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How to go about 9 Stars events forecasting for a Star 5 year


In other words, for a Star 5 year, your news events forecasting through 9 Ki Divination may come as a bit different from what you may have been used to. It seems as good a time as any to portray Star 5 more.

As no doubt you’ll have it long acquainted with the notion of Star 5, let’s look into some of Star 5’s subtleties for your proficiency. Star 5 doesn’t bode a Trigram, while Star 5 isn’t connected to a specific Luoshu direction.

Well, thing is, whatever it is that 5 Yellow 五黄 may bode, it could easily be done injustice in the field of more in particular Flying Star Feng Shui and consequently so increasingly in even the field of 9 Star Ki. It is fair to say that soon no dynamic would be equally as misunderstood as Star 5.

[Too good not to be mentioned from the get go, as for any Star 5 year: expect massive judicial trials, and breakthrough criminal cold cases].

Now, we will not spoon-feed with month-by-month ‘predictions’ of 9 Ki related events.

We will be quite on the contrary supposing that already you’re in front of your news media, in hand annual- and monthly Luoshu to do your 9 Stars and Luoshu forecasting of real (news) events, so that we hope to be here adding some 9 Ki syntax for events forecasting more.

Even though each of these have 9 Stars and Luoshu in common, do not mistake 9 Star Ki Divination for other such 9 Stars systems of application as Nine Star Ki Astrology, or Flying Star Feng Shui.

Now that I have not been without annual- and monthly Luoshu for a single day to follow news events since 1988, it is hard to imagine a factor within 9 Ki to inspire as much wonder as Star 5.

To start and appreciate whatever Star 5 involves, would first depend on one’s at all ability to yet undo whatever it is that one might have perhaps come across to concern of Star 5.

More likely than not, just already a slight web search done to account of Star 5, will give one after the other ‘mishap’, ‘accident’, ‘disaster’, ‘death’. Not just that, some thought it necessary even, to accentuate and deliver ‘proof’ and say definite disaster, or double disaster.

Let’s face it, as the notion of Star 5 Earth has field-wide pretty much become synonymous with ‘war’, ‘armed conflict’, well, accident and disaster.

While there is no denying in that – and surely Star 5 a player to be reckoned with -, it remains uncertain if anyone realizes that, as much as Star 5 may be ‘good’ on ‘war’, it may be at the base of massive peace just the same.

Thing is, if you are interested in 9 Stars and Luoshu events forecasting as here presented through 9 Ki Divination, while then you had it each time read along this type of negative connotation to concern of 5 Yellow, there is no doubt in my mind that Luoshu will close off on you like an Oyster. See, you can read 9 Stars and Luoshu as a novel, but we need come past Table of Contents and preface.

Star 5 – let’s continue to call it that – has no Trigram, while most certainly it signifies certain distinct attributes.

Just as not we would take any of 9 Stars for just its ‘malign’ properties, 5 Yellow becomes no exception to that. As 5 Yellow in 9 Ki can be a tunnel, it would not be a ‘good’ tunnel or a ‘bad’ tunnel, which is no different where Star 5 may depict a compound, a market square, a boulder.

That said, 5 Yellow – almost more than anything else – is also a Principle, so that in and of itself, it is above and beyond 9 Stars and Trigrams.

So, before giving sum up of just some of the more basic attributes pertaining to Star 5, let’s look at two of the more distinct points to help you to effectively read annual- and monthly Luoshu.

Follow Star(s) through annual- and monthly Luoshu
At one point you may sit with your annual- and monthly Luoshu in front of your news media, looking to each time forecast (news) events through 9 Ki Divination. Chances are greater that then you’ll have it zoomed in on just ‘a’ certain Star as it appears in just ‘a’ certain Luoshu Palace, but we have come past that, as we can do so much better. Your 9 Stars and Luoshu events forecasting will go through the roof, once you are to each time involve opposite Star(s) and Palace(s), then as even you had it involved the notion of Reversed Luoshu Axis, like so:

Opposite Star(s) and Luoshu Palace
Besides as such you’ll zoom in on your then appointed Subject Star as it appears in a certain Luoshu Palace, while take Star and Palace for their basic properties, always by same breath note the Star(s) to appear from opposite position in your annual- and monthly Luoshu. This in fact does ‘the trick’, and it will greatly affect the event, as only now, you’ll be able to ‘combine’ the noted Star(s) and Palace(s) for their respective basic attributes and characteristics.

