9 Ki Divination – 9 Stars and Luoshu forecasting 8 Earth year – Part Four

As this is pretty much turning into a DIY course, setting yourself to doing your own predictions for 2010 – or any time – through 9 Star Divination is just a matter of straightforward 9 Stars and Luoshu syntax. It actually comes down to knowing your Trigram attributes and some neat Luoshu grammar. Heluo will show you how to approach Luoshu while giving out subject to one Star, noun to another Star, until you built your Luoshu sentence. You’ll here find some of your working format to write your script.

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9 Star Ki grammar
Before you can at all move into 9 Star Ki Divination, you need to know what you’re doing, technically. Remember, if not we added syntax, those Stars in Luoshu could still be just a bunch of empty numbers. Instead, you will see how nothing in 9 Ki Divination is left to coincidence. You can commit to doing forecastings for your personal life in no time, as well as you will be able to make sense of any news event – before or after the fact – and (perhaps best of all) there will be one or two things revealed to you by Luoshu that others didn’t see, such as may be the case with some event in progression, but at the time only certain details known, e.g. in case of an abduction, a robbery.

Just know, if it didn’t make it to the news yet, the detail is sitting there in Luoshu.

We’ll show you a piece of (made up) news coverage further on, one that you could find in your newspaper, but that most readers would not be giving any second thought.  We will then show you how to dissect such news item to retrieve 9 Ki relevance. It may be that you have been so far taking in news just as it is presented by the media, let’s say just as your neighbor would. Then, to that respect and mirrored to 9 Ki, you are like your neighbor, as either one of you would be reading the piece as just news paper print. It is up to me to here change that for you and help turn you into a Luoshu translator.

As for me, I am a 9 Ki person, so I’d be meanwhile relating any whatsoever news event to Luoshu, because I have gone passed the point where I would still believe anything to happen away from the 9 Stars. All in our universe emerges over Yin and Yang, Wuxing Five Transformations. It is just that we can then employ different systems to capture how energy behaves for certain context, be that for Flying Star Feng Shui, 9 Ki astrology or Chinese astrologies such as Four Pillars of Destiny Bazi.

As for this series here we’d be more interested in how to do predictions on account of our personal life progression or for those news events, what I am trying to convey here is, at one point you will drop the notion that anything could happen ‘on its own’, with no underlying pattern, because anything at the Heaven-Man-Earth realm assumes pattern, thereby intent. Firstly, and so as to help you ‘position’ what you’re doing even better, I propose you’d always imagine a compass ring, even if you’re working from those convenient square Luoshu boxes. It is because we picture the 9 Stars to act as directional magnetic energies, so that, you’d be perhaps working from the image to the left, but you still ‘think’ the image to the right.

Heluo on using Luoshu vs Luopan Chinese compass

Just quickly drawing a square depiction of Luoshu is still a great format for class situations or to gather a swift image of a situation. However, even when you’d be drawing those square boxes – be that for 9 Ki Divination or Feng Shui -, always imagine you’d be working with magnetic directions.

Now, for sake of following this here description, I’ll leave it to you to pick just any random Luoshu and give it annual and monthly Stars. You may follow this step by step approach while looking onto an annual and monthly Luoshu pertaining something you had experienced in the past, or some news event you are interested in.

Anyway, once done, meet your neighbor. If just as your neighbor, you are a 9 Ki beginner, chances are you’d be watching the news together, then either one of you just seeing the images, nothing special. It is just that you can now switch from one mode of observation and interpretation to another, by which you’d be translating anything you see or hear into 9 Stars and Trigrams. Your neighbor wouldn’t do that, but outside that, your neighbor and you are just alike. Now, concerning news items, what you’ll be doing is this.

