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Noordin Mohamad Top shoot-out
17 September 2009 / Reuters

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Jakarta – Indonesia’s most wanted terror suspect, Noordin Mohammad Top, was killed in a police shoot-out. Top was considered the mastermind of the bomb attacks on two luxury hotels in Jakarta in July 2009, as well as other attacks in Bali and in Jakarta.

Heluo 9 Star Ki news events - Noording Mohamad Top shoot-out

Top (born 11 August 1968 at 9 Ki Stars 5.5.5) occupies the 1 Water Luo Shu Palace in the magic square for the 9 Fire year of 2009. We know that we will always read 5 Earth people on their own account, but Star 5 does not occupy any Trigram (Gua), thereby no gender and no direction. By 9 Ki standards and so as for Star 5 males to adopt gender, they receive the 2 Earth Trigram Kun Earth (5 Earth females assume 8 Earth Trigram Gen Mountain). This positions Top on the 2009 Reversed Luo Shu Axis on the Luoshu East-West, opposite annual Star 7 Metal (read Heluo’s extended series on Reversed Luo Shu Axis further down this blog).

If we move back to annual Star 5 Yellow at the 1 Water Luo Shu Palace, we see monthly Star 3 Wood for uniformed personnel (police) comes to visit Star 5, with opposite month Star 2, which could be indication for Top at the time staying in a small house, or a rural area, having moved away from spouse and homestead. Involving the 2009 Reversed Luo Shu Axis in the East-West Luo Shu directions, both native’s Star 5 and his adopted Star 2 arrive there. Star 7 Metal is furthermore demolished house.

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