earth stepping into the 8 Earth Luo Shu Palace for the year, groups of people will be dislocated. Star 2 Earth will be a crowd, but not just any group. Star 2 Earth is a homogeneous group, sharing same organization, kitchen, so that Star 2 can be a particular social group, an ethnic or religious group. Star 2 is in students, teachers, the education industry, mine workers, medical personnel, hospital, civil service and civil servants, inmates, even a zoo. Such displacement be due largely to 9 Stars on the Reversed Luo Shu Axis on the one hand, where we’d of course locate annual Star 2 opposite its original Luo Shu Palace, which is in the Southwest. On the other hand, such dislocation would be instigated by annual Star 5 Earth, which happens to appear into opposite direction from annual Star 2 Earth. By thus moving away from its native direction, you’d see annual Star 2 end up in 8 Earth situations or environments, such as mountainous areas, buildings and compounds involved, not to speak of Star 2 coming under ‘revolution & change’. In a way, annual Star 2 will be ‘cast out’ from its native Palace, it will be out of place, there will be opposition and deprivation. So then, why and who is sleeping in its bed?

The basic 2 Earth Luo Shu Palace will be taken ‘hostage’ by annual Star 5 Earth, or Star 5 Yellow. One of indications being, Star 5 will be taking hold of Star 2’s sovereignty – like in ‘shift in power’ – and nothing much Star 2 can do about it. Star 5 amongst others can signify a community, which is why you’d see annual Star 2 ‘move away’ from their community, either voluntarily or against their will and nothing anyone can do about it. While you note Star 2 and Star 5 appear by opposite direction, you’d note similar each time you see any two Stars appear by opposite direction, so that a certain aspect linked to one Star be ‘moving away’ from the opposite Star, as if being at opposite positions be doing something on cohesion. With Star 5, you’d see issues surrounding autonomy, by whatever images that will reach you through your media. Also – again due to Reversed Luo Shu Axis -, annual Star 5 will be ‘going nowhere’, hinting towards failing leadership, coup d’etat, curfew, ousted leadership, but also ‘ownership’ as in merges, corporate take over, and the like.

By 2010 Reversed Luo Shu Axis, it so happens that Star 8’s original Luo Shu Palace hosts the Star that appears opposite its original Luo Shu Palace – annual Star 2 – while, as it is, Star 8 is the annual Star being caught at the central Luo Shu Palace, thereby we’d be reading annual Star 8 for ‘Luo Shu trend’. Star 8 governs built structures, real estate, property (Star 2 may be a plot of land, Star 8 then ownership of the property), it is in earthquakes, volcanos. Star 8 Earth being notorious for burning old bridges, it can bring about drastic change, it can also bring long endured situations to rather swift closure. Such closure can be enforced by protest, rioting and looting, so you’d note the news for anything having to do with either ‘enforce’ or ‘re-inforce’.

Then, adding 1 and 1, here only just combining properties for Stars 2,5 and 8, what you’d see in your media is massive and determined public gatherings in the streets, giving you fierce protest, rioting, looting, (check monthly Luo Shu to see more detail), uproar, the moreso violent clashes between groups identified along ethnicity, nationality or religion. These groups will have either co-existed in just peaceful accord, or some long past issues be re-emerging and weapons dug up, unnanounced, and with a tenacity that would surprise you, it is there all of a sudden. Apart from demonstrations and uproar involving your odd student marches, we had linked Star 2 to homogeneous groups, so that you’d see nasty images of groups fighting over ethnicity, religion, culture, such not limited to street violence, but in particular involving and entering buildings. You’d see this for one city with a certain monthly Star, then for another region with monthly Stars changing, but the gist will be there.

• If you are – or aspire to be – a professional minding health and fate for your students or clients and you’d wish to be fully autonomous at the art of 9 Stars and Luo Shu analysis, the more if you have a training history in Flying Star Feng Shui, we may meet in our next upcomingv 4-day master class, or as you may hop on distance learning.