Take in the news, just as was intended by the media
As you are in front of your television screen or news paper, just take note of the news coverage as any next ‘civilian’ would, not adding any technique in particular. A knife at this point is just that, it is a knife. A school teacher is just a school teacher. You’d be taking news events as just notional. Then you set yourself to read the event for its 9 Ki relevance. Here you will be switching from just ‘civilian’ mode, to seeing 9 Stars in motion. After a while, this becomes second nature, and you wouldn’t need ‘switch’ any longer, i.e. whatever the media shows you, will be transparently overlaid by what those 9 Stars tell you. I am, however, stressing this approach, because once having advanced into profundity, we’d not enjoy seeing you unable to yet switch back into ‘civilian’ mode. If you’re consulting Yijing on a daily basis for purpose of studies and building experience, that is one thing. It is another thing to see some adepts not assuming a new day without having consulted Yijing. It is the same difference with Feng Shui and 9 Ki. Taken too far, you may be still doing something, but it wouldn’t be Feng Shui or 9 Ki. Know how to ‘advance and retreat’ and keep your head cool.

If something strikes you, check Luoshu for it
You see a world leader walk from the stairs. You do nothing. You read about a world leader, falling down the stairs, breaking his knee. Now you know for certain there must be 9 Ki relevance there, so you’d construct Luoshu and read accordingly. Here you are selecting 9 Ki relevance in the news. It may be that broken knee you wish to check Luoshu for, or, another time it seems odd to you that this month in particular, there seem to have been a number of abductions, or mudslides, all seemingly unrelated, but with 9 Ki relevance nonetheless.

You trace the event to Luoshu
A knife involved, this will pull your attention to Star 7 Metal, a teacher is Star 2 Earth. Context will tell you which other Stars to note by same Luoshu, because you wouldn’t be clinging those 27 annual-, monthly- and daily Stars to all those 60 nouns  you found in any news item, which would be nonsensical. You will be trained soon enough to see any news item and have your attention drawn immediately to the belonging Stars. At this point you’d of course have a good sense of all those 9 Stars and Trigrams attributes, or you wouldn’t be even able to see a knife, then think ‘7 Metal’.

Note time, direction, physical object
You here dissect the news story into the belonging Stars in your Magic Square. Less is more, so if at this point you can incorporate just 2 or 3 Stars (along with their opposite Stars), that would do the job. Those few Stars are your major players and it will be sufficient to give you the person involved, the situation, the event and what had caused the event.

As it is, you’d be doing you fair share of cross-referring between those 2 or 3 Stars to keep you busy for a while. See Star x, then check the  Star(s) at the opposite Luoshu Palace, to see how it influences Star x, then read Star x once more, this time either for the same attribute, or now changing its attribute, e.g. Star x was a person at the first take, but now that you return there, it becomes an object or an organ. The better you restrict yourself to first read those initial Luoshu Stars back and forth, the more those other Stars will fall into place and reveal their story once you involve them in your reading.

As you are approaching any Luoshu, you’d always first gather a notion for ‘Luoshu trend’, which you may get from the central Star(s) and perhaps from the fact that you see a lot of Earth Stars appear by same Luoshu Palace, or at the same Luoshu axis. Next, you pick a Star for subject (can be a person, a car, a labor mine – the story will tell you), another Star for noun (a blaze, an explosion, a house), another for verb and so on, until you gathered the players to build your sentence. Once you’d follow this approach, you will gradually see progression, plot and outcome. Take notes all the time, then – if you have to and so as to dive into Luoshu by deeper layers – change function of keywords, so that subject now becomes verb or noun, or what was an organ before, now becomes a physical object, and so on. You will be gradually writing your script and all will fall in place, also those dynamics at that time not known to the journalist, or the authorities for that matter.

How are sub players doing
Now that you identified those major players at the primary stages of your reading, suppose you are gazing into a Luoshu and you’re checking it for all those ‘obvious’ Stars, like 9 Ki Stars for people involved, and in the process you’d see a specific – seemingly unrelated to the story – Star to pop up all the time, whereas initially it didn’t seem directly instrumental to the event. Let’s say this is Star 3 Wood, then you’d look up Star 3 Wood in your Magic Square to see ‘how it is doing’ on its own account, which process will give you additional information, relevant to the event. Once you have been with a certain Luoshu for a while, you’d be accustomed to reading it for certain Stars and in context with the event. Just as you may read into Luoshu layer by layer following just the same Stars, such seemingly ‘unrelated’ Star may pull your attention, inviting you into a reading that may seem separate, but taking you to see the special hand this Star may have in the event, giving you additional information, which you can then overlay your initial reading with.

