New: the only completed distance learning training in advanced 9 Star Ki Divination for real events between Heluo and a private student, that we decided should be available for purchase, obtainable even if not you are our student. Study this printed book of 350 pages, while you collect questions that Heluo will handle in your personal homework file (definite cannot-miss if you’re a Flying Star Feng Shui adept).

Heluo Hill shares 9 Ki Divination for news events for the 2 Earth year of 2016. Once you’re able to see the hand of 9 Stars and Luoshu in the news media, you may wonder how anyone in Chinese metaphysics could have done without those annual- and monthly Luoshu. Or, as one Flying Star Feng Shui teacher in class had it “It’s clock work, and I can see now that I had been running the 9 Stars marathon on one leg”. Nothing beats it. Enjoy!

Comprehensive training in 9 Star Ki Prediction, Flying Star Feng Shui, Chinese Astrology of Four Pillars of Destiny Bazi and Nine Star Ki Astrology with Heluo Hill, one of today’s most renowned 9 Stars and Luoshu teachers. Intensive 4-day master classes and distance learning, direct student-teacher interaction, curriculum to adapt to your personal and professional situation. Each study designed as a complete training, so that you are not required to return to class only so that you had to collect the technique in any single topic of study by bits and pieces.


Enjoy 18 weeks of Distance Learning Training and learn from direct student-teacher interaction with Heluo Hill. NEW – in answer to ongoing requests: Distance Learning Group Training. You’ll receive massive printed workbook on your doorstep for both Distance Learning Private Training and Distance Learning Group Training, while then your study proceeds with an evergrowing homework file to go back and forth repeatedly, complementary ‘for your eyes only’ materials that we could not publish on uninhibited, but that will change your perspective and practice if you are – or aspire to be – a professional in Flying Star Feng Shui, 9 Star Ki Divination, Four Pillars of Destiny Bazi and Nine Star Ki Japanese Astrology.


Home Study Course with Heluo Hill: self-study + personal support

by Heluo Hill 4 June 2015

New: Home Study Course with Heluo Hill – if for whatever reason you didn’t feel ready to engage in a full fledged professional study, this one’s for you. Receive printed Home Study Course on your doorstep – advanced level. Once done reading your workbook, you’ll step into personal exchange with Heluo, who will handle your questions extensively in your personal homework file.

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Heluo Hill on 2015 annual predictions 9 Star Ki – 3 Wood year

by Heluo Hill 3 February 2015

Learn how to predict news events 2015 through 9 Star Ki Divination. Heluo Hill once again presents a full-length chapter (24 pages) from out of his class manual. Here spread over extensive blog series, you may read new forecasting techniques for 9 Stars and Luoshu, developed by carefully following news events since 1988. Enjoy your studies.

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Feng Shui for Southern Hemisphere – 24 Solar Terms

by Heluo Hill 21 September 2014

Would definitions and calculations for Flying Star charts in Flying Star Feng Shui and birth charts in Four Pillars of Destiny Bazi and 9 Star Ki be different for the Southern Hemisphere? By looking upwardly to note the earth orbit around the sun, wouldn’t the ancient astronomer have been able to derive 24 Solar Terms and 12 Primary Hexagrams, while at no point relying on magnetic needle, apparent seasons, apparent sun path, then much less Northern or Southern Hemisphere?

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Why would Feng Shui be termed Feng Shui?

by Heluo Hill 26 May 2014

Just a proposal to see how the term Feng Shui was derived.

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