Feng Shui And Dutch Coalition Talks: Bound To Fail A Second Time?

And… can we overcome the ‘Interrogation Position’?

Dutch coalition talks fail Feng Shui Power position Heluo Hill

Rule #1 in Feng Shui: don’t sit in line with a door.

Rule #1 in Feng Shui: don’t sit in line with an open door.

Rule #1 in Feng Shui: don’t sit with your back towards a door.

After talks lead by coalition negotiator Edith Schippers had reached a deadlock last week, talks will resume under new coalition negotiator Herman Tjeenk Willink.

It’s still from just a Form School Feng Shui observation only, and I don’t want to take everything to account of good or wrong Feng Shui.

But every talk has been done from a wrong configuration from the outset.

This one seems a dead give away, and I’ll bet that we’ll be on to another failed attempt, if not something happens on the ‘Feng Shui’ side.

Intruders not the point
The rule ‘not sit with your back towards a door’ will be quite massively brought to account of one’s vulnerability in light of intruders.

However, this might have seemed solid advise ‘way back when’, when still there wouldn’t have been any glass windows, and robbers could just bud in stealthily while slitting paper partitions.

It has nothing to do with intruders, as rather – paper partitions or rock solid walls -, it is physiological.

Yet, with a gun to my head I’d say that, out of all rules provided by Feng Shui, this ‘door’ rule might be one of most decisive.

Even if perhaps it would have you sit on a slightly less auspicious Star in your Flying Star chart, you would probably still move from out of the line with a door.

Or, with other options there, you wouldn’t go and sit on a fortunate Star if only this meant that you would position yourself in line with a door, certainly not an open door, least of all with your back towards an open door.

Turn any situation in your favor in 2 seconds
During our Flying Star Feng Shui study, we handle why it is inadvisable to sit with your back towards a door, or why not to position yourself such, that it leaves a wide open space to your rear side.

But much more importantly, I’ll explain (as once it was shown to me by an esoteric master while still in my martial arts time), how to position yourself in any space and in front of anyone – should the occasion arise -, during any negotiation or ‘tough talk’, so that you’ll come out a winner.

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This is applicable the more in such ‘catch 22’ settings as where you couldn’t afford to ‘lose’, but that everyone is expecting that you would pull on the shortest end, more so:

  • If anyone were to position you in the so-called ‘interrogation position’.
  • If the situation forces you to sit in line with the door.
  • If the situation allows the ‘opponent’ the advantageous position.

I have tested this method a few times in the last 3 decades, actually while in bound-to-lose situations, and I came out a winner each time, even in front of the tax officer, or a governmental official.

Each time everything was settled in my favor in a matter of minutes.

The ‘tax officer’ bit had failed for 7 years on row, because each time any exchange had happened through just letter or telephone. It was a never-ending story, as just I couldn’t get something through his head, so I arranged for a meeting, because I had to be in the same space.

As I walked into his office, indeed, I would have been in the interrogation position, in line with the door and with my back towards the door. I believe that, because I was now able to ‘change’ that situation physically (or energetically for that matter), everything was settled almost right away.

Actually, we don’t need a door in this story at all, as just you could be walking outside with someone, then still you could employ.

If you look after Qi well, Qi will look after you well.

I used to work at the Sales department of a 5* hotel in Amsterdam, when I employed the same approach (plus some body language and other subtleties), and I negotiated Euro 15.000,00 worth with a company, where my General Manager would have settled for Euro 3.000,00, and everybody happy (the company that had to let go of this amount merriest of all).

Hearsay has it, that coalition talks in The Netherlands will resume elsewhere next week – no longer on the Binnenhof -, so can only hope it’ll be less windy then…

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