Scanning the unknown
Here, after you had built the soap-opera using Wuxing Five Transformations, Luoshu direction, location, timing – in other words, those ‘hard’ players – you now let go of all that, as you’d be going into Push Hands to scan Luoshu for the ‘rest of the story’ and read it like a novel.  Since that was in your rucksack, you may here let go of Luoshu time, direction and those other ‘fixed’ notions, so that a Star may begin to tell its story. You may by this stage still be trusting on your parachute – those solid players -, don’t worry, whereas here you’d allow yourself to go into free fall, i.e. unrestrained reading. For example, and in connection with a school teacher being killed, the media may tell you a male was arrested with a knife – end of media coverage concerning the event. Now, to you, knife (and a stabbing) is Star 7 Metal, but Luoshu may tell you, yes, he used a knife, but he had contemplated on using a gun, or better still, Luoshu tells you, there ‘has to’ be a gun at the side too.  Such would have not been guessed by any media, and surely the police be reporting they’d arrested a man with a knife, case closed. Or, yes, he had been using a knife, but Luoshu indicates that he may have burried the knife before later collecting it (if, for example, you’d see Star 7 for knife end up with Star 2 for ‘submerged hollow space’, either Star 7 and Star 2 appearing by same Luoshu Palace, or at opposite directions, this is your hint). All this, because when for example in a 2 Earth Luoshu, Star 7 for knife is the subject,  we also know it  appears opposite Star 6 for gun. There must therefore be some notion concerning Star 6 associations, which could be a bunch of attributes, but context of a school killing gives you a clue. It is in particular this stage that may inspire you to have a look into missing persons cases or cold cases. Besides subject, verb, nouns, physical objects, anything else pertaining an event be embedded in Luoshu. It is only for obvious reasons that I’d refrain from publishing any those events on www, but once meeting in class I would show you an abundance of real cases where you would have been able to locate the person in a matter of minutes, while in ‘real life’ it had taken weeks or much longer to trace the person. I will be ever so glad, therefore, if this hint alone was enough to give you confidence to sit yourself in front of a Luoshu and actually do your 9 Ki Divination. As an example, concerning abductions – and comparable -, you may know that literally all details to the event will be there by Luoshu, including where the person was taken, under thread of whatever weapon, transported by car or otherwise, rope involved, a wooden shed, if perpetrator is a male or female, his or her probable 9 Ki Star and if he has a big belly or bold hair, what may have probably befallen the abductee and you could be checking this any time later after the case was resolved. That’s just a matter of 9 Ki syntax. Go figure.

Sample news story
Now, if you still need to make that switch between ‘civilian’ mode and perceiving ‘reality’ as a 9 Ki diviner, here is a piece of text that you could find in your news paper. There are basically two ways by which you can read it. You can take in news as anyone else would, or you may approach any news coverage as a trained 9 Ki eye. Let’s first see what your neighbor reads.

Singapore – A Feng Shui master consultant from Hong Kong, age 43, was hired by a local customer to help prepare renovations planned for her apartment, when he fell off the stairs and broke his knee. His female customer took him to hospital and later stated ‘he had done my Chinese horoscope a little while earlier and he had predicted that someone would fall off a chair in my house and I would have a celebration’. Meanwhile, the couple is planning to be married, offering blessings at the local temple. When asked if he could not have guessed the person falling off the chair would be himself, the Chinese astrologer said ‘yes, but if I would have prevented myself from falling off the chair, how would I have been able to get to the celebration’.

Now you’d be reading same for 9 Ki, this time, translating the relevant parts into 9 Stars.

Singapore – A Feng Shui master consultant from Hong Kong, age 43 [6 Metal], was hired by a local customer this would have shown as 7 Metal for finances to help prepare renovations planned for her apartment Star 2, when he fell off a fall comes under 1 Water a chair Star 2 as a chair is ‘a surface we rely on for safety’ and broke his knee joint is Star 1. His female Star 2 customer took him to hospital Star 2 and later stated ‘he had done my Chinese horoscope a while earlier and he had predicted that someone would fall off a chair in my house Star 2 and I would have a celebration’ celebration is Star 9, winking a bit also at Star 7 or even the 9-7 combo. Meanwhile, the couple is planning to be married, offering blessings at the local temple. When asked if he could not have guessed the person falling off the chair would be himself, the Chinese astrologer said ‘yes, but if I would have prevented myself from falling off the chair, how would I have been able to get to the celebration’.

