9 Ki Divination – 9 Stars and Luoshu forecasting 8 Earth year – Part One

The year 2010 is 8 Earth in 9 Star Ki, while Chinese astrology gives  2010 as the year of the Metal Tiger. You will have seen those 9 Ki new year predictions for 2010 that are based in 9 Stars and 8 Trigrams, while Four Pillars of Destiny Ba Zi takes you by the hand of the 12 Chinese Zodiac signs, the so-called Chinese animals. The question becomes, would you continue to rely on those annual forecasts done by expert astrologers, or would you learn how to do it yourself? Doing annual predictions yourself – or fortune telling as some would call it – is so easy, that it would seem almost absurd to at all leave important private decisions to others. Are these predictions not based in technique? In principle, yes they are. Then, why not rely on them? Well, simply, there will be a certain consideration perhaps telling you one suggestion, which you’d then better not follow up on, as there might be a bunch of arguments against it and for solid reason, however, neither one of which will be then shown. In fact, so many arguments against the statement, that the statement itself should have never made it to the public. It is the same with those annual Stars and monthly Stars used for Feng Shui purpose, which tell you where (not) to take your bed or desk, based in the year’s Tai Sui (Grand Duke) or annual Star 5 Yellow. See, you might be following up on advice that would be otherwise completely against your Flying Star chart. The last thing you want is to read Feng Shui cures and remedies,  then send your spouse into a certain room of the house to stop the bickering, but now he or she falls ill due to some other dynamic you had overlooked. I only wish the setbacks you’d encounter would come on account of ‘a thing’ known only to masters, while most probably it would be due to some basic ‘no-go’ that you would have heard in even a one day workshop.

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How easy can it be? Any exclamation done on account of Oriental metaphysics should then be accompanied by its explanation, yes? Certainly if it involves your personal initiatives or if you are to base your decisions on expert advice concerning your personal health, your career or your marriage.

The best Feng Shui remedy is, you only rely on yourself, simply because there are exceptions to the rules, then again, there are exceptions to those exceptions to the rules, each known by those authors, then just not mentioned, but otherwise easy to learn, so that you would note them yourself with just the least of fundamental training and not be committing mistakes. Long story short, not only is it much better to learn it yourself, the technique is too easy for you not to be self-reliant.

In Heluo’s view, you would best give up relying on others for your ‘new year predictions’, or – for as long as you are learning the art -, your teacher should secure your self-reliance by offering his ‘no delay’ approach. Ok then, for the time being perhaps, a mix form could be for you to read those annual predictions prepared for you by others, but which are deemed futile at best, besides full of misperceptions.

Well, what were you thinking? Not just will you be reading into suppositions and active statements, none of proclamations will be ever explained for its underlying technical principle. Just check for yourself, it has been going on like that for decades. If then on top of this each experienced practitioner could point out the mere fault in those generalizations, there is your chief argument to just learn it yourself.

If you feel ready to do it yourself, a good start is to read Heluo’s ‘9 Star Divination sample forecasting 2008’. It will give you some straightforward 9 Stars and Luoshu protocol that you can easily project on any year. Otherwise not published on www, but you can also request to be sent ‘9 Star Divination sample forecasting 2007’ in pdf. Reads like a home study, just as the ground work and free online course ‘9 Star Prediction – personal and news events’ on www.heluo.nl. For this series and where functional, we will refer to pages of this last title using []. Last but not least, you’d be reading some original syntax further down this blog in the series ‘9 Ki Stars on the Reversed Luo Shu Axis’ in the category 9 Star Divination and ‘Heluo on how to use new Luo Shu charting for 9 Star Ki astrology life readings’ and horoscopes in the category 9 Star Ki Astrology. Happy hunting and be autonomous!

Positioning 9 Ki and Chinese astrology
Now, we will be the last one thinking anyone would be able to single-handedly perform on account of divination just by the hand of a series like this. It can’t be done as it is still at the premise of formal education, not a blog. But, the least we can do is show you how it is done and to excite you with the reasoning behind each divination.

We’d be here doing just a short series on 9 Star Divination (Jiu Xing Suan Ming – 九星算命) because as it is, the year 2010 is as good a time as any to learn how to do astrological predictions through 9 Star Ki yourself. You can step on the wagon any year, any month, but it is simply because 2010 is an 8 Earth year in 9 Star Ki astrology and 2 Earth, 5 Earth and 8 Earth years seem to lend themselves splendidly for stepping into the art.

