How to do 9 Star Ki divination and Chinese astrology predictions on personal life progression and news events for beginners with Heluo – Can Tho bridge collapse in Vietnam

Heluo 9 Star Ki events - Can Tho bridge collapseSuspension bridge collapse in Vietnam
26 September 2009

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Can Tho – Dozens of workers killed after a sudden collapse of a suspension bridge under construction crossing the Hau River. The cause is believed to be an explosion.

The 30m-heigh scaffolding system which was supporting the above girder was weak and collapsed, causing the concrete to fall.

9 Ki relevance for this news event may once more be at the Reversed Luo Shu Axis occuring into East-West directions in the annual Luoshu for 2009. Note annual Star Earth 2 in the 7 Metal Palace for wall or a ‘surface or platform we rely on for safety’. Also note annual Star 7 Metal to its opposite for ‘demolished building’ and metal constructions. The work had been ok, until monthly Star 5 visits annual Star 7. We can once more see the special relationship between opposite Stars and Luoshu Palaces. We see monthly Star 9 Fire visit annual Star 2. 9 Fire supports 2 Earth wall, but it controls Star 7 metal construction. We may see something to support the wall of concrete, but it is weak. Trigram Li for 9 Fire is strong on the outside, weak on the inside.

We may then refer to the North-South Luoshu axis. It gives annual Star 5 Earth in the 1 Water Luoshu Palace. Star 5 may denote ‘construction related’ objects or events, here of course a construction related to water, which can be a tunnel, a platform in water, a bridge. It gets company of montly Star 3, which can pierce a wall as it appears opposite monthly Star 2.

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