9 Star Ki Divination – Group Distance Learning with Heluo

(Please note that this group distance learning is the last one to fall
within the € 200,00 20th anniversary discount that we offer in 2017.

9 Stars and Luoshu - Flying Star Feng Shui - Four Pillars of Destiny study Heluo HillGroup Distance Learning with Heluo Hill
In 2 parts: totaling 18 weeks of extensive learning (offline)

9 Star Ki Divination
Learn the complete art to systematically forecast real (news) events and your personal do's & don'ts 
by the hand of 9 Stars and Luoshu for any time, past-present-future.

Email: heluo@xs4all.nl | Skype: heluo.hill

9 Star Ki Divination Distance Learning Group Training Heluo Hill

 Learn how to forecast for personal life progression and real (news) events by the hand of 9 Stars and Luoshu.

Unmatched training: get to the core of any annual- and monthly Luoshu, past-present-future.

 Learn advanced 9 Ki Divination in one gathering, no modulesno delay, and hear 'for your eyes only' private student materials.

Direct student-teacher interaction, questions-answers based training in 2 parts, totaling 18 weeks.

Read on about this advanced training, and how it will take you to perform professionally, if you work with students or clients (strongly recommended, if you have a training history in Flying Star Feng Shui, Yi Jing divination, Acupuncture, medicine).

 Intensive study with limited admittance
Given intensity of this interactive study, where we will mind each students’ questions and contributions to build our group homework file, participation limits to 6 students.

9 Star Ki and Luoshu annual predictions 2017 - Heluo HillHere's how to do 9 Stars prediction and to relate real news events to Luo Shu and 8 Trigrams!

lampjeBe sure to also read detailed description on distance learning training.
Table of Contents 9 Star Ki Divination workbook

Certificate of Completion

Heluo Hill Certificate of Completion 9 Star Ki Divination

All our studies come with a Certificate of Completion.
As you may seamlessly add 9 Ki Divination to your existing curriculum, you’ll
be able to offer personal month-by-month 9 Ki Divination for your clients.

Direct student-teacher interaction
This intensive study adapts to your personal and professional situation, your questions, aimed at your full autonomy over the art and your competitiveness in the field of Chinese metaphysics.

Highest attainable level of confidentiality
You communicate directly with Heluo through a personal file. Your participation will not be disclosed, your questions and contributions will be anonymized for the group homework file.

Study offline, wherever you are
No log-in times (a-synchronous), as you will study in the quiet of your home. Bring your printed workbook and online group homework file with you, wherever you go. All materials remain your possession after completion of this study.

Training in 2 parts, totaling 18 weeks.

Heluo Hill Distance Learning Group Training - Outline of Study
Part One
Receive massive printed workbook of 590 pages on your doorstep.
Step into 10 weeks of preliminary studies of your printed workbook.
During this time, amass questions, bring up matters for discussion, then send
those in to Heluo in your personal file just prior to start of Part Two.

Part Two
8 weeks of extensive studies through group homework file.
Evergrowing group homework file to go back and forth repeatedly.
You may file new questions each time in between homework files.
Besides students’ questions addressed, you will be sent supplementary materials,
which will be private student materials  and pretty much ‘for your eyes only’.
Now that we are among ourselves, we will be able to share materials that usually
we feel inhibited to just publish ‘out there’, but imperative for your practice.

Flowchart group distance learning
Your direct student-teacher communication as you participate in a group training

Heluo Hill - group training 9 Star Ki and Four Pillars of Destiny
HIGHLIGHTS (synopsis)

Not your everyday training, your perception and practice will not be the same. We'll give a round up.

Make the intangible tangible
Imagine what happens if you not only bring out the 9 Stars and Luoshu ‘specialist’ in you, but the true 9 Ki ‘diviner’, and you’re able to read any annual- and monthly Luoshu past-present-future.

Certainly if you work in name of others, people will rely on you for being able to surface the scenario by the hand of 9 Stars and Luoshu.

Learn 9 Stars and Luoshu as not you’ll have seen it done thus far, and be able to single-handedly take on any assignment (see example of some of the divination that we were able to do for our clients further down as you scroll).

Make Shuo Gua Zhuan 說卦傳 blush
All tangible and intangible phenomena come under a certain Star and Trigram. You’ll start of course, by working from a massive listing of 9 Stars and Trigram attributes, which will enable you to scan any annual- or monthly Luoshu while you recognize which Star is good for ‘car’, a ‘letter’, an ‘employer’, a ‘surprising event’ and so on. To this respect, you will by far surpass what’s there in Shuo Gua Zhuan.

