9 Star Ki Divination – 9 Stars and Luoshu forecasting 9 Fire year

Who is Star 9 and how to forecast
In my experience, it would seem far more taxing to forecast real (news) events for a Star 9 year, than for other years.

For example, it is pretty straightforward to be forecasting events to concern of uniformed personnel in a Star 3 year or flooding and infection in a Star 1 year, but Star 9 would seem the odd one out.

This is undoubtedly because, now that we tend to say ‘Star 9 Fire’, would not we initially expect to be seeing a surge in fires?

Chinese astrology and 9 Star Ki Luoshu annual prediction - Heluo Hill

I’ll try and show you why this may come out to be rather not so, as in fact we may need to yet (re)consider the notion of ‘fire’ linked to Star 9.

Saying, it requires that we look into the notion of ’Fire’ (as in ‘flames’) linked to Star 9 to this respect, even before we can step into some of the 9 Ki forecasting for a 9 Fire year in any meaningful way.

9 Stars and Magic Square annual predictions Heluo Hill

Only if made a momentary contraction between 9 Stars and the catalog of Wuxing Five Elements, could we come up with at all something like ‘9 Fire’, yes?

Don’t worry, you’ll be not able to file through this piece ‘in one go’. As it is with everything else on my website and blog, ‘articles’ are actually mostly unabridged chapters from out of our study program’s massive workbooks, for everyone to see, wherever you are. Consider this not a ‘popular’ or ‘easy to digest’ piece, but our chance to share our study materials with you, so that you may best save to disk for future reference.

In fact, 9 Stars have not seen the likes of Wuxing, and while in itself Wuxing Five Elements cannot be dismissed, you may want to read how Wuxing are not a player in 9 Stars and Luoshu forecasting for real (news) events.

Wuxing Five Elements 9 Star Ki annual predictions - Heluo Hill

Actually, to concern of Star 9 and ‘fires’, sure, we’ll see a lot of those, but on the other hand, I came to note that instead, all years and all months would come with fires indiscriminately, incessantly in fact. So, in order to forecast for a Star 9 year, we must look beyond the ‘fire’ of it.

We will continue to link Star 9 to just the occurrence of fire, if only because we will indeed see fires occur onto oil platforms each time with the combination 8-9, or a fire in a police station each time with the combination 3-9, and so on.

Actually, rather plentiful in a Star 9 year, will be events to concern of oil, fuel, pharmaceuticals, petrochemicals, inflammable substances, alcohol, chemical weapons, whereas, events to concern of ‘common’ fires, still quite notable, but perhaps not even that much more prevalent than in other years, while if so, blazes would be largely due to Star 9 related occurrences, such as gas leaks, oil spills, or at least linked to fuel or flammable substances.

We may expect colossal environmental disaster, related to oil most likely, gasoline, oil storage tanks, oil tankers, oil platforms, pipe lines, refineries, chemical plants, drilling accidents, causing massive pollution, killing birds, fish.

We may expect fuel prices to go sky high, the provision of fuel stalled.

To really get to what Star 9 denotes, we may best take Star 9 for its high radiance, just Qi-wise, its ability to somehow bring things to exposure, or its ability to take events to a climax.

Because ‘fires’ are too common to still bring those on account of Star 9 (alone), we need to approach Star 9 from just its many other 8 Trigrams 八卦 attributes – shared as you scroll -, then approach a Star 9 year from just our usual 9 Ki syntax, starting with the dynamic of Reversed Luoshu Axis and the dynamic of Luoshu Trend.

But first, let’s acquaint with Star 9 more and let’s involve its Trigram attributes and properties, so that you’ll be able to note the hand of Star 9 in real events as you screen your news media.

Star 9 purple Li Gua Fire 離卦易經 - Heluo Hill

9 Purple (Jiu Zi 九紫) relates to Trigram Li 離卦, but we will see that there is not the association with ‘fire’ in Li Gua. It is to also denote Middle Daughter 中女 in the Book of Changes Yi Jing 易經.

Star 9 is associated with planet Mars (Huo Xing火星) and further associated with You Bi 右弼 or Right Assistant (Polaris) in the Big Dipper (Bei Dou 北斗).

Star 9’s temperament can be gathered from its Trigram (Li Gua), which has two Yang lines 陽爻 with a Yin line in the middle. Let’s turn Li Gua 90 degrees on its side.

