Distance Learning with Heluo (direct student-teacher interaction)

Claim your 20th anniversary discount of Euro 200,00 until 30 April 2017,
for 4-day master classes and distance learning.

Internationally acclaimed study program Professional Destiny Consultant since 1997 to offer
4-day master classes | distance learning

Email: heluo@xs4all.nl | Telephone: +31 23 5333375(GMT+1) | Skype: heluo.hill

Distance Learning with Heluo Hill
– On your request, we will email you our much more detailed prospectus in pdf –

All studies advanced, complete and done in one gathering; you don’t return to class for endless modules.

(Scroll to see how we distinctly tackle decoys so widely employed in Oriental metaphysics)

9 Star Ki Divination 九宮占卜
Forecast personal life progression and news events.
Class manual 590 pages

Four Pillars of Destiny Bazi 八字算命
Fate calculation to reach far beyond common Xu Ziping style.
Class manual 650 pages

Flying Star Feng Shui 玄空風水飛星派
The hidden agenda of your house.
Class manual 730 pages

Nine Star Ki Astrology 九星命理
Character, temperament, Kanagi Guruma, calculation formula day Ki Stars.
Class manual 480 pages

(Here is sample lesson on the subject of 5 Yellow Focus of Attention – excerpt)

Request to be sent detailed prospectus with much more elaborate explanation, training fee.Heluo Hill distance learning Flying Star Feng Shui, Four Pillars of Destiny, 9 Star Ki

|    D I S T A N C E    L E A R N I N G    T R A I N I N G    |
Meet the ancient scholars as you step into direct student-teacher interaction

One-on-one Distance Learning Training
Totaling 18 weeks, study period reserved in your name.
This is your full fledged private training.
You may start your one-on-one training at any time (contact Heluo)

Study in your own time and wherever you are!
(Asynchronous: you study offline, no login times)
No distance learning path with us ever the same: this intensive study format revolves around your personal questions, while our distance learning does not require that you are online at any time. Unlimited access to the training materials (no ‘log in’ or just a limited period of time, but after which you could no longer access the studies).

Static and dynamic content – profound and exhilarating training
Following 10 weeks of preliminary studies of the printed workbook in topic of study (delivered on your doorstep), we engage in 2 months of effective student-teacher interaction on the basis of your ever growing homework file to go back and forth repeatedly.

Once with your distance learning in full progress, we develop additional training materials for you – written on your person and to meet your personal and professional situation, your questions -, while you’ll receive supplementary ‘for your eyes only’ Specialization Files around highly advanced topics, to help set you apart from others in the field.

All our studies direct student-teacher interaction
Studies comprehensive and customized to meet your training needs.

Highest attainable level of confidentiality

Certificate of completion
Each distance learning training earns a certificate of completion, no tests.

We only teach complete classes in one gathering, we don’t teach in modules
Our carefully thought out study plan never requires that you return to class for successive modules, only so that you would endlessly collect the curriculum in any single topic of study bit by bit. A competent teacher will work from the departure point that you are entitled to advanced knowledge immediately at the start of his training.
We never distinguish between ‘beginner-intermediate-advanced’.

Be your own diviner – stop to entrust your fate in the hands of others

Complete and thoroughgoing training, along many facets
Prior knowledge is not really a requirement, but if you had gone through ongoing training – perhaps even your professional practice in full swing -, you will be overjoyed now that you came on this training. Your practice will not be the same.

  • Groundwork: upon receipt of your printed workbook, you may devote 10 weeks to preliminary studies of the subject matter, while you collect any questions that you may have for Heluo. You may submit your questions just prior to start of the 8 weeks active exchange period and again each time in between homework files.
  • Dynamic training: 8 weeks of intensive training on the basis of direct student-teacher interaction with Heluo. During this time, an ever growing homework file will go back and forth repeatedly, until this homework file alone amounts to a handbook in its own right (if quantity matters: scroll to see volume of our printed class manuals, then volume of some of the distance learning studies that we had completed for our private students).
  • Specialization files: in addition to your base homework file, you will be provided supplementary expert materials, which contain topics that we would better not publish about ‘in public’, but of undeniable importance for your skill. Even these vitally important files alone would more than justify your participation.
  • Skype (optional): usually, as your training comes to completion – or at any time earlier as so desired -, we will meet one-on-one in Skype, which is our opportunity to meet ‘real time’ and to yet exchange on topics more directly.

As we can be only yet taking advantage of a setting where just we are among ourselves, you may note the difference between personal and personalized.

You will learn unrestrained, fully enjoying ‘momentum’  in true learning, where we may not evade to discuss touchy subjects either.

  • Personalized teaching: 8 weeks of training to adapt to your personal and professional situation, your specific training needs.
  • Fully tailored: direct exchange with Heluo ensures full adaptation to your personal and professional situation. You ask questions, we answer quite extensively, we raise topics, we send you specialization (‘for your eyes only’) files.
  • Fits in with your professional practice: you will be able to seamlessly incorporate the teaching in your existing practice (Feng Shui, astrologer, Acupuncture, therapist, health care provider, energy work, martial arts).
  • Highest attainable level of confidentiality: your participation will not be disclosed. If you study in a group, you will communicate directly with Heluo.

Everything as just had we gathered around a table – ‘for your eyes only’:
We can be minding teaching only, which is why we don’t sell any products, or commit to marketing or sales. We don’t care about these things. You want to learn Oriental metaphysics as it was intended by the ancient scholars, who had been astronomers, mathematicians and physicists. Not only can we do without myth, folklore, ‘anything goes’ or ‘anyone’s guess’, there are not secrets. In fact, we have a saying in the Netherlands that pretty much defines our blood ‘n’ bones: “If just you acted normal, that will be strange enough..”, as also, the Dutch won’t be applauding for air.

