9 Star Ki Divination – Private Student’s Finalized Distance Learning Homework File

Cannot miss out on: if you’re a serious practitioner in any of the 9 Stars and Luoshu
application systems, or if you are – or aspire to be – a professional in metaphysics.

One of our private student’s finalized distance learning homework file in

9 Star Ki Divination – personal and news events

Receive this printed workbook + personal support*
* Heluo will extensively handle your questions in your personal homework file.

– This is the only finalized homework file in distance learning available for purchase,
that we decided should be obtainable even if not you are a student in our school –

9 Star Ki Divination Completed Distance Learning Homework File - Heluo HillThis one’s exclusive and a true adventure, as it finds you as an ultimately dynamic one-on-one training that we were able to do with one of our finest distance learning private students – unabridged.

This private study path came out to be so thorough and revealing as to 9 Ki syntax for divination of real events alone, that we decided it should not be withheld. Not just that, you’ll read critically new and earlier undisclosed things about 9 Stars, Luoshu, 12 Primary Hexagrams, Wuxing Five Elements, directionology, diagnosis.

This unabridged completed homework file of 350 pages on its own contains what not you’ll have seen covered on 9 Stars and Luoshu thus far.

Which we don’t need to stress, if only you know that our student has been a professional – a pioneer in his country actually – for over 4 decades.

What’s in the finalized homework file on 9 Ki Divination, you’ll ask
Some pretty special topics will be handled for you in this specific homework file, certainly a cannot-do-without if you:

  • Have been a practitioner in any 9 Stars and Luoshu application system.
  • Have been a serious practitioner, teacher or a consultant in Flying Star Feng Shui.
  • Are – or aspire to be – a professional, and as you work with students or clients.

Just a round up:

  • Finally break free from those 1980s or 1990s style approaches in 9 Stars and Luoshu, which as it is and once you’ll have seen this, you could no longer even bear.
  • Learn from a teacher who has been with 9 Stars and Luoshu for real events (day in and day out) since 1988 to develop 9 Ki Divination to what it is today.
  • Explained for good exactly why Five Elements may be applicable for other purposes, but 5 Elements don’t matter the least bit in 9 Ki for real events. Heluo shows why in fact Five Elements may have kept you from accurate divination through 9 Stars and Luoshu all along.
  • Go back to raw 9 Stars and Luoshu, and see it explained cosmologically what they bode.
  • Detailed explanations, to help set you apart from others in the field of 9 Stars and Luoshu forecasting, and to forever change your perception and practice.
  • Read annual- and monthly Luoshu on “Luoshu Trend”, the all important (must know) “Reversed Luoshu Axis”, “In Prison-Out of In Prison”.
  • Extensive listing of 9 Stars and Trigram attributes to the phenomena, to by far surpass what’s still in Shuo Gua Zhuang 說卦傳.
  • Twelve Primary Hexagrams as not you have seen it, but critical in your understanding of Yin and Yang, why not ‘seasons’ were originally intended in those 24 Solar Terms.
  • How to dynamically read 9 Stars and Luoshu on real events or personal life progression, and build the story from any annual- and monthly Luoshu, past-present-future.
  • Directions in Luoshu: cartography (real directions intended) or magnetic directions?
  • Why there’s not a central unit in Luoshu to accommodate 9 Stars, and how then to handle the (central) annual- and monthly Stars.
  • Pretty revolutionary is, where actually (done here alone) we take the notion of at all ‘directionology’, to take it to pieces entirely (100%) and unequivocally, then replace by much more convincing.
  • Extensive introduction on Japanese face diagnosis, “organs produce emotions’ and body language: how to diagnose (which) illness from even just someone’s written text alone.

Contact heluo@xs4all if you have any questions or in need of further clarification.

Completed distance learning homework file 9 Ki Divination + personal support

€ 680,00, excluding postage for your destination (special purchase price applies for our students: ask).

√ Receive this one of a kind printed workbook of 350 pages on your doorstep.
√ Massive explanations on ‘for your eyes only’ private student materials.
√ Step into studies of this book for a period of 10 weeks, as you amass questions for Heluo.
√ Heluo will extensively handle your questions in a personal homework file.
√ Skype session (optional) to help you refine technique with Heluo.

Note that this is an extracurricular and stand-alone finalized distance learning homework file as it was completed by our private student, but whom would have also received our printed 9 Star Ki Divination workbook of 590 pages prior to our then building his personal homework file, but which printed workbook falls outside this venue.

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