One swift example, and if we accept that Star 4 on its own associates with airplane and missile, while then Star 7 on its own may associate with a sailing vessel, once Star 4 and Star 7 either a) join by same Luoshu Palace, or appear from opposite position in Luoshu, we may see an aircraft carrier.

Reversed Luoshu Axis (6 parts)
Then here is your icing on the cake, as virtually nothing in your 9 Stars and Luoshu events forecasting will be the same, as easily you’ll never know what struck you, once from hereon forward you made it into your second skin, to each time note if a Star in any annual- or monthly Luoshu appears from opposite its native Palace in Luoshu*, i.e. once for example Star 1 appears in the 9 Fire Palace, or Star 4 resides in the 6 Metal Palace.

No matter for your 9 Stars and Luoshu forecasting of real (news) events, or as perhaps you would commit to anyone’s personal life progression past-present-future, you’ll be baffled once able to merge portents of ‘opposite’ Star(s) and Palace(s), then see events unfold in line with Stars and Palace attributes.

But, before even we’ll have it touched upon those typical Star 5 attributes, let me show you the crux of our each time involving ‘opposite Palaces’, as this seems critical in all of your 9 Stars and Luoshu undertakings.

* A special note on Star 5 in relation to Reversed Luoshu Axis. You attentively follow as each time your Stars appear on a given Reversed Luoshu Axis, while now that Star 5 does not own a Luoshu Palace, it may still of course appear on the Reversed Luoshu Axis once Star 2 settles in the Star 8 Luoshu Palace.

Zooming in still on each time one single Luoshu Palace alone, yes?
Chances are bigger that, along any then random Luoshu configuration, we would focus on just a single Luoshu Palace (A), while once there, we read a single Star or a Star combination, until here annual Star 2 ‘on its own’, could be taken for inmates perhaps, while then monthly Star 4 could relate to a letter or a document of sorts.

While already it is debatable if Luoshu was made up of 8 or 9 Palaces (it is questionable if at all there is ‘a’ central Luoshu Palace to host ‘a’ Star), have ever you considered that instead Luoshu consists of four distinct axes (B)?

In mind C, we see that, nothing to befall Stars in any Luoshu Palace, with not the hand in affairs of Stars in opposite Luoshu position, until by this example alone, you’ll know how to consider Stars 1,2,4 and 8 as all interrelated, while then you build scenarios, only to see events proceed accordingly.

The slow version being, while the whole time you’ll read back and forth between opposite Stars on a Luoshu Axis:

  1. Note annual Star 2, so as to ‘combine’ known attributes of Star and Palace.
  2. Involve opposite annual Star 8, while now related attributes 8-2.
  3. Repeat while in the process you involve attributes for monthly Stars.
  4. Become a movie director as you build scenarios.
  5. Gear on your news media to see real events past-present-future.
  6. Be like me, just all still knocked away…

Finally, in this approach, not only would you consider all Stars gathered on a particular Luoshu Axis, while once then Stars reduced to their basis attributes, you’ll be stunned only the more to see your score of accuracy while you forecast either real (news) events, or as you ‘make soup’ of your (or anyone else’s) personal life progression and life events past-present-future.

Ok, here goes, and while no more than along our then reading the Luoshu Axis in its entirety (C), we combine Star 2 for inmates (or a wall), with Star 8 for building, until we have it  Star combination 8-2 for a prison building.

Once then let Star 4 be a drone or a chute, while Star 1 ‘good for’ (fall into) depth, Star 1 extended furthermore to drugs of sorts, we now tune in to our news media to see the entire Luoshu Axis unveiled as an “air-drop1-4 done by a drone4, in order to supply inmates2 with drugs1 in a prison building8-2.

Once so much as you ‘dig’ this bit as a 9 Ki’er, you will be stunned as from heron forward you had it followed up on this little hint in all of your 9 Ki Divination, as then finally indeed, Luoshu will release its story.

General attributes Star 5
Stomach, Spleen, Pancreas, more predominantly digestive system. Construction related objects or events, compounds made of stone, brick, concrete, rock, such as publicly accessible buildings (buildings as such may resort under Star 8 more), not exempted deserted and inhabited constructions, bridges, tunnels, platforms. Publicly accessible compound, such as commuter station, city square, parking lot, cave, pit, basement, boulder.