If for the occasion we give this Gua in vertical position, you may appreciate its vibrancy, as energy spills off, while the inside keeps to stillness, or void.

Star 9 Fire Trigram Li Gua 離卦易經 - Heluo Hill

As seen from the sister art Nine Star Ki Astrology*, 9 Fire people can be quite outgoing, talkative or sociable therefore, while at the same time they can maintain utter silence, not speak – or recluse – for long endured times.

* As a 9 Stars and Luoshu artist, forever distinguish between Nine Star Ki Astrology for character, temperament, motive, talent, health and compatibility, and 9 Star Ki Divination.
Nothing beats 9 Ki Divination, if it is your wish to effectively and systematically forecast real (news) events or your personal life progression and do’s & don’ts by the hand of annual- and monthly Luoshu, past-present-future.

From its appearance, we may gather that Li Gua is radiant on the outside, yet silent on the inside. Or, it is hard and resilient on the outside, while soft or delicate on the inside.

Therefore, Li Gua is to portray for example a turtle or a shell-fish. By extension, and as we are interested in forecasting real events, Star 9 can be taken for armored personnel, riot police, armored vehicles.

9 Star Ki annual prediction Luoshu Star 9 Fire - Heluo Hill

An armored vehicle can be used for crowd control, to protect a high official, or to transport valuables. Li Gua may bode an oil barrel, i.e. solid on the outside, while hollow on the inside.

Star 9 is in upwardly bound energy, then to splay out, as it likes to be ‘out there’ and visible.

Therefore, if you’re interested in Wuxing 5 Elements Shapes and Forms, the shape to associate with Star 9 is the triangle.

9 Star Ki annual predictions - louvre Pyramid Star 9

If taken to buildings, notable would be structures such as the Louvre Pyramid, the Transamerica Pyramid and comparable structures such as the Ryugyong Hotel in Pyongyang North-Korea.

As said, Star 9 will be popularly associated mostly with fire, just flames. However, we may take one component of the Chinese character for Li Gua (‘Clinging’) into consideration.

One component in the Chinese character for Lí is to portray a bird caught inside a net in a cage (can be extended to a fish net).Star 9 Li Gua Fire radical Chinese 離卦易經 - Heluo Hill

From this we can gather that ‘fire’ is not one of associations for Lí per se, while fire, blaze, flame is more faithfully associated with the Chinese character Huo 火, for fire, flames or ‘internal heat’ in TCM.

The Chinese character for fire is Huo 火. Shan 山 is mountain, then volcano is Huo Shan 火山.

In fact, as it appears in Luoshu, Li Gua 離 is to more faithfully portray Fire polarity of planet earth.

To this respect, importantly, we know that usually Star 9 is associated with Luoshu South 南, while ‘South’ here widely taken for actual South direction.

However, ‘S’ is indigenous to Luoshu, not so much instrumental for cartographic direction, as more faithfully, Star 9 will be indicative for South Polarity, as such located on or around the North geographic Pole.

9 Star Ki Divination - Luoshu directions - Heluo Hill

Therefore, in case Lí 離 taken to denote ‘fire’, this will be understood more towards its high radiance – energetically – than it would ‘only’ depict fire, as in flame or blaze.

If Star 9 in company of other Stars, how will this bend the news?

If car comes under Star 6 for Qian Gua, then with Star combination 6-9 anywhere in Luoshu, it may be a fuel9 truck6.

If Star 6 is a pipe line, the Star combination 6-9 may denote an oil9 pipeline6.

If Star 6 is a gun, Star combination 6-9 may denote a fired9 weapon6.

If Star 4 for Xun Gua is good for documents, if accompanied by Star 9, it may be in the excavation9 or the coming into exposure9 of a script4.

In human affairs – temperament and behavior -, Star 9 is elegant, stylish, sophisticated and full of propriety.

Star 9 can be much extroverted, while it may be outgoing and sociable, with an ability to uplift a situation or to take an argument higher up spiritually.

If Heart, Small Intestine or the circulatory system affected, Star 9 may turn hateful and rather merciless.

Let’s look at some of the 9 Stars and Trigram attributes, so that you’ll be able to note its tendencies in the news media in a 9 Fire year, or with otherwise Star 9 prominently in Luoshu 洛書.