Besides, as 2010 is also the year of the Yang Metal-Tiger (Geng Yin – 庚寅, or 虎) in Chinese astrology, we’ll touch on  Four Pillars of Destiny Ba Zi a bit too and perhaps we can just slightly discuss how (not) to employ annual- and monthly 9 Ki Stars for purpose of Flying Star Feng Shui. Already with little fundamental training in the study of 9 Stars (Jiu Xing Qi Xue – 九星氣学) and Eight Trigrams (Ba Gua – 八卦), anyone can do it if you bring your discriminative abilities, cold soil thinking and readiness to juggle with ‘numbers’.

Translate Stars into events and events into Stars
In fact, to be engaging into ‘predictions’ for personal fate, or following news as you see it progress in your media, the only thing you’d be doing is, see the trend and ‘translate Stars into events and events into Stars’. Something to the effect of: you see an event involving a car, the car now becomes a Star. You first see a Star in Luoshu, the Star becomes an event. So, if you keep in mind that we are actually engaging into forecasting tendencies, we may just as well use the term prediction.

Image for 8 Earth in 9 Ki and Chinese astrology for 2010
Regarding 9 Ki Divination, here is the Magic Square – Luo Shu 洛書 – for an 8 Earth day (D) in an 8 Earth month (M) in an 8 Earth year (Y) [5-16].

Heluo - 9 Star Ki annual Luoshu 2010We’ll turn to it a bit later on, but here is the Eight Characters for the start of the Four Pillars of Destiny year at 22:48 GMT (UTC) on 3 February 2010. Four Pillars will read from right to left into year, month, day and hour. In blue the Heavenly Stem Yang Metal Geng and the Earthly Branch Yin Tiger for the year 2010. The 2010 predictions that I am sure you will have seen, will be based in these two emblems alone.

Heluo - 2010 Chinese Astrology Four Pillars of Destiny Ba Zi

For either 9 Ki or Four Pillars of Destiny Ba Zi, predictions can be general at best if performed just only from the year information. In order to read more detail, we would need involve the month sign, until the technique allows us to get to daily or hourly readings, which is all important, because anyone could be telling you to do ‘this or that’ based on just the year information,  while of course the month or day could then be against it, which is exactly why we said you should best learn to do it yourself.

So, let’s first dive into 9 Ki Divination and somewhat later on turn to Four Pillars of Destiny, where we can discuss the Ten Heavenly Stems (Shi Tian Gan – 十天干) and the Twelve Earthly Branches (Di Zhi – 十二地支), or the 12 Chinese zodiac signs.

Since 2010 is an 8 Earth year in 9 Ki, we need first acquaint with Star 8.

Because we will be working from the Chinese Solar calendar, the above mentioned starting time for the year equally – and globally – accounts for 9 Star Ki (Jiu Xing Ming Li – 九星命理), Four Pillars of Destiny Bazi (Zi Ping Bazi Suan Ming – 子平八字算命) and Xuan Kong Feng Shui – 玄空風水, whereas ‘Chinese New Year’ as it is popularly understood does not relate to this in any way. What would be fondly called Chinese New Year – 14 February for 2010 – is actually not the start of a Lunar year in the Chinese Lunar calendar (in use for Zi Wei Dou Shu – 紫微斗數), where a year is to start at the Solstice moment on the Solstice day in December, however celebrations (you will have seen those Dragon dances) then at the so-called ‘Spring Festival’, which falls 2 new moons after the December Solstice. The Chinese Lunar calendar is anchored in the Moon phases, whereas the Chinese Solar calendar which we’d be using here, is based in the 24 Solar Terms (Er Shi Si Jie Qi – 二十四節氣), which derive from the earth’s annual orbit around the sun and which orbit would not just divide the 360 degrees of the Chinese compass (Luo Pan – 羅盤) into 12 Chinese zodiac signs (so-called Chinese animals), but would further divide a Solar year into 24 segments of 15 degrees, each such segment to represent a period of approximately 15 days.

Properties annual Star 8 Earth – Gen Mountain Trigram
9 Stars can occupy 9 Luoshu Palaces. Each Star and each Luoshu Palace carries tens and tens of basic attributes. If any Star governs x-amount of Trigram attributes, your context will always guide you to the ones you can then ignore for your forecasting. Here are some of the properties of annual Star 8 Earth, derived from its belonging Trigram – Gen Mountain or Gen Gua 艮卦 [44-49]. Also find Star 2 Earth, Star 3 Wood and Star 7 Metal attributes in “9 Ki Stars on the Reversed Luo Shu Axis – Part Three” further down this blog, plus see “9 Ki Stars on the Reversed Luo Shu Axis – Part Six”, also for properties of Star 5 Yellow.