Star 5 can bring out what was innate and release accumulated energy such as armed calamities and war, (ethnic) rioting, public uproar, plundering and assaults, while against popular believe, Star 5 can be at the base of massive peace just the same.

Army, armed factions, paramilitary group, guerilla combatants, rebel group, motorcycle club. Ego-, ethnic-, minority- and/or race related conflicts. Military occupation, armed conflict, war, annexation, coup d’état, martial law, curfew, ousted leadership, deportation, displacement. Weird events, accidents, disaster, sudden unexpected but critical events. Sovereignty, government related, peace treaty.

Star 5 may signify one’s core community, until also, if one’s Star appears from opposite Star 5 in Luoshu, may move away, or be cast out. Judicial trials of enormous proportion. Can be egotistical (my people), rioting, looting, plundering, public clashes. Stand-off, deadlock, sudden stop, standstill, fait accompli.

Star 5 may as well be associated with spectacular outcome, including as noted – and much against popular belief – massive peace, scientific breakthrough, while notably in combination with Star 4, Star 5 may signify the coming to the surface – discovery, recovery – of organisms, new life forms, living tissue.

All Stars come as a ‘swirl out’ of 5 Yellow
First, as 5 Yellow (Wu Huang 五黃, also noted as Lian Zhen 廉貞) is the all encompassing factor underlying all tangible and intangible phenomena in our universe, I thought this image would be most suited:While stay with Qian Heaven 乾 Trigram , it would closely resemble the Chinese character for king (Wang 王), where it connects the upper line for Tian Heaven, the middle line for Ren Man, the bottom line for Di Earth, or time-action-space.

Saying, whatever else it would bode, 5 Yellow is the governing principle in everything pertaining to Heliocentrism, Egocentrism, Geocentrism, or Heaven-Man-Earth, or Time-Action-Space. As 5 Yellow sets the stage, Star 1 comes as a proportionate swirl out from Star 5, Star 2 equally as another one of its swirls out, and so on.

Back to square one, determinative in designating what 5 Yellow may bode is that it – just as remains true for all Stars -, may each time bring about either its beneficial or unfavorable properties, so that – and exactly this bit is what’s so critically important -, it can’t be decided in advance if any of 9 Stars would cast its either favorable or unfavorable outcome.

It’s favorable portents come as equally unmitigated, as Star 5 can take human kind to great performance.

We need this stressed, now that we know 3 systems of application in 9 Stars and Luoshu, one unrelated to the other.

If we are used to employing Star 5 for purpose of Flying Star Feng Shui, while then we had it deemed the occurrence of Star 5 in our Flying Star chart as unfavorable, this would be due pertinently only to the use in Fei Xing Feng Shui of the so-called San Yuan Jiu Yun 三元九運 (Three Cycles, 9 Periods) calendar. San Yuan Jiu Yun goes by 9 Periods of 20 years each, proclaiming certain Stars ‘timely and auspicious’, other Stars ‘untimely and inauspicious’.

The more if you are a professional minding fate of students and clients, it is imperative to realize that, the San Yuan Jiu Yun calendar will be in use for purpose of Flying Star Feng Shui only.

Any as such notion as where at all from 9 Ki derived annual- and monthly Stars could be either ‘timely and auspicious’ or ‘untimely and inauspicious’ outside the sphere of influence of Fei Xing Feng Shui, will be due to – exclusively – San Yuan Jiu Yun time reckoning alone, while then certainly it remains outside the scope of Nine Star Ki Astrology and 9 Star Ki Divination.

There is no such thing in 9 Ki, while it is of critical importance that you had it distinguished at all times between from 9 Ki derived annual- and monthly Stars, then conventions in use for purpose of Flying Star Feng Shui, as from 9 Star Ki derived annual- and monthly Stars are always timely.

From 9 Ki derived annual- and monthly Stars are always timely, also now as  perhaps we had it for purpose of house divination overlaid our Flying Star chart with annual- and monthly Stars.

The attentive reader would have it easily gathered from this, that there are no circumstances through which from 9 Ki derived Stars become timely or untimely, or even favorable or unbeneficial, least of all as so projected in advance or by any convention then employed.

In fact, once as each time we would deem any of 9 Stars (un)timely in our 9 Ki Divination events forecasting, no longer at all would we be able to further practice 9 Ki Divination to concern of personal life progression or news events.