Heart and Small Intestine, circulatory system. Heart Constrictor, Triple Heater, eyes (Li Gua for ‘vision’ rather, more than the physical eye which would come under Star 3 and Liver more typically), tongue. Color is red, purple, taste is bitter. (In)ability to speak. All fire related instances. High radiance related instances. Inflammable substances. Oil, petroleum, gasoline, fuel (not the act of fueling – provision -, which may come under Star 2 more typically). Chemicals and derivatives. Pharmaceutical industry, petrochemicals, related factories, refineries, oil platforms, pipe lines, alcohol. Star 9 is linked to (the event of) exposure, and it likes publicity. Star 9 may be linked to the movie industry, entertainment industry, celebrities, propaganda, promotion. The high radiance of Star 9 may ignite otherwise submerged events or issues, so we may expect further instigation of already ‘heated’ events. Can be religious, house of prayer, place of worship. Lighthouse, incinerator, combustion, cremation. Armor, soldier, helmet, armament, armored vehicle, riot police. Solid and strong on the outside, hollow, soft, weak or empty on the inside. Hollow tree. Deserted building. Man with bold head and belly. Livestock, birds, fish, turtle. Excavations or discoveries, these then linked mostly to the accompanying Star. Discovery of a new species with 5-9, discovery or excavation of a small settlement or a wall with 2-9, discovery of a skull with 6-9, discovery of a sailing vessel, knife, sword, jaw, teeth, or coins, small metal utensils with 7-9, and so forth. A Star 9 year therefore, with annual Star 4 in the 9 Fire Luoshu Palace, may bring Star 4 related items to the surface, so that we may expect excavation or discovery of the written word, documents, scripts, but also an airplane, projectile, thigh, upperarm. Things will be exposed under instigation of Star 9 or the 9 Fire Luoshu Palace, discovered, to become known, unearthed, what was hidden or obscure being pulled to the surface. Scandal backed up by proof (documented). May become nuclear if combined with e.g. 1, 4, 5.

For purpose of personal life progression, with your Star in the 9 Fire Luoshu Palace, your Star to visit Star 9 or Star 9 to visit your Star anywhere in Luoshu, or to a certain degree if your Star appears from opposite Star 9 in Luoshu:

The high radiance associated with the 9 Fire Palace or Star 9 may exercise magnetic pull to bring out your personal Qi, so that it becomes visible over a greater distance, to a greater degree and to a larger audience. On the up side, it is generically a good time to ‘get your name and game’ out, good for networking and self promotion, to perform a successful lecture or to be a presenter. On the down side, it may bring to the surface what you had rather liked kept hidden. Good for presentation, social activities, communication, networking, favorable to any outgoing initiative.

Annual Star in ‘central’ Luoshu Palace versus Reversed Luoshu Axis.

Now for something completely different – and new 9 Ki syntax – if you have been a 9 Stars and Luoshu adept.

To forecast events in a ‘9 Fire’ year, most would still zero in on annual Star 9 at the ‘central’ Luoshu Palace.

Much more dominant is the notion of ‘Reversed Luoshu Axis’, so that you’ll see news spring off your television screen, that you’ll see related to annual Star 2 and annual Star 7, because the so-called East-West Luoshu axis is ‘reversed’.

Read this 6 parts series on Reversed Luoshu Axis and you’ll tremendously boost your accuracy in 9 Ki Divination.

Annual Reversed Luoshu Axis
Then on to some decisive 9 Ki forecasting for a Star 9 year, while pulling your attention away – quite unexpectedly presumably – from the ‘central’ Star 9, while letting you zoom in on the East-West Luoshu axis instead.

With the exception of the basic Luoshu of 5 Yellow, each Star configuration produces a Reversed Luoshu Axis, where one of Stars will appear from opposite its original Luoshu Palace.

Probably good to be noting first of all as you screen the media on real events, is that annual Star 7 appears from opposite its original position in Luoshu, so that it instigates the annual Reversed Luoshu Axis.

9 Star Ki annual prediction Reversed Luoshu Axis - Heluo Hill

Trigram attributes normally associated with annual Star 7 will be ‘magnetically off’, as such hindered.

Importantly, with respect to the notion of ‘reversed’, and if you are a professional 9 Stars and Luoshu diviner:

The term ‘reversed’ is not to suggest pole-reversal, where a Yin charged Star would transpose to Yang, or vice versa. The notion of Reversed Luoshu Axis doesn’t so much as alter a Star’s basic polarity, as much as it is to point out that a ‘Yang Star’ now goes to reside in a ‘Yin Palace’, which implies a lack of affinity. What normally comes under forces of expansion, now has to ‘endure’ a Luoshu Palace mostly under contraction, vice versa.