As always, you’d of course refer the above 2010 annual Luoshu to the basic Luoshu of 5 Earth, so here is once more the basic Luoshu of 5 Earth with just some of the more noteworthy items you’d be locating in the news most of the time. Of course, you would:

Project annual Star configuration for 2010 (Guest) onto the basic Luoshu (Host), while you’d be simply relating Trigram attributes of visiting annual Stars to the basic Luoshu Palace to see the resultant events. For example, you’d say: annual Star 4 Wood for air plane arriving the 1 Water Luoshu Palace, will be an air plane crash into the sea.

You’d then do same for monthly- or daily Luoshu, but if you are a beginner, perhaps you’d best stick to the annual Luoshu for a while, or involve just only 2 or 3 monthly Stars, for the time being. Going for more than that could soon be taking a bit too much on your plate.

Always keep in mind a) Luoshu trend given by the then central Star, then b) check for Reversed Luo Shu Axis pertaining year, month or day and c) at all times check for – and simultaneously read – opposite Stars and Palaces.

In your screening for news and pretty soon, you’ll be noting how remarkable 9 Ki may become, as there will be 9 Ki relevance to significant news, just as there will be for perhaps smaller or even ‘weird’ news. If in 2010 with annual Star 8 at the center for built structures, you’d see a photo in your news paper of a rock having fallen on the roof of a building, it will be probably a 5 Earth month. Now, rock may fall any year, month or day, but you’d have something to go on as, e.g. 6-5 – anywhere in Luo Shu – would be a rock falling on a car, just as 2-5 would be a rock falling on a small house.

On the other hand, if not you’d involve Luoshu in your news gathering, what can we do, as such news be to you no more than it would be for your neighbor, just a rock falling on a car.

Same difference, an air plane to plunge into the sea can soon be just that: yet another air plane to plunge into the sea. Without 9 Ki, you and your neighbor would agree how an air plane had just plunged into water. Now, we are into ‘translate Stars into events, events into Stars’ for a reason, so that if for 2010 you’d locate annual Star 4 in the 1 Water Luo Shu Palace, that would be your air plane to crash in water, especially when then you see annual Star 4 being visited by – say – Star 5 Earth or Star 6 Metal. Or, with annual-, monthly- or daily Star 6 Metal for vehicles arriving the 1 Water Luo Shu Palace, you’d see cars plunge into ravines or rivers just like anyone else, the difference being a) you’d have an idea why and b) you’d be the one then noting similar to happen anywhere globally. So, if what I am claiming here would be at all half true, then 9 Ki is a big deal, yes?

However, to what extend you’d be then able to stretch Luo Shu to become your dvd – or those Stars in Luoshu remaining just static ‘numbers’ -, will be actually limited only by your knowledge of the Star attributes, moreover your actually sitting in front of your media, further relative to the extend you’d be able to take your dive into Stars and Luoshu. My guess is, you’d be knocked away once you got the hang of it. Now, since we’d be all glueing to the same global news, you’re welcome to leave your comments here and we’ll discuss the ins ‘n’ outs.

So, you may clearly see why here we would go to just show you ‘how it is done’, what to look for, rather than going into ‘predictions’ of any kind, the reason being that, if the combination 1-6 was to denote a vehicle to plunge into a depth of any kind or into water, doing ‘predictions’ would soon have you wrongly zoom in on just monthly Star 6 Metal to visit the 1 Water Luo Shu Palace, whereas, with the 1-6 combination appearing anywhere else in Luo Shu, that would be the same thing. So, gradually you’d be finding your way through Luoshu, shaping your divinatory skill and not focusing on a prominent ‘post-office’ just only when you locate Star 4 Wood at the Luoshu center, but be able to lay your finger on a post-office with Star 4 appearing anywhere else in Luoshu.

Ready for an exercise?
Already taking only the above basic Star and Palace attributes, can you give me your projections, just only focusing on the central Stars, the annual and  monthly Stars arriving the North-South Luoshu axis?