9 Ki Divination and Feng Shui could not be more perfectly unrelated
Even when we stay with ‘timely’ or ‘untimely’ Stars such as in our employing along San Yuan Jiu Yun paradigm as for purpose of Flying Star Feng Shui, each and every Star may unabatedly bode both its positive and negative behavior. In 9 Ki, Star behavior as such doesn’t rely on the particular Star as such as, conditions for a Star to come into beneficial or unfavorable behavior need to be met and it just so happens that those conditions present differently once our domain is Fei Xing Feng Shui, Nine Star Ki Astrology or 9 Ki Divination for events forecasting, then as everything will be furthermore pending each time context.

So, without at all anyone could be conclusive about the topic and before slightly looking into certain those news events ‘typical’ for 5 Earth years, let’s acquaint with Wu Huang a bit more.

Note that best you’d just see the Star or Trigram, then leave any connotation for what it is.

Star 5 is focus of attention
One way of looking at it, philosophically no doubt, is that Wu Huang is just that, it is focus of attention. Once we focus on a specific thing in a specific domain, that thing becomes 5 Yellow. Once within same domain, we shifted our focus of attention, once more, 5 Yellow becomes that. I’ll explain, but let’s say Star 5 is our ‘point zero’ and we can shift to wherever in a certain range our then momentary point zero is.

Everything in our cosmos no more than answers to and relies on forces of expansion and contraction.

Everything comes to resort under electromagnetism, plus pole, minus pole, pole reversal, while then, 5 Yellow handles – and is – all that. Star 5 can switch off, it can switch back on.

A bit cosmological, but for as long as we keep count of San Cai 三才, or the notion of Heaven Qi (Tian Yuan 天元), Man Qi (Ren Yuan 人元) and Earth Qi (Di Yuan 地元) so that at any time we know precisely from which realm we’d be taking on our survey, and if then we place 5 Yellow as a ‘notion’ at our focus of attention, any of the 9 Stars become just a spill out, a ‘flavoring’ of it.

For this reason alone, 5 Yellow could not be ‘a’ Trigram, as it is just at the core of any given domain – for example, everything in the realm of temperature – that may be at the subject of our studies, then how it branches out into super cold or super hot. See, ultra cold is just a ‘swirl out’ of zero degrees Celsius to one side, which the same will be true for hot, but at the far other end of the spectrum.

Going by this view, 5 Yellow gives birth to and assumes all Trigrams, while we say it reaches its maximum absolute value in Star 1 at one side of its spectrum, Star 9 at the far other end of the spectrum, or 5 Yellow manifesting as two magnetic poles, one Water (Kan Gua), the other Fire (Li Gua). Thus, for lack of better wording, 5 Yellow becomes our subject matter, or focus of attention.

However, before we can have focus of attention, we need establish domain and platform. Domain can be our Solar system, another time our Geosystem, or our human body. Platform can be our then 9 Stars and Luoshu application system in particular, such as Flying Star Feng Shui, Nine Star Ki Astrology or 9 Ki Divination, each time inviting 9 Stars into different behavior mirrored against different conditions, changing context.

Please note that we could only reason into ‘what’ 5 Yellow (or any of the 9 Stars) represents, after we’d have established domain, then platform, then context.

You need to appreciate what each time 5 Yellow pertains to Heliocentrically (reality as seen from the perspective of our Solar system), Egocentrically (reality as seen from the perspective of humans, or ‘all the Aura inward’) or Geocentrically (reality as seen from the perspective of our planet).

Most practitioners may not make such distinction and be thus summing up a wide string of Star attributes or Wuxing properties, otherwise unrelated (by domain), all by same sentence.

Said differently, if field-wide something is deemed ‘true’ to concern of 5 Yellow for purpose of for example Flying Star Feng Shui, same such notion will be transported to 9 Ki Divination for events forecasting, then deemed equally ‘true’ there.

Again, let’s say we picked platform and it is ‘temperature’. There you’d have our stage, so that now 5 Yellow will have been granted a podium.

If then zero degrees Celsius is our point of departure, it becomes our focus of attention, thereby ‘5 Yellow’ and so we needed the notion of 5 Yellow to be at all able to then say that minus 3 degrees Celsius is colder than minus 2 degrees Celsius.

It is because as such, we made 5 Yellow to act as our ‘center’, our focus of attention while we had it reside at point ‘zero’.