9 Star Ki annual prediction Luoshu magnetism - Heluo Hill

Therefore, in reading 9 Stars and Luoshu we say that:

Nothing to befall a given Star in a certain Luoshu Palace, with not the opposite Star(s) and Palace having a direct hand in affairs.

Said differently, in reading Luoshu on account of a certain Star (Subject Star), you always simultaneously involve the Star to appear from opposite direction, as, only then would Luoshu ‘do the talking’.

Consequently, now with annual Star 7 to appear from opposite its original Luoshu Palace, we find annual Star 2 on the E-W annual Reversed Luoshu Axis just the same.

Which is why we say that, Trigram attributes normally associated with Star 2 will be ‘going nowhere’, hampered in progress.

Once you screen annual- and monthly Luoshu, no matter if you did so for personal life progression or news events, you will find that this dynamic alone will be predominantly notable for events. In fact, you will find that the notion of Reversed Luoshu Axis might come as one of most significant in 9 Ki Divination.

To be focusing on Reversed Luoshu Axis for your gathering of ‘real events’, may not only strike you as ‘new’, but it may be in contrast with how you had been practicing, where probably you’d have zeroed in on the ‘central Star(s)’ in Luoshu to make ‘predictions’. Besides you may read Where Is The Central Palace To Host 9 Stars (actually rooted in Flying Star Feng Shui, but as a 9 Stars and Luoshu diviner, you want to take a note), your accuracy in 9 Stars and Luoshu forecasting will take a serious launch, once started seeing news in light of ‘Reversed Luoshu Axis’ type of dynamics.

Therefore, as you follow news events for a Star 9 year, try and focus on some of those more obvious portents for Star 7 and Star 2, to note that indeed, due to ‘Reversed’, portents close to Star 7 and Star 2 will appear in your news media all the time.

You will see much of the news to revolve around here portents:

Star 7 for Dui Gua
Star 7 will be then in finances, money, the monetary field, the financial system, economy, or locations where money gets to change hands, such as banks, stock market, shopping malls, supermarkets. Star 7 associates with knife, sword, machete, stabbing. It can be in operation, injection, cutting, dental work. Star 7 is in sailing vessel, navy vessel, while in company of Star 9 it may be an oil tanker, in company of Star 4 it may be an aircraft carrier, in combination with Star 2 it may be a cargo ship, a container ship. It associates with speaking and singing, as in crowded presentations, conferences, theater. It is in something with a lid, it is in a vase, bin. On the downside, Star 7 may associate with ‘demolish’. As then you note Star 7 and Star 2 on the annual Reversed Luoshu Axis, you may well see Star 2 related objects to collapse, or be destroyed, such as a dam, a wall, a balcony, a roof top.

Star 2 for Kun Gua
Star 2 can denote a mob, a homogeneous group of people (or animals) even only momentarily assembled around central organization, a kitchen, or a shared interest, protesters, refugees, migrants, inmates, the female working force, female interest groups. It is in pregnant woman, womb, women’s shared interest. Star 2 associates with spouse, homestead. Star 2 is in the education industry, schools, teachers, students, a study. It is in the medical field, doctors, nurses, hospitals. Labor mine, labor mine workers. Star 2 for Kun Gua is in agriculture, harvest, crop, farming, farmers, food, food supplies, distribution, the act of provision, the act of fueling, famine, hunger strike, hunger, food shortages, food (supplies) insecurity, poisoning, zoo. Star 2 can be in ocean floor or river floor. Star 2 can be a suitcase, rucksack, locker, container. It is in small house, small village. Star 2 in combination with Star 1 can be mud slide.

9 Star Ki annual prediction Star 2 Earth Kun Gua - Heluo Hill

Little known about Star 2 – but quite exciting once able to note it in real events -, is that Star 2 associates with a ‘surface relied on for protection’, so that you’ll keep an eye out on theater stage, podium, balcony, ceiling, roof, pillar, balustrade, wall, dam, grandstand in a stadium, road surface, landing gear, landing strip, ship deck.

Taken to life progression, initiatives, personal do’s & don’ts, Star 2 and Star 7 natives will reside on the annual Reversed Luoshu Axis.

