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Heluo 9 Star Ki News and Events - Julio Poch arrestedFormer navy pilot Julio Poch arrested 22 September 2009

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Valencia – Following criminal investigation by Dutch authorities in 2008, former Argentine navy lt. Julio A. Poch was arrested on allegations of having aided in the ‘dead flights’ at the time of the military Junta.

He was about to take off on his last Amsterdam-bound flight before retirement, when he was arrested in Valencia, Spain.

Poch had been investigated into by Argentine Federal Judge Sergio Torres for a full year, whom had visited the Netherlands in December 2008 to gather testimony from Poch’s colleagues at Transavia airline, a subsidiary of Air France-KLM, in front of whom he had allegedly bragged about his involvements as a pilot in the dead flights, justifying the act of throwing drugged prisoners out of aircraft in flight into the Atlantic.

We will first review the annual Luoshu for the criminal investigation in 2008, after which we will incorporate the 2009 Luoshu.

2008 was a 1 Water year, producing the Reversed Luo Shu Axis into East-West directions, with Star 3 Wood appearing opposite its original Luoshu Palace.

Heluo 9 Star Ki News Events - Julio Poch criminal investigationMr. Poch was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, on 20 February 1952, making him a 9 Ki 3.5.3.

The 2008 Reversed Luo Shu Axis has his first Star 3 Wood appear opposite its original Luoshu Palace, taking position opposite annual Star 8 ‘reaping opposite result from what one had set out to achieve’.

His second Star 5 resides in the 9 Fire Luoshu Palace for the year 2008. The 9 Fire Palace is otherwise known for its capacity to bring about ‘old patterns’ (excavations) and for ‘exposure’, which may lead to scandal.

Heluo 9 Stars News Events - Julio Poch arrested2009 is a 9 Fire year, September is a 7 Metal month, giving the 9 Ki map around the time of his arrest.

Both Mr. Poch’s Stars appear in the 1 Water Luoshu Palace, opposite annual Star 4 for airplane.

His first Star 3 Wood is in the 8 Earth Palace for 2009, here visited by monthly Star 1 for ‘loss’, once more opposite month Star 4.

Note how his second Star 5 Earth reaches annual Star 7 Metal at the Reversed Luoshu Axis.

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It is important to note that mr. Poch has not been convicted and ‘innocent until proven guilty’ applies. His wife, mrs. Grethe Poch – whom appeared with her husband’s Dutch lawyer mr. Gerard Spong  on the late night talk show Pauw & Witteman – explained that her husband at the time of the arrest thought ‘it was a joke’ and how, at the time, he had not been able to fly any type of airplane outside navy jets, which would have allowed room for two pilots at the most. She also says she and her husband hardly lived anywhere Buenos Aires.

Significant dates:

  • Leaves National school in 1968. Poch attends military school in 1969-1972. Julio and Grethe Poch marry in 1975. Dutch police retrieve documentation in his house that he had served as a  navy pilot 1974-1980. The accusation is over the deaths of 1,000 people, thrown from aircraft between 1977 and 1980. Mr. Poch voluntarily resigns from the navy in 1980. Summoned by the navy to participate in the war of the Falklands in 1982. Mr Poch fled Argentina and went to live in the Netherlands with his family in 1988 where he became a citizen and becomes a civil pilot. In 2005, Argentina’s Supreme Court cancels amnesty laws which had shielded alleged human rights abusers from prosecution. Mid 2008, a Dutch public prosecutor and two investigators moved to Argentina to deepen the investigation and formally notified judge Torres, who shortly after traveled to Europe to listen in person the witnesses.
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