Feng Shui class and consultations – where is the central space in Luoshu to host 9 Stars

There is no such thing as a space reserved at the
center of Luoshu to accommodate anything

Feng Shui central Palace in Luoshu for Flying Stars and 9 Star KiA nice challenge for any of us involved in 9 Stars and Luoshu: we’d have eight 45 degrees directions to accommodate 9 Stars, or equally, 8 Trigrams.

Never mind if you had ever offered a consultation in Xuan Kong Flying Star Feng Shui 玄空飛星風水, or if you had a Feng Shui consultant to visit your house: the notion of ‘center of the house’ would have undoubtedly come up at any point, sooner or later.

Just so that you know where I’d be taking this:

There’s no central space in Luoshu to accommodate any of 9 Stars. In fact, any implied central area in Luoshu is just notional, then not to represent m2 of floor space for your floor plan.

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There will be not the space reserved at the center of Luoshu to physically accommodate central Stars, not in Flying Star Feng Shui, not in our forecasting personal and news events through 9 Star Ki Divination.

In the mean time, however, so wide spread and commonplace the notion of a Luoshu central Palace (or Heaven’s Heart in Flying Star Feng Shui), that it would be hard to still convince even those more than willing to ‘get’ it.

We’ve been accustomed to ‘central Palace’ at least perhaps since the global popularization of Black Hat Feng Shui, which put an enormous emphasize – and sovereignty – on the central part of your floor plan, and nothing we can do about it.

So, in order to at all tackle the topic by any definite means, we could do with that one decisively convincing argument (and it’s easy to see).

Well yes, since 9 Stars associate with Eight Trigrams, and while Eight Trigrams neatly fit along 8 x 45 degrees directions, if we were to equally distribute 9 Stars along 8 directions, that would soon seem as ‘one Star too many’.

As each one of 8 Trigrams had been duly given its appointed direction, territory if you will, you may then see teachings to continue in saying “the center receives no Trigram”, whereas both ‘center’ and a ‘Trigram’ to go there, will be redundant. All Trigrams had been given out already, so there are no more Trigrams. So, there will be not the center space for what’s not there.

The whole point being, geometric center and energetic center are not synonymous. Trigrams are energetic emblems, there is nothing ‘geometric’ about them.

If then there is no center space – and if for this reason alone we’d be not taking any Trigram ‘there’ -, why then commit an act of territorialization and still reserve space – that would be remarkably absent anyway – to squeeze in one of 9 Stars?

Said differently, tell anyone he’d have 9 Stars to give out to just only eight directions, and soon he’d not know where to go with the left-over Star.

The key issue here is, rather than to ask “where did this 9th Star come from?”, he’d be asking “where should this 9th Star go?”. So as to still have the remaining Star go places, someone thought to reserve a space in the Magic Square, so that Luoshu was made to accommodate 9 Stars, however, still yet along eight directions.

But, Luoshu is Magic Square in nothing, Magic Square is Luoshu in nothing.

Luoshu Magic Square Compass dialOk, it means, we’ll have to thus solve, ‘where’ exactly in Luoshu is the ‘central’ space, reserved to accommodate Flying Stars.

Which would produce conflict, now that, to begin with, Luoshu is no more than a square depiction of an otherwise 360 degrees compass circumference.

There’s actually just our 360 degrees compass circumference, so that one (Luoshu) is just to mimic the other (compass dial).

The rest, as you will see, is cartography and would bear no further relation with how we’d imagine energy to distribute.

Compass 360 degreesIf in Flying Star Feng Shui and 9 Star Ki, image here was to just offer a Bird’s Eye view over our planet’s surface, where would be the reserved ‘central area’ here and how many m2 of surface would it count, once you were to overlay your floor plan with this image? Then, equally, if Luoshu is a double for our compass circumference, where is the central space?

I know, not convincing just yet, but that’s also because we’re not done. We’ve been just merely warming up to position the subject.

Luoshu is merely a depiction of 360 degrees of compass. Both the image on the left, as the image on the right are to just propose a Birds’ Eye view over our planet, rendering mere directions. We can superimpose either image to ‘capture’ any confined space, be that a continent, a country, a city, a bedroom, or a lamp post.

If then for image on the left we can agree, that there would be a designated geometric center, then not any specified energetic center, then equally – as one is just a ‘double’ for the other -, there can be only geometric center for the image to the right. Actually, given context, there’d be geometric center for both these styles of cartography, then not any particular space we could say that energy would typically move or gather.

In our still tracing ‘central space’, we can divide the compass circumference into 2 x 180 degrees, to see if at least now, we’d have a reserved ‘central area’, as in energetic center.

Once we had committed such division, nothing did actually change, as, what was once our geometric center, is still our geometric center and no identifiable energetic center. In fact, even if the image on the right was to show two bedrooms, we’d now have three geometric centers, one for the entire space, one geometric center for either room, but in neither case an energetic center.

What’s not there, cannot accommodate anything.

Compass 180 degrees square

Where geometric center goes for any confined surface, we know. Where energy travels to eventually form or gather at an energetic center, will be anyone’s guess and depends on a number of at this time unknown factors, those factors defined by circumstance, not circumference. So, not energetic center, not the defined central space at this take. Perhaps with next take?

Would we then at least have a central area, after once more we divided the 360 degrees of compass, this time into 4 x 90 degrees sectors? We’d have merely altered the cartography.

Compass 90 degrees square

Consequently then, either one here to no more than just denote 8 x 45 degrees of compass. In the whole discussion, then also, why should we project an at all notion of 90 degrees on A, then on B, where we know that B equals A to denote 45 degrees? B is to equally denote 45 degrees, we’re just not showing.