This may well be a matter of just going about your business as usual, whereas chances being that, while you continue to duly prepare in an organized fashion – just as always you would -, still things may be ‘off’, as in, you’re sending a parcel and you did everything just right, but still it doesn’t arrive.

Furthermore, if not your personal 9 Ki Star is either Star 2 or Star 7, you’re not on the annual Reversed Luoshu Axis, while still you’ll note which monthly Luoshu would indeed take your Star(s) on the annual Reversed Luoshu Axis. These are times that you may be tapping into the annual Reversed Luoshu Axis aspect ‘free of charge’.

The notion of Reversed Luoshu Axis may mean that, attributes usually associated with the Stars in question may be ‘magnetically off’, or ‘going nowhere’.

It may feel as if caught up in a quarrel with reality, for lack of better wording (stumble over your own shadow, if you will), where at least things seem to be slipping through our fingers, while nothing seems to work as planned.

Here are some of the events that you may come across in your news media for a Star 9 year, due to annual Reversed Luoshu Axis, each time annual Star 2 and annual Star 7 taken from another context, while stay close to Trigram attributes.

Let Star 7 be the monetary field by and large, just money, funding, then Star 2 just food and supplies of food, then Star 2 extended to refugees, or displaced people. If you see it announced, for example, that United Nations or other parties will go into negotiations to concern of funding, you may more or less safely tell your neighbor, that such an attempt will fail. No agreement will be reached. Still, any second attempt may well succeed, but Reversed Luoshu Axis may be in the way of any first attempt.

This is because Star 2 and for its Trigram properties will be ‘going nowhere’, due to it tapping into annual Star 7’s ‘magnetically off’ free of charge.

We may see food2 and fuel9 prices go through the ceiling, fuel disputes, food shortages, food riots, mobs2 demanding distribution of food, just common goods, resources, equal rights and equal pay. Failed harvest.

Typical Star 2 events may involve education, schools, teachers, students, civil service, inmates, surface we rely on for protection, mob, refugees, migrants, the medical field, hospitals, hospitalization, medical personnel, medical supplies, zoo, labor mines, mine workers, while you may note, civil unrest, governmental instability, labor strike and hunger strike.

As of course, you will involve monthly Luoshu just the same, let’s look at a Star 1 month in a Star 9 year, where monthly Reversed Luoshu Axis settles on the annual Reversed Luoshu Axis, to take monthly Star 3 ‘magnetically off’, then monthly Star 8 ‘going nowhere’.

One way of looking at this annual- and monthly Luoshu, is where you take monthly Star 8 for built structure, real estate, property or plot of land.

9 Star Ki monthly Stars prediction protesters - Heluo Hill

Within context, Star 8 may portray a building to require affiliation, can be governmental, then annual Star 3 for ‘uniformed personnel’.

We note Star 2 for ‘mob’.

Don’t be surprised, therefore, if you see a mob2 to assemble in front of a parliament building8, a palace, or a building of stature, then a police3 raid.

Another one of Star 2’s portents is in medical field, health care workers, hospital, hospitalization, the more now that it appears from opposite annual Star 7, which within context can be taken for operation, injection, dental work. You may expect goings on in the medical field, medical personnel protesting, such as you’ll see issues to concern of medication – the supply of medicine, shortage – and funding.

Above projection and image published on 15 January 2018. How nice that exactly on the day of the start of a new Star 9 year on 3 February 2018, the Spice Girls indeed announce that they are to reunite :o).

Luoshu Trend
Next, you may be on to reading annual Luoshu on Luoshu Trend.

In short, Luoshu Trend handles that each 9 days, months and years a certain Star appears at the ‘central Luoshu Palace’, but which central unit is not really there.

9 Stars and Magic Square Luoshu central Star - Heluo Hill

It means that, if a Star appears in what would seem a central unit in Luoshu, you’ll be not able to locate it anywhere in the eight 45 degrees magnetic directions.

Attributes normally linked to the central Star seem to be prone to incoming events, so that popularly, with Star 1 at the center, we say ‘water in the streets’, with Star 2 at the center, we say ‘mob in the streets’ (or ‘boots’, as in soldiers, infantry), with Star 3 at the center, we say ‘police in the streets’.

You will note Star 9 related events in the news predominantly therefore, so you may check your 9 Stars and Trigram attributes.