Heluo on 9 Star Ki Luoshu trend and subjectTrend is for 1-7 to play a role of importance. This can be a young girl (Star 7) to meet a male (Star 1), it can be a rupture (Star 7) onto a joint (Star 1).

Subject is our 6 Metal Feng Shui master at the 1 Water Luoshu Palace, who’s in for some trouble, judged by opposite annual Star 5. The trouble would have to do with the also opposite Star 2, which can be a lecture, a spouse, a hospital, a female. Annual Star 2 at the 9 Fire Palace will be initiating the trouble, since it is Guest to the annual Star 5 Host there too. The man breaking his knee can be due to monthly Star 3, as Star 6 and Star 3 meet at the 1 Water Luoshu Palace, so that Star 6 controls – and can break Star 3 leg.

Then, why the celebration. Our Chinese astrologer is a 6 Metal and monthly Star 6 visits the 4 Wood Luoshu Palace (travel, art and music, documents, contract) to meet annual Star 9 for celebration. The 2-8 sitting opposite at the 6 Metal Luoshu Palace could have been a hospital, but that would naturally stem from the event of a broken knee itself, and since we may see how most of the time a malign energy can be devoting its potential only once, we’d here go for 2-8 being the spousal home.

Now, this is of course a funny story that I just made up, but you’ll get the gist.

Heluo - 9 Star Ki Luoshu Stars for new yearTrend
Again, you can pick any Star to fulfill the role of Luoshu trend, however, you’d preferably stay with the central Star for that. You could here even note how all Earth Stars appear on the Northeast-Southwest Luoshu axis.

For this 2010 annual Luoshu, annual Star 8 may be taken to decide Luoshu trend, so that you might project just anything you know about this Star. A building, the notion of ‘revolution and change’, mountain, volcano, landslide, earthquake, rioting and looting, scientific research, an 8 Earth person, a small stone path, a hand, a nose, the Spleen, relative to your context.

For example, if we’d take in monthly Star 9 for April 2010 and the trend is a building, then the 9 Fire Star could be a blaze. Or, annual Star 8 is an institutional building and we may find ‘armored vehicles’ in the street, or fully armored riot police. If Star 8 is a mountain, the 9 Fire Star could indicate a volcano outburst.

Let’s say you’d here pick annual Star 2 Earth for subject, it can be any person, object or event, and your television screen will show you which. It can be a woman, womb, hospital, an agricultural field, a labor mine. Let’s say it is a cow. Now you have both annual Star 8 Earth as your Luoshu trend and annual Star 2 Earth as cow and you want to see what is likely to happen. Or, something happened with the cow and you want to understand why. Annual Star 8 Luoshu trend suggests something to do with building, property.

Any Star can be the subject, any other Star, wherever in Luoshu, can be the object, it just so happens that you would most probably locate these Stars into opposite position. Cow appears opposite annual Star 5, which can be trouble, it can also be just a compound. The cow was moved to another barn.

Working format 9 Stars and Luo Shu analysis
Remember how in 9 Star Ki Divination and for our 9 Stars and Luoshu analysis, we’d merely ‘translate Stars into events and events into Stars’. Also remember that we will mostly proclaim one particular Star to take in the position of subject in our ‘9 Ki sentence’. By that we will have provided ourselves with an anchor, but how to then proceed? Once we know Star 7 Metal is the subject in a news event, then which of its many attributes to select and if we then see Star 7 to link to Star 8 Earth, then which of the many Star 8 attributes to choose. We will take Star 7 as an example, showing you by what simple ‘surgery’ you will be then in fact committing yourself to divination.

First of all, as always, you will have context in mind, because Star 7 can be an organ by one context, a physical object or a person in another. You will realize how any Star will by itself link to tens and tens of attributes, any of these belonging to its own realm, e.g. we could narrow down a Star to people born under such 9 Ki Star, a Yi Jing family member, organs and body parts, physical objects, a direction, a wealth of associated events. Whether looking into events before the fact or reading after the fact, it becomes art to focus on one particular Star and know what it represents as we give it the position of subject, then know how to link this single property to either one of associations of any other Star(s) involved.