Of course, you’d note opposite Stars and Palaces.

Can you tell me, if you were to open your news paper with monthly Star 9 Fire to visit annual Star 8 at the central Luoshu Palace, what would you see? You may involve ‘trend’, pick Stars for subject, verb, objective, plot, progression and post your projected outcome here.

Ok, back to annual Luoshu for the 8 Earth year of 2010. I’ve so far shown you homogeneous groups of people being dislocated due to annual Star 2 arriving opposite its original Luoshu Palace then also arriving opposite annual Star 5, whereas annual Star 8 would invoke rather massive uproar, looting and violent clashes around ethnicity – just plain racism – or attacks along religious or nationalistic lines, all aimed at restoring the ‘own’ identity – own customs – and we saw the 5 Yellow related shift in power.

You will see students, issues concerning student rights, squatting, squatters’ rights and you may extend this, until you successfully ‘glued’ distinct groups of people to buildings, predominantly involving sovereignty.

Meanwhile knowing the basic attributes to the Stars and Luo Shu Palaces, what you’d do for 2010 is, take what you know on account of Star 8 Earth and connect it to what you know of the central Luoshu Palace. In 9 Stars and Luoshu grammar, we may pick the central Star for Luoshu ‘trend’. That can be any kind of image appearing in your news, but with Star 8 for built structures or mountain, with Star 5 for compound or a community, that can be a prominent settlement in the mountains, or, staying with cities, it would be a prominent building, whereas last time we saw how such would be rather not a public building, more likely, entering the building would require certain affiliation. It can be a town hall, library, university, laboratory or a prominent official building.

You can also imagine, with monthly Star 5 for sovereignty flying into the central Luoshu Palace, that can be an occupier, including then students taking hold of a university, or the armed forces to stand up against it. Popularily stated, Monthly Star 5 would be ‘army in the streets’, which you could further narrow down to ground troops if you’d see Star 2, fully armored soldiers with Star 9 Fire.

GPS vs driving the car yourself
Fully trusting on your GPS could soon have your car run into a tree. Same difference, you could take all there is to know on Star and Trigram attributes, still just consider these your first indicators. Any Trigram attribute will be there for solid reason, at the same time just notional, for as long as you can’t think or see beyond them. Note that those Trigram attributes would have been formulated way back when, while there wouldn’t have been some of our modern utensils. Also, you’d see a Trigram with either one of its properties, rather not would you see the outcome of any combination of Stars. Anyway, at one point it will be just you, Luoshu and your television screen. So, I’ll be showing you just some goodies how to go about that.

The ancient master, using his observations and common-sense – employed his freedom to link x,y or z to ‘a’ Trigram. You are sitting on the same freedom.

You may take what you know on account of Star 4 Wood and have it culminate into any kind of related event once you see it reside in the 1 Water Palace. What’s easy is, to then see an air plane plunge in water, whereas you will have taken yourself one step further once you’d combine Stars and still see the soap-opera, as I have shown you before how 1 Water for ‘fall’ combined with 4 Wood for ‘wind’ or a ‘missile’ could be a ski lift, an escalator or an elevator. Then also, Star 1 Water for H20 along Star 4 Wood for ‘respiratory ability’ could help you make sense of news surrounding whales, or dolphins. What else would you get once linking up Star 1 and Star 4 for missile. Even though the ancient master wouldn’t have seen one, it may be a submarine, so you’d note that in your news. See, you wouldn’t have seen ‘submarine’ anywhere at the Star 1 attributes, or at the 4 Wood attributes, so a fair portion of your 9 Ki work would be in seeing combinations and progress.

Mostly, while at your beginning or intermediate stages, the Star be leading you into the belonging news, whereas at long last you’d be doing the complete opposite, for as long as a) you made sure to see your ‘observation’ confirmed by the news enough times and b) same event having occurred with the Star(combination) appearing different locations in your Luoshu.