In Prison-Out of In Prison
Another dynamic associated with the central Luoshu Palace – but not quite Luoshu Trend – is In Prison-Out of In Prison, as it points to the notion that typically, attributes connected to the ‘central Star’ may a) come to the surface or to reappear, or b) be jailed or slip into hibernation.

In short, this notion comes down to, you lose your keys on a Star x day, while 9 days later you find back your keys.

While it may be meaningful to link the notion of Luoshu Trend to whatever syntax we see provided by In Prison-Out of In Prison, you may be on the look out for this type of occurrences in a Star 9 year:

  • Star 9 natives – so you may also note celebrities, politicians – will be taken from out of the magnetic directions, such that this may alter their prospects. Pending context, you may see the Star 9 native to attract events, be ‘jailed’ or otherwise caught up in some ‘catch 22’ situation from which there seems no breaking free, or they may be released, coming out of a ‘stalled’ situation.
  • Any attribute normally linked to Star 9 may become vulnerable, so you’ll check all of your Star 9 attributes, to note blazes, pharmaceutical events, oil related.
  • A missing person with the appointed Star, may be traced.
  • With a Star 9 native gone missing, even for a cold case, matters may be taken into motion, perhaps even to closure, as actually, if perpetrator was a Star 9, or even so much as an object involved in the missing persons case were to come under Star 9, you may see a case come into motion.
  • An earlier seemingly resolved matter, reignites (armed conflict).

You may find this quite unbelievable – as in fact it is – but with regard to In Prison-Out of In Prison, I dare mention it, as earlier I had been spot on stating much similar to concern of Betty Boop or Spiderman. We may see the cartoon character Mickey Mouse notably in the news ‘all of a sudden’.

This is because Mickey Mouse had come to birth in November 1928, which was a Star 9 year just the same.

Anyway, be on the look out for In Prison-Out of In Prison, as it may be rather notable in the news.

One important notion about Star 2 that I want to stress, so that you won’t ‘miss it’ as you follow global news events.

Note that Star 2 not only denotes a physical wall, but that it figuratively associates with ‘wall’ just the same.

Star 2 Earth Kun Gua mother 易經 - Heluo Hill

To that respect, it may be a ‘division’, a border, for example to separate a population, to throw up a boundary or blockade – either factual or implicit -, but there will be no way around the notion ‘wall’ in a Star 9 year, because annual Star 2 on the annual Reversed Luoshu Axis will be ‘going nowhere’.

Predominant in the news may be therefore whole populations being deprived, cut out from aid, hindered, meeting with barriers, cut out from food, fuel, funding, or downright ousted. This may involve a mob, indigenous people, minorities, refugees, migrants. You’ll see massive evacuations, exodus.

If countries or regions involved, we may note this as secession, segregation, independence.

As you follow your news media, you may keep a special eye out therefore, on all those instances – explicit or implicit – that would suggest ‘wall’, obstacle, and see the hand of Star 2 for Kun Gua.

It would be not surprising to see incidences to concern of funding7 for refugees2, the funding of food2 programs, massive famine, poverty. This falls into the category ‘Star 2 properties going nowhere’, due to Star 2 to appear on the annual Reversed Luoshu Axis, then furthermore of course from opposite annual Star 7 for anything monetary.

If Star 2 is good for ‘surface we rely on for protection’, it may involve a demolished or collapsed wall, dam, balcony, platform, pillar, balustrade, while the combination 2-7 may also portent ‘demolished building’, small food shop, small village, student flat, labor mine, school, university, hospital, refugee camp, zoo.

If Star 2 taken for inmates, then Star 7 for knife, we may be seeing prisoners involved in stabbing. If Star 2 taken for student, teacher or school, we may see a school stabbing.

You will see demonstrators, protesters in the streets a great deal, to the point of massive political and civil unrest, riots, rebellion, mobs demanding for supplies and rights. Violence committed by and done onto a crowd.

Li Palace
Annual Star 4 resides in the Li Palace for Star 9. Not looking at monthly Stars which would only ‘flavor’ and give detail more, you’ll note Star 4 natives in the news predominantly, but it comes with a ‘surprise’, or deadlock due to annual Star 4 to appear from opposite annual Star 5.
Star 4 Wood Xun Gua Wind 易經 - Heluo Hill

One ‘flavor’ of Star 4 may be in ferry, but also children in the age group 0-12 years of age, so you may expect young children in the news predominantly.