Heluo - 2010 9 Star Ki 8 Earth Gen Mountain TrigramAs Star 8 Earth occupies the central Luoshu Palace for 2010, it is governed by the Gen Mountain Trigram – Gen Gua. Just as for any Trigram, its top line is the third line and the latest one acquired, so it comes from Heaven. The middle line represents Man Qi and the first line at the bottom is the first acquired sign from Earth. Lines can be read top-down as Time-Action-Space, so that together, the three lines in a Trigram can be taken to read like an image.

For example, if the top line is a broken line and Yin (Yin Yao – 陰爻), the Trigram may be imagined to more readily admit Qi from Heaven. If the bottom line is a broken line, the Trigram admits Qi from Earth, that’s one take. If then the middle line is Man Qi and human action, we could tend to relate more to either Heaven or Earth or both.

Here the top line is a Yang line (Yang Yao – 陽爻), in a way acting as a rooftop, so the energy will mostly come from the bottom upward and devote to the Man line. The middle line and the bottom line are both Yin, which can be read as a person connecting to earth – man and earth in sync -, a sense of Celestial Doctor if at all we wish to involve Eight House Feng Shui Ba Zhai (八宅派) – or 8 Mansions -, such then suggestive for the tendency to go back and rely on tested sources, known customs, ‘back to basics’, but also the ‘own’ culture, music and art, the inclination to renovate, rather than build anew, move to rural areas rather than live in cities, eat natural and more native food for health, rather than indulge in chemically processed food.

You may extend this, because people may also tend to vote conservative or in favor of those political parties proclaiming ‘own folk’ kind of issues. Again, no predictions here, just so as to give you certain things to hold on to and to note the tendency in all of the news you will be gathering for the year 2010.

Gen suggests something closed off from the top, then further hollow inside, like a cave in a mountain or a comparable structure, a notion that may just come in handy if tracing missing persons. It is also ‘open gate’, meaning there may be unobstructed corridor between point a and point b, such as in a swimming pool there would be no demarcation between deep and shallow. Gen Mountain Trigram will be allowing upward bound kinetic force, hence the notion of earthquakes or moving and trembling surfaces.

As always, we will read into any Trigram from both its tangible and intangible properties. Essentially – and one of most helpful notions for your divination -, 8 Earth is in mountains, those noteworthy topographical elevations in topography, including mountain ranges, ocean floor mountain and underwater chains of mountain.

Equally notable in your news gatherings should be Star 8 for built structures, i.e. buildings made of brick and stone, real estate, besides that it is land (as in ‘property’ a bit more perhaps than the actual plot, which could just as well come on account of Star 2 Earth, especially if it is flat surfaced and vegetated, as in agricultural field). If Star 2 is your homestead, your actual house – the bricks – will be Star 8. Star 8 is the building you work in or are dispatched from. Since Star 8 Earth resides at the Luoshu center, these buildings become prominent buildings, perhaps not as ‘governmental’ as Star 5 buildings, or even as accessible to the public as some compounds (such as metro stations), so that we would need a certain affiliation in order to enter the building, thus Star 8 – and besides any sort of building such as private homes – would perhaps relate more to institutional buildings,  universities, laboratories, libraries, places for science or buildings to host sub-authoritative levels of leadership. Let’s say, Star 8 is not the imperial palace, but a ministry.

It is the building in front of which you’d see protesting students assemble in order to invoke change. It then depends on which monthly Star joins annual Star 8 at the center of the Magic Square to see news events, such as Star 6 Metal teaming up with Star 8 (joined at the Luoshu center or anywhere else in Luoshu) can be an assault on a building, Star 3 Wood can be a surge by uniformed personnel, say police. Star 9 Fire with Star 8 may be a building on fire, while Star 1 looking up Star 8 may be a flooded building. If monthly Star 4 visits Star 8, it may be an airfield, or an airplane crashing into a building.

Star 8 Earth may denote earthquakes, so that seaquakes would occur with Star 8 Earth visiting the 1 Water Luoshu Palace. You shall have to lay the annual- and monthly Luoshu over the news in order to see the hand of 9 Stars.