Compass 45 degrees Luoshu magic square

If we just take one line to represent the other lines as if it were a pair of stilts, no wonder we’d end up with a ‘center’.

Luopan and Luoshu stiltwalking

The message conveyed by Luoshu cartography
As we like to play with electromagnetic forces and gravity, we may try and capture its structure and characteristics in 9 Stars. We envision how 9 Stars distribute along our planet and we need a confined space to give us a notion of directions.

Thinking along the line of domain, platform, then context, then behavior, we so much as chose to first select the 360 degrees compass circumference, then – as it is a neat format to quickly sketch an image – we found Luoshu.

Only odd numbered Magic Squares produce a central unit. Luoshu is energetic, it is directional, it does not produce a central space, it’s not a Magic Square as such.

If we use the Magic Square of Three for just the 1-9 range mathematically so, we can reserve a center space and all 9 numbers (as in arithmetics) may just as well fit. If Luoshu employed to ‘make soup’ of energies (as in 9 Stars), however, what were initially numbers, now become Stars, which is same difference between quantity and quality, so we’ll be no longer dealing with the numeric 1-9 range.

Heluo on Chinese compass and Luoshu central Stars

This then also should solve if in Xuan Kong Flying Star Feng Shui – and for those placements requiring utmost accuracy – we’d be using the square grid, or the ‘pie’ shape.

Where then to take the 9th Star?
Then again, besides I hope that this was convincing to any degree, if we have eight 45 degrees directions, but 9 Stars, how to ‘locate’ the 9th energy?

We may solve that, but not by asking, where does the 9th energy go, but rather, where did such ‘9th‘ energy come from.

9 Stars bode electromagnetic force.

Heaven Qi timely Star for Feng Shui and 9 Star Ki9 Stars are Heaven Qi. Here, we visualize for Heaven Qi to be descending. Again, the currently most timely Star descends from Heaven, as then it assigns duty to the other Stars in their prefectures, the eight directions. Any then momentary timely Star (be that the 20-year Period Star in Flying Star Feng Shui or the from 9 Star Ki derived annual Star) to splash down here on earth, then assigns directions (thereby duty) to the remaining Stars.

To begin with – and notwithstanding the square boxes or any other demarcation lines or cartography that one could come up with for Luoshu -, even just seeing Luoshu should always have you remind the compass circumference, with directional magnetic energies to move outside-in to any reference point. This way, you would keep to a Bird’s Eye view to imagine environmental energies.

Same difference with those ‘central Stars’ in the Flying Star chart or the annual Star in 9 Ki. The x-y-z that we would then see at Heaven’s Heart, will be exactly the Stars we would not locate into any direction in the respective Time Star chart, Mountain Dragon chart or Water Dragon chart.

It means, there is no Body (Ti) and Application (Yong) to these Stars at the central Luoshu Palace.

Heluo on energetic center in Feng Shui and 9 Star KiStill, if asked an audience of 100, which letter of the alphabet in this image is strongest, most influential, many would point to the central E, whereas, if this is one of 9 Stars, it is exactly this Star that wouldn’t appear anywhere into the 45 degrees directions, so if at all we would wish to elect the ‘most vulnerable’ Star, it would be the central Star, as it would have its attributes most influenced by the environment, the surrounding Stars.

We can scale a confined physical space, then not can we scale the path of energy. Energy is his ‘own man’, in that, it can gather just about anywhere conditions tell it to.

Consequences for your Feng Shui or 9 Star Ki practice

  • If you see reason to ‘work on’ those central Stars to appear in Heaven’s Heart of your Flying Star chart, you’d trace those Stars to their origin, the Sitting Palace and the Facing Palace and manipulate Stars there.
  • The Sitting Star at the Sitting side and the Facing Star at the Facing side, answer to and rely on environmental features, so you make sure those are appropriate and in accord with the Xuan Kong ‘Mountain and Water’ principles at any given time.
  • You may take any adjustment to the geometric center of your house, so that you may work with colors, statues, whatever Feng Shui tips anyone could give you, for as long as you understand that you’re doing something to a geometric center, then not the energy of the Sitting Star and Facing Star.
  • You may still read ‘soul’ of the house and other indications to come from those central Stars, because it is exactly these Stars that you will not locate into the directions and will be vulnerable to events.
  • If there was m2 of floor space around the geometric center to define energetic center, we could build walls around it to create a room, and we’d no longer have Imprisoned Star charts in Xuan Kong Fei Xing Feng Shui.
  • Equally, in 9 Star Ki Divination, the annual- or monthly Star will never appear from any direction.
  • In fact, Flying Star Feng Shui and 9 Star Ki are perfectly unrelated systems, either one autonomous, and we’d have seen a notable difference between those Fei Xing practitioners having enjoyed formal 9 Ki training and those who’d have only studied Feng Shui, scratching on annual- and monthly Stars during a Feng Shui training just barely so.
  • From 9 Ki derived Stars are not called ‘Flying Stars’, as also 9 Ki does not answer to San Yuan Jiu Yun principles of timeliness and untimeliness, as from 9 Ki derived annual- and monthly Stars are always Heaven Qi, mobile, pure and indivisible, therefore always timely.
  • For this reason, from 9 Ki derived annual Star 2 and annual Star 5 cannot be taken along same measures of (in)auspiciousness as any Star 2 or Star 5 to appear in the Flying Star chart and should be taken for just their Trigram attributes (Shuo Gua Zhuan) where you will otherwise find no indication for either sickness or disaster.
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