Annual Star 5 – aka 5 Yellow – in the 1 Water Luoshu Palace may be good for a ‘community’ of sorts. It can be a community you are a member of, it can be your native country. This suggests that Star 4 natives will move away from their existing community.

Another one of Star 4’s associations comes from astronomy, space science, so that you may anticipate on some announcement done by – or a break-through to concern of – NASA, space science. It may be in the discovery of a new planet, while I have always thought that, should there at all be discovery of ‘life in space’, here Luoshu would be a good candidate.

You will note events to concern of aeronautics, the aviation industry, missiles, projectiles.

One of Star 4’s most prominent associations is in ‘documents’, or even ‘the written word’, as we may see the excavation of documents, scripts, or just major events to concern of postal industry, the internet (expect a break-through there, as in ‘virtual reality’), the media, while also Star 4 may denote world trade, the fashion industry.

Now with annual Star 4 in the 9 Fire Palace, expect a major revelation, a matter being exposed by way of documents, so that the proof is right there.

Star 4 governs ‘airborne’ by and large, or whatever will travel through air from point A to point B, as in airborne particles, an airplane, a parcel, even your email.

Star 4 in the Star 9 Palace (or the Star combination 4-9 anywhere in Luoshu), may be furthermore instrumental for a fire in a religious compound, a house of prayer, a place of worship, or in any case, where a wooden roof goes up in flames.

As it is with everything else in 9 Ki, you may then extend this basic observation by involving monthly Luoshu, as of course, this would further flavor Star 4’s goings on.

Here, annual Star 4 is being visited by monthly Star 1 in the Star 9 Palace, to appear from opposite monthly Star 2. Star 1 may be instrumental in delay, or a setback, which you may bring into relation with Star 2.

9 Star Ki monthly Stars prediction kindergarten school - Heluo Hill

I picked this particular Luoshu, so that you would not overlook if Star 4 appeared, not just in the Star 9 Palace for the year, but on the annual- or monthly Reversed Luoshu Axis.

If Star 4 taken for young children in the age group 0-12, then in company of Star 2 for school, Star 8 for building, we may see an assault on a kindergarten or primary school, a place where young children gather.

In itself, Star 4 covers many attributes, such as ‘wind’, ‘turbulence’ or ‘funneling’ in general, oxygenation, the ability to breath, then rope, hanging, strangulation, chest, elevator, escalator, ski lift, Ferris Wheel.

The combination 1-4, such as here in the Li Palace, associates with torrential rain, typhoons, hurricanes, but also dolphin, whale.

Kan Palace
Annual Star 5 resides in the Kan Palace for Star 1. Star 5 may bode construction related events, so it may come to concern of underground structures, such as metro station, tunnel, cave, basement, parking garage. Star 5 may portray a publicly accessible compound, such as a commuter station of sorts, a city square, a parking lot.

Note, in this case, Star 5’s possible relation to ‘airfield’, due momentarily to annual Star 4 for aviation, airplane or projectile in opposite position.

Star 5 Earth 5 Yellow commuter station tunnel - Heluo Hill

Such combination between Star 5 and Star 4 might well denote a missile4 base5, a launch facility.

Star 5 may be taken for a ‘community’, but also a bunker.

There may be 10s of possible Star 5 related events (coup d’etat, curfew, ousted leadership), which you wouldn’t be needing to see assembled in a listing, as just I want you to be able and recognize the face of Star 5, should it occur in the news.

For example, Star 5 also relates to ‘boulder’, so that each time with Star 5 in the Kan Palace – for a depth or a fall into depth -, we may see boulders to plunge into a depth.

You will not see this 100 times out of each 100 such Luoshu, but as a 9 Ki diviner you’ll be not surprised if with the Star combination 8-5, a boulder lands on a house, with the combination 6-5, a boulder lands on a car.

Star 5 may also govern publicly accessible spaces, such as, yes, commuter stations, but moreover city squares.

Within this context Star 5 taken for a city square, a community, annual Star 4 then taken for missile, you may note missile attack onto a city, or onto or from out of a barrack style compound.

Last but not least, if we need to take Star 5 for its more notorious portents – as would be pretty much common in the field of Chinese metaphysics -, it would associate with ‘armed conflict’ or ‘war’.

9 Star Ki prediction annual Star 5 war - Heluo Hill

On the one hand, now with annual Star 5 to appear in the 1 Water Palace, this would suggest the invasion of an island, delta, peninsula, an armed conflict at sea, war rhetoric. Within context, annual Star 4 into opposite position from annual Star 5 would then bode artillery, missiles, aircraft.