Luoshu may tell you to certain detail that your upcoming lecture might be interrupted by a participant, if something may become known about you in a certain month, or that you are about to receive a letter, with Luoshu letting you know what the topic of the letter will be, and by whom it will be sent.

What no eyes have witnessed
But actually, we aim to reach far beyond what’s ‘easy’ and straightforward in 9 Ki Divination, as just about everyone would be able to do the above, or to let Luoshu give the ‘why’ behind such events as earthquakes, promotions, fires or car accidents.

No, if you’re anything like me, you’d be particularly interested in reading 9 Stars and Luoshu on "what no eyes have witnessed”, so that, with everyone - beginning with authorities – still very much at a loss about everything, you’ll be well into reading Luoshu on for example missing persons cases and (cold) criminal cases.

Which is a pretty special capacity of 9 Ki Divination, because it is specifically with those instances, that we’d be in need of answers as to whom the perpetrator might be, where was abductee taken, was person taken by (which type of) vehicle, under threat of (what kind of) weapon, event progression, what are prospects for survival (you may read 9 Stars - where applicable within context - on any eventual battering involved, strangulation, sexual assault and so forth), where (locality) to trace abductee.

Just saying, if at all a system of divination could do that, it truly delivers what it preaches, and it puts its money where its mouth is.

Complete training - newly developed and earlier undisclosed 9 Ki syntax
Outside you will learn the complete art of 9 Star Ki Divination in a truly advanced and highly competitive training setting, I'll here give round up on what more will be transmitted, besides the full syntax.

For your such dynamic forecasting of real events and your proficiency, you need to know the many nuances there are to 9 Stars and Luoshu, and specialized 9 Ki syntax, so that we will handle (synopsis):

  • Cosmology: Twelve Primary Hexagrams (Bi Gua 辟卦), 24 Solar Terms (二十四節氣) and Wuxing Five Transformations (五行) revisited, to drastically change your perception and practice in metaphysics.
  • True face of 5 Yellow 五黄 (to know 5 Yellow - aka Star 5 or the 'emperor' -, is to know 9 Stars).
  • How the Yi Jing family (father, mother, 6 children) was born.
  • How to forecast events by reading the annual-, monthly- and daily Star(s) on "Luoshu Trend".
  • The ever recurrent and earlier undisclosed dynamic of "Reversed Luoshu Axis" in Luoshu (must know).
  • The dynamic of "In Prison-Out of In Prison" (how occurrences may stunningly tend to resurface after 9, 18, 27 days, months or years).
  • Star combinations for events and objects (the one thing never to have made it to Shuo Gua Zhuan): how do certain Star combinations involve in shaping events.
  • How to always read for opposite Stars and Palace (nothing to befall a Star with not the opposite Star having a hand in affairs).
  • Handled convincingly and for good the Northern-Southern Hemisphere issue.
  • Read 9 Stars autonomously: exactly why is it that Wuxing* Five Elements (cycles) are out as a player with regard to 9 Stars and news events. Hear why exactly Luoshu will clam up on you like an oyster, the very moment that you 'link' Wuxing to 9 Stars in your forecasting of real events.
  • 9 Stars directionology shredded to pieces (100%), explained just exactly why, then replaced by a much more plausible, convincing and practical approach (you’ll be very pleased to hear).
  • Specialization file: Hetu Yellow River Map (河圖) debunked - it’s actual underlying purpose persuasively revealed (the 1-10 range there boding electromagnetism as in 9 Stars, or just intendedly numbers, as in arithmetics?).
  • Specialization file: Chinese Ming Gua forever debunked, then finally exposed what exactly monk Yi Xing (一行) had done to come up with his male descending and female ascending cycle to conjoin at ‘Gua’ 3 (disconcerting to some, but must-hear if you are a teacher or a professional consultant in Flying Star Feng Shui).
  • Specialization file: introduction to Japanese face diagnosis - how to tell organs and physiological condition from a face, body language, or even how to tell (which type of) sickness through demeanor or through little more than just someone’s writing style (e.g. email).
  • Not for the faint-hearted, as we get to handle a great many red herrings (decoys, smoke screens), so widely employed in Chinese metaphysics, but stealthily there to dress up as genuine technique in some of those 'most trusted and relied upon' and 'least to come under suspicion' approaches that you may have been employing unknowingly.
  • . . . . .