Back to Star 2 Earth, we’d be expecting major events in the food industry, anything having to do with provision in the widest sense of the word, farming, agricultural fields, distribution and processing of food. Expect major news involving food processing probably to (further) merge with pharmaceutics, the massive implementation and legislations coming with that.

We have seen earlier, that Star 2 may denote inmates, but then not the prison building as such. Star 8 is built structures, then on its own not a prison in particular. With annual Star 2 residing in the 8 Earth Luoshu Palace, now the 2-8 combo all the more becoming a prison. It means, one of the things you’d be noting in the news for 2010 is events surrounding prisons, prisoners, relocation of prisons along with its prisoners, installation of new laws and staff (annual Star 5 into opposite position), the construction of new compounds. Some of the more noteworthy moments to this respect would be when monthly Star 2 arrives at the central Luoshu Palace, the 6 Metal Luoshu Palace, or when monthly Star 5 Earth or 6 Metal arrive at the 8 Earth Luoshu Palace to join annual Star 2 Earth.

Next time, we’d be discussing more Luoshu technique. I will now leave you with some additional thoughts, helping you to position 9 Ki Divination and find your place in it.

Active or defensive
You’d be either involving Luo Shu before the fact or after the fact. It remains to be seen if at all the term prediction will be applicable. I think not. We would be forecasting tendencies, rather, but yes, once you know how to handle those Star configurations, we may say those ‘tendencies’ can become pretty accurate.

Information can be surfacing from Luoshu either way. You may first note it in Luoshu, then later have your projection confirmed by your media, or you’re in front of your television seeing any news event and you’d locate the exact Star configuration in Luoshu once you read it for the event. As a beginner – as in ‘knowing the past, is knowing the future’ -, you would be probably looking at hindsight because you’d need that as your exercise. If you are advanced, you’d be looking ahead into time more and more.

What might happen is this. In the beginning you’d sit in front of your television, while referring the news to Luoshu as it is shown to you. Then later, you shouldn’t be surprised to find yourself with just only the annual- and monthly Luoshu, saying ‘hm, looking at these Stars, once I turn on my television, I’d probably see this and that’ and check for news only then.

How much is 100% score in 9 Ki forecasting
Anything that could be said to that respect would be mere estimation. The one thing you probably wouldn’t find anywhere in 9 Ki is any statistics. On the other hand, it would be not just ‘anyone’s guess’ either, as it can be made more exact than that. At the start of your divinatory adventures, you’d be probably happy already to even get 2 or 3 out of any 10 forecastings right. But, 9 Ki will take you to eventually perform way beyond just that. We first accept that, to score 10 out of 10 is a mere impossibility, simply because there would be more to any event than just the 9 Ki you were projecting on it, or the Four Pillars of Destiny, or Qi Men Dun Jia, for that matter. Remember what I said in Part One on context, but that aside, 9 Ki is an in itself enclosed system. Once you review any event on account of 9 Stars and Luoshu, many unknown factors would be left out, as these would naturally come on account of other – here unrelated – systems. Therefore, I think it is fair to propose your accuracy in 9 Ki divination to be 100% once 8 out of your 10 ‘before the fact’ projections are spot on. That’s not magic, that’s technique and experience.

For example, in our 9 Star Divination class, we make sure to transmit the full syntax, enabling even beginners to soon enjoy their 60% score, which is not a task if mirrored to the massive protocol being shared, but still perhaps beyond what some esteemed names in the field would achieve for themselves. If you can’t travel to join class, you’d be well on your way just printing and studying “9 Star Prediction – personal and news events” on my website, which was actually written with the true beginner in mind and exactly aiming for your autonomy at the art.

We’d here continue to show you some goodies to do it yourself. Now, to even lift yourself to a 30% score, what you’d need do is, of course turn on your television or open your news paper. It is what I’ve been doing day in day out since 1988, so 2010 will be my third 8 Earth year.

To be continued…

You may give us a phone call any afternoon (GMT+1) at +31 23 5333375, or you may email heluo@xs4all.nl.

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