On the other hand, annual Star 5 is actually at hibernation in the 1 Water Luoshu Palace. If then the opposite annual Star 4 taken for ‘documents’, we may see peace negotiations, treatises. Again, this may come to concern of island, delta or peninsula.

Armed faction – motor club
Quite interesting is that, Star 5 may also bode armed factions, militia, paramilitary groups – can be splinter group -, and even motor clubs and motorcycle gangs, which specifically the latter you will see in the news media predominantly.

9 Star Ki annual prediction motorcycle gang armed faction - Heluo Hill

Because we expect Star 5 portents to be much hampered in the 1 Water Luoshu Palace, due to the fact that there is little cohesion to expect to come from the Kan Palace, you may just as well see treatises to concern of these type of groups, as annual Star 4 for ‘documents’ clearly involves, while that said, you may see major loss and setbacks to concern of motorcycle gangs.

In fact, for a Star 9 year, there will be no going around news in your media to concern of motorcycle gangs, which may be in the news constantly, furthermore due to rivalry, drugs, or sex scandal, or for being outlawed, banned.

Star combination 1-4
This is a great Star combination to be following each time as it appears in Luoshu, to concern of whichever year or month.

With Star combination 1-4 (or 4-1), there would seem no way around torrential rains, typhoons, hurricanes, as you’ll be able to actually each time note this in your news media.

9 Star Ki annual prediction pollution oil disaster - Heluo Hill

As you read into finer detail to concern of such events, you may involve the accompanying Stars, the opposite Palace and Star(s) to see if an island1 is involved, perhaps a small village2, or air traffic4 at a halt, mountainous area8.

As it is with everything else in 9 Stars and Luoshu forecasting, Star 1-4 to appear in one particular Palace will be good for the associated event, as much as the event may be ‘triggered’ with these Stars to appear from opposite one another in Luoshu, as here they ‘meet’ on same Luoshu Axis.

Luoshu on the left, gives Star 1 and Star 4 into opposite position for ‘typhoon’ just the same, while Star combination 2-6 (right) may bode ‘armed assault6 onto a school2.

9 Star Ki annual prediction armed assault terrorist attack - Heluo Hill

As Star 1 depicts a fall into depth, while Star 4 associates with airborne objects – funneling and turbulence -, with Star combination 1-4 you will note incidences to concern of ski lift, escalator, elevator, Ferris wheel.

Star combination 3-6
With Star combination 3-6, you may see an armed assault6 onto a police3 station or railway3 station, or an electrical plant3. You may see someone to park his car6 near a railway station3.
9 Star Ki annual prediction Luoshu Wuxing 5 Elements - Heluo Hill

Last examples are to once more show that at no point did you a) involve Wuxing (cycles) or even b) the notion of ‘supporting (Sheng 生) cycle is favorable’ and ‘controlling (Ke 剋) cycle is inauspicious’ in your 9 Ki work.

“Devoted To Your Destiny In One Peaceful World”
Heluo (Roel) Hill has studied and practiced Oriental metaphysics since 1973, and he took up on teaching and existential counseling in his martial arts school in 1979. He transmitted his successful dojo to an assistent in 1997, so that he could finally fully devote to his current professional study program in 4 topics of study, both through 4 day master classes and distance learning.

Heluo has been with Nine Star Ki Astrology since attending an afternoon seminar with Michio Kushi in Amsterdam in 1979, but he hasn’t been without Luoshu for a day since he took up on divination for real (news) events and personal life progression through 9 Stars and Luoshu in 1988. He was able to follow real events and personal life progression day in and day out, to let Luoshu ‘do the talking’, letting 9 Stars and Luoshu lay bare new 9 Ki syntax, each time confirmed 9, 18, 27 years later, which led to the birth of 9 Ki Divination.

Heluo has instructed students in Belgium, Brazil, Canada, China, Poland, Portugal, Hong Kong, The Netherlands, Russian Federation, United Kingdom and USA. Heluo is available to teach on the invitation of freelance organizers. Languages spoken are Dutch, English, German, some conversation in Portuguese, able to keep a conversation in the Russian language going if spoken slowly, albeit with gesticulation and Wodka supplied :o)

9 Star Ki annual and monthly Luoshu prediction destiny analysis - Heluo Hill

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