Have you ever stumbled upon confusing matters or over contradictory teachings? This is the right platform, as we are used to taking on controversial subjects in the field all the time, not dodging inflammable topics such as those red herrings (smoke screens) so widely employed ‘out there’.

  • Vis à vis: that’s plain English for saying ‘face-to-face’. We will be at no real distance here, as we will proceed exactly as just had we gathered around a table.
  • Your questions: study will progress as you ask away or raise topics. I may come back with 3 pages of clarification, or 11 pages of explanation. I teach distance learning the entire day. Everything thoroughly formulated and leaving no question marks.
  • Direct interaction for a reason: know that, besides ensuring that you’ll be well trained and highly competitive in ‘conventional materials’, our training is to distinctly and explicitly side-step by letting you process materials otherwise not available anywhere else. This is to ensure your autonomy, competitiveness and to help set you apart from others in the field.
  • Expert level: it is essential for us to know that, as our student, you’ll be able to take on any – if need be taxing – debate with no matter which acclaimed master in the field.

Heluo Hill - teachers, professional consultants and Chineese masters

HOW TO ENROLL (one-on-one or group in distance learning)
Of course, in the run-up to your enrollment, do not hesitate to email Heluo with any of your queries.

Enroll: one-on-one distance learning private training
Once ready to enroll, send email:

  • Use ‘enroll’ in your email or in the subject line
  • Mention topic of study and your training history
  • Your name (and certificate name if applicable)
  • Complete address (shipping of printed class manual)
  • Date of birth (incl. time and city of birth)
  • Telephone number and Skype name (optional)

Enroll: group distance learning

  • Check above to see if your selected topic of study is being scheduled at this time (that not being the case, scroll to see how to have your name added to the relevant pre-registration list).

If your favorite study is currently not being scheduled for, while it is your intention to enroll for a later study, you can request to have your name added to the relevant list for pre-registration.

While group training for distance learning may be also periodically scheduled on our own initiative at greater intervals, these will be usually organized on request and with sufficient registrars to form a group of 3-6 students.

Pending the launch of a new group, you may announce your participation. We will contact you as soon as a new group emerges (3-6 students).

Send email to pre-register:

  • Use ‘pre-register’ in your email or in the subject line
  • Subject of study for which you would like to be called.
  • Your name and date of birth (incl. time and city)
  • Skype name (optional)

If it seems outlandish to you…, then it is outlandish.

Metaphysics or just physics
The ancient scholars no fools or backward folk, they had been your finest astronomers, mathematicians and physicists.

Heluo Hill physics versus metaphysicsYet, as students arrive in class, most report for having had a hard time yet deciding which school or teacher to at all still turn to for (sustained) learning.

Students mention how previous studies had yielded unfinished class notes, and we get to hear stories about their teachers’ speculation and outlandish claims, or how students had been directed to ‘next’ class each time only so as in order to ‘hear the rest’ or to learn yet ‘new secrets’.

Most practitioners whom we meet in class, tell us they are totally done with contradictory explanations, ‘anyone’s guess’ or ‘anything goes’ type of approaches.

I would think that ultimately, it is up to everyone how to treat the art, ancient scholar, one’s students and clients.

(How long) have you been – unknowingly – employing from smoke screens?
You will only like how one of most distinct dynamics – certainly red thread – in how we approach the systems under scrutiny, is in showing you how to recognize, debunk – then further denounce -, the many red herrings (smoke screens) so widely employed in metaphysics, notably in Flying Star Feng Shui.

AbacusThen, how we lay bare the true face (the actual purpose) of Hetu Yellow River Map, Tai Ji, the astronomical cradle of Wuxing Five Elements, the unnerving reality underlying the Chinese Ming Gua system and many such squeezed out conventions.

In a perfect world, those red herrings would be ‘all obvious’ and ‘in plain sight’ for just everyone to see, while then such decoys would preferably come to concern of those more insignificant techniques that we ‘could have done without to begin with’.

In an even more perfect world, to be unknowingly employing red herrings would be not only all harmless, but as advanced students tell me once interviewed on the matter “I had suspected certain decoys here and there, but I was presuming that others – then not I – would have failed to notice those misfits”.

In the real world, our students with a long training history or even their professional practice in full swing, tell us how disconcerted they are upon finally hearing the many decoys that they had been unknowingly employing for a decade or longer, if only now that they realize how many students and clients they had informed accordingly in their time as a teacher or consultant.

We therefore not just handle those decoys that would be otherwise perhaps ‘harmless’, but we’ll specifically show you in class – and we explain unequivocally and convincingly – how to detect those decoys stealthily there, but implemented in metaphysics on purpose to come to your detriment.

We couldn’t afford to be working from red herrings
Until it may be a bit unnerving, but most smoke screens in Chinese metaphysics would be stealthily there in exactly the ‘most trusted’ and ‘least to come under suspicion’ approaches, including decoys we’d find embedded in those basic tools and primary techniques (see next image).

As we all practice in good faith – for ourselves, our loved ones or in name of students and clients -, rather not would we want to be still unknowingly transmitting those decoys.

How we handle certain topics – synopsis

Heluo Hill - Distance Learning Four Pillars of Destiny and 9 Ki Divination

Finally, for the attentive reader, overview on some random distance learning paths we did
As if quantity matters, but I like to first mention MB, number of pages, words, lines and paragraphs of our class manuals, then values on some randomly picked completed training paths (homework files) that we were able to do for our individual students.

Heluo Hill - distance learning and group training - study materials and class manuals


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