Now, this particular point ‘zero’ was just where we projected 5 Yellow for the occasion, so that, as then once more we would move 5 Yellow, with that, we shift the center.

With ‘temperature’ still as our chess board, our podium, point ‘zero’ is relative as it could be transported to anywhere same spectrum to act as our new point ‘zero’.

As it is the Heaven-Man-Earth permeating factor, you are free to assign 5 Yellow ‘platform’ each time, relative to your topic of study, be that the human body, geophysics, solar physics, language or any in itself enclosed circuit, each time providing 5 Yellow with a new chess board where it may freely move.

Major events for a Star 5 Earth year
Then, how about 9 Ki news forecasting by the hand of Star 5? It is associated with gravity, so 5 Yellow will pull to the surface what lies innate already. Knowing this much, this may give a first flavor of what news to expect, but we can become more specific.

While stay close to your news media, expect major discoveries and scientific breakthrough to concern of existence itself, notably then also to concern of brain research.

Then also expect discovery – the surfacing – of new species, including those extinct, the excavation of skeleton of sorts, living tissue especially – seemingly – if you see Star 4 and Star 5 to join by same Luoshu Palace in your annual- and monthly Luoshu, or even as Star 4 and Star 5 appear from directly opposite in Luoshu.

Star 5 associates with compounds made of stone or concrete, can be places accessible to the public, such as city squares, railway station, subway (commuter stations). Star 5 can be a boulder.

Pretty notable will be major trials, high profile, mediagenic, greater than life, such as you may recall the O.J. Simpson trial.

We may furthermore see trials of enormous proportion, then notably cold criminal cases.

Paramilitary groups and armed factions in the news predominently, including motor gangs.

On the upside, 5 Yellow may bode installation of new international law and legislation, treaties and long awaited peace between parties that we would have not believed would ever still occur.

On the downside, 5 Yellow may associate with indeed war, military occupation, curfew, coup d’état, ousting of leadership.

Actually, as said, Star 5 may pull out what is innate already, saying, you’d see an armed conflict, then it subdues, only for it to resurface 9 years later. You would have to go back 9, 18, 27 or 36 years, while thinking those parties would have been long at peace now, then gradually matters would have started to ‘sweat’, and it comes to another outburst during 5 Earth months or years.

That type of thing, so that, we wouldn’t be needing to become specific about certain those countries or regions from where to expect mayhem, because, if you had been with the media closely enough, just expect the calamity.

We may see a lot of war rhetoric, so you may just keep an eye out on armed conflict to concern of what we’d have all thought had been in the past.

While at it, then also follow monthly Stars as they appear in the central Luoshu Palace to meet annual Star 5. Saying – and as so explained elsewhere on my blog -, the central Luoshu Palace will give you Luoshu Trend.

Now that actually, ‘a’ central Luoshu Palace wasn’t there to begin with, still, in a Star 9 month we would expect ‘fire in the streets’, in that we may see compounds, city squares on fire, while Star 9 also denotes armored vehicles, armored personnel, riot police. Monthly Star 4 denotes missiles, anything to move through air, volatile substances, while monthly Star 1 could be ‘water in the streets’, which ‘water’ would extend to blood. Anyway, you will note that, whatever Star is to arrive the central Luoshu Palace, you would see its Trigram properties to appear as moving images on your television screen from straight ahead.

5 Yellow driven conflict would revolve around ego, i.e. ‘my people’, ‘my ethnicity’, ‘my religion’, ‘my culture’. Star 5 can be quite territorial, notably vindictive and merciless.

If associated with military conflict, notably if Star 5 involved too, Star 1 denotes sea battle or islands (delta) involved, Star 2 bodes infantry (just ground troops) or a mob, Star 3 military police and uniformed personnel, Star 4 artillery, airplanes or missiles, Star 5 tanks, Star 6 explosion, ammunition and armed assault, Star 7 navy ships, Star 8 military compounds and ethnic conflict, Star 9 armored vehicles and riot police.

Personal journey through the Luoshu Palaces
Besides events forecasting in 9 Ki Divination, you may of course pull annual- and monthly Luoshu past-present-future, to look into your personal life progression, your initiatives.

Table further on will show just briefly what to expect for the year on a personal level.

