9 Ki Stars on the Reversed Luo Shu Axis – Part Four

We will continue our series on the Reversed Luoshu Axis after last time we shared attributes of Star 3 and Star 8 for the 1 Water year of 2008 and Star 2 and Star 7 for the 9 Fire year of 2009. Besides projected on the financial crisis and the global economic debacle, you may apply Reverded Luoshu Axis on any whatsoever event, be that disease, accidents, divorce, to name a few of the more negative outcomes, because besides that, Reversed Luoshu Axis can of course instigate fortunate events just the same. In order to become really proficient at 9 Star Divination you will see how you’d be much engaging into head line news, which for the greater part will be negative.

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You won’t be reading Luoshu just at random, there is a distinct structure – grammar, if you will – just as with any language. Once you set yourself to read any Luoshu, the central Star gives ‘Luoshu Trend’, so we’ll be always minding either annual-, monthly- or daily Stars arriving at the central Luoshu Palace, for example in the 1 Water year of 2008, objects be deemed to fall into a depth, that’s the trend.

Once established ‘Luoshu trend’ by way of the cental Star, we select a subject, so let’s pick Star 6 for vehicles. We may then find annual Star 6 for vehicles in the 1 Water Luoshu Palace plunging into ravines, rivers or ditches, as, yes, we will have seen more of our share in any 1 Water years (2008) or 1 Water months, but that aside.

As little as 10 or 11 months before it happened and no much more than having involved the Axis in our projections for the then upcoming 1 Water year of 2008, we said “Dow Jones to fall below 10,000 points in October 2008.” Because at the time this seemed not too plausible, we took a sneak preview and involved the 2009 annual Luoshu and that lead to an even more uncanny “IMF to proclaim our planet at bankruptcy”, which would as a statement admittedly seem a bit intense, but nonetheless. Such due of course to annual Star 7 to arrive opposite its original Luoshu House for 2009. Now, concerning last remark, soup may not be eaten as hot as it is being served, but we did see major economic disaster, meanwhile several USA States and many developed countries in dire trouble and on the verge of bankruptcy, with IMF pumping billions in many countries.

Luoshu 2008 and 2009

Seeing the occurrence and for lack of better, ‘going nowhere’ is a term I started using upon noting how Stars involved on the Axis seem to be ‘off’ at their base magnetism, thereby common properties of Stars involved consequently and proportionately affected. Let’s look into the dynamic a bit more technically and see if you can use it if you follow news progressions (and let me know when you do).

Luoshu is like a bar magnet involving several sub-batteries, if you will, each one involving the central Luoshu Palace (N-S; NE-SW; E-W; SE-NW), so that any of these will be called axis of course, however in the sense intended here:

Any Star opposite its original Luoshu Palace be ‘off’ and rendering the Star to its opposite ‘going nowhere’, thereby instigating the Reversed Luoshu Axis for all Stars arriving there at any time.

Our ‘going nowhere’ may be just as well read otherwise, such as perhaps ‘deprived of’ or any such connotation you may find valid once you’d be reading into the dynamic and for as long as you discriminate between the Star ‘off’ and the Star ‘going nowhere’.

A Star appearing opposite its original Luoshu Palace will be ‘off’ because it would have altered its original Yin or Yang temperament, induced by magnetic pole reversal and magnetic pole reversal of course always on account of Star 5 Yellow. While this Star will then feel ‘out of place’ it will act out of character and you may imagine it would do effort to move back to its original Palace, where it will meanwhile find its place taken by an ‘uninvited guest’, so that this latter Star on the verge of being displaced would be pretty much having its portents ‘going nowhere’.

While describing the dynamic for the actual Star appearing opposite its own Luoshu Palace, we could use ‘reaping opposite result of what one had set out to do’. Annual Star 3 appears opposite its native Luoshu Axis for 2008, so rendering annual Star 8 to its opposite ‘going nowhere’. We would only need look at annual Star 8 for the 1 Water year of 2008 what that could mean for real estate and property.

If negotiations happen not just on such directional axis (let’s say parties involved in negotiations or a business deal had to actually travel East-West for 2008) but now just simply involving properties relating to Stars involved (this time parties involved may not have to travel at all), any endeavors such as treaties may fail, at least by first attempt(s). Let’s look how George Bush responded to the debacle and what it did as you will remember his bail-out plan. First attempt failed.

Luoshu November 2008 George Bush bail outWe have seen ‘first attempt fails’ with the 700 billion bail-out plan earlier in USA, whereas such would have been collectively concerning real estate associated with Star 8 at the ‘Axis’. Once again, November 2008 and with Star 6 for a.o. vehicles arriving the Axis for the month, first attempts to come to aid the auto industry also failed, while if you’d allow a stretch a bit into the domain of far-fetched perhaps (as we must caution at all times not to bend Stars to then agree with whatever event, or soon anything at all we project on Luoshu would ‘fit’).

Luoshu Obama InaugurationBarack Obama is a 3.9.x and he was taken the oath by John G. Roberts who is a 1.6.x. Here is Luoshu for the inauguration. You may involve both annual and monthly Axis for either gentlemen, where ‘first attempt’ for the oath failed, but that aside and only for what it’s worth. Similar dynamic helped us project for 2009 that, since by same reasoning Star 2 would then be ‘going nowhere’, this should mean negotiations may go fine for as long as they then not involve any of portents for Star 7 or 2, such as anything monetary (7) or concerning food and provisions, education, medical field, farmers, mobs, inmates (2). Star 2 be ‘going nowhere’, in other words, we will likely see deprivation by famine and rather massive displacement.

• We here deliberately give native’s third Star as ‘x’,
due to several formulae in use for different purpose.

The United Nations food program is at its worst ever shortage of 10 billion USD with it says a record number of 1 billion people in the world on hunger, Kenya at its worst drought and famine in 9 years. The Reversed Luoshu Axis for 2009 will suggest a ‘tension’ between money (Star 7) on the one hand, food (Star 2) on the other hand, which once more demonstrates when Belgium farmers demonstrate to demand higher compensation for their milk.

You may note how, what I here introduce as a Star ‘going nowhere’ will by any single Luoshu always concern only Stars 2,5 and 8, which be an interesting notion by itself because it would imply that whatever be ‘going nowhere’, would always ‘only’ concern the belonging properties such as built structures for Star 8, food and provision (spouse or homestead) for Star 2 and construction related events (or authority related) for Star 5, to name just a few, but this would then be still pretty crude, so that we may then yet look beyond this and add more detail, so that at least this would be not further ‘limiting’ your divination to just the properties of these Stars. Not just would the annual Stars 2,5 and 8 connect to the ever migrating monthly and daily Stars, what is more and so as in order to approach this issue, we will by next part of this series discuss your personal birth chart.

To be continued…

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