9 Ki Stars on the Reversed Luo Shu Axis – Part Two

In Part One we established how either one of your personal 9 Star Ki Stars may move on the Reversed Luoshu Axis for a year, but this may occur also for a day or a month. Of course, all opposite Palaces in Luoshu may be regarded as directional axes, but by using the term Reversed Luo Shu Axis we will be pointing to a special occurrence. We have seen how by Luoshu for 2009, annual Star 7 Metal will appear from opposite its native Luoshu Palace, so that Star 7 be ‘reaping opposite result from what it had set out to do’ – in other words, Star 7 may have its portents ‘off’.

In its slipstream, as Star 7 appears ‘Reversed’, it positions Star 2 on the Reversed Luoshu Axis just the same, until Star 2 may have its properties ‘going nowhere’.

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Basic Luoshu 5 Earth and 9 Fire Luoshu 2009

While here introducing the occurrence of Reversed Luoshu Axis by the hand of the 9 Fire year of 2009, we may just as well be looking back at the Luoshu for 2008, which equally had its East-West magnetic directions ‘off’, this time on account of annual Star 3 Wood and annual Star 8 Earth. We will be therefore devoting Part Three of this series to give you some of the Star attributes for Star 3 Wood, 8 Earth, Star 2 and Star 7. While this be giving us ample opportunity also to further investigate into the credit crunch and the global economic crisis, we’d be here first looking into what the 2009 Axis may portent for you personally.

What does it mean, if you find your Star on the Reversed Luoshu Axis, either for a full 9 Ki year, a month or even just a day. How will it affect you, i.e. your Star (you are not your Star, your Star is merely taken to energetically – and more ‘typically’ – represent you).

• Now, if you haven’t been aware of your personal 9 Ki Stars, you may either email me with your birth data (including time and city of birth) or you may go to our free online course “9 Star Ki Prediction – personal and news events” on www.heluo.nl, it is all there.

Then, concerning 2009 and if your Star is 7 Metal – either by year, month or day of birth – or any of your birth Stars is 2 Earth, you may expect events ranging from general unrest, over turbulence to uproar, or matters may be ‘not what they seem’.

You may be asking yourself “what’s going on” as progressions may not be working in your favor. Incoming events may have you do extra effort and go the extra mile in order to accomplish what would otherwise seem a simple task. What does incoming mean? Well, incoming can be that phone call that suddenly takes a turn and will have you deal with things you had not anticipated. It may be a quarrel, an email, or your usual daily goings on disturbed by your employer, a team mate or a client. We have no way of telling, unless we know context and subject matter. Perhaps the occurrence be best mirrored against what you would otherwise designate your ‘bad hair day’, where you would even stumble over your own shadow.

Projected on the 2009 Luoshu, unexpected and uncharacteristic setbacks may typically occur on account of finances (7) or provision (2), while on account of Star 2 ‘mother’, ‘spouse’, ‘homestead’, ‘studies’, ‘teaching’ and ‘hospitalization’ may spring to mind too and be coming under the header ‘going nowhere’.

If you are a 7 Metal native – and due to your Star appearing opposite annual Star 2 -, you may be not seeing much of your spouse or homestead this year, perhaps because you have moved into a new environment, a new community.

Overall, Star 2 be ‘going nowhere’ because it is the Star appearing opposite annual Star 7 that by itself appears opposite its native Luoshu Palace.

Now, what if your Star is 1 Water, or 6 Metal, will you be off the hook then? On account of the annual Luoshu for 2009 and to this respect, yes, for the month of August 2009, not quite. If your Star is 1 or 6 and at any time you’d be reading this, you can pull the Luoshu for August 2009 and hold it against your personal events.

Luo Shu August 2009We will adjoin annual 9 Fire Luoshu and monthly 8 Earth Luoshu for August 2009. Monthly Stars be taken to the right hand side from the annual Stars, so that August is 8 Earth. 6 Metal and 1 Water people (the more then those with a Ki map of 1.6.x or 6.1.x or one spouse is Star 6, the other Star 1) be stepping onto the Axis for August. We may now read all Stars on the axis (7 and 6 in the East, 2 and 1 in the West) to see what exactly is ‘off’ and ‘going nowhere’ and you may check Part Three for that.

Luo Shu June 2009Equally, if we look back on the month of June 2009 – a 1 Water month -, Star 3 and Star 8 natives may confirm matters had been a bit ‘off’. Which brings us to any of these people then asking “yes, but what about last year 2008, things were pretty much off then too”. And that’s exactly it, because why would the financial crisis have started in the housing industry in 2008? Because 2008 was a 1 Water year, annual Star 3 appeared opposite its original Palace for 2008, rendering Star 8 (real estate, property) ‘going nowhere’.

We may be looking a bit deeper into the financial crisis of 2008 and 2009 in another part of this series, but to keep it a bit straightforward at this time, you may wish to pull your life chronology, the events there, and see where they might mirror against the Reversed Luoshu Axis. It is all a matter of noting when either your first (annual), second (monthly) or third (day) Star had moved on the then designated Reversed Luoshu Axis, be that for a year, a month or a day. Once you’re done, you may go see the occurrence by expanding your survey into famous people or after the fact news. Then, you’d be soon projecting the Axis on before the fact news.

Here are the months for 2009 with monthly Stars moving on the East-West axis. At the last column, the first Star mentioned be the one ‘going nowhere’ for the month, relative to the annual Luoshu of 9 Fire, while all Stars at the East-West Luoshu axis may be expected to be ‘off’. We will also give the Chinese zodiac, the so-called ‘Chinese animals’, for the months, more appropriately referred to as Earthly Branches, used for Four Pillars of Destiny (Ba Zi) and Zi Wei Dou Shu. Of course, besides annual Luoshu, each monthly Luoshu will produce a Reversed Luoshu Axis of its own, but for now, that would take us a bit too far.

Stars on Reversed Luo Shu axis per month 2009

What to say? With any Star on the Axis, strange events may happen in the house, so that it would seem something other than just the people actually around there be deciding the goings on, misunderstandings, the parcel doesn’t seem to arrive, simple things seem a task so that your usual schedule seems uprooted and you need adapt.

Note that in order to give you the notion of Reversed Luoshu Axis, we have so far summed up all of those negative portents, while, as always, there is no such thing as any Star and any Palace can of course surface either its beneficial and inauspicious traits, the Reversed Luoshu Axis not an exception where it comes to positive outcome.

Having said that, we’ll yet discuss what exactly may be ‘off’ or ‘going nowhere’ on account of annual Star 7 and Star 2 in Part Three of this series and once you check what will be then said on either your own life chronology or when following news events, it is my guess you’ll be sitting on a new toy for your 9 Ki divination. That is the beauty of 9 Stars and Luoshu analysis, it is all right there by Luoshu, not just for astrology, horoscopes or Feng Shui, but for divination and forecasting personal and global news events.

To be continued…

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