At the time of your first breath, your natal Star occupied the central Luoshu Palace. The next move would take your Star into the Star 6 Palace where your Star will remain for a year, then proceeding to the Star 7 Palace and so on, until your Star once more arrives to the central Palace after a full 9 year cycle was concluded.

For a Star 5 year, and if you are a Star 3 in Nine Star Ki Astrology, your Star 3 locates in the Star 3 Luoshu Palace*

* Note how some still erroneously say Nine Star Ki Number, rather than Star, or Magic Square House, rather than Luoshu Palace. House is a term commonly in use in Western astrology, while a Magic Square is to accommodate numbers.

Following your natural 9 year cycle through Luoshu, we will give you a general description of the dynamics of each Palace in Luoshu, offering basic interpretations of some of your personal do’s and don’ts during certain times.

In any case, for your personal life progression past-present-future, be attentive each time as:

A. Your Star(s) reside(s) in the same Luoshu Palace as Star 5.
B. Your Star(s) appear(s) from directly opposite Star 5 in Luoshu.
D. Your Star(s) and Star 5 appear on the Reversed Luoshu Axis.
E. Point A ánd B apply, for example due to annual- and monthly Luoshu.

Whether then any Palace shows its friendly or unbenevolent face does as such not depend entirely on the Palace. While your Stars proceed through the individual Luoshu Palaces, you will encounter events, people, opportunities and challenges that are related to the properties of those Palaces and the other Stars furthermore encountered by your own, each time perhaps experiencing alterations between highs in one area of your life and certain lows or voids in other areas.

It then becomes art – adventure – in itself to learn how to tap into opportunities, while at the same time you may anticipate on and try avoid unfavorable effects.

If your Star occupies the central Palace for a year, month or day, see what it says at the central unit of the table further on. Then, when your Star resides in the 6 Metal Palace, read there.

Always be mindful now that little to nothing in 9 Stars depends on at all randomness or coincidence, as much as personal events progression and outcome may be reduced to your family tree, your health and food intake just the same.

You will follow both your first Star for year of birth and your second Star for month of birth through any annual- and monthly Luoshu, but don’t be tempted to gaze at a complex Luoshu if you are not experienced, in which case you had it perhaps better considered the annual Stars in a Luoshu, which assessment you can then later extend into taking in month Stars. Having to focus in on 9 Stars is different from looking at 18 or 27 Stars all simultaneously. We will concentrate on your first Star and we will limit our observations to the annual Luoshu.

Nine Star Ki may well be associated with ‘astrology’, while more faithfully, it will be akin much more to physiology, until in Nine Star Ki we say ‘Stars govern organs’ and ‘organs produce emotions’. It just means to say that, if you are a Star 3, you are more of a ‘Liver driven’ character, if you are a Star 6, you are more of a ‘Lung driven’ temperament, while we will not be looking into personal health outlook or ailments associated with the Palaces.

Besides being closely related to your own current physical, mental and spiritual condition – or just life style and food intake for that matter -, ailments may be related to season, the Palaces your Star will be residing in, the other Stars you will encounter while migrating through Luoshu, if your Star appears on the Reversed Luoshu Axis.

Always keep in mind that Luoshu is to also signify the human body, with its organs, its meridians, its distinct functions. If you encounter any ailments or mishap, never be tempted to just focus on the Star or Palace and as such blame the Star or Palace for the occurrence, as this would be completely besides the point.

Remember that Nine Star Ki is hardly at all ‘astrology’, while rather it is a highly sophisticated system pertaining to biological-physiological magnitudes. It is good to gain a working knowledge on all of the physical, mental and spiritual manifestations of 9 Stars and Palaces and to collect more detail on your search into Traditional Chinese Medicine, Acupuncture, Five Transformations and health, Macrobiotics, even epigenetics.

To stay with general terms, if your Star resides in a certain Palace, and stated here fairly popularly, the meridian associated with that Palace will be ignited, releasing your emotions, temperament, activities because the related organ comes into manifestation. The Star 4 Palace is associated with breathing and the capacity to breath, so Star 4 may invoke conditions that are linked to this, such as bronchitis.

Personal 9 Ki forecasting for a Star 5 year
Both your first Star for year of birth and your second Star for month of birth, will reside in their respective ‘original’ Luoshu Palace for any 5 Earth year. Each Luoshu Palace comes with then certain properties. While still you would follow your Star(s) as these migrate through the monthly Luoshu, here are overall prospects for your first and second Stars for a Star 5 year.

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