Heluo Hill Quotes Chinese Metaphysics - 9 Stars versus Wuxing* Wuxing have not a hand in 9 Ki for real events. 9 Stars exist on their own. So much so the doctrine of Five Elements will have anchored in any and all application systems in Chinese metaphysics, that no-one seems to be noticing that Luoshu will clam up like an oyster – instantly so in fact -, the moment that you were to bring Wuxing (cycles) into even a remote relationship with 9 Stars for news events. In other words, as not we may dismiss Wuxing Five Transformations - which may as such be used for other purposes -, I will go through great lengths to convincingly and unequivocally explain just why you must let go of Wuxing in your 9 Ki Divination of news events. Once you are able to do that, you’ll see that Luoshu will open up before you right then and there, as then it only willingly gives you the story. Saying, each time that you hear ‘Star 1 Water’ or ‘Star 2 Earth’, that is one time ‘Water’ and one time ‘Earth’ too many.

If you are – or aspire to be – a professional
Most our students have a long training history or their professional practice in full swing. Our studies are rock solid, to the point and down to earth, while each topic of study will be handled by just one gathering, which is to prevent students from having to learn through endless modules.

Read testimonials.


Enroll until 15 April 2017. Simply send me an email to heluo@xs4all.nl with your queries. Or - beats email -, if rather you like to meet me one-on-one for a brief Skype session to see what this study will bring you, you may announce through just email and propose a good time to meet in Skype (we're at GMT+1) and I'll get back to you.

Schedule (totaling 18 weeks)
Enroll no later than: 15 April 2017.
10 weeks preliminary workbook (self)study: approximately 15 April - 25 June 2017.
Group studies (offline): 8 weeks of group study, group homework file 25 June - 20 August 2017.

Training fee [currency converter]:
We're celebrating, so that I can offer you this particular study against a solid 20th anniversary discount of Euro 200,00. Training fee therefore Euro 880,00 (comes from Euro 1.080,00), including massive printed workbook (590 pages) delivered on your doorstep, shipping, 2 months of questions-answers based studies, massive group homework file to go back and forth repeatedly, supplementary training materials, specialization files, certificate of completion, one-on-one Skype session (optional) upon completion.

Skype session upon completion (optional)
Once our group study comes to completion, we may meet for a private training in a complementary one-on-one optional Skype session (3-5 hours) for further refinement and to ensure your proficiency.

About Heluo
Heluo Hill transparantAs initially I had picked up on Nine Star Ki Astrology during an afternoon seminar with Michio Kushi in 1979 - who had introduced the art to the West in the mid 1970s - there was at the time no 9 Ki Divination.

Sparsely so, Nine Star Ki Astrology titles would handle 'predictions' with regard to Star 5 (5 Yellow) at best - then mostly only how it relates to armed conflict -, or titles would give projections as to your own birth Star and directionology. Four decades later, we see this situation pretty much unchanged with even the more recently published Nine Star Ki Astrology titles.

Actually, for the 9 years to follow, I too was practicing 9 Ki for character and relationships.

Then, for some reason, I reconnected with the art in 1988, this time to take a real dive. The rest is history, as I have not been without 9 Stars and Luoshu for real events for even a single day since.

That's only because, as then I started to delve into the divinatory approaches of 9 Ki more by connecting to the news media on a day to day basis, it soon occurred to me that there was much more 9 Ki relevance to those news events, than apparently recognized by the field at the time.

That's actually an understatement

As now you follow your news media, this time able to bring real events into relationship with 9 Stars and Luoshu, I'll actually rather put it like this:

"Your television screen will turn into a moving Luoshu".

I started to painstakenly document whatever I found, which is how the likes of 'Luoshu Trend', 'Reversed Luoshu Axis', 'In Prison-Out of In Prison' and many other newly developed 9 Ki syntax came about.

9 Ki Divination was born.

By staying with 9 Stars and real events so intimately for 29 years on stretch, one can only feel fortunate and astounded for having been able to note certain events typical for a certain 9 Ki year, then witness the clock-work with regard to events, but each time 9 years, 18 years, 27 years later.

Luoshu never lies and I am only proud that today, our 9 Ki Divination workbook counts 590 pages (and growing).

If already you're engaged in 9 Stars and Luoshu in any capacity (Flying Star Feng Shui, Nine Star Ki Astrology, or even in Yi Jing prognostications where you'd work with Trigrams and Hexagrams), 9 Ki Divination is an absolute must learn, as simply you can't-do-without it, as it will forever change your perception and (professional) practice.

I can't wait to show you the ins and outs of 9 Ki Divination for personal life progression and real events.

Heluo Hill 9 Star Ki annual and month predictions

Heluo Hill 9 Star Ki and Luoshu studies distance learning 4

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