Star 8 Earth is member of the digestive system as it handles the Spleen. It is also small bones like fingers and toes, it is hand, nose. It is Youngest Son, so denoting young males.

As said, Star 8 associates with earthquakes, but as always, before an event can manifest, it is much more likely that it would come on account of certain Star combinations and all else being equal, we would expect earthquakes to be invoked by Star 8 combining with Star 3 Wood (Zhen Thunder or Zhen Gua 震卦), because Star 3 can be rather piercing and scolding towards earth. Star 3 relates to the Earthly Branch Chen Dragon (辰), so you may read into earthquakes related to that. Can we predict earthquakes? I used to commit to that for several years, until I looked up (go ahead and see for yourself) how many earthquakes actually occur each month, it is uncanny. Seeing those tables will soon have you gain better appreciation of the difference between what is prediction and what foreseeing tendencies.

From expanding further into our list of 8 Earth notions – but then preferably giving you the ones you would be able to actually discern from your television screen – clearly comes Revolution & Change. This property might just as well have come before ‘mountain’ even. Whether for personal life progression (e.g. if your Star resides in the 8 Earth Luoshu Palace) or for any news events, Star 8 is known to invoke drastic changes. In your personal life it may be burning old bridges, a shift on account of whatever you had been taking for granted, such changes voluntary or involuntary, pending your personal health. Star 8 type changes will be lasting ones and Star 8 may account for rather radical and lasting changes on account of health and diet, your residence, your vocation, your being married or your divorce, even your religious outlook.

Taken to the political arena or those images you will be noting in your news paper, Star 8 Earth is in public uproar and riots, not so much those involving just a handful of people or a demonstration over some small issue, rather, those public upheavals that are meant to enforce change, then probably such change achieved. In any case and for whatever purpose, in 2010 you may expect to see the masses clash in the streets, often times in front of or targeted at buildings, but you may also see fierce ethnic clashes (check Wikipedia on 8 Earth years such as 1965, 1992, then also noting month Star influence) for no other reason that ethnicity, or to secure the own tradition even.

If Star 8 is revolution and 2010 hosts Star 2 Earth for students in the 8 Earth Luoshu Palace, this brings us to student protests of certain proportion. Again, check on the monthly Star to join annual Star 2, for example, monthly Star 5 Yellow.

Likewise, other associations concerning annual Star 2 Earth will be pulling in your attention once you’d follow news progressions. You may be on the lookout for events surrounding labor mines, miners, medical personnel and hospitals, inmates, civil servants, the female working force, farmers, food industry, ground troops, zoo animals, the lot, all Star 2 Earth properties.

Besides looking into single Luoshu for incidental events, you could be involving a string of monthly Luoshu, e.g. to see progression of some worker’s unrest or a labor strike. As an example, we may follow monthly Star 2 through four successive monthly Luoshu. In our example, Star 2 is teachers and they are demanding a raise. While turning on your television, you may stumble right into someone announcing a labor strike due ‘later this month’. You go to your Luoshu to check the annual- and monthly Stars, only to note how monthly Star 2 for teachers resides in the central Luoshu Palace.

Now, all imaginable events are possible along any imaginable Luoshu configuration, of course, but we may bargain on probability of certain Luoshu for certain events. This sample concerns an actual announcement that I saw for Greece a few years back, so it was no task to immediately dismiss it, merely following Luoshu doctrine.

Heluo - 9 Star Ki Luoshu February 2010Luoshu for a 2 Earth month, random year. Monthly Star 2 appears in the central Luoshu Palace (Tian Xin – 天心) and teachers are announcing a labor strike later same month, i.e. identical Luoshu.

While you are hearing this on your television and still right into the announcement, you may fairly safely tell your spouse ‘it is not going to happen’. Teacher may go on strike, then likely not with Star 2 in the center, by that Star 2 pulled from the magnetic directions. Still, with annual Star 2 in the Northeast, it is hanging in the air.

Heluo - 9 Star Ki Luoshu predictions 2010As Star 2 relates perfectly to your vocation as a teacher or lecturer, you may follow it through the monthly Luoshu and await the right time for your protest. The 1 Water month would carry much improved prospects if you are a teacher and you’d consider making a bit of a noise and go on strike.

It is because, here, monthly Star 2 appears in the basic 6 Metal Qian Luoshu Palace in the Northwest, known for ‘labor strike’, amongst others. Of course you may check for other Stars arriving this Palace and go on strike, for example the beverage industry with Star 1 Water.