We will show you by taking Star 7 as our example, relate it to Star 8 and just give a inconclusive list to keep working format simple. Now, 7A is the 7 Metal related organ, 8A the 8 Earth organ.

Heluo - 9 Star Ki Luoshu Prediction format

This way, you can make endless lists with Stars and Trigram attributes.

Now, suppose out of all possible Star 7 attributes, you selected 7D as your subject, therefore a young girl. You now anchor your reading around this young girl. Then, with Star 7 meeting Star 8, this girl may go into 8B and break her finger. You will have here effectively connected 7D and 8B. The girl (7D) may be a singer (7B)  – note the ‘jump’ within the same 7 Metal column – performing in a building (8E) or she may be visiting her older brother (8D).

Then, once satisfactorily cross-referred between Star 7 and Star 8, you’d check for:

– Stars and Palaces opposite Stars 7 and 8,  noting their influence on the event.
– Any obvious 3rd or 4th Star involved, to add their own values to the story.
Reversed Luoshu Axis, which Star involves there (see separate series here).

By this time, you wouldn’t be needing to walk by anyone’s hand, as Luoshu itself will give you how to proceed. It is that simple.

Whatever you do on account of 9 Star Divination, it will come down to this format,  while just knowing your odd 9 Stars and Trigram attributes, then able to trace Luoshu trend, your subject, then see how subject links to either one of attributes of the other Star(s) involved, while at all times probability and context in mind.

Besides noting one Star for one attribute, another Star for another property, then move on with your reading by checking yet another Star, you can also read back and forth between two Stars, each time selecting a different attribute. Staying with our 7-8 example and at the first take, Star 7 can be a young girl, then Star 8 may be a building. At the second take, Star 7 may become an object, Star 8 meanwhile a person. This is how you’d ‘read the Stars and build the story’, whereas it might be not commendable to repeat such cross-referring more than a couple of times.

This approach will keep you from seeing ‘accident’ each time you locate Star 5 Yellow. Try give out a single attribute to a certain Star only once, then, as you later return to same Star, read it for something else. This is where you will start reading Luoshu by layers. The exception may be if you read Luoshu for a certain person. Then, Star 7 by its first take can be the young woman, while after returning to Star 7, it can be that person once more. However, if you’d do this for 7 Metal knife, try stay with ‘Star 7 is knife’ a second round at the most, then move on to read Star 7 for some other characteristic. You’d be amazed – stunned would be the right word – by what Luoshu will  keep in store for you.

If person under scrutiny is represented by Star 7, you’d basically have two possibilities in reading Luoshu for the person. If you’re in front of a complete annual-, monthly- and daily Luoshu, that’s Star 7 to appear three times by same Luoshu. You may at the first take read Star 7 for the person with Star 7 at x Luoshu Palace, then as you return to same Palace, you’d continue to read same Star 7 for the person. Or, if that was annual Star 7, you may now sidestep and read monthly Star 7 for that person.

Heluo - 9 Star Ki news evens predictionsIf Star 6 is subject and it meets up with Star 1 for a Luoshu, you could be looking at a 6 Metal person suffering from Kidney problems, by this you’d be taking Star 6 as representing a person, Star 1 as an organ.

By working format proposed here you could have just as well linked Star 6 to a vehicle, Star 1 to water or a ditch and be then looking at this image in the news paper. In fact, if now Star 1 is subject and a ditch, many more Star attributes than just our Star 6 here will be ending up in ditches, waters, ravines, depths.

Now that you saw how in order to ‘translate Stars into events and events into Stars’ , it is actually just a matter of giving out assignments and grammatical function to Stars and Luoshu Palaces, what you’d be doing is simply taking any news item or photograph and reduce any detail you see there to its belonging Star. Well, let’s do that next time.

First, later today, why don’t you take me up on all this and make sure to draw Luoshu for current year and month and sit yourself in front of your television news to see if at all what I am telling you here works for you. And let me know how you’re doing.

I hope you are enjoying this series and see you next time.

To be continued…

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