Heluo - 9 Star Ki Luoshu divination April 2010Requests for higher pay were denounced of course, as they will always be, 9 Ki or not. But the seed was planted and parties are  at the negotiation table. It will be not easy, the moreso if we’d here incorporate annual Star 6 for ‘authority’ and ‘management’, appearing opposite monthly Star 2 for the year 2010.

Monthly Star 2 meanwhile in the 7 Metal Dui Palace, where it may be stronger or weaker, depending also on annual and monthly Stars appearing into opposite position, so you may read into finer detail by involving other Stars.

Heluo - 9 Star Ki Luoshu May 2010Well, strikes can start and end any time of course, but if you’d follow news as it progresses, here is a typical scheme, where any issue should come to closure at the 8 Earth Luoshu Palace.

Here back to annual Luoshu for 2010, both annual- and monthly Stars 2 appearing opposite Star 5 Yellow (Wu Huang – 五黃) in the basic 2 Earth Luoshu Palace, may have this closure come with previous management replaced, or – Star 5 being a community or a compound – certain workers still laid off or moving into other working environment. Star 5 Yellow indicates that a raise in salary may come with a price.

Please once more refer to the Star 2 Earth attributes and start combining portents. For example, if Star 2 is food and provision and the 6 Metal Luoshu Palace bodes ‘labor strike’, then adding one and one could tell you Star 2 Earth arriving at the 6 Metal Palace can be hunger strike. If you had attentively screened the Star 2 attributes, you will have seen ‘inmates’. So, that’s your prisoners on hunger strike. See, again, no predictions, or you would then tell me not inmates, but nurses had gone on strike, or mine workers, same trend.

Added March 2010 – prisoner break out
Speaking of inmates, let me add an event that had meanwhile occurred in the night of 20 and 21 February 2010, where an inmate broke out of a Dutch prison, after she dug a tunnel with a spoon. Subject is born in April 1974, so her 9 Ki Stars are 8.9.x.

Heluo - 9 Star Ki predictions 2010 - inmate tunnel break out with spoonWhen I first read into the event, I thought she would have had assistance from the inside, such as from a prison guard and sexual favors would have been involved, which you can see as her second Star 9 Fire in the 6 Metal Palace is visited by monthly Star 3, which could read as a male person, or uniformed personnel, then also, appearing opposite annual Star 7 for romance and mouth, monthly Star 1 for sex. The combo 7-1 could read oral sex, the moreso if appearing at the 4 Wood Palace, as Star 4 is thy. We’ll never know what went on inside the prison, but  after she broke out, she went off on her own, meeting a total stranger in a bar, with whom she then went to stay in his house, until she was caught, 3 weeks after she broke out.

Here, we can check the central Luoshu Stars and – within context, as always – read it as a prison, where Star 8 being building, becomes a prison once it joins up with Star 2. Of course, Star 2 is also inmate and kitchen, and she had started digging her tunnel  from the kitchen.

We should be awaiting more details coming in through the media, but there is another style by which we can read the central Stars. We see monthly Star 2 join subject’s first Star 8 Earth at the central Luoshu Palace. If we leave the notion for ‘kitchen’ for what it is, this could be either a female helping her escape, or even a fellow (female) inmate supposed to join in on the break out, then perhaps at long last calling off the whole idea, we have no way of knowing, but Luoshu could be read like that.

Her first Star 8 Earth reaches the Reversed Luoshu Axis for the month as it appears in the 2 Earth Luoshu Palace. To that respect, her first Star 8 be heading for a compound (annual Star 5), running away from the other compound, represented by monthly Star 5 in the 8 Earth Luoshu Palace. Of course, we may here read Star 5 as tunnel.

Annual Star 6 Metal in the 3 Wood Luoshu Palace can be a car. She didn’t run off by car, so I am wondering about annual Star 6 Metal. Usually, in comparable cases, I would read Star 6 as ‘car’, so that here it must be read for a male authoritative person. If we’d connect the prison ward mentioned earlier, he would be of higher rank. Then, still on the East-West Luoshu Axis, monthly Star 4 is involved, which I don’t know how to read by this context, but it shows up several times once we’d look at Star 3 and Star 6, so it could be read for either one its attributes, such as rope, document, respiratory ability (perhaps an oxygen mask).

Until next time and while you’re in front of your television news anyway, you may just as well start look for 9 Ki relevance.

You may leave your comment, the moreso if you have a suggestion for a topic that you would like to see covered in this